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approach to photography Enraptured Photography takes a natural approach to creating heirloom imagery for individuals and families. We love to photograph you in real, meaningful settings that convey the essence of who you are and what you love. We work hard to make sure the entire process is stress-free for our clients from start to finish, with the end result being beautifully crafted photo prints and products to be treasured for many years to come. Enraptured Photography has been taking professional portraits since 2010 for a wide variety of clients. Many of the people we photograph become our friends for years to come. We completely and absolutely love what we do!




booking the date


Once you've decided on the right photography package for your family, we'll go ahead and get the date booked for your photo session! In order to reserve your day, a non-refundable $150 session fee deposit is required. We'll work with your schedule to find a perfect day and time for the session!

during, If you're wondering what to expect from your time with Enraptured Photography, look no further! We specialize in creating a personalized experience for you and your family that's fun and meaningful. Although the goal of working together is to create wonderful images, we also strive to make the process of getting there enjoyable and memorable! Here's how it works.


taking pictures On the day of your session, we'll meet at the agreed location and time and start snapping away! A portrait session can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. There's really no rush- or general time limit -just what feels natural. It generally takes at least 30 minutes for us to "warm up" together, meaning getting comfortable and feeling relaxed in front of (or behind!) the lens. After that, it's really up to the photographed subject as to how long the session will last. This is the fun part - let us do the work!

4 initial consultation Every session begins with an initial in -person or phone consultation so we can get to know one another. Your place or somewhere in-between or on the phone, we love to meet or chat over a cup of tea or coffee and learn more about you and your family, your goals for the portrait session, and ideas for decorating your home. We also encourage clients to use this time for questions and ideas;. We also love to give you ideas on what to wear:)


ordering session The photos have been taken, individually retouched with great love and care, and now it's time for you to see the end result of all our hard work and planning! One of our clients' favorite parts of the entire Enraptured Photography experience is getting to see their beautiful image! We provide a link to your private online gallery so you can view them in the comfort on your own home. At this point in time, you'll have the opportunity to choose the photographs you would like to have as prints, albums, canvas, or a variety of other handcrafted photo products we offer. We can make recommendations for photo products we think would enhance your living space! This is your time to ask questions, place orders, and get excited about your images.



choosing your location & picking

props choosing a location

picking out props

The location of your photoshoot can be any-

Props are any kind of object or item included in

where - from your bedroom to a nearby park or

photographs. In general, props can add detail,

restaurant. At Enraptured Photography we

interest, and meaning to your images,

believe the most important factor in choosing

especially when they hold sentimental value to

a location should be its emotional value to you

you or your family. Ideas include baby blankets

and your family. Being in the same spot

or wraps, love letters, heirloom furniture,

something wonderfully memorable happened in

a vintage dress handed down in the family, old

the past can evoke strong emotions and great

photographs, handkercheifs, shoes, trophies, a

moments in front of the lens (think first kiss, a

suitcase, travel souvenirs, or anything else

special "I love you" moment, first date, etc.).

that's close to your heart. We love working with

Natural settings, such as parks and

props; if you have questions or need ideas, just

wilderness, the beach can create beautiful


backdrops for photographs. If you prefer your photos hoot indoors, rooms with big windows and lots oflight are always a great choice!




One of the most frequently asked questions from

how to dress ittle ones


......: Classic Kiddo

our clients is what to wear on the day of the photoshoot! We've put together this guide based on

Bright red and navy are a classic

current trends as well as our own experience

color combination - and always a hit on camera - for little boys. Add in

with what looks great on camera. If you have

some leather sandals, a favorite

any questions or ideas of your own, we'd love to

teddy bear, and a red balloon to com-

hear them! The process of planning and shop-

plete the look.

ping for outfits is one of our clients' favorite parts of their photography experience.

Little Firefighter


Patterns and stripes always look

y Pretty In Pink

great on camera. Having a pop-color, such as a bright red against white

Solid fuschia pop tones look great

and grey, adds depth and focal points.

set against polka dot or floral pat-

Adding a small toy for baby to play

terns. Warm booties keep baby com-

with makes for fun photos and keeps


fortable and happy! A simple flower

the little guy entertained!

For cool, wet days you can never go

headpiece adds an extra touch of

wrong with a button -up coat, bright

cuteness magic!


leggings, and comfy boots! A perfect outdoor outfit for your little girL

Miss Princess


Let your little lady be a princess for a day, complete with tutu, sparkle shoes, and of course the crown!

Flower Girl


Adding a prop such as this ribbon

A flower-themed outfit is

wand adds wonderful detail to your

never out of style for

images and keeps the princess en-

your little miss. Pick a flower - such as this pink


peony - and let the rest

What could be more fun

of the outfit follow! Hats

for a curious baby than



and single flowers make

to be a painter for a day?

great accents and keep

Let your little one's cre-

baby both comfortable

ativity shine by provid-

Little Gardener

ing him with an outfit he

A warm sweater, shoes, and jeans

can "decorate" himself,

are all your little guy needs for his

and interested.

and safe paint supplies

outdoor adventure in the garden!

to play with!

A watering can or trowel gives


boys a fun job to do during the shoot, keeping him focused in front


of the camera



session themes


-14 days old

happy baby

p to 1 year

Depending on the age of your children and what you'd like to accomplish in your photo session, we have a wide variety of session themes and ideas to offer you! If you'd like to come up with a unique session theme for your family or child, we'd love to get creative with you! Here are a few popular ideas based on experience with past clients.

outdoor explorer


1St irthdays

Newborn sessions capture your precious baby

Baby sessions can be loads of fun and loads of

For children a bit older, outdoor exploration

Imagine your adorable baby having his/her way

just days after their arrival. We have two

work for everyone, but these sweet photos will

sessions are a perfect way to capture your

with a birthday cake - and getting photos to

session styles - "lifestyle" and "posed".

quickly become family heir looms! Baby sessions

child's personality while piquing their

document it all! Icing-covered faces and fists,

Lifestyle sessions focus on baby in his natural

can be in a variety of themes, styles, and

curiosity. We'll work with you to pick a

giggles, smiles, and costumes make these

surroundings, non-posed, sometimes with Mum

locations - anything from in-the- nude on a soft

beautiful, safe location with lots of interesting

images unforgettable. 1st Birthdays are a great

and Dad in the photos as well.

wool rug to costumes in the outdoors! Props,

plants, animals, and rocks to explore, then

way to have fun with photos!

Posed sessions may take quite a bit longer and

cute outfits, and interesting locations are

follow your wee one on his adventure through

result in photographs where baby looks like a


the thicket! Outdoor explorations prevent

sweet, sleeping doll. We love both styles of

mid-session tantrums by allowing your child to

newborn sessions and will work with you to get

set the pace of the shoot.

the newborn photos ofyour dreams!




should I expect



Planning in advance is the key to success! If your family or child has a daily routine, it's best to schedule the photo session in a way that works with, not against, this routine. If your child has a certain naptime, we'll plan the shoot to be either before or after she wakes up to prevent tantrums and fatigue. If your baby generally sleeps during the afternoon, a morning session maybe best. We are here to make your session a success, and will work with you individually to find a time and place that fits the family and the beautiful natural

If we've chosen an outdoor location for your photos, we will most likely be at the mercy of the weather! If the day turns out to be extremely hot, which can be dangerous and frustrating for the family, we'll find an alternate date for the photos. Similarly, for rainstorms, snow, or extreme cold, we'd rather reschedule than push everyone into an uncomfortable place! We will be in communication the day before and day of the session to discuss any challenges that may arise and deal with them in the most convenient way possible for your family.




cont' d on next page



should I expect? cont 'd

taking it slow Children are unpredictable -

When working with babies and children,

a characteristic that makes them so lovable but also difficult to plan around. It's something we completely understand! For

safety is our first priority. When we photograph babies and newborns, we ask that mum and dad stay at arm's length to

this reason, we always carve out a large chunk of time to make sure your session isn't rushed. If baby needs to be changed or fed,

make sure baby's kept safe and sound under all circumstances. When planning an outdoor, on -location shoot with kids,

take your time. If a toddler is getting tired or frustrated, we can take a snack break to relax and regroup. If you and your family are

we make sure the site is safe and suitable for children ahead of time. If there's any question as to whether or not a location,

feeling uncomfortable or exhausted, we can pause for a drink of water and a rest in the shade. This is your photo session and we'll

pose, or prop is safe for your family, we always err on the side of caution. And if mum or dad feel uncomfortable with the

work at the pace of you and your family! There's no need to rush -just relax and enjoy the experience with us.

situation, we're happy to find alternatives to make sure everyone is kept out of harm's way.

keeping it positive It can be difficult to get kids to cooperate in the best of circumstances, and many times they may feel uncomfortable with a photographer they don't know well in an unfamiliar place. We work hard to get those perfect poses, but never with negative reinforcement or discipline. We use only positive, confidence-boosting methods to gain your child's trust and cooperation during the photoshoot, and


ask parents that they do the same. We find that the best photographic results come from using the carrot rather than the stick!





right investment FOR YOUR FAMILY At Enraptured Photography, we specialize in offering something for everyone. We've bundled our most popular offerings for your ordering convenience, although we also offer a wide variety of add -ons for those wanting a more customized experience! As artisans as well as photographers, we strive to offer only the very best in product quality. Many of our items are hand-made, shipped directly to our studio for a final going -over before we present you with your heir loom masterpiece. All packages are inclusive of the $150 session fee deposit!

We do not sell any albums, prints, or canvas without an "archival" rating, to ensure that your custom-made art piece will last for decades. If you do not see a product or service you would like listed here, please let us know and we will do our very best to accomodate your requests.







· your choice of location

· your choice of location

· your choice of location


· secure online gallery of approx 35

· secure online gallery of approx 35 images fully edited to choose from

· secure online gallery of approx 40 fully edited images to choose from

• 6 gift prints 8" x 12"

• 4 gift prints 8" x 12"

· 6 gift prints 8" x 12"

· secure online gallery of approx 50-60 images

fully edited images to choose from •2

gift prints 8" x 12"

• 10

High Resolution Images on disk

• 20

High Resolution Images on disk



$750 IncGST


gift print 11 x 14" High Resolution Images on disk

• 30

$sso IncGST




gift print 11 x 14"

·All images on disk.

$gso IncGST $1,200 Inc GST




11 ~

x 14~ loose print $100 -1- gst

12 x

16 ~

x 20 ~ loose print $130 = gst

16 ~



wall canvas $230 -1- gst

12 x

20 ~


30 ~

wall canvas $315 -1-gst

16 X 24~ $470 -1- gst

loose print $8o-1-gst

additional sizes available

11 ~

x 14~ wall canvas $140 -1- gst 18 ~

wall canvas $160 -1- gst

additional sizes available


Ice Mount Sheer - Acrylic Mount 11 x14~

18 ~

$305 -1- gst $340 -1- gst

additional sizes available





from past clients


You are the MOST amazing creative genius! You need to

We always recommend a professional stylist to help cultivate your look for your photoshoot. What you see

insure your eyes and hands for billions :) We had such fun

in the mirror isn't always what you get on camera, and an experienced stylist knows this! A professional

with you that day- you even made Val warm up to the camera

stylist is able to amplify your best features while masking others, ensuring a final photographic result you

;) Val & I just had a look at all the pies and we LOVE all of

will love to look back on for years to come. Here are some recommended stylists we've worked with in the

them - p.s. he does especially love his corporate shot. I can't thank you enough for providing such keepsakes for my

past - and know just how to make you look stunning on camera.



little girl :) and for us :) -they are already treasured memo-

Simone, these are so so so beautiful! Thank you so

ries. You have such a beautiful eye for capturing joy, fun and

much! I can't believe how

lots oflove (even on our 'off days ;) From the settings to the


lighting to framing just the right angles and complete shot,


then to the post-production

PRIDE CONCEPTS Professional Stylist &Makeup

Courtney & Emma 03 9877 5560


that we got to be a part


We hired Simone to do profile pictures of our consultants at IMA and some new images for our website. She


us with a very competitive price above in terms of service. Hi Simone,


still maintaining the tempo

I just wanted-to say a very BIG Thank You for our


lovely collection of professional photos you organised

and she brought them all on

for us. We missed getting some family shots from a


are fantastic. I would definitely use her

special occasion and your photos have made up for

hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a

that disappointment ... They are Gorgeous and Aunty

competitive price , great service and a quality result .

Dolly is going to be soooooo happy. Love your work !



checklist cheatsheet

Favorite snack Favorite juice

We've compiled a cheatsheet of general items we recommend you bring to the photoshoot. Since each session is unique, there may be extra items to bring in addition to those listed. If you have any questions at all about what you may need during your session, please don't hesitate to ask us!

Extra water Their favorite toy Towel I wipes Extra change of clothes Extra treat to reward good behavior

• Extra milk

Extra change of clothes

Favorite blanket e nummy

Extra socks

Favorite toy or object your


baby enjoys looking at • Extra wipes Towel

• Nappies


Energy bar or snack Water Sunscreen Touch-up makeup & comb or brush

Towel I wipes for outdoors Extra socks Extra change of clothes Any props



r child & ~lil!l.o\l'ill" ilyportra1

-to ay

Call Simone on 0425.711.945

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