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and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander



It’s funny, I don’t know why but I thought Nadine Morani was French, I must have been confused; she is from Belgium and from the Dutch part at that! But she sings in several languages including Italian which was surprising, but I am jumping ahead! I had seen her a few times before and when she was announced at the LA Club, I just thought I had nothing better to do! If I just get the formal info about her it says that Nadine (her real name) has been singing for many years in real life. She is probably in her mid twenties if I get it right from her videos. She has had formal schooling in singing, guitar and piano, although her main instrument is her voice. She has just recently begun singing again after taking a break for a few years, and has found Second Life a great place to find an audience for her amazing voice. It’s like a rehearsal for her, she might try new songs and it helps building up her confidence as she told me after her second concert that night. Nadine has a passion for music that is evident every time she sings, and is blessed with a crystal clear voice to match her passion. She will touch your heart in more ways than one.

As I said we had the opportunity to chat a little bit, she mentioned that she discovered SL from some friends that were playing WOW and someone invited her to try SL, she liked it and stayed to our advantage, I must say. Her style is more into slow and gentle love ballads and it is moving, for example the last song of her second show was a somewhat slower rendering of Laura Pausini’s Strani Amori (in Italian mind you), a pure moment of sensual pleasure. In fact I did ask her what was her strongest musical influence and she mentioned the Dutch singer Sharon van den Adel from the Group Within Temptations, well she introduced me to yet another cool singer, check them both on Youtube!

Closing our interview she did tell me to thank her audience for all the lovely comments and supports she is getting, she is really happy we like her singing and that makes us all content indeed. Check her agenda for next concerts, by the way the interview took place at the Kicking which is one of the coolest live music venues there is.

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina

The Guitar Museum You are almost guaranteed a good night out at the Guitar Museum house of smooth sounds and cool time. Pick the right night and you are likely to see one band o musician you desperately try and remember the name of the next morning amongst the four or five who usually play each gig night.

The main thing of the museum is to feature the most talented guitar-players in RL and their instruments but also to give exposure to the various talents of Second Life artists. There is a relaxed vibe with an open-minded clientele who all have an obvious love of live music, which is appreciated by the bands, many of who are starting out their careers, who regularly pull out all the stops here.

The Guitar Museum takes its music seriously. They won’t put on bands or singers just because they will be able to fill the venue with their mates, demo tapes are judged on their own merits; and many musicians have played here on their way up, including Swina Allen, DanLange Diavolo, Spike Luckstone and Anja Halberstadt, Blindboink Parham, Noma Falta and more. Some artists play for tips only, but some need

the money for their Real Life:so the owners decided to allocate a budget to reward the performers. The stream of Second Life people is running randomly:in the middle of the club there is a stage which is of course guitar shaped;all along the walls the visitors can find the boards with the pictures of all the well recognised musicians who made the history of the guitar :clicking on

them the avatars can get some infos about the art and life of their favourite artists. Bono Fouroux is the proud owner of this charming place :he comes from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He discovered SL because a friend introduced it to him years ago:at the beginning he declined this invitation but later he decided to start and ...he never quit so far. As the most part of the SL residents he never thought to use his real name for what he usually does in Second Life.

SANDY:How many people approximately visited the Museum so far?What kind of feedback you received?

When I asked him to explain why did he start this virtual adventure he answered that at the beginning he did it just for fun in order to make a tribute to the music he loves in RL :the place had just to be a guitar virtual museum but while he and his friends were busy with it, the ideas got more form and he thought “why not a Second Life section too? “.So we made this and it became a real success. Now we love to show what a various talent is available in Second Life. The Live Music is really awesome here inworld!

SANDY:In what is your RL job similar to what you do inworld?

They use the typical inworld tools in order to promote the Museum, such as group notices , LandMark – givers and the search of SL where all the events are posted, but of course the best promotion is the wordmouth since and alot friends spread the word too.

Well when I entered Second Life at about 4 yours ago, i had no idea what to find here.

We have sent out to befriended venues, from who we show theirs here too. Also we do more and more events and they are placed in the events list of Second Life. Some artists playing here are spreading the word too, while they perform anywhere else. We have some promotion stuff like a Guitar Museum Vest, what looks awesome and people start to wear it.

We get hundreds of people around and we get lots of good IMs and some very nice tips in return. We just hope the people return in the museum again, but that is not true. Once they were there, we hardly see them around again. We try to get them back at our events and that is sometimes successful and sometimes not. It depends on the offer of other events if we get people around.

Well my real lIfe job is Graphic Designer and i do not very much with that here. I am musician in RL and that the knowhow from that is what i use for the Guitar Museum. I play some Guitar too. SANDY:Can you describe your experience in SL:what did you like to do ? Do you llike to go to live music events or to art exhibits?

Once i met some people here i got some info what there was around here, and we started to explore and going to Second Life artists. Also i saw some expositions of othere arts, what was very taste full. I saw some museums and their setup. Once i got my own Photostudio in Second Life, soon some good friends visited me and i tried to make it to a real hangout, so that we had very good times over there. After a few years some friends bought the parcels next to me and the Hangout was born.

Oddball and me were often exploring and we were also brainstorming about things. I had alot photo’s of RL guitar players on my wall in my hangout and that was the beginning of the Guitarmuseum.

Grif Bamaisin, Jaggpro McCann, AM Quar, Spike Luckstone are great to have as personal friends. SANDY:Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?

SANDY:Do you know anyone who made a success in SL?

Definitely yes. Second Life still will exist and we like to have our venue then too, because we believe in it. We don’t do this to earn money with it but just spend all the money we get with it again back in events and Live Music

Yes i know some well known people in Second Life. Some of the artists are well known and some venue owners too. Further more i know a gesture maker in Second Life which can be seen as the most important one. Successful artists like Swina Allen, Noma Falta, Washedup Sideways, Edward Kyomoon, Andreus ANJ, Marky Helstein,

Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....

The Koinup community is one of the most creative and vibrant art community on the web and you can discover some of the most interesting 3D Wallpapers of Koinup artists, simply by downloading Metaverse Wallpapers on your Apple device. If you’re an artist or a Second Life photographer, you can even get involved in the project by submitting your images to the Metaverse Landscapes group! We’re taking submissions for the new brand Metaverse Wallpapers, the iPhone and iPad App powered by Koinup, that features the most amazing wallpapers to download to your Apple Devices. The app is already available on the iTunes (and in the iPad and iPhone appstores) and you can download it from here

All the wallpapers must be submitted to the virtual worlds wallpaper group, where you also will find rules and guidelines to make “perfect” iPhone and iPad Wallpapers The call to action is for all virtual worlds members. We will accept submissions from all virtual worlds and games, from Second Life to World of Warcraft, from BlueMars to the Sims, from Mmorpgs to 3D chat as IMVU and many other “worlds”. Metaverse Wallpapers is already the first mobile app completely dedicated to the creativity and art of virtual worlds and metaverse people. We’re going to increase the pool of wallpapers included in the app to make it “must have app”.

The project is a powerful opportunity for all Koinup There’s a call to action open to all the Koinup authors to showcase their art in the pocket of Community. We’re looking for amazing wallpapers thousands of users owning iPhone and iPad. “created in” or “ispired by” virtual worlds. The most beautiful/amazing and interesting pictures will be Download Metaverse Wallpapers from iTunes, the included in the app (the authors whose wallpapers iApp built by Koinup, and get hundreds of Second will be choseen for the app will receive a promo Life amazing wallpapers to customize your iPhone code to get the app for free) (and iPad).

Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! this month we’ll discover.... THE DJ WORLD GROUP IN SL DJ OF THE MONTH - SASCH PETROV CLUB OF THE MONTH - DANCE4LIFE PROMOTE YOUR WORK ON SECONDNIGHTS

by Mandra Moody


Club Industry



Since it’s opening in 2006, Club industry has risen to historical status as the predominant force in the industrial club scene of Second Life. A great number of DJ’s, Hosts and Dancers began their career at this very institution and many continue on to this day in the same place. The continued success of Club Industry can be attributed not only to the core staff, but to it’s dedicated owners, Osiloa Jorgensen and Aaron Connell. To this day you can still find them frequenting the club they poured so much of themselves into. This is part of the reason Club Industry has grown from a single room club into a complex complete with the “Industry District” an indoor, two story mall and it’s outdoor shopping area beset with many known and popular fashion designers. The main room has seen a lot of transition in look and feel since it’s early days. Since the move of the club to a full sim not long after it opened, to the renovation last year it now really captures the style of music you will find when you arrive. If variety is your spice of life, Club Industry delivers there as well! A full range of Dj’s spinning Industrial,

Goth, Darkwave, EBM, Synthpop, Hard Electro, Noise, Gothic Rock, Techno, and Trance twenty four hours each day. If the main floor seems a bit crowded, well that’s no surprise and easily remedied too. Club Industry has “The Machine Room” which is a bit different in style from the main area with a broader selection of music styles that almost seems like it becomes it’s own club within a club. Everything from 80’s, 90’s, Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative music, Grunge and more are featured there. As for both rooms, DJ’s are always accepting requests! There are plenty of staff to interact with as well. The main room not only houses the DJ but also a Host and three Dancers to interact with not to mention the owners and managers themselves whom regularly attend and join in the crowds fun. Besides the single dance ball there are also couples dances available for guests, the main room is large enough that even with a crowd, there is room to dance. There are events of course, regularly set up by the DJ and contests of the like. To say there is always something going on at Club Industry is a serious understatement. With so much to see and do there, it is no wonder they have been around this long, and will continue to be.

MUSIC TYPES: Industrial, Goth, Darkwave, EBM, Synthpop, Hard Electro, Noise, Gothic Rock, Techno, Trance FIXED EVENTS: “I think that each set is an event in it’s own right ... with different DJ’s playing their different styles. Mostly the DJ’s themselves choose this ... like Vali, a DJ of ours in the main room, had a long time fixed event with best in colors We also have evening sets in the clubs Machine room, a separate room where the style of music is more open in terms of genre!.” - Aaron Connell (Club Industry Owner) MAJOR DJS: Demonica Bade, Cathrin Larsson, Johnny Voom, Octavia Vhargon, Dalila Daviau, Vali Rau, each with their own style and genre

Dj Aaron Connel DJ of the Month

NAME Aaron Connell AGE of your avatar 4 years (1808 days) COUNTRY Denmark LANGUAGES English, Danish MC - do you talk in your sets? yes URL of your own stream GROUP or BLOGS: club industry secondlife:///app/group/98ea8463-e864-2ddbf6a8-dcfb2f90ebeb/about

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME AND WHY I LOVE DJING “I guess i’m a quiet guy who prefers to stand around and just listen ... then throw in the occational comment to something to entertain the crowd at the club. As for DJi’ng, i like to play the music i find myself to be the best, and to share this with others willing to listen and always open to requests. it makes me feel like I am on the right track with my audience!” WEEKLY SETS: Sunday mornings


TIME availability: 4 - 7am slt

“Mostly i do synthpop with a blend of EBM, Electro, some Industrial, Trance, and a bit of Gothic Rock”

OTHER INFO: Also Owner of Club Industry along with Osiloa Jorgensen I’ve DJ’d numerous special events, which included SLB5, SL7B FEARLESS NATION PTSD AWARENESS EVENT 09. Website Twitter Influences: Tiesto, Carl Cox, Timo Maas, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk and Pete tong.



We are an organization dedicated to bringing the public a great time. We believe in outreach and variety. DJs and Live Musicians in the group will have easy access to help if need be, but also to be amongst peers to share their music and beliefs amongst others within their same trade.

Club owners in the group will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of DJs and Live Musicians for whatever needs they may have. Club Owners can post notices on what they need reguarding music. PLEASE DO NOT POST EVENTS... ONLY DJ NEEDS!!! Please make sure in your notice you list.... »» Where and when you need a DJ or Live Musicians »» 100% tips and /or salary pay amount »» Contact info for who the DJs and Live acts need to respond to »» What type of music you are looking for (we have DJs and soon Live Musicians that are in many and every genre...this will help narrow down to good replies)

THE DJ NIGHT Besides these great benefits, DJ World provides a showcase of DJ talent by having a monthly showcase called DJ NIGHT. This is like a 12 hour marathon of 12 different DJs in the group, going for a set an hour each. This showcase is bought to you by AQUA LOUNGE, ARSENAL, BEYOND OBSESSIONS, IRONWORKS and a guest club. This event gives the DJs exposure to an audience that they might not have DJ-ed for before. Same as stated above, club owners and people planning parties will be able to view some of the talent in the group if they need them for further use.

STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream”

you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval.

For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World.

DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)










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Eithene McBride

Interview With...

Trill Zapatero (BoHo HoBo) Recently I visited with the awe-inspiring bohemian fashion designer, Trill Zapatero, creator and owner of BoHo HoBo, a unique and bold label located on Four Bridges Exhibit (slurl). All of BoHo Hobo’s sales proceeds go toward funding for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). RAWA, in turn, uses the money to build schools, orphanages, health clinics, worthy projects that will improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan. The lifestyle endured by these innocent victims of war is practically unimaginable for those of us who live in westernized cultures. Trill has also made an Afghanistan Museum in SL to take us on a visual journey of the lives of displaced women and children in Afghanistan.

Second Nighter: Trill, tell us a little about your concept of “fashion for a cause,” at BoHo HoBo. Trill Zapatero: Well, first of all, I think that the virtual world is an amazing way to raise awareness and funds for causes for many reasons. To start with, it’s such an incredibly interactive and collaborative environment, and so very social. It’s got to be the best way to reach out and build relationships online. Because the very nature of the environment is so focused on the visual, it’s great for projects focused on visual arts.

This lends itself well to doing something like starting a shop and generating income. It takes little overhead to turn pixels into lindens and then into real cash. The lindens may not seem like much compared to RL dollars but once they’re turned into currencies of developing countries, it really becomes a substantial amount. Plus it’s a fun, compelling environment to work in. We just had a fundraiser for RAWA and it was amazing.

Trill Zapatero: I opened my shop nearly a year and a half ago.

Virtual Live Band ( performed - they are a group of four musicians from the four corners of the world and they play together in SL. We raised a bit over $500 US in just one day!

Trill Zapatero: Actually, one of RAWA’s first ways of raising money to start schools and clinics was to make clothes for sale in Pakistan in the camps so this concept just made sense.

Second Nighter: Oh, so literally, you heard about RAWA and got busy right away? Trill Zapatero: Yes. Second Nighter: Now, you hadn’t been doing clothing design prior - how did it all begin?

I started by making an Afghani-style dress for my Second Nighter: So were you connected to RAWA accounting alt just for fun. in RL first or were you made aware of it in SL? Then I made some freebie dresses for people who Trill Zapatero: Well, I’m an artist and, a year and came to my painting exhibits in world. I love making a half ago I had an opening at a RL gallery. After clothes - I’m learning sooooo much! chatting with the curator, I decided to donate sales proceeds to a central Asian charity; this decision Second Nighter: So many people are so glad you lead me to learning more about the various charities do! in Afghanistan and, eventually, I decided to focus on RAWA. RAWA was founded Trill Zapatero: You know, we say so much by how in 1977 by Meena Keshwar Kamal, an Afghan student we dress. activist who was assassinated for her political For women, it’s a whole statement that really has activities. The thing about RAWA is that the women a lot of meaning. I think that by how we dress and are local. present ourselves, we can actually change the world They live in refugee camps with their people. They’ve persevered through 20 years of war now Second Nighter How so? - through the soviet occupation, the civil war, the Taliban regime, and now the occupation. Trill Zapatero: I know that would sound flighty and silly to loads of people but I think for us that care Second Nighter: Clearly you’re an artist with a cause about clothes and style and fashion, we know what and you’ve brought your talent in world... I actually that means to us. discovered BoHo HoBo last summer and fell in love For example, if you wear torn up jeans and a pretty with what you do. How long has your shop been in shirt you’re making a whole statement about joy existence? and happiness that is apart from wealth and glamour.

Second Nighter: You’re tough yet feminine?

Second Nighter: As an artist, do you hand paint everything?

Trill Zapatero: Exactly. And of course if you wear gorgeous ethnic clothes it’s a celebration of other Trill Zapatero: Well I do a variety of things. My first cultures and it presents that kind of openness in love is making textures. I very positive light. ’ve taken photos of my boyfriend in his pants and Second Nighter: Tell me what you meant when you turned them into a texture. said that you believe fashion can change the world.. I draw quite a bit on top of photos, then I’ll take Trill Zapatero: Well, maybe fabric samples from things in RL and do the shading not completely change the on them. I try a lot of different things. and world, but it can definitely for some of the fabrics I’ll go influence people to open to fabric shops online their minds and hearts. where they have samples of things You see a woman they sell in RL, and wearing a gorgeous change the colors outfit from or superimpose the Afghanistan, you pattern on a different think, “OMG, texture. where did There are just so many she get different things to try! that?” and it’s from Second Nighter: I love how you have so many separates that can Afghanistan so be mixed and matched. you think, “Wow, that’s an interesting culture and suddenly, that Trill Zapatero: That’s the idea - mix culture has become humanized; it opens people’s and match as many ways as possible. hearts Second Nighter: Your prices are affordable for just about any budget! Second Nighter: It suddenly gives that culture a face and a voice that might not otherwise be seen Trill Zapatero: There’s no reason to price things high or heard? - why not be generous? It’s not as if I’ll run out of inventory so rather than the customer buying one Trill Zapatero: Yes, exactly. I hope that it really thing at a high price, they can get many things and catches on as a way of doing business. I’m not I still profit. saying that everyone should do it. I know for some, The more of my clothes people wear, the more to make their SL viable they need to make some that they’ll spread the word about my designs and, coin back. hopefully, RAWA.

I think you need to give a lot to get back a lot and Second Nighter: Trill, thank you so much for taking that’s especially true in a place like SL where giving a moment out of your busy day to chat with me is so easy. about your beautiful designs and, of course, RAWA. Second Nighter: I love. LOVE. These clothes.

Trill Zapatero: My pleasure and thank you, too - it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about a cause Trill Zapatero: Yay! I wish I could make new clothes that means so much to me! as fast as I get ideas but it’s also a great meditation just to work the designs out. There really is a lot of enjoyment in the process as well.





High quality skins for men and women, combining the best of hand-drawn artistry with photo-realistic details in a range of luscious tones.

Graphic Dix SL Photographer


1) How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account? I discovered SL through a friend in the 2006 and just was curious. 2) And when you discover the virtual photography art ? In the 2009 3) How you describe your Photo style ? and what kind of subjects you like ? My favorites subjects are avatars, fullbody or portraits. I would say my style is photorealistic, i try to make my photos as real as i can without morphing with real photos. 4) You took inspiration by RL and by famous Artist ? No, i just find my inspiration from the music. 5) What have you been doing in SL? Tell us your story: what have you been up to or what have you created. Im in Second Life just to have fun, meet people and listen good music. I don’t belong to any artist groups and in general im quiet independent and i enjoying photography for fun. 6) How SL let you improve your know how or skills ?* In no one ways because it’s my real life work too.

7) You work for magazines ? Well, lately a marketing agency asked me to make the new graphic concept of its magazine. It will be out shortly with the next issue 8) You do works for single people ? how can we get your photo shots ? Yes i do, to get a photo shot by me just ask. 9) Tell us your story: what’s your interest ? what you like to do in SL for having fun ? I like take pics for myself or for my costumers and spend all the time possible with my love. 11) Have you some beautiful places to suggest our friends to explore and take pictures ? No i never take pictures in SL place, i always take them on a neutral background 12) Could you share a funny or awkward story that happened to you inSL?* Since when i started taking pictures i have been so lucky to meet talented designers and it’s been very pleasant to share my time in second life with them. If you want to know me just take a look of my work :)

The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


#1 _Dreamscapes Art Gallery Art gallery with fine original SL Artwork from Carlotta Ceawlin and currently the artists Rob Bohemian, Eves Rodenberger and Aelin Quan. I´m very happy to present my gallery at a new location Smiley Feel free to visit, take part in ongoing hunts and chill on the beach! Please IM me with any question about the artwork! Hope to see you there! Carlotta xxx

#2 _Patronii Center of Art A celebration of Fine Art, Music, Cinema, Literature and the creative spirit in and out of Second Life. You are invited to come explore your creative self, as Artist, Patron or both. Enjoy our scenic New England setting with romance around.



#3 _Araman Galleries “Art de Passion” Love Beds Exclusively,Xcite compatible , Furniture, Art Galleries, Wedding venues, Sex beds, period furniture,antiques, Art Galleries, Araman Art Gallery, Shikaku Gallery

#4 _OZLAND Art Gallery PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins


Your world, your style



_Glitterati GLITTERATI, gay poses, couples poses, friends poses, group poses, model poses, singles poses, male poses, wedding poses, photography poses, photography, photographer, poses, pose props, props.

_PXL Creations PXL skins males females best skins fashion RP quality perfect skins sexy skins cute asian black goth elves model jewelry scripts best male skin best female skin free skins dafne candy july kim grace efe linda jude lucas daniel hair clothes hot skins.




_Lost World Poses A large choice of poses in the all new, large shop in the heart of the sim !! Male, female, unisex, duo and couples. Action, emo, and a bit of fashion style for all your great pics or games !!

_ADDICT SHAPES SHOP - eXtreme Make Over Addict Shapes - eXtreme Make Over. Become Addictive with an Addict Shape. Mod copy body, shapely sensual female bodies, muscular male body shapes. Owners: HazeLee Haller & Bonza Bailey. Skins donated by Belleza, AtomicBambi - designer shapes for LAQ, Redgrave,The Abyss, [PXL], Naughty Designs. Shape only. Mod Copy Body. Style Card enclosed with each shape so you can get the exact look in the photo.


http:// w w w. s eco n d n i g h t s . c o m /s l u r l



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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #6 April-May 2011

Secondnighters Magazine 7  

The summer is coming and your fav magazine comes out with a new Editorial Office. A great welcome to our new Explorer Carlotta Ceawlin, the...

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