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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #6 April-May 2011



The Kingdom of Sand is the land for this month, an amazing place for games lovers. We’ll get also a double Music article by Melissa and we’ll know the Duchesse as club of the month. For our Art section we’ll discover Gosthly Trust’s visions. I want also to thanks all our advertisers, readers and partners for supporting us in this adventure. Stay tuned!

We need you feedback! Send your opinion about this first issue, what you think is good and what you think is bad, what you wish to find and which part to improve. Your suggestions are important for us to build a better project.






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of Sand

“For many years in dreams I had crossed the red desert into the Kingdom of sand and the City of Ireem...”” Informations taken from the official website at:

I had grown familiar with the City and the surrounding lands where I had dreamed many strange and exotic adventures. Then one evening as the sun began to set, I found myself talking with a dark stranger I had happened to meet in one of the high towers of the city. As we talked I noticed on the western horizon what appeared to be the domes and spires of a small town. I checked my bearings. This could not be, I was sure I had been in this tower many times before and not noticed this far off place. I asked the stranger if she to could see the town whose coloured domes now shone in the deep red of the setting sun. “Yes“, she replied softly, “That is Kashkar, the place of return, where the souls of tired and weary travellers find rest from their Journeys through life” She said that in these lands they still remembered the old gods who roamed the minds of men when they were still young and free. I asked if I may go there and she told me I may, but that I should beware, as it was not an easy place to leave.

She told me the path I should take through the desert. Taking the western road out of the city I would pass the Necropolis, high in the hills, built to honour Lord Thanatos the great Daemon of death. She warned not to pause here lest I be taken by Undead creatures, The children of Hora Ma, who rise up from the tombs beneath the rocks I would pass beneath the broken bridge of Nephili and beyond would see the river and the town. To the North of the town, facing the ocean, she told me of the Isle of Mer. This is the place of the children of Mer who gather in the halls of Posidon and Neptune and the old ones. But the Isle of Mer is also a place of music and dance, and the terraces on the high rocks are watched over by Lalita, the goddess of movement and pleasure.

“Many adventures you will find there” she said, for the town is ancient and full of mysteries to discover...”


and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander


A British original… Cailidgh Spires BY MELISSA ISLANDERS

I had seen her about a month ago and I was there again at the Kickin to listen to witty Cailidgh, she is like growing on you, rambling from a story to another. Sometimes hard to understand as she speaks at an amazingly fast speed and also sings like that, fortunately slowing down when needed. She plays an acoustic guitar which is more a pretext to tell us stories. Sings covers from the Beatles to Eva Cassidy including for example American Pie from Don Mclean. She also has about a dozen of original songs, her best being a gentle one called “Keep Fighting”. A fragile voice like a crystal glass, a unique sense of humor, that’s Cailidgh. She discovered our world some years ago and now plays several times each week. She is from the UK and lives in the Norfolk area: “ One of those real nice quiet little places that has everything everyone needs and a community where we all tend to look out for each other, where everyone say morning with a smile”, as she described it. She actually did take a little time off between two shows so we could chat, I must thank her for that. In her own words she describe the experience of playing in SL: “It’s the only time when I can just completely relax and be myself. In real I’m actually kind of quiet and shy until people get to know me. But put a guitar in my hands and that all just goes out the window, I love being able to share it with others. In fact

it really blows me away that they come and listen and stick around! The people that come to my shows make it so much fun! I love the chaos that ensues!” And some little chaos goes around as she interacts with the audience, bursting into comments like “Num, num, num, num….” when something does not go her way, like when fighting to tune her instrument. And then she would burst into a “Shut up, Cailidgh and sing…!” Interestingly she does go to other musicians’ concerts and did mention several of her favorites like Russell Eponym, Truelie Telling, Vaughan Michalak or Jed Luckless. Now that will be more work for me, I will have to check them all… Before to say good night and after singing her lullaby song that she composed for her little daughter, she wanted to thank here the people that follow her: “Just a huge thank you to anyone and everyone that comes to the shows I do. I know it sounds clichéd like everyone says it, but I truly mean it. The people that come make it so much fun to be there, I never know what is going to happen, and the amount of times I’ve cracked up on stream because of them! I love it! I just really want them all to know that they’re not taken for granted! It really means a lot that they come and stay around for it all! Not only does it support live music in Sl, but it also supports me and gives me an extra boost. They completely take my breath away every time!”

Sometimes I am in the mood for some relaxation and if it’s a Thursday, I just go to Joozz’s beach house to listen to Al Hofmann and Joozz performing live. The music is improvised light jazz, it’s funky and very easy to enjoy. It even has some Latin rhythm in certain parts, which always plays to my heart. Al Hofmann is originally from Buenos Aires, his

real name is Willy Sparrow and he lives now in Amsterdam. He plays guitar since he is eight years old and records his first CD at age twenty. Joozz is Dutch, he is the one on the keyboard, here a couple of lines from his bio: Growing up in the harbour city of Rotterdam, JooZz developed an ‘international’ taste for life at an early age. The mixture of different cultures,

Joozz and Al Hofmann races and their visible footprint gave him his first inspiration for loving all facets of rhythm, rhyme and music. After graduating from high school, he was admitted to the Rotterdam School of Arts, where his musical talents and experience would be further developed. Adding a classical education to his self-learned abilities, he rapidly developed a never ending taste for

Jazz. His main inspiration came from the likes of Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Steely Dan, Jaco Pastorius and many, many other highlights of the musical arena. After the concert, I jumped at the opportunity to chat with him. He explained that he found SL on a TV show and after some googling and experiment he was able to join, he actually met

Al after that and decided they could play together, mind you they do perform on their own too. They actually do not double streaming but use a special program so they have a better interaction between them and with the audience. They do take their shows and their music seriously, its genuine improvisation without hiccup as they know each other so well. They also did concerts together in real life, one in Amsterdam for example, where he has also played with Xandernichting, another awesome musician. Joozz told me that he has played thousands of concerts for people from all over the world that is the magic of SL! He feels quite close to his audience and hopes his music speaks better than words. He would love to see even more people enjoying his music which is new at each concert, and for that he would love to see SL improve the way concerts and music in general is advertised. This is my part in trying to help on that front! I must say, the concert was soothing and it was fun to chat with Joozz which I thank for his time and I am sure I will revisit his lovely beach house one of these Thursdays.

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina

Roberto Tardito is an Italian singer and songwriter who considers SL a perfect stage for the promotion of his RL works. In 2006 he released the album “Controvento” , a solo album with the collaboration of eleven musicians, co-produced by Alexander Mino . In 2007, Robert has published “Distanze” with four tracks dedicated to Louis Sclavis and in 2008,Dec. 22 he released “Otrebor” :this CD

collects twelve songs written by Roberto when he was very young. The artist says that he wanted to do a tribute to the music of his childhood using his current technological knowledge. In 2010 he published “ “Se fossi Dylan” also in the English version “If I were Dylan” that is the result of the collaboration of musicians from all over the world, who have contributed to the

Roberto Tardito

project recording their tracks and then mixing them together. Here below is the list of the contributors and their instruments:

Bago Balthazar (bodhran, bang Gu) (France), Shoko convert (koto) (France), Nicholas Burns (drums) (USA), Patrick Chartol (France) Gan guo (er hu) (China) Jean-Philippe Fanfant

(battery ) (France), Thierry Fanfant (electric bass) (France), Daniel Lifermann (shakuhachi) (France) Guillermo Matsiona (isshakausansun) (Algeria) David Mirandon cajon, bodhran (France), Yuri Moore (santoon) (Moldova) Clem Mounkala (classical guitars, acoustic guitars) (France) Peyo peeve (gadulka), Heiko Plank (table guitar), John Philip Winter (sitar) (France):it’s a very impressive list!

Since his first CD released in RL he promoted all Roberto discovered SL in late 2007 and, since these albums inworld too. the new multimedia communication have always intrigued him, he decided immediately to take During his performances Roberto plays live both advantage of the immense potential offered by classical and acoustic guitars,keyboard , bouzouki, this virtual stage. SL is in fact primarily a social Tunisian lute, sitar, electric bass and percussion network that allows to share in an easy way a lot instruments:the sound of ethnic instruments from of contents including especially the music. all around the world embellish his music with an evocative sound. His Second Life avatar is named exactly like him, and it’s not a coincidence since Roberto considers Roberto is also a poet and his music gives strength to his virtual concerts to be very close to those that he the verses he writes ,re-editing those fragments of normally does in real life. European literature that have fed his adolescence together with his thoughts and innermost feelings. Second Life is for him a valuable showcase for his music: from the first concert inworld made in 2007 His songs deal with issues at times dreamlike and to promote the album “Controvento” he has always hermetic (Sirene nel Sole di Mezzanotte, Ladro got a great feedback from the audience that led di Tramonti Controvento), sometimes inspired by him to make over a hundred live concerts during literature( Gibran ‘sThe Prophet and Nabokov ‘s which he had the opportunity to reach so many The Rose and the Sword);some songs are a tribute people from all over the world from the comfort of to world music such as “Senza paura”, which is ... his recording studio!. based on the music of a traditional Irish tune. When he is not much to go on stage Roberto loves The song that names the album “Se fossi Dylan” to go and listen to the gigs of all the international has a catchy rhythm that suddenly rubs in the mind musicians who usually perform in Second Life , a of the listeners. place where it is really so easy to enter and stay in touch. Actually Roberto asks his listeners for nothing more than an open mind and a good time. His upbeat He definitely loves the opportunity to share musical sounds are original and meaningful, reflective ideas that the virtual platform provides:it’s a without compromising style. magical place where every artist can cancel any difference in time and geography. His SL gigs are usually an unconditional triumph. There are a few vocalists who can step out of a He’s now preparing his RL tour which will start in high profile comfort zone such as Roberto ,safe in May, and soon some virtual gigs will be announced the knowledge that he has both the depth of an also in Second Life! Let’s keep in touch! evocative sound and a peerless voice.


Fashion News

by Melissa Islander

The first annual “Culture Shock� event in May 2011 (May 1st - May 22nd) aims to be a large and important event for the Secondlife fashion culture. Celebrating trends and trendsetters within our business, and incorporating music and art, all with reflections of our own personal first life cultures depicted in the creations. It is brought to you by CHIC Management ( and sponsored by Modavia Productions who will be providing exclusive coverage of some of the new designs available at the event on their blog - http:// - in the lead up to, and duration of, the event. 174 Store spaces will be available for the showcasing of products, including a mandatory minimum of 3 new and exclusive items each - contributing 50 100% of their profit to charity. There will be regular sets of music in the second and third week of the event and on the opening day of the event. The intention is to remain focused on the products, showcasing brands at their best, working with those at the top of their field as CHIC has grown a reputation for doing... The Culture Shock production team includes: Keira Seerose - CHIC Management CEO Prue Genira - Executive Event Assistant Kristy Seerose - Executive Event Assistant Catherine Fairport - Personal Assistant to Keira Seerose Inex Hax - Junior Event Assistant Jezibell Thorne - Junior Event Assistant Sanura Snowpaw - Arts Department and Finances Jordan Whitt - Arts Department Patrick Thorkveld - M.U.S.I.C. CEO And sponsorship and press coverage from the Modavia Productions team.

The brands currently confirmed to present new and exclusive products at the Culture Shock venue are: { what next }, Indyra Originals, Kyoot, Addict, Peqe, .44 Caliber / Djinn & Tonic, Justb, Milk Motion, So Many Styles, Penned, Izzie's, Awesome Blossom, Osakki, Cheeky Pea, COOL Beans, Mannequin, NARDCOTIX, Bliss Couture, *Les Petits DĂŠtails*, Plume, MUISM, Para Designs, Razorblade Jacket, !tarnished, LOULOU&CO, Ducknipple, Glam Affair, Morantique, Boudoir, KMADD, Ugly Duck, Studio Sidhe, Donna Flora, Insatiable Fashions, Son!a, MAGNIFIQUE Poses, Exile, My Precious, U&R DOGS, Rotten Defiance, Miao, La Petite Morte, Frooti, StoRin, The Secret Store, croire, Acid & Mala, Long Awkward Pose, Magoa, Azul, G Field, Laciecakes, (Elate!), LG Concept, :::LiNe:::, Just a Pose, Indie Rose, *elymode*, Connors,

SySy's, Ricielli, Lika Ruby, Somnia *** Just You Jewels ***, Fall Ou Co, KIM Bodysuits, Urbanista, La Dead Carrot, Ladies Who Lunch, Designs, * RezIpsa Loc *, T Junct POSEUR, Hucci, *BOOM* Clothi [sYs], Mustache, Ilaya, Pink Fuel, Wear, Kletva, Reckless Warehou Modero, Vive9, Candydoll, *Tutt BAIASTICE, [ m ], RIDDLE, Diesel W & Bastchild, Ingenue, Caroline's J

a, WTG, NLimbo Poses, SHIKI, MonS, ut, TART, CheerNo, Tee*fy, Intrigue assitude & Ennui, Fishy Strawberry, , je suis, NuDoLu, TASTY, Sassy Kitty tion, Bottle Bird, Di's Opera, ORTA, ing, Mudhoney, Berries Inc, Gawk!, Alexohol, Bliensen + MaiTai, Onyx use, Sn@tch, NSD, Fashionity, Vero tiFrutti*, Heartsick, [-iPoke-], Baffle, Works Poses & Animations, Lapointe Jewelry, Mayden Couture, NADAS,

paper.doll, SHAG, Lazybum, Gizza Creations, CnS Emotion, The Sea Hole, Adore&Abhor, Samsara, Frozen Panty, sur+, no.07, *~*HopScotch*~*, e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, Nemesis, ORION, DeetaleZ, Nyte'N'Day, MIAMAI, L`Abel, YS&YS, House of Fox, Raw House, *REALE*, Vilada, Mango, Mango! , CHANTKARE, Posies, Gems & Kisses, Leverocci, PIDDIDLE, JeSyLiLO, Purrfect 10, Nzuri, Posh, Adorkable, Whippet & Buck, ATOMIC, Thistles., Grixdale, Cashmere, Style by Kira, Ploom, Bent, Malt, KUNGLERS, Niven Collection, Slutcookie, mocha, SIGMA Jewels, Mr Poet, Absolution and Boho.

Exclusive presentation of the industry leaders in television, radio, magazines and media...

Featured show of the month



The 1st Question BY TREET.TV

If you’ve got an answer, we’ve got a question The quiz show to the stars! The 1st Question is a fast-paced, fact-based (mostly) sciencethemed quiz show featuring illustrious panelists and the best audience in the universe. Hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe take you on a hilariously fun hour with questions, quotes, yays, nays and much more. After the show opens with the daring heroics of the tinies Emmo Wei and Kat2 Kit, we meet the panel and find out what element of the periodic table they identify with and why. The quiz begins with the Yay Me or Yay Me true or false questions. Hydra gets put on the spot with the Nuggets of Knowledge where panelists try and stump the wolf. The ever inventive Word Up segment keeps filling the Pookypedia and the show is finished up with Avataro y Avataro, panelists against each other.

You can contact The 1st Question at: info@ Further information: Production team credits: Host/Hosts: Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe Producer: Pooky Amsterdam Director: Petlove Petshop Writer: Pooky Amsterdam Stage Manager: Robwag Soothsayer Special Mention (Name/Title): Kat2 Kit / 1st Mascot Emmo Wei / 1st Daredevil Edsel Heinkel / Musical Director


Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....

The Koinup community is one of the most creative and vibrant art community on the web and you can discover some of the most interesting 3D Wallpapers of Koinup artists, simply by downloading Metaverse Wallpapers on your Apple device. If you’re an artist or a Second Life photographer, you can even get involved in the project by submitting your images to the Metaverse Landscapes group!

All the wallpapers must be submitted to the virtual worlds wallpaper group, where you also will find rules and guidelines to make “perfect” iPhone and iPad Wallpapers The call to action is for all virtual worlds members. We will accept submissions from all virtual worlds and games, from Second Life to World of Warcraft, from BlueMars to the Sims, from Mmorpgs to 3D chat as IMVU and many other “worlds”.

We’re taking submissions for the new brand Metaverse Wallpapers, the iPhone and iPad App powered by Koinup, that features the most amazing wallpapers to download to your Apple Devices. The app is already available on the iTunes (and in the iPad and iPhone appstores) and you can download it from here

Metaverse Wallpapers is already the first mobile app completely dedicated to the creativity and art of virtual worlds and metaverse people. We’re going to increase the pool of wallpapers included in the app to make it “must have app”.

The project is a powerful opportunity for all Koinup authors to showcase their art in the pocket There’s a call to action open to all the Koinup of thousands of users owning iPhone and iPad. Community. We’re looking for amazing wallpapers “created in” or “ispired by” virtual worlds. The most Download Metaverse Wallpapers from iTunes, the beautiful/amazing and interesting pictures will be iApp built by Koinup, and get hundreds of Second included in the app (the authors whose wallpapers Life amazing wallpapers to customize your iPhone will be choseen for the app will receive a promo (and iPad). code to get the app for free)

Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! this month we’ll discover.... THE DJ WORLD GROUP IN SL DJ OF THE MONTH - SASCH PETROV CLUB OF THE MONTH - DANCE4LIFE PROMOTE YOUR WORK ON SECONDNIGHTS


The duchesse



The Duchess is themed as a lesbian bar from the 1940s. The emphasis is on romance and community; no overt sex or nudity allowed. There is an open door policy and everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or species. The bar is surrounded by a variety of leisure spaces: ocean cove, redwood forest, lookout point, and small shops. The Duchess has events a few times a year, but mostly it’s just “drop by and dance.” The bar has a steady community of patrons and there is almost always someone there. On evenings and weekends the place is crowded, but there’s a lovely dock out back where you can dance or sit and chat with friends if you’d like a little more space.



We are an organization dedicated to bringing the public a great time. We believe in outreach and variety. DJs and Live Musicians in the group will have easy access to help if need be, but also to be amongst peers to share their music and beliefs amongst others within their same trade.

Club owners in the group will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of DJs and Live Musicians for whatever needs they may have. Club Owners can post notices on what they need reguarding music. PLEASE DO NOT POST EVENTS... ONLY DJ NEEDS!!! Please make sure in your notice you list.... »» Where and when you need a DJ or Live Musicians »» 100% tips and /or salary pay amount »» Contact info for who the DJs and Live acts need to respond to »» What type of music you are looking for (we have DJs and soon Live Musicians that are in many and every genre...this will help narrow down to good replies)

THE DJ NIGHT Besides these great benefits, DJ World provides a showcase of DJ talent by having a monthly showcase called DJ NIGHT. This is like a 12 hour marathon of 12 different DJs in the group, going for a set an hour each. This showcase is bought to you by AQUA LOUNGE, ARSENAL, BEYOND OBSESSIONS, IRONWORKS and a guest club. This event gives the DJs exposure to an audience that they might not have DJ-ed for before. Same as stated above, club owners and people planning parties will be able to view some of the talent in the group if they need them for further use.

STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream”

you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval.

For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World.

DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)











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High quality skins for men and women, combining the best of hand-drawn artistry with photo-realistic details in a range of luscious tones.

Trust Gothly SL Photographer

AVATAR NAME Trust Gothly My picture was created at the Synergy club source FLICKR STREAM SL GROUP NAME S&G pics prod YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOM WORKS Possibly available so, join me on second life

Gothly’s Portfolio

The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


#1 _Dreamscapes Art Gallery Art gallery with fine original SL Artwork from Carlotta Ceawlin and currently the artists Rob Bohemian, Eves Rodenberger and Aelin Quan. I´m very happy to present my gallery at a new location Smiley Feel free to visit, take part in ongoing hunts and chill on the beach! Please IM me with any question about the artwork! Hope to see you there! Carlotta xxx

#2 _Patronii Center of Art A celebration of Fine Art, Music, Cinema, Literature and the creative spirit in and out of Second Life. You are invited to come explore your creative self, as Artist, Patron or both. Enjoy our scenic New England setting with romance around.



#3 _Araman Galleries “Art de Passion” Love Beds Exclusively,Xcite compatible , Furniture, Art Galleries, Wedding venues, Sex beds, period furniture,antiques, Art Galleries, Araman Art Gallery, Shikaku Gallery

#4 _OZLAND Art Gallery PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins


Your world, your style



_Glitterati GLITTERATI, gay poses, couples poses, friends poses, group poses, model poses, singles poses, male poses, wedding poses, photography poses, photography, photographer, poses, pose props, props.

_PXL Creations PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins.




_Lost World Poses A large choice of poses in the all new, large shop in the heart of the sim !! Male, female, unisex, duo and couples. Action, emo, and a bit of fashion style for all your great pics or games !!

_ADDICT SHAPES SHOP - eXtreme Make Over Addict Shapes - eXtreme Make Over. Become Addictive with an Addict Shape. Mod copy body, shapely sensual female bodies, muscular male body shapes. Owners: HazeLee Haller & Bonza Bailey. Skins donated by Belleza, AtomicBambi - designer shapes for LAQ, Redgrave,The Abyss, [PXL], Naughty Designs. Shape only. Mod Copy Body. Style Card enclosed with each shape so you can get the exact look in the photo.


http:/ / w w w. se c o n dn i g h t s .c o m / s lu r l



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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #6 April-May 2011

Profile for

Secondnighters Magazine #6  

The Kingdom of Sand is the land for this month, an amazing place for games lovers. We’ll get also a double Music article by Melissa and we’...

Secondnighters Magazine #6  

The Kingdom of Sand is the land for this month, an amazing place for games lovers. We’ll get also a double Music article by Melissa and we’...