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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #5 March 2011



This month our Explorer Daylin visit the Tableau sim, we will have a voyage in the world of SL music with Melissa and Sandy and their interviews then we’ll discover the Club of the Month: The AQUA LOUNGE. We’d like to get more but some problems during the magazine design take off time. I want also to thanks all our advertisers, readers and partners for supporting us in this adventure. Stay tuned!

We need you feedback! Send your opinion about this first issue, what you think is good and what you think is bad, what you wish to find and which part to improve. Your suggestions are important for us to build a better project.






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Tableau Photos by Dailyn holfe

“This is a wonderfull place because the owners of the sim love to rebuild that often. Each time Tableau come back more colorfull and amazing...” Daylin flickr’s stream


and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander



One of the most amazing musicians I met in SL is Tukso Okey, he is from the US, originally from New York, and he now lives in Seattle. A guitar player that can switch from acoustic to electric guitars, he uses some sophisticated electronics to reverb and rhythm his music, it’s a catching experience to listen to. He his influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley, James Brown, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa and Keith Richards. But we better let him explains how he sees himself: “I reach within myself for an appreciation of rich and eclectic musical traditions; I think I am an original, a musical genre unto myself. You see I come from New-York, I took in the urban world around me, turned it around to give it back to all music with richness and a robust passion. I basically play solo but, with the assistance of electronics.” It’s so true; he builds before us a flow of music that soon has us believing that we are listening to a full band with percussion, bass, and rhythm. And then he jams with a raw lead guitar and a hard earthy vocal quality that can reach very different places in each person who is in the audience.

The other day he was in his latin mood and sang about a young señorita girl, I felt he was talking to me… He also has done some double stream concerts for example with Seba Sideways, an Argentinean saxophonist, if he does that again, don’t miss it! And as he would say: “Come feel the experience, and then spread the word...”

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina

Suzen JueL a.k.a. JueL Resistance, is a self taught musician who has been performing since 1979. She has perfected the weaving of her mind’s eye and heart’s passion into lyrical paintings richly embedded with emotional hues from her personal experiences. Her lyrics feed the listener’s soul and stirs the heart and sentiment of any who have been privileged to hear her perform them.

Suzen “JueL” Resistance’s creative roots are deeply entrenched in a family of french musicians, artists and writers. Her Grampa Jule made a guitar in 1967,that he later gave her when she showed a keen interest in music. With her newfound passion she began writing and playing at every opportunity. JueL moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1989 and enjoyed ten amazing, successful years playing at The

Suzen JueL a.k.a. JueL Resistance

Fine Line, The Loring Bar, Club Metro and numerous other cafes and coffeehouses. She recorded her first CD during that era and with high hopes waited for her star to rise. Soon after, she met and married her soulmate and became a stepmom to his 4 awesome boys who lived with them. As often happens in life, her ambitions were pushed to the back as she became a wife and

mother to her new family. Years later with the boys grown, she found herself tickling the guitar strings once again. Her style and sound have been compared, both lyrically and vocally, to such legendary greats as Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Sue Foley, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Mazzy Star, Curt Cobain as well as a generous handful of other talented acoustic musicians.

As one of the first indie musicians to join and perform in Second Life, she has built a strong presence in the virtual world. A world where she is also known for her visual art work; her paintings, drawings and photography are displayed in various galleries throughout Second Life. In addition, she owns and performs at the infamous “Living Room #13” where she has headlined and hosted Naked Acoustic Sessions for almost 2 years, bringing in only the finest seasoned and raw musicians of SL. JueL is currently working on her latest CD while preparing for her 2nd adventure to Mahoneyfest in Georgia. Her latest work in progress is a compilation of both recent and past experiences blended soulfully into a deep groove of blues, americana, folk and “unplugged acoustics”. Currently Juel is living in Minnesota, USA:she’s been writing and performing music since 1979:I asked how did she discover SL and what brought her inworld.

I asked her to you describe her experience in SL:what does she like to do when she’s not playing and does she like to go to live music events or to art exibits... “When I’m Not Performing in Second Life I’m usually checking out the plethora of new musicians, always seeking the ones that totally move my soul. I Love going to live music events...especially the soulful songwriters of SL....the Fantastic guitarists and musicians....I’m also quite excited about all the Art in SL...both from the point of an artist, and because I am an art Lover.......”she says smiling... “Do you think SL could be a valid Showcase for her RL works-I asked her.”No..I don’t ‘THINK’ it could be a valid Showcase for my RL works, it IS a valid showcase for my RL Works.....absolutely IS.” she responded me enthusiastically. I asked Juel what influenced her to get to where she’s today:”My Fans, My Family, Fantastic songwriters I grew up listening to such as Bob Dylan, John Prine, and the stories they told, the simplicity of what they did was very inspirational to me. They were the ones that could take a single instrument and wrap their voices around it, in a big thick Lyrical Blankdet! ... Also My Papa Jule, for the handmade guitar he gave me !!”

Juel started her Second Life in 2004 after a friend told her about it.”I stayed for a few months, - she says-and then rejoined SL in 2005 as JueL Resistance, for the sole purpose of performance... which had just begun to emerge in SL in 2005. Juel is used to describe her style as PoetiC The MUSIC is what kept me in Second Life and it’s Acoustic, Story Telling, Pop Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Americana......”.I can’t describe my style in one what keeps me there today”. word... -she says-I seem to skim and dip into various Juel uses her real name in SL, and of course styles of performance....I love the storytelling the Avatar name of JueL.....”I promote ‘MySelf’ aspect, I love changing things up a bit....I have in Second life,-Juel says- this is who I am both a deep fondness for Blues and Americana... in the virtual world and the world around us.....I sometimes the music I write is deviant and dark, encourage people to go to my websites, check other times it’s a folded colorful mix of blues and Perhaps one word I would use for all of out my music, my art and to come to my Real Life folk. what I do.... ViSUAL”. Performances”.

Great Music is the biggest source of her ispiration. For Juel Life Experiences and how she perceives them, feel them, live also one of the greatest sources to feed the lyrical soul... Juel just released her last CD and I asked her to describe her last work in comparison with her previous one”I finished UNTITLED #13 in mid 2010....I am currently working on my new one. UNTITLED #13 is a mix of 13 of my original Acoustic songs.....however ... something that is in the works along with my unreleased CD (not yet available) is a deeper collaboration between a very talented Musician named “Boris Van Luger”...we’ve been working on several projects as well as an incredible soundtrack to some of my music, including the song ‘Lover’ which has been covered by several SL Artists...such as Morton Shamen, Strummer Vultee, Naga Flow and some others.....The new projects with Boris Van Luger will be a mix of my original music, done from both our perspectives...he has an astounding talent to take what I’ve written and fill it up with beautiful shapes and sounds! “ Then I asked her if she uses other kind of digital promotions. “I use the most standard and solid digital promotions-she answersWord of mouth, is the biggest though, nothing beats a great review by a fan!” My last question is as usual “Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?” “I’m sure SL will still be around in a year, in 5 years.....and it will evolve and change as we do, after all it IS user created.....However as far as seeing where I might be in a year... I will be continuing to pursue music, I will still be writing songs, painting my emotional grit, I’ll still be pressing ink into paper and creating new words, new meanings and creating my own personal path in life......I will do this Virtually and of course I’ll continue to Travel and promote throughout the USA and HOPE is to perform in Europe, mainly the UK where it seems I have my largest following, however Minnesota has finally tapped into the SL Scene and I’m working with several Local Musicians with Second Life Music, so they also can share in the Grid of Music...tap into a more global audience. Music is about long as there are ways to Share our music, we’ll do it! :)”

Exclusive presentation of the industry leaders in television, radio, magazines and media...

The Metaverse Broadcasting Company is supported by people in the real world as much as in the Second Life™ in-world. Our senior management is displayed on this page. The Metaverse Broadcasting Company will release in future more positions once they have been confirmed with the correct personnel.

Robustus Hax Chief Executive Officer - CEO Robustus’ start into the virtual environments began as a teen by managing a successful bulletin board, which is well known as the precursor of today’s social networking. The power of social networking was for Robustus clear from the start at the first time he discovered it. In the early 2000’s Robustus engaged actively in virtual environments such as ‘Matrix Online™’ and ‘SIMS Online™’.

A world with real people and events needs media coverage. Robustus believes as the technology grows, Virtual Worlds will become widely adopted.

Very soon after the first log on to Second Life™, Robustus Hax created the Metaverse Broadcasting Company with its today’s distribution channels Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune as the blog / newspaper The most significant break through for Robustus equivalent to the television station. Hax came when Robustus logged the first time into Second Life™ in February 2007. Through Today Robustus is actively engaged in Robustus’ real life degrees in Anthropology the formation of Metaverse Broadcasting and Graphic Design, Robustus was able to Company as a soon real life registered immediately understand the weight of social company in the United States of America, as power that was channelled in Second Life™. well as in the product delivery at Metaverse TV as a camera director, editor and distributor. Robustus explored the digital landscape, envisioning a world that allows masses of people to gather and have a real impact on the content and direction of that world. Robustus envisioned the future of the Internet, a complete 3D parallel digital universe, where information is swapped, relationships are formed, business is conducted, and your physical location in the real world unimportant.

Dousa Dragonash Chief Operating Officer - COO Dousa Dragonash is a long standing real life senior level professional in media and new media, with a wealth of experience in all areas of the entertainments industry in both lives. Working as Chief Operating Officer for MBC has given her the opportunity to marry the many aspects of her real life and entrepreneurial experience in a way that only New Media can offer. Her physical world qualifications in business, Law and the Arts, together with years of working in media and broadcasting, give her a unique perspective on Virtuality enabling her to give her clients and the company the benefit of that experience.

She was introduced to Second Life by a colleague who felt it would be a good match. She had not been attracted to other social networks, originally preferring the games world. With her strong background in communications, visual technology and training, she saw at once the limitless potential of Second Life™ and other virtual spaces to benefit the global community. She started working with Robustus Hax about six months after coming into Second Life and found a natural outlet with MBC. She works passionately with the belief that virtual communication benefits the real in tangible and far reaching ways.

Featured show of the month

MODA Fashion Spotlight


MODA Fashion Spotlight BY TREET.TV

MODA Fashion Spotlight The very latest in Second Life fashion presented by the best modeling team inworld is what you will get when you watch MODA Fashion Spotlight. This fast-paced half hour runway event features a new designer every week. Some of the biggest names in virtual fashion design have appeared, including Dollyrock, SHIKI Designs, House Of Beningborough and Bliss Couture. Hosts Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas provide entertaining and insightful commentary as the outfits are presented on the catwalk. The show is produced by MODA Productions, headed by Jujudoll Dancer. Jujudoll runs a modeling school called MODA Modeling School who consistently produce some of the best and hardest working models in Second Life.

Further information: h t t p : / / w w w. yo u t u b e . c o m / u s e r / JujudollDancer Production team credits: Executive Producer: Jujudoll Dancer Creative Director: Yxes Delacroix Production Manager: Makeda Cole Production Assistant: Liane Maertens Modeling Coach: Lovis Timeless Designer Liaison: Mia Sanchez Wardrobe Coordinator: Calveen Kline Set Design/Builder: Calveen Kline Host/Hosts: Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas The REAL stars of the show: The MODA SPOTLIGHT Modeling Team. Tune in and let the Spotlight models dazzle you!


Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....

Owner of Second ads believes that the next big opportunity in a virtual world is in advertising and he is not alone in this thinking. “I entered Second Life world because I saw an tremendeous opportunity in virtual currency. I always had huge inspirations and I always wanted to create something big.” he said. He started small and without funds. He setup a scripting store and learned how to grow. “I’ve worked on smaller script products and used iterative developement technique. This means that I started with very simple core script that I added demanded functionalities to it. I’ve worked on several commercial scripted products until I felt that I am ready for a massive project... I wanted to create a system that would feature best places in a virtual world. I’ve put a lot of thoughts in it and searched for most optimal way to achieve that. Failure was not an option.”

Wili started working on an ad network for virtual worlds; he started on a small scale and was adapting his system to the market. Second Ads as a brand and best working ad network system has been growning ever since.

business integrations can only be achieved if we properly use the law of comparative advantage. Second Ads is currently successfuly connecting with talented designer who has incredible interior desing skills that we’re missing - outcome of this successful networking are newly designed Second Ads ad centers with unified franchise look. With such networking we’re building an ad network with largest community in virtual world.”

“It was not easy at start. I had to convince a lot of people to trust me and use my system. Its never easy for new products on the market and there is certainly a barrier for new entrants in every successful industry that is based on virtual world (same as in RL). I’ve concentrated on increasing Predominant feature in world of Second Life is its brand awareness for Second Ads. community-wide environment where people can create virtually anything. But not all people have I’ve studied branding and adveritising - history of the right skill set to be successful. advertising (Edward Bernays and PR) and what role it has in todays economy and society. I’ve Wili decided to enter virtual stock market to concentrated on networking with other virtual share his company with public. Obvious choice was businesses - a lot of my work today is about Capital Exchange (SLCAPEX). After a conversation finding ways how to add value to different virtual with Skip Oceanlane, the CEO of the exchange, businesses. Wili wrote his business of which content was about scaling up Second Ads and the state of virtual Second Ads brand has become easily connectable goods market. with other virtual businesses and another role of “Skip wanted to salvage the broken trust that Second Ads is to look for talents and help them with people had with virtual stock exchange. Many exposure in a way that is beneficial for everyone. people (investors) lost their money after incredible growth of Second Life slowed down from 2008 but We are also working on vertical integrations with some structures that people invested in stayed and other successful virtual businesses. Forming business now relisted on slcapex under new ownership partnerships and alliances is always a risk that people still own their shares and many are coming we’re trying to minimize. Success in outsourcing and back. We could say that there is a new wind.

I decided to become part of Second Life stock exchange industry and launched an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for Second Ads. Second Ads was a stable and profitable business with strong brand I knew that if I put it on stock market and raise proper capital that I can easily scale it up. I have hired Zoe Cathaldus as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) whose real life occupation is auditing large corporations in the United Kingdom.

This is something that I’d like to introduce to Second Life - a way to connect talent and make everyone work together.”

The energy from this IPO is not just focused on small investors, or speculators looking to see if they can turn their Lindens into something real. Now big investors are looking at this company, and in some cases already purchased stock. What Wili sees is a company that’s ready to hit the ground running. She’s been instrumental in creating accountability It’s this kind of success that attracts talent and with investors, potential or real, and tasked enhances organizational development. with creating assurance in the entire network: franchisees, investors, and all other stakeholders “I am currently reading a book Strategic that need to see transparency in the accounting management that is used in best universities for system. educating managers. I am very inspired by what Goal of Second Ads on stock exchange is to set I learn from that book. I am now using a virtual up new standards and become a role model for a world economy that is based on virtual goods as a successful virtual corporation.” simulation for real world economy - it is possible to The IPO started in 21st of February and until pull many parrarels with RL economy. now when this article is being written 79% of the issuance has been purchased by outside investors. I want a real company that was created within 1,892,046 L$ has been raised in shares until now. a virtual world with its management operations Second Ads is owned by people from entire world. based within a virtual world. Second Life is a virtual Second Ads is based on transparency and investors world with a community spirit and I believe this is a group has been formed (Second Ads investors). perfect environment to network and connect within it and together achieve something that is much “When we launched, we had a real IPO push for greater than the sum of its parts. In my opinion, the Second Ads and it was amazing. A lot of people best promotion Second Life can get is to inspire that know me helped and jumped right into it. They people with new possibilities that company (LL) have helped a lot and I feel a responsibility to is prepared to enable and creaton of a real life make value of shares grow. company within a virtual realm is something that inspires. We want to become a part of history of I know that everyone who owns shares will continue virtual world.” to help Second Ads at growing the ad network which is staying the core business and a cash Only time will tell, but one thing remains certain, cow that will enable other projects. I believe is a Wili is bound and determined to make it a virtual structure that is owned by a lot of people that have reality. different skills and are eager to contribute to that structure because its in their own interest to do so.

The Koinup community is one of the most creative and vibrant art community on the web and you can discover some of the most interesting 3D Wallpapers of Koinup artists, simply by downloading Metaverse Wallpapers on your Apple device. If you’re an artist or a Second Life photographer, you can even get involved in the project by submitting your images to the Metaverse Landscapes group!

All the wallpapers must be submitted to the virtual worlds wallpaper group, where you also will find rules and guidelines to make “perfect” iPhone and iPad Wallpapers The call to action is for all virtual worlds members. We will accept submissions from all virtual worlds and games, from Second Life to World of Warcraft, from BlueMars to the Sims, from Mmorpgs to 3D chat as IMVU and many other “worlds”.

We’re taking submissions for the new brand Metaverse Wallpapers, the iPhone and iPad App powered by Koinup, that features the most amazing wallpapers to download to your Apple Devices. The app is already available on the iTunes (and in the iPad and iPhone appstores) and you can download it from here

Metaverse Wallpapers is already the first mobile app completely dedicated to the creativity and art of virtual worlds and metaverse people. We’re going to increase the pool of wallpapers included in the app to make it “must have app”.

The project is a powerful opportunity for all Koinup authors to showcase their art in the pocket There’s a call to action open to all the Koinup of thousands of users owning iPhone and iPad. Community. We’re looking for amazing wallpapers “created in” or “ispired by” virtual worlds. The most Download Metaverse Wallpapers from iTunes, the beautiful/amazing and interesting pictures will be iApp built by Koinup, and get hundreds of Second included in the app (the authors whose wallpapers Life amazing wallpapers to customize your iPhone will be choseen for the app will receive a promo (and iPad). code to get the app for free)

Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! this month we’ll discover.... THE DJ WORLD GROUP IN SL DJ OF THE MONTH - SASCH PETROV CLUB OF THE MONTH - DANCE4LIFE PROMOTE YOUR WORK ON SECONDNIGHTS

Dj Brit Surfer DJ of the Month


A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME AND WHY I LOVE DJING I have been a DJ for over 10 years, starting back when a freind and I started and formed one of the 1st interactive internet radio stations - Nekkid Radio. Back in 2004, I made my mark on Second Life , one of the 1st British DJs on the circuit, I have brought my vigorous style and enthusiastic stage presence to events throughout Second Life. After taking 6 months out of the DJ life in 2008, I came back in January 2009, we I am now back on track and playing at a variety of venues and events. Very much a funky house/Trance DJ, my music is upfront, cool, sexy, chunky and funky. I play house, from electronic house, progressive house, european house, electro tinged uplifting house and twisted dirty house, Hard, Minimal, Progressive & Vocal Trance Over my successful 6 year SL DJ career has seen me play in some of SL’s most prestigious clubs like Lestats, GOL, Tunez’s, Dance4Life, and many more, now a Exclusive Resident DJ at ToonTopia.

I’ve DJ’d numerous special events, which included SLB5, SL7B FEARLESS NATION PTSD AWARENESS EVENT 09. Website Twitter Influences: Tiesto, Carl Cox, Timo Maas, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk and Pete tong.

MUSIC STYLES Very much a funky house/Trance DJ, my music is upfront, cool, sexy, chunky and funky. I play house, from electronic house, progressive house, european house, electro tinged uplifting house and twisted dirty house, Hard, Minimal, Progressive & Vocal Trance.





Since February 2007, AquA has started off with a place for fun, gathering and entertainment for close friends and their friends. It started very small as a pavilion in the little front yard of CockWood Manor (which at the time was only small log cabin). Since then it went thru various updates. AquA 2.0 was the transformation from Pavilion to a small skybox club above same said CockWood Manor. We are now located on Gayllywood sim and we have The New AquA Lounge, which floats on the water in the middle of the land, Beaches and Waterfalls for relaxation, romance, and chilling out with friends. The Beach Club venue is carried over for the same Saturday outdoor parties, and the newly updated Sterling point features an awesome bar, spa, secluded romance and hangout, and fun games for people to play and have fun with. Finally, in the Main Club, you can access teleporters up to THE DOME Bar and Lounge for romantic getaways, relaxation, and awesome view of the world from above.

The AquA Lounge has been providing enjoyment to all. The first day this club opened is also the first day InsyX decided to DJ. Since then the DJ and the club both grew up and matured into class acts.

Germany & Beach, Gay World, DJ World, and other great clubs; bringing you great entertainmant, a trippy vibe, relaxation, and working with all the other clubs to enhance your variety in the gay life of SL.

AquA Lounge is dedicated to working with Ironworks, AussieBoys, Arsenal / Gay Zone

All we will ever ask of you is to have a great time, & get along.



We are an organization dedicated to bringing the public a great time. We believe in outreach and variety. DJs and Live Musicians in the group will have easy access to help if need be, but also to be amongst peers to share their music and beliefs amongst others within their same trade.

Club owners in the group will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of DJs and Live Musicians for whatever needs they may have. Club Owners can post notices on what they need reguarding music. PLEASE DO NOT POST EVENTS... ONLY DJ NEEDS!!! Please make sure in your notice you list.... »» Where and when you need a DJ or Live Musicians »» 100% tips and /or salary pay amount »» Contact info for who the DJs and Live acts need to respond to »» What type of music you are looking for (we have DJs and soon Live Musicians that are in many and every genre...this will help narrow down to good replies)

THE DJ NIGHT Besides these great benefits, DJ World provides a showcase of DJ talent by having a monthly showcase called DJ NIGHT. This is like a 12 hour marathon of 12 different DJs in the group, going for a set an hour each. This showcase is bought to you by AQUA LOUNGE, ARSENAL, BEYOND OBSESSIONS, IRONWORKS and a guest club. This event gives the DJs exposure to an audience that they might not have DJ-ed for before. Same as stated above, club owners and people planning parties will be able to view some of the talent in the group if they need them for further use.

STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream”

you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval.

For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World.

DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)











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HOW TO ADD YOUR DANCES Adding dances to the HUD is really simple. 1) Rez it on the ground 2) choose your dances from your inventory 3) Drag it on to the HUD 4) Take the HUD and Wear again. With a click on the central button a men첫 will appera. You can turn the dance mode ON and OFF and you can set the time for dance changes by clicking on the button "Timer".

A special gift for all the Secondnighters... A special HUD to keep in contact with your favourity community of the net. With this fantastic gift you will have all the nightlife entertainment world in your hands.


With this new version we add an amazing function to our HUD. Now you can post your event message directly on the site from SL. Click on the icon and follow the instructions in the local chat. Your message will appear directly on the Secondnights home page with the SLURL link too!


This functions send you a message in Open Chat with the events of the day with: * Title * Time * Genre * Venue and SLUrl


Now by clicking on the Heart icon you can create your accound in World in a simple and quick way, be a secondnighter today...





High quality skins for men and women, combining the best of hand-drawn artistry with photo-realistic details in a range of luscious tones.

Bella Slade SL Photographer

AVATAR NAME Bella Slade NAME AND SLURL OF YOUR STUDIO Bella Digital PhotoStudio ( a private place ) BLOG FLICKR STREAM CUSTOM WORKS yes, and contact directly inworld (im me:- ) ADULT MATERIAL YES/NO Complete nudes no, sensual materials are acceptable. THINGS IMPORTANT TO SAY Essentially, be creative. Never stop challenging and never stop looking for a different perspective. Applies to both for as SL or RL.

How you describe your Photo style ? and what kind of subjects you like ?

You took inspiration by RL and by famous Artist ?

As I always say, I am like a chameleon as both a photographer or as a model. There is not a defined style because I never stop changing and challenging myself. I like art, beauty and photography. Obviously, I have my penchant for fashion photography, but beautiful places inspire me also ... So, an eclectic and dynamic style, I guess that’s what my style is.

Real life inspiration, of couse, full time I’m inspired from RL ... the music, the landscape, the magazine ad, a painting, etc.. I did some machinima parody, and some pictures too, inspired by famous artists.

How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account? A friend of mine told me about Second Life and I became curious.

And when you discover the virtual photography art ? It started as a hobby, I photographed everything I thought was interesting but really had no idea of what was right or wrong.

I was using just my imagination and creativity. Over time I have researched and developed my interest in the subject. When I posted some pictures on Flickr that was my first step. I also realised then that other people have the same interest in the art of photography, in Second life and in other virtual games.

You do works for single people ? how can we get your photo shots ? Yes, I do portraits and all sort of pictures that the client has in mind (but no nude or hot photos, please), just IM me and talk about the theme for your photo, composition of the scene is important. I love to create inworld scenery, choose poses, etc... Everything will be ready when I invite you to join me.

Tell us your story: what’s your interest ? what you like to do in SL for having fun ? My interest is Photography. This involves much of what I do in SL, exploring, discovering new places and visiting old places that I have in my bookmarks. And I can fly to any point and take pictures there, which is something that is much harder to achieve in RL. Changing Windlight lighting settings also fascinates me. Knowing that I can control the scene by changing the position of the sun, clouds or create my own light... my sky. It is really great! I’m a photo contest addict also.

What have you been doing in SL ? What have you been up to or what have you created. What have you been up to or what have you created. Currently along with photography I have worked hard at creating skins. I have Bella’s Digital Skins to be launched soon, so stay tuned :-)

How SL let you improve your know how or skills ? I think in Second Life there is a vast array of opportunities for education, business and entertainment. Meeting people you would never have the luck to find, that’s fantastic. I am acquainted with most existing idioms, even if you have to use a translator, like me. For me personally it has been wonderful, I am improving my English, and learning to speak Spanish ... and letting go of some real life stress. The most important: I met my RL husband, here in SL. I have to saying more? :-).

You work for some magazines ? Not yet, but would like.

Have you some beautiful places to suggest our friends to explore and take pictures ? !dM deviousMind - Travel back in time and enjoy this place, perfect for photos or exploring let’s go to this wonderful Sim called Devious Mind. Fallen Gods, this is a nice place to explore and photograph plus you can enjoy the summer evening breeze, the forest’s scent and the lovely sea view . Walk, listen the sounds of nature and environment, play with the environmental settings. Also, you have a very useful teleport HUD orientation ( take it for free) with the various places in the same region. Garden of Dreams - One of my favorites ... take a look in this place, realy like a beautiful dream. Big, but have a easy teleport .

Could you share a funny or awkward story that happened to you inSL ? I was participating in a model casting . I crashed just before I was about to enter the catwalk for consideration by the jury. Before the crash I was logged in with the normal SL viewer, and I came back with Phoenix Viewer. The Phoenix viewer gives you the ability to attach various objects in the same part. I have an attached AO, with a very fun walking active, and the a model catwalk HUD too. After the crash when I re-logged I was just a “cloud” avatar. I couldn’t see what I was doing, But others saw me normaly. I read in the chat, go go go So in a nutshell, I was walking the catwalk with fun walking... without knowing it which was very embarrassing for me, but for those who watched... it was lots of fun!!!

Bella’s Portfolio

The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


#1 _Dreamscapes Art Gallery Art gallery with fine original SL Artwork from Carlotta Ceawlin and currently the artists Rob Bohemian, Eves Rodenberger and Aelin Quan. I´m very happy to present my gallery at a new location Smiley Feel free to visit, take part in ongoing hunts and chill on the beach! Please IM me with any question about the artwork! Hope to see you there! Carlotta xxx

#2 _Patronii Center of Art A celebration of Fine Art, Music, Cinema, Literature and the creative spirit in and out of Second Life. You are invited to come explore your creative self, as Artist, Patron or both. Enjoy our scenic New England setting with romance around.



#3 _Araman Galleries “Art de Passion” Love Beds Exclusively,Xcite compatible , Furniture, Art Galleries, Wedding venues, Sex beds, period furniture,antiques, Art Galleries, Araman Art Gallery, Shikaku Gallery

#4 _OZLAND Art Gallery PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins


Your world, your style



_Glitterati GLITTERATI, gay poses, couples poses, friends poses, group poses, model poses, singles poses, male poses, wedding poses, photography poses, photography, photographer, poses, pose props, props.

_PXL Creations PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins.




_Lost World Poses A large choice of poses in the all new, large shop in the heart of the sim !! Male, female, unisex, duo and couples. Action, emo, and a bit of fashion style for all your great pics or games !!

_ADDICT SHAPES SHOP - eXtreme Make Over Addict Shapes - eXtreme Make Over. Become Addictive with an Addict Shape. Mod copy body, shapely sensual female bodies, muscular male body shapes. Owners: HazeLee Haller & Bonza Bailey. Skins donated by Belleza, AtomicBambi - designer shapes for LAQ, Redgrave,The Abyss, [PXL], Naughty Designs. Shape only. Mod Copy Body. Style Card enclosed with each shape so you can get the exact look in the photo.


http:/ / w w w. se c o n dn i g h t s .c o m / s lu r l



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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #5 March 2011

Secondnighters Magazine #5  

This month our Explorer Daylin visit the Tableau sim, we will have a voyage in the world of SL music with Melissa and Sandy and their interv...

Secondnighters Magazine #5  

This month our Explorer Daylin visit the Tableau sim, we will have a voyage in the world of SL music with Melissa and Sandy and their interv...