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Story by Kyla Merwin Cheney

photography by simone paddock

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Home System Solutions seamlessly intergrates electronics into any home.


Business Mission: Possible Local Proprietors Band Together to Thrive in the Recession


itting with Lawrence Fisher, proprietor of Home System Solutions, is like being cast in a sci-fi movie. The table in front of us is scattered with high-tech objects. There is a touch-screen panel on the wall, smaller than a plate, where banks of light

switches, alarm systems and thermostats typically go. Collected in front of him Lawrence has a MacBook (laptop), Sonos controller (music), wireless VGA transmitter (video),

“I believe that the businesses that will thrive [in this recession] are the ones who are keeping as much work as possible in the local economy.” —Lawrence Fisher, Home System Solutions

custom remote control, iPad and iPhone. His laptop screen is wirelessly projected on an ultra-thin LED television on the wall, strategically positioned at eye level. But these are mere toys compared to what Fisher can put in your home. Home Systems Solutions is focused on integrating home audio, visual, alarm, computers, home theater, and lighting systems into one command center, with electronic devices ventilated and housed in visually appealing furniture and cabinetry. Want to watch a movie? Hit a button and the lights dim, the blinds close and the television comes on. Want to know who’s knocking at your front door when you’re on vacation in Paris? Check your BlackBerry. Want the outdoor lights to come on and the heat to go up at dusk? Already done, pre-programmed so you don’t even have to think about it. Using state of the art technology and a Web-based hub, Home System Solutions integrates disparate functions of home living into a sleek and streamlined operation. Sound remarkable? Impossible even? Fisher is not alone in his endeavors. He regularly partners with other stakeholders in the industry. His white glove treatment of clients takes collaboration and problem solving between local experts in interior design, cabinetry, electronics, custom building and other industries. “We’re keeping it all local,” explains Fisher. “I believe that the businesses that will thrive [in this recession] are the ones who are keeping as much work as possible in the local economy.” FALL 2010


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Pamela Armstrong, an interior designer at Complements Home Interiors, is a principal partner in Fisher’s projects. Her contribution is to make sure that the end result is visually appealing, fits with the character of the home, and reflects the personalities of the homeowners. “We all sit down together with the client,” she says. “The builder, Lawrence (Fisher), the cabinet maker and me. We Sources: Home System Solutions 541-610-7915 Complements Home Interiors 541-322-7337

have to understand what the homeowner wants and work together as a team. We become so in-tune with our client’s wishes we can often finish each other’s sentences.” When she understands what the homeowner wants and the varying specifications of necessary electronics, Armstrong looks for pieces that will

Dldzines 541-419-1339

function seamlessly and still stay true to the

Emerald Bay Photography 541-771-6670

modern gadgetry and electronics. “Within our team,”

character of the home. That way the home can maintain an old-world charm, for example, with she states, “we each advocate for the client within our own area of expertise.” For cabinetry and woodwork, Fisher turns to Daniel Laudenslager of Dldzine. “Every skill set I use, and what I do for a living, I do because I thoroughly enjoy it. I surround myself with people who have this same passion for their work. I strive for the highest quality possible and so do they. That’s why this works.”

Home System Solutions strives to improve the functionality of an office.

The before-and-after effect of their work belongs in a Cinderella story. For documentation, Fisher

Paddock says photographing Home System Solutions team projects

calls on commercial photographer Simone Paddock

is a joy. “Everything is really together. I’ve never seen work so precise,

of Emerald Bay Photography. “I believe the home is

with everything in its place. I love working with them and supporting

a mirror of the people who live there,” says Paddock.

their business through my photography,” he says.

“And I try to capture that with my images.” To accomplish that, Paddock selects specific

As technology has changed, Fisher has kept stride and applied exciting innovations to his work. A few years ago, Fisher says he

furnishings, creates interesting angles, and uses very noticed a huge trend for computers to be the backbone of electronic little artificial lighting. “The interplay of light and shadow is what makes

more options,” he says. With an IT background, Fisher is not afraid

a room interesting,” says Paddock. “I have my own

of emerging gadgets and systems. “I’m constantly pushing my own

style, and I only use artificial light to support the

knowledge of new technology.”

light that is already there, to make sure that the objects I’m shooting come out crisp and clear.”


systems. “IT control gives people a much richer experience and FALL 2010

Part of his white glove treatment is keeping clients for a lifetime. “We start with a handshake and end with a hug,” he says. CO

Central Oregon Magazine FALL 2010  
Central Oregon Magazine FALL 2010  

Photography by SIMONE PADDOCK. Local Proprietors Band Together to Thrive in the Recession