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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #4 February 2011








Happy Valentine! this month a great number for all of you. The wonderful Costa Rims is the main story, then we’ll discover the Club of the Month: The Bella Vida Velvet Jazz. We get for you some infos about Valentine’s Hunts and ballrooms links. We’d like to get more but some problems during the magazine design take off time. I want also to thanks all our advertisers, readers and partners for supporting us in this adventure. Stay tuned!

We need you feedback! Send your opinion about this first issue, what you think is good and what you think is bad, what you wish to find and which part to improve. Your suggestions are important for us to build a better project.






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54 MAIN STORY 54 Costa Rica Sims!



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76 The SL Enquirer 84 GOHA the SL Hockey

88 CLUB LIFER 92 Dj of the Month - SeanD Serpente 94 Bella Vida Velvet Jazz 100 The Dj World Group in SL

110 THE PROFILER 114 Sennaspirit Coronet - SL Photographer





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Mother Road Photos by Dailyn holfe

“This month there is a news for our exploration journey. We use this fantastic photos that Daylin Holfe took from Mother Road, a wonderful sim full of inspiration and atmosphere...” Daylin flickr’s stream

Valentine’s Hunts

Valentine’s Hunts


and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander



There are plenty of musicians that play guitar and sing covers, but today I want to present you another kind of musician, a real original. Original by the instrument as XanderNichting Writer (aka Xander Nichting) plays a specially designed and built six chords electric violin. Also original as he plays mostly music of his own composition. Xander lives in the Netherlands, but I believe is has some origin in Romania, which could explain the gipsy side of his music. Graduated from the Conservatory in his home country, he continues to perfect his music abilities. He is now a solo artist, a music director, a composer and arranger and a violinist. He has been involved in the real Admire concerts that take place in his country every year now, concerts where SL artists meet and play in front of a real audience, but which concerts are also appearing in SL. He released a CD in 2009, called “Out of the Blue�. Xander has also being doing concerts with other artists like Yip Jannings who I wrote about in the first issue of our magazine. He also has double streamed with Tamra Sands, Jean Munro, Inchino Melson and also Maximilian Kleene.

Picture by V. Forcella at Admire 2010

Picture by V. Forcella at Admire 2010

With Inchino Melson at La Cave

Xander with Jean Munro.

In summary a charming man who is always cool with his audience and a pleasure to listen to. So if you want to experience a different kind of music, look for his next concert. Melissa Islander

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina


On the other side Quinty would bolt out numbers like “Ironic” or “River Deep, Mountain High” and so many others. The backing tracks that Yip/ Quinty uses are first quality and as she sings from her own recording studio which was refurbished not longisago, she can really let her energy get Swina a guitarist and a vocalist who performs directly you. in SL, created solely by him in originalto music By is Dutch real his the RL way, homeYip studio. He and lovesperforms playing inblues, asjazz, well,funky she studied at the of and fusion andRotterdam counts BB School King, Eric Arts and forRobben example sheand wasSantana at the last Admire Clapton, Ford among his real life encounters favorite musicians.of SL Musicians. If you search in my blog you might even find a picture of the real Yip. That reminds me of the double stream concert she did with Xander Nichtig, another Dutch musician, he plays an electronic violin. What a superb complicity between these two

artists. If that happens again, dont miss it. So next time you think SL is boring or you feel you need some dancing action and real good music, search for either, Yip Jannings the Diva or Quinty Munroe theman rocker girl, oh… and you might even Who is the behind the avatar? bump into me at one of those concerts! Swina is an IT manager whose life has always To sample her music. voice you can check: gone with the When he was 14 he bought his first Eko guitar and he started playing and writing his own music. Until next month, Melissa wishes you a happy SL experience, sends her hugs and invites you to check her nearly daily French blog at

He loves also playing keyboard and piano:he has an awesome 1920 ‘s Hofman-Khune piano on whose ivory keyboard he took his first jazz piano lessons...but the guitar was always on his way.When electronic music was accessible to his pocket he bought his first Roland hardware sequencer and a Roland synth and arranger.

Soon after he got a Yamaha like strato electric guitar with a 100 W Montarbo valve ampli. What a deal ! Four years ago he discovered the virtual stages in Second Life, packing all the inworld venues where he performs. His love for the jazz/blues genre comes through in his melodic verses and smooth rhythms.

He only performs original tunes but sometimes he sings in his own way some great songs:Springsteen’s “Devils and Dust” and Sergio Endrigo’s “Io che ho amo solo te” among his favourites.

What I basically do in SL is playing all the time... but I also like to go listen some good musicians, most of them are my close friends.I don’t like joking nor stupid people or stupid situations. Definitely I’m always looking for something Most of the original songs are licensed under interesting in SL.“ Creative Commons License and are free to download (some right reserved). As many musicians I met inworld also Swina definitely thinks that Second life can be a valid Swina also believes that music contamination is showcase his RL works: for him this virtual world the most interesting thing for a musician: a way to is actually an unique place where to present his meet musicians all over the world, to develop a music, where a musician can have listeners from new sound and to feel new emotions. all over the world, sharing with them feelings and He is also used to play guitar in jamming sessions thoughts, with SL artists like UKD Project (live), Ezcape Hax (using ninjam), Ridha Cooljoke (live). He has also I asked him how his brand new CD can represent recorded guitar and piano tracks for Jax Streeter, his world.”“Not Me” despite of the title,is all about Ezcape Hax and UKD Project songs. me and my music-he says-Definitely it’s a sort of escape:I put inside of it many of the things that Recently I met Swina on the occasion of the release happened both in my real and my second life of his new CD “Not Me” and he kindly agreed to (by the way I don’t think that they are so apart). answer to some questions. Some of the songs have been in my head for many months, but I was not able to finish them.In We started our conversation spending some words the last month I’ve been able to finally go through about SL.I asked him how did he discover SL and it: during last 4 weeks I recorded all the songs that what brought him inworld. were ideas.” “Just an accident that occurred to me -he says- I had some health problem and I had to stay at home I asked Swina to describe the sound of this new for one month month so I discovered SL reading CD :”I was looking for an essential sound. Most and surfing on the web” of the songs are based on blues (with some little funny funky riff ) and I tried to arrange the CD Then I asked if he ever thought to use his real name with the typical blues band instruments: drums, for what he usually does in Second Life:Swina says bass, keyboad (mostly organ or electric piano) that he has not any problem using his real name, and guitar.I think also that this solution gives more but basically his artistic life is strictly tied up to his room to the voice, to the lyrics that are simple as avie’s name that he liked so much too! always. I’m always very curious about what artists like to “Not Me” is a song about people who are no more do inworld, so I asked him about his experience able to really communicate each other.“Wanna in SL and what does he like to do when he’s not think that’s true” (a slow blues) is about the illusions playing.” that every impossible love brings with it.

“Shine Babe Shine” is a typical soul blues.Every song has a story to tell, not necessary about Swina, but also about his friends and the people he met in his real or second life.

I found that all the lyrics are very essential and I asked Swina the reason why.”It’s simple to answer to this question. Well, basically is that since english is not my language, sometimes is difficult to write down good lyrics. I’m used to start from a sentence that I like, or that I think is good for the song. I don’t spend so many time writing lyrics. Most of them was written in 1 hour or less, and I didn’t change later except some typical errors.

I asked him why he has also included 2 instrumental songs :”I love the sound of my new guitar, and I didn’t want to take off music with my voice.By the way in this CD I didn’t use any synth, brass or strings as I used in the past, and also the effects are very basic. I just wanted to have a simple sound in order Are you going to promote “Not Me” I finall asked to give more emphasys on lead guitar solo and on him?”Recording session is still in progress-swina lyrics “. answers- and I hope that the master version will be ready by the end of february. I asked Swina if is there any leading idea inside “Not Me” .”Definitely it’s all about music-he says- At the moment I’m playing the new CD during my Maybe you can find passion, emotions or nothing. live gigs in Second Life in order to find out what It is just the music that I want to play now and in the people think about it. near future (I think). Maybe next week I will start to play some jazzy sound or something else. I don’t As soon as the CD will be published it will be know. I’m not involved about music style. I like to available for download for free on my website, play over what I feel.” that’s the best promotion action I think.”

Costa Rica Sims is a well established estate founded in 2007 with over 70 regions (sims) and one of the most respected and recognizable names in Second Life速. No other private estate gives as much to its residents as Costa Rica Sims. From unparallel personal service, transparent information about all estate related issues, to fabulous daily events, numerous amenities some found nowhere else, and 15 locations for residents to hosts their private parties and events at no cost, the estate provides the finest in Second Life速 living.

Costa Rica Sims The Explorer


We start our visit in Costa Rica meeting the creators of this amazing project. I had a very nice talk with Giancarlo Tacks and Ryker Infinity. I’d like to share this adventure with all of you and i suggest to come and visit the fantastic places of Costa Rica and have fun during your journey.

On the other side Quinty would bolt out numbers like “Ironic” or “River Deep, Mountain High” and so many others. The backing tracks that Yip/ Quinty uses are first quality and as she sings from her own recording studio which was refurbished notHi longRyker ago, she can really let her energy get and Giancarlo, can you directly to you. the main idea behind this describe Byproject the way,? Yip is Dutch and performs in real as well, she studied at the Rotterdam School of ArtsRYKER and for example was atstarted the last inAdmire - This projectshe actually 2007. real life encounters of SL for Musicians. you search Giancarlo was looking a way toIf advertise his in my you might even infind of the realblog life travel company SL asopicture he developed real That reminds me theCosta double stream theYip. idea to replicate realoflife Rica in this concert she didThe withestate Xander another environment. was Nichtig, very small back Dutch plays then,musician, with only he a few electronic violin. What a superb complicity between these two

artists. If that happens again, dont miss it. So next time you think SL is boring or you feel you need some dancing action and real good music, search for either, Yip Jannings the Diva or Quinty Munroe the rockermet girl, more oh… and you might even As Giancarlo people, created bump into me at one of those concerts! beautiful natural environments here, and word of mouth spread the estate grew larger and Topeople samplewanted her voice to you live can herecheck: since they felt it was so beautiful and had never seen anything like it in SL so it was really the residents who influenced Giancarlo to evolve the project into Until next month, wishescommunity you a happy a residential andMelissa commerical that SL sends her hugs and invites youexperience, see here today. you to check her nearly daily French blog at

Can you describe your role Giancarlo and Ryker in the project ? GIANCARLO - As you know I am the CEO and Ryker is the CFO, our jobs besides making sure the estate runs smoothly and plan in the expansion of the estate and make sure all finacial aspects are in order is to welcome the residents when theey first get here. it is very important for us to make them feel welcome.

Which part of your job you like most ? GIANCARLO - For me is interacting with residents and learning from the different cultures :D. It still overwhelming after 3 years to meet sl residents and to hear that they have never seen anything like Costa Rica Sims. I must add that everything u see here and all we have acomplished would not have been possible without Ryker RYKER - It truly was Giancarlo’s vision for what this project could become that inspired me to contribute to it. I would have to say interacting with residents, specifically new residents who have never lived in Costa Rica before. I enjoy showing them all that our team has created and hearing how excited they are to live here, most say they have never had an experience like this in SL.

Costa Rica is a part of RL activity but today, as you said, is more than that. What kind of activities we can do in the different sims of Costa Rica ? RYKER - Initially it was connected to a RL travel company, but now it is purely based here in SL. There are over 15 amenities available for residents and guests, ranging from outdoor activities to community gatherings. Costa Rica is very big, i found lots interesting places and theese are activities that are popular in real life Costa Rica.

SL activities that reflect popular RL activities ? Interesting and not usual to find. RYKER - Exactly sailing is one we pride ourselves on since our estate has over 2 million sqm of open waters. GIANCARLO - Let’s not forget how connected our estate is with the world of SL fashion as well this is very true, it is a vibrant part of our community, We devote many resources to the world of SL fashion. our estate is home to most sl models and designers, we just reopened our Colonial Commerical District. And we also showcase designers each month in our fashion shows.

I see also lots dancing places, is that a popular activity in Costa rica rl ? GIANCARLO - Costaricans are happy people by nature we are blessed in many ways, and yes dancing is very popular, he heh its funny to see the tourists trying to dance to native rythms RYKER - As a reflection of that here in SL, we have weekly events throughout the estate to encourage our residents to get to know one another.

It’s s a very well organized community, you are happy for this results ? GIANCARLO - It is amazing, we have residents from over 50 countries around the world :D RYKER - We also believe it is important to give back to the greater community at large so we have partnered with charitable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, to support funding for cancer research and to one day find a cure this is another way in which we try to tie real life activities here in SL.. All funds from the sale of the butterflies go to the American Cancer Society. GIANCARLO - Exactly.

Which are the main events you organize in the sim ? GIANCARLO - Oh gosh there are so many on a monthly basis. From rezz parties for our residents, to fashion shows to elegant balls like the Costa Rica Ladies’ Society Friendship Ball, to the DJ Knock out event

I see lots of natural places too, why you decide to dedicate to the nature lots space ?

RYKER - We have several regions dedicated to various natural parks that can be found in RL Costa Rica.

GIANCARLO - As u may know Costa Rica in RL They give the desire to come in costa Rica, i think is well known for its natural beauty, so in oder to invite people to discover your wonderfl country is the real mission for you. recreate it in SL one had to bring it here as well Is also this reflect the rl Costa Rica ?

Which are your favourities places ?

detail in its design, but also because it was one of the first places Gian took me when I first arrived in GIANCARLO - For me it would have to be the Costa Rica, so it has significance for me. rainforest since it was the first national park we recreate it here in SL. RYKER - Would have to agree with Gian, the rainforest is my favorite, not only for the exceptional

Lots of interesting things and ideas but ...i see lots of things and here 2 people, you have a team i can imagine, how many people works in this adventure ? GIANCARLO - Oh yes we do have the best team, they love this project and the community and devote pretty much their entire SL time to Costa Rica Sims RYKER - We have had the good fortune to have had some of the best in their respective fields join our team and contribute to the growth of the estate. Currently we have 13 members of the Executive Team who manage the events and affairs of the estate

You have idea on how expand the My last question for you, 3 reasons to project ? come in Costa Rica Sims GIANCARLO - Yes we just ordered a new full GIANCARLO - Live, Laugh and Love region, and there are some homesteads coming this week as well. And as we said we just reopened RYKER - Community, Nature, & Beauty the colonial commerical district

Wow, short and powerful

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One of the most popular SL blogs of the net is Hi Lanai or our readers, what is Sl Enquirer ? can the SL Enquirer, a website full of news, contributes you give us some infos about this project ? and infos for sl lovers. Last day we met Miss Lanai Jarrico, the founder of this wonderful site. The SL Enquirer is SL’s longest running freelance news source that has catered to the Second Life community since 2005. We offer spotlight features on unique people and places with a variety of news topics that readers

can comment on and actively participate with our news. For Grand opening and upcoming events we accept news coverage, bookings and advertising on our website to help create awareness and boost businesses. For more information I recommend visiting our media center in world for a 3d feel of what we have to offer. In world we have our own fun events and sponsor promotional parties.

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SLE is an independent media source and we are not owned, part of, or affiliated with Second Life or Linden Lab. They are a registered trademark of Linden Research Inc, so no infrindgment is intended. All SLE staff are active residents of SL and report news from their own perspective, for The SL Enquirer.

How you discover your news ? I am not the only news gatherer for SLE but on occassion I may assign a story to one of the writers so I have to shine a spotlight on the SLE Family. The beauty of the SLE Enquirer is that it is not only my news , but a combination of interesting topics written by other writers. Each with their own personality and perspectives.

When you decide to start this adventure ? The original enquirer was launched October 4, 2004 in the virtual world The Sims Online and was known as The TSO Enquirer or “TSOE” by fans. It grew in readership by viral advertising and in 2005 I migrated to Second Life and changed the name to The SL Enquirer. It has been delivering news ever since.

I never pre plan my news line up, even though I have fresh news on the front page every Monday, because we never know what’s going to happen from one week to the next. Some news we take as it comes, others like spotlight features, event coverage and advertisements we book and post as well. You organize events too ?

Can you describe what we can find on Sl Enquirer ? I think The SL Enquirer has a laid back unique style. We aren’t affraid to tackle the topics others only whisper about and we keep it real. When I am not writing my own news I love to sit back and read what the other writers are experiencing and writing about. I like to think we relate to others in many ways and even bring a smile to their day. You can find all kinds of news topics in SLE from fun, humorous and leisure to charities, business and serious community topics and issues. What’s your activity in World ? For the most part, when I log into Second Life I can be found at the SL Enquirer Media center managing the paper from behind the scenes, or hiding behind some bushes at a little bistro listening to live music while I answer IMz. Besides that, I also maintain the website, manage staff and explore the virtual landscape for new and interesting things to write about.

Yes, We organize events on special occasions and holidays. As far as live music and parties, we are currently accpeting bookings for our concert grounds and rooftop club. Recently we just embarked on a new collaboration with Black Soul Rhythmes Radio. DJ Marjorie Dibou will be broadcasting live from the Media Center’s rooftop Chill lounge, every first tuesday of the month from 7-9pm slt. anyone can join the sl enquirer media group in world for event notices or subscribe to the website for the latest news alerts. Where can we find SLE in World ? you have an office ? Yes we have our main office on the beautiful Costa Rica Sims. The SL Enquirer Media Center: secondlife/San%20Jose%20East1/246/96/23

And now somenthing about you, when you join SL Give 3 main reasons to follow SL Enquirer for the first time ? I joined Second Life back in May of 2005 with the great migration from The SIMS Online. I few friends had mentioned SL to me but I was still heavily immersed in the media in TSO until a team of freelance filmmakers contacted me and asked if we could do a documentary project together. They flew from France and we met up in my hometown for the project. During their visit they asked me to bring the newspaper to SL since there was already a buzz there about the tso enquirer. After some thought, I hoped on the banana boat and came here with many of the RP mafia families and changed the name to The SL Enquirer. Give our readers some news about what you like doing in SL in your spare time. Wow... In my spare time, if I can distinguish between work and play, is pretty much all in the same. Everything around me involves news, it creates inspiration for my passion for creative writing. That is what really motivates me and so do the people I hold dearest to me here in Second Life. If it wasn’t for all that have given their time to be a part of SLE and my SLife, I don’t think I could do this or be here because they have made this journey worth coming back to. Writing about Second Life and documenting this journey is just part of the whole experience.

1. Because we the most frequently updated SL news source available 2. We keep it real and to the point on issues. 3. We cover the news, you want to read about. The SL Family is currently made up of 14 active media personell, but we are always open to new writers so the list changes. Lanai Jarrico- Founder & CEO, Head Journalist Lacy Muircastle- Fashion Writer Stacey Cardalines- Sports & Leisure Caledonia Skytower- Art & Literature Shon Charisma- Travel & Inside SL Ramon Federal- Culture & Business Linda Lauren- Astrology Kelsey Moonwall- SLE Italia Timbo Smythe- SLE management team, Bookings Micha Rydell- SLE management team, SLE graphix Department Marjorie Dibou- BSR Radio Correspondent Cris nightfire- Studio 777 Correspondent Nani Xue- Avatar PR Correspondent Hugen Ocello- Imagine magazine Correspondent

Featured show of the month

GOHA Global Hokey Association



Second Life Ice Hockey GOHA style Flying pucks, checks into the boards, and players getting flattened - it’s fast-paced hockey action on the rink at Jericho Hill Arena.

Further information:

GOHA Hockey is the weekly broadcast game from the Global Online Hockey Association. The association was started in 2006 by Jack Belvedere and the league cup competition is in it’s 11th season.

Production team credits: Host/Hosts: Kert Upshaw & August Lusch Producer: Jack Belvedere, GOHA commissioner Camera’s & Sound: Texas Timtam & Wiz Nordberg

The dynamically scripted game attracts a strong following, with fans assembling in the Hillsong side of the rink where the Puckettes assemble each week to cheer the teams to victory.

Where: Original GOHA home, Jericho Hill (110, 210, 401) and the brand new Charmonix City stadiums.

Long running announcer Kert Upshaw has been joined once again by original co-host and purveyor of terrible jokes August Lusch, these two will be keeping you up to speed with the action as the game unfolds.


Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! this month we’ll discover.... THE DJ WORLD GROUP IN SL DJ OF THE MONTH - SASCH PETROV CLUB OF THE MONTH - DANCE4LIFE PROMOTE YOUR WORK ON SECONDNIGHTS

SeanD Serpente DJ of the Month

NAME SeanD Serpente COUNTRY Denmark LANGUAGES Danish/English MC no STREAM URL (not used at all sets) DJ WEBPAGE DJ GROUP 284d3648-d812-d5ad-6681-bede0b1cb607

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME AND WHY I LOVE DJING 32 year old Danish Beat Freak :p Been a musician all my life. Started playing drums at the age of 6, and been making nusic all my life. The year 2000 till 2002 i was living in Greece (Crete) as a music teacher, and dj’ing came my way. And been playing around ever since. But not till I joined SL i been practising it fully. Bringing you mixes live from my home in Denmark on The Reloop Digital Jokey Master Edition. Can be followed live at times. at bigger events on my Ustream Page. Or recordings of sets can be watched there too.

MUSIC STYLES Electro/vocal house/trance/bootlegs

WEEKLY SETS Friday 6 am - 8 am


Bella Vida

Velvet Jazz



In the past years we have worked very hard to create a place different from anything our guests experienced in second life before, a place where guests become family, but at the same time will be spoiled in a very luxurious setting. Established in 2008, Bella Vida Sim is a beautiful Mediterranean themed Sim, home to the Bella Vida Jazz Lounge opened 24hrs, with many Daily LIVE MUSIC events (ranging from jazz, blues to rock and pop), a romantic swan tour, La Mar Yacht club/Yacht with 3 levels for dancing, peaceful waterfall, wedding venue, and a Fashion Village with many of our top SL designers offering the latest in high fashion and couture. Bella Vida also presents popular themed events, most recently “Thy Knight Before Christmas� where guests were transported back in time to Medieval times.

Also popular was our Phantom of the Opera event, where our audience entered a spectacular setting of the Phantom stage. View our Calendar of Events to learn more about our Theme and other exciting events. Some of our milestones have been our Pink Charity Ball, where we raised approx.

400K for the American Cancer Society. You are cordially invited to join us for our formal dance and share a romantic moment at quite possibly the most opulent and beautiful venue in second life, Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge.





We are an organization dedicated to bringing the public a great time. We believe in outreach and variety. DJs and Live Musicians in the group will have easy access to help if need be, but also to be amongst peers to share their music and beliefs amongst others within their same trade.

Club owners in the group will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of DJs and Live Musicians for whatever needs they may have. Club Owners can post notices on what they need reguarding music. PLEASE DO NOT POST EVENTS... ONLY DJ NEEDS!!! Please make sure in your notice you list.... »» Where and when you need a DJ or Live Musicians »» 100% tips and /or salary pay amount »» Contact info for who the DJs and Live acts need to respond to »» What type of music you are looking for (we have DJs and soon Live Musicians that are in many and every genre...this will help narrow down to good replies)

THE DJ NIGHT Besides these great benefits, DJ World provides a showcase of DJ talent by having a monthly showcase called DJ NIGHT. This is like a 12 hour marathon of 12 different DJs in the group, going for a set an hour each. This showcase is bought to you by AQUA LOUNGE, ARSENAL, BEYOND OBSESSIONS, IRONWORKS and a guest club. This event gives the DJs exposure to an audience that they might not have DJ-ed for before. Same as stated above, club owners and people planning parties will be able to view some of the talent in the group if they need them for further use.

STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream”

you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval.

For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World.

DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)











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HOW TO ADD YOUR DANCES Adding dances to the HUD is really simple. 1) Rez it on the ground 2) choose your dances from your inventory 3) Drag it on to the HUD 4) Take the HUD and Wear again. With a click on the central button a men첫 will appera. You can turn the dance mode ON and OFF and you can set the time for dance changes by clicking on the button "Timer".

A special gift for all the Secondnighters... A special HUD to keep in contact with your favourity community of the net. With this fantastic gift you will have all the nightlife entertainment world in your hands.


With this new version we add an amazing function to our HUD. Now you can post your event message directly on the site from SL. Click on the icon and follow the instructions in the local chat. Your message will appear directly on the Secondnights home page with the SLURL link too!


This functions send you a message in Open Chat with the events of the day with: * Title * Time * Genre * Venue and SLUrl


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High quality skins for men and women, combining the best of hand-drawn artistry with photo-realistic details in a range of luscious tones.

Sennaspirit Coronet SL Photographer

AVATAR NAME Sennaspirit Coronet FLICKR STREAM STUDIO Senna Image Studio Crinkle/162/225/29 CUSTOM WORKS Always available for private or commercial work, IM directly ADULT MATERIAL Sensual art yes, sexual shots no.

How you describe your Photo style ? and what kind of subjects you like ?

You took inspiration by RL and by famous Artist ?

I would say I shoot studio shots mostly, I try keep the essence of SL in the image(not transform to realistic looking image) but always with an eye on form, light, color. As for subjects, I mostly shoot Avatars and try to bring out their essence in images.

I have been influenced by many SL artists, they really inspired me in the early days, and still do, I learn from them all the time. RL artistic inspiration is similarly varied, but to name a few - Andrew Wyeth, Degas, Lautrec, Inges, Van Gogh, Sargent, Cezzane, and numerous photographers from the commercial world.

How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account?

And when you discover the virtual photography art ?

I knew of SL from RL clients at leading global companies who had a presence in SL. I created an account to see what this virtual world had to offer them.

IIn late 2009 I discovered the Las Islas Republic when it was still under construction - there were so many authentic About a year after I started in SL I was having Xmas cards made by a photographer and after they finished, I asked if i could use their studio and I liked the results, so I started shooting from that point onward.

You do works for single people ? how can we get your photo shots ?

Tell us your story: what’s your interest ? what you like to do in SL for having fun ?

How can we get your photo shots ? I do personal portraits and business owners primarily as my business here in SL. I work purely on referrals and people can just IM me to set up a schedule to shoot.

Believe it or not, I shoot pictures for fun in SL - it’s what I really love to do. I shoot all the time. For fun I like to sail, fly planes and race cars - its very fun in SL. I really enjoy how creative the builders are in recreating these vehicles.

What have you been doing in SL ? What have you been up to or what have you created. My first year was spent exploring the virtual space and mostly meeting people. It was very enlightening to see what was possible. Once I discovered photography and art in general, this is how I spend all my time now, shooting for myself and commission work for clients. For fun I like to sail, fly planes and race cars - its very fun in SL. I really enjoy how creative the builders are in recreating these vehicles.

How SL let you improve your know how or skills ? SL let me rediscover my creative side which I had left dormant for many years. But since now, in addition to shooting images in SL, I have started painting again in RL which is most rewarding.

You work for some magazines ? Yes, I have worked for many magazines here in SL, but presently, my RL schedule makes that a bit difficult to do.

Have you some beautiful places to suggest our friends to explore and take pictures ? Too many to mention. I should have included the people who create wonder sims in my note about influences. Its quite amazing to see what they build for us to enjoy. I’d have to say any of AM Radio’s builds are among my favorite places.

Could you share a funny or awkward story that happened to you inSL ? Again too many to mention and some I won’t mention, but a story many of my flickr friends know is about a person named Crispin. I was shooting a model on a sim and as I’m shooting an AV rezzed right in the middle of my setup. I told him that we were shooting and asked him if he could move aside, but then it became clear that this was a new person and he really wasn’t all that familiar with SL. At first he didn’t move or answer me but then once he was able to move, he just stood near by and started asking me typical noob question in rapid fire. It was like having a 5 year old at work with you. He’s a really nice guy so instead of pushing him away, i just added him to the photoshoot, which was a challenge in itself since he wasn’t quite sure how to sit on pose balls or generally stay still. We’ve become good friends since and I always enjoy hearing about his adventures and doings in SL since that day.

Senna’s Portfolio




The hottest news from the fashion world, exclusive for you each month by Glance...

About GFA11 GLANCE Fashion Awards G

LANCE Fashion Awards 2011 is the first ever

fashion event that has been the International Fashion

SL-related fashion awards show being taped

Day (24 fashion shows in 24 hours), we do notice

live by a virtual television company. The idea

and understand the requests that come from those

of this premiere event came together back in 2010,

who make the fashion industry move forward every

when we noticed the myths surrounding both growing


and established fashion designers. It is not rare that as SL Residents, we apply the images of the big real

We thought it was about time to come together

life fashion brands onto the virtual ones: we do think

with our trusted business partners, SecondNights

that they are wealthy, that they do not work hard

and Rezzed TV, to host a fashion event all about

on marketing and promoting their products and that

celebrating, embracing and recognizing talented

their talent is easily recognized. Truth is, while many

minds of the SL fashion community: on Sunday,

of them are making a real life living off of SL and

February 20th at 1PM SLT, there will be a prize

attract an important number of followers among

for everybody. This event is organized under the

SL Residents, fashion designers just like any other

agency’s new department, the GLANCE Fashion

industry leaders work hard every day to reach the


top. GLANCE International Agency has been on the

Fashion designers, bloggers and voters among the

side of the designers, stylists, bloggers and fashion

community will go back home with 70,000L$ cash

community lovers since August 2008. With the

altogether. Where will you be on that day? We

experience of over 120 fashion shows produced, a

hope to spend this special moment with you!

Fashion Week, a Fashion Fair and a groundbreaking

“ and Rezzed TV are the idea l business par tners for th is premiere event, We are thrilled to work with th em on the first edition of GLANCE Fashion Awards 2011� - Patty Cor tes, GIA Founder

GFA11 Hosts

RENEE LOWENHART // FABFREE.WORDPRESS.COM Renee runs the largest SL-related freebies group in-world, (19,000 members) along with its related fashion blog, FabFree. She will award the Best Hair Store.

LUNA JUBILEE AND EXPRESS ZENOVKA // SHOPAHOLICFEED.COM Luna and express are working in the SL Fashion Industry since 2007. They will both be awarding the Best New Designer.

SIMONE PETERMAN // SECONDNIGHTS.COM Simone Peterman has been running and recently launched SecondNighters Magazine with success. He will be awarding the Best Indy Male Fashion Blog.

SASY SCARBORUGH // SASYPANTS.COM Sasy Scarborough has many hats: fashion blogger at, she also manages the sim The Deck and helps stores with fashion branding needs. She will award the Best Women’s Wear Store.

INDYRA SEIGO // INDYRAORIGINALS.WORDPRESS.COM Indyra Seigo and sister Accountant Adzebills are fore-runners in the virtual female fashion world. The brand started in 2006 and keeps growing over the years. They will both award the Best Indy Female Fashion Blog.

MADDOX DUPONT // MADIMAGE.WORDPRESS.COM Maddox DuPont and Kirk Claymore run KMADD since 2007. Their shape and hair store are known as the mecca of male fashion in SL. They will both award the Best Menswear Store.

FOR MORE INFORMATION... To discover the full list of Guests Hosts, the details of the Awards Ceremony and the final results, bookmark and check out everyday the GIA Style Blog:

The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


#1 _dutch touch female fashion model skins male skins shapes haute skins fashion realistic high quality textures handdrawn sculpted clothes clothing sexy natural female skin trendy lingerie undies menswear denims jeans nylons urban grungy casual alternative streetwear

#2 _earthstone Jewelry for women and men. stone jewelry casual jewelry fine jewelry hippie jewelry gothic jewelry formal jewelry wedding jewelry silver jewelry platinum jewelry diamond jewelry symbolic jewelry wiccan jewelry crystal jewelry mens jewelry men’s jewelry



#3 _Cup Cakes Skin, skins, women, woman, kid skin, TGA, PSD, full perm, full permission, shapes, eyes, clothes, fashion, cute, girly, female, kids, adult, resale, cute skins, elf, clothing, goth, formal, casual, fantasy, fairy, elven, realistic, lolita, wholesale

#4 _PL Creations PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins



_Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Bella Vida Sim is a beautiful Mediterranean themed Sim, home to the Bella Vida Jazz Lounge opened 24hrs, with many Daily LIVE events, a romantic swan tour, La Mar Yacht club/ Yacht with 3 levels for dancing, peaceful waterfall, and a fashion Village with many of our top SL designers offering the latest in high fashion and couture.

_Eternal Dreams Eternal Dreams club Dance the night away on the music of slow radio or join us on the DJ Events daily from 1.00 til 4.00 PM SLT Romantic place and wonderfull athmosphere, a club where you can chat with frinds, send youre requests and youre wishes for special events. Live entertainment regular on the stage or squere in the sim. Dance cuddle hug and chat alover the sim on the most romantic spots, dining, picknick grotto etc etc. Eternal Dreams is a place you must have seen



_Costa Rica Sim La Cantina Lounge with friends and enjoy the action or set the dance floor on fire at our all new La Cantina, where every month the excitement culminates with our sumptuously sexy “Hot Latin Nights” party!

_BEAU X Romantic Most beautiful in-style high class oceanview dance venue, designer fashion stores, chill-out aqualounge, cuddle park, beach-club, art gallery. A ‘Must See’ for all lovers of romance, music, art and stylish ambience. Dance under the stars in this breathtaking surrounding overlooking the ocean. More than 60 of the newest Intan Couple Dances and solo dances to enjoy along with the music. Roaming our sim you may like to chill at our aqua lounge or spend romantic moments in the cuddle park. Intan Dancepoles all around, also at the beachclub where you can dance or just enjoy all the amenities. Don’t miss visiting the great shops and our artgallery above the Cafe.. Come to one of the most beautiful HOT SPOT places in sl!


Your world, your style



_Glitterati GLITTERATI, gay poses, couples poses, friends poses, group poses, model poses, singles poses, male poses, wedding poses, photography poses, photography, photographer, poses, pose props, props.

_PXL Creations PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins.




_Lost World Poses A large choice of poses in the all new, large shop in the heart of the sim !! Male, female, unisex, duo and couples. Action, emo, and a bit of fashion style for all your great pics or games !!

_ADDICT SHAPES SHOP - eXtreme Make Over Addict Shapes - eXtreme Make Over. Become Addictive with an Addict Shape. Mod copy body, shapely sensual female bodies, muscular male body shapes. Owners: HazeLee Haller & Bonza Bailey. Skins donated by Belleza, AtomicBambi - designer shapes for LAQ, Redgrave,The Abyss, [PXL], Naughty Designs. Shape only. Mod Copy Body. Style Card enclosed with each shape so you can get the exact look in the photo.


http:/ / w w w. se c o n dn i g h t s .c o m / s lu r l



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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine of Community - #4 February 2011

Secondnighters Magazine #4 Happy Valentine