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Christian Moral In times of relativisms and fundamentalisms

Marciano Vidal 14 x 21 cm – 189 p.

The world has faced a deep crisis of ethics. Marciano Vidal tries to answer how Christian moral can and should face the pluralism of opinions nowadays, without loosing its parameters and, in the same time, without falling into fundamentalisms. This book deals with polemic and present subjects as: bioetic, cloning and human in embryonic state, homosexuality, alternative marriage, divorce and other types of marriages. Finally, the writer concludes his book with challenge of justice in our global society. In this work, there is a precious synthesis about some points of Christian moral and so it’s possible to understand the aim of its axioms and the greatness of its purposes.

Couple in Dialogue

Priest Flávio Cavalca 10,5 x 17,5 cm – 88 p.

Priest Flávio Cavalca has broad experience and contact with couples communities. For him, dialogue is always a source for solving people’s problems. And for couples nothing is more important than keeping good conversation to create a light and pleasant atmosphere. Because of his experience as priest and theology master, in addition to his counselor vocation, Priest Flávio develops the theme “couple dialogue” with sensitiveness, using a poetic and didactic style. He propitiates an easy and pleasant reading and an effective use.

Experience of God in the Nature

Friar Bernardo Cansi 14 x 21 cm – 180 p.

This book talks about catechesis and the subject of beings, nature, everything that comes from the good hands of God. Skillfully this writer gathers from the Scriptures’ pages everything regarding the nature: seeds and sower, fishing and fisherman; stone and construction. He catches a glimpse of God’s presence in all creatures: the sun, the moon and the stars of the sky. As vegetable kingdom as mineral and animal kingdom, there is the presence of divine hands that have created everything for our welfare. These pages are very ecological current events. This book is aimed at catechizers and catechized people, but it is also aimed at fathers, mothers and young people in general.

Sacraments in Christian Life Summary of the articles of faith based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Priest Hélio Libardi 14 x 21 cm – 88 p.

Not all Catholics have access to the voluminous Catechism of the Catholic Church. And there’s also great difficulty in reading and understanding its content. Because of it, in a short book, the author makes what catechism wants to communicate about Sacraments more accessible. Priest Libardi, a redemptorist missionary, tries to simplify the content of the catechism and make it easier, so that the “simple and small” can understand better God’s words. Check out other books by Priest Libardi that are part of the same collection: – I believe – Summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - 1st part. – Small people I – Illustrated Catechism for kids. – Small people II – Preparation for the First Communion. – Small people... I’m growing III – Catechism for kids. – Religion is also learned – volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Religion, who can explain it to me?

Luís Kirchner 10,5 x 17,5 cm – 128 p

This writer answers us 30 questions easily and with mastery. He intends to explain and clarify our doubts that are so common among Catholics. What happens to children that did not receive baptism when they die? Once one of the Sacred Wafers fell down during the Mass and, before the Priest could take it, a dog ate it. Did this dog receive Communion? Is it a sin to make medicaments using holy water? Is it an obligation to pay tithe? Why does Mary of Nazareth have many names? What is the origin of the Rosary? These are some questions that will be clarified in this interesting book. It is small, easy to read and understand. This book will be very clarifier and timely for us.

Reflection on the Parables For the Catechism

Dom MárioTeixeira Gurgel 14 x 21 cm – 208 p.

The book talks about the Gospel parables in a simple way, relating them to the art of teaching. The text is ordered in a didactic and pleasant way of reading, serving as help for the catechists in the practice of their function. It can help preachers, theology students, pastoral agents and everybody who wishes to deepen and live the Gospel. Some of the parables in the book: The Sower,The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, The Good Shepherd, The Good Samaritan, The Talents.

Expressions of the Sacred Thoughts about the religious phenomenon

Antonio Carlos Magalhães e Rodrigo Portella 14 x 21 cm – 174 p.

Through experiments and thoughts, these writers deal with basic elements from the religious universe. They describe the symbolical, anthropological and social character of the religion. This title makes a simple explanation about religious phenomenon and works in reflections about religion, besides sharpening the interest by subject along with academic environments in the areas of anthropology, sociology, theology, philosophy and others. This book belongs to the Culture and Religion Collection and it is an ideal book for people who study theology, religion and other areas from social sciences.

Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue The art of the possible

Faustino Teixeira e Zwinglio M. Dias 14 x 21 cm – 224 p.

Humanity wishes peace. And religions can act as important instruments to the reaching of this noble objective, starting from dialogue. Because of it, this book is an excellent work for the serious study of both themes that, despite being united in the title, present different characteristics. Ecumenism concerns the search of Christians unity. In the interreligious dialogue, the distinctive is the ethics allowing solidarity achievement. The book is part of the collection Cultura e Religião (“Culture and Religion”) and is destined for the theology and religion areas and other people interested in the theme.

Everything is grace The grace of embracing and crying

Neylor J. Tonin 14 x 21 cm – 224 p.

Life is full of graces. Grace of being born, growing, living, cohabiting. There is also the grace of celebrating, loving, holding, giving, thanking, serving. There are people who do not recognize it, but there is the grace of suffering, resigning, crying, praying and forgiving. There is the grace of being, believing and the grace of dying. The author Neylor J. Tonin describes many situations of joy and sorrow, and he shows us the differences of the people that recognize and really live the graces of life.

Listening service in the light of God’s Words Pastoral challenges

Dione Teixeira 10,5 x 17,5 cm – 120 p.

Nowadays people’s loneliness is transforming human beings into introspective citizens who can’t listen neither be listened. And many distressed people frequently look for help in churches. Then, priests, religious and pastoral agents must be prepared to listen, understand and help these people. From this perception Dione Maria Sachet Teixeira faced the challenge of writing a book that searched contemplation of this distress. The result is these pages that are a reflection guide to help people share their afflictions with someone capable of listening, supporting and easing others’ suffering.

Saint Joseph Families’ patron

Priest João da Silva 12,5 x 17,5 cm – 64 p.

Saint Joseph, families’ patron, was much more than a simple carpenter from Nazareth city. He accepted the paternity of God’s son as his mission when he married Mary. In 64 pages, this book brings a brief history of Saint Joseph’s life and a prayer that should be repeated during nine days and dedicated to this saint. Moreover, it is completed with songs, texts and prayers for the reader to make his/her conversation with God more intimate. The reverence for this saint makes people closer to God and His project of salvation, because he is the one who sanctifies. Joseph shows us Jesus, said the author.

The power of love

Dimas Novais de Oliveira 10,5 x 14,5 cm – 136 p.

A message book about “the power of love”. Little text, easy reading and lots of reflection. A book of spiritual help. When well-developed, the theme “love” is always new and attractive. That’s how this book is. The methodology is pleasant, and each message starts like this: “Who loves... trusts, respects, dedicates themselves, forgives, believes, listens, dialogues, is amiable, faithful, truthful, happy, joyful, motivated...”. There are 60 short reflections. It’s an excellent present.

Christian Prayer Way to the intimacy with God

Priest Laurence Kearns 14 x 21 cm – 272 p.

This author, with his wisdom of priest, assures that the world is really secularized. The meaning of holy has been weakened. And now someone questions: Is the intimacy with God disappearing? Doesn’t everybody overmeasure the prayer? Even the religious parties are not “sacred”. They become commercial parties, as Christmas and Easter. This book tries to rediscover the importance of prayer. With wisdom, Priest Laurence shows us several manners of connecting with God. He shows how possible it is to approach him carefully and without fear. And he shows how people can be happier when they discover the power of prayer in their lives.

Messages of faith and hope, love and peace

In pr

n o i t c odu

Friar Anselmo Fracasso

Friar Anselmo Fracasso is a renowned author, with many published books. His messages are very touching. He is vision impaired – he got blind when he was a young seminarian and took the holy orders because of a special license given by the Pope. Maybe because of that, he has developed the gift of communicating, specially through writing. This book’s pages are real poems of faith, hope, love and peace. It’s a beautiful book to be given as a present.

How I can bring up my children and make them become independent

Carla Cruz 21 x 23 cm – 168 p.

In the modern world, where father and mother work, children have to learn to take care of themselves. They have their house’s key, stay alone, warm their food and sometimes they help to set in order their home. It is the reality that parents need to prepare their children to take care of themselves with wisdom. The duty of the parents is to prepare their children for a little maturity, and this duty is in their hands. This book gives us important and very useful hints. For example: how children should deal with strange people; how they should deal with their maids, their babysitters and other children; how they can prevent accidents in their home; how children can work their sexuality. This book is essential for parents.

Social psychology and solidary economy

Marília V. Veronese 14 x 21 cm – 176 p.

The book talks about transformations the world of work is going through. New technologies deeply resize what was usually called job and work. It broaches, with theoretical and practical details, the strategies that are being created, worldwide, to face this problem. It discusses rigorously what is called solidary economy: the innumerous alternatives that are being developed by the dispossessed and socially excluded from traditional work processes. It offers many alternatives for the new economical and psychological focus caused by sudden changes in people’s lives, specially because of globalization. It’s an extremely innovative and well-fundamented study.

My home, the world

Carlos Rodrigues Brandão 16 x 23 cm – 284 p.

This book is concerned with an environmental education. It is written by an anthropologist and educator who has been living since childhood and familiarly devoting himself to Nature’s things. He makes an alert about the Universe’s degradation. The Earth, our home, gives us strong indications that it is sick. What can I do? What can we do together? This book comes to ask exactly the inhabitants to do something on account of ourselves – human beings – for saving the life in the world.

Eros in the passage A Jung’s reading from Bion’s interpretation

Amneris Maroni 16 x 23 cm – 232 p.

C. G. Jung receives a new reading from nowadays, in dialogue with Bion. This way the human being, imperfect, finite and limited, is seen from modern and high modern times. At a moment Jung is “deconstructed” and the following moment he is brought back to the present time by the author, Amneris Maroni. She also dialogues with Bion. She meets him and leaves him. Sometimes he is taken unawares and ends refortified, sometimes stays behind again. From this point of view, Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung got modern and some of his tendencies were definitely inserted in our century.

Violence and suffering of children and adolescents In the winnicottian perspective

JosÊ Tolentino Rosa and Ivonise Fernandes da Motta 14 x 21 – 232 p.

This book deals with the psychoanalysis and approaches the serious question about the violence against children and adolescents. These writers have large and clinical experience as psychology teachers and they show some problems and mistakes in family, school and environment in general that reach the childhood negatively. They ask: What are normal children? Do they only eat, grow up and smile? No, they are not like this. The normal children trust their parents, they have liberty when they act and see all society positively. This book takes everybody to reconsider the whole educational system.

Production of traditional food

Luís Fernando Soares Zuin 16 x 23 cm – 224 p.

There’s a world tendency to consuming healthy, agrochemical-free food. The book aims to value small farmers’ work. They are responsible for traditional production, culture and planting of this food. But they need to be valued, they need incentive, an effective standard of commercialization and food certification. The book broaches the themes “rural expansion” and capacitation of those farmers who search incentive, valorization, recognition and financial return for their agricultural activities.

Businessman, the lonely superman

Emerson Ciociorowski 14 x 21 cm – 136 p.

With years of experience as a consultant and coach, Emerson Ciociorowski talks about the anguishes and loneliness lived by business people. He points out the hard choices to be made and the influence that globalization may have on their activities. The author shows the importance of emotions in an environment taken, many times, as impersonal. His intention is to provoke the readers so that they can notice how responsible they are for their lives “in this chaotic world we live, in the middle of an immensity of tasks to be done, at a speed never imagined by our parents and grandparents”. This book is an invitation to reflection. Each worker must ponder to find their own way and live a happier and full life.

Stories they tell about us Myths and archetypes of the human nature

Corintha Maciel 14 x 21 cm – 184 p.

Human life is full of stories. Many – we don’t even know where some of them come from – refer to our world view. We often don’t notice how much these stories interfere in our daily relationships. After all, who hasn’t been told that boys don’t cry? Who hasn’t grown up listening to fairy tales about the maiden trapped in a tower, waiting for her prince? Based on her clinic experience and on Jung’s psychology, the author ponders about the weight that popular sayings have on personality structuring, using the colloquial “once upon a time”.

Excesses and exceptions Through an ontology without reason

Hilan Bensusan 14 x 21 cm – 392 p.

This book is about philosophy. It talks about how the thought can deal with the singularity. This question has many important nuances and it is a challenge: can we think otherwise about explicit or implicit generalizations? This subject concerns many instigated philosophical questions, as metaphysics, epistemological questions, questions about language and about thought, ethical and political questions. This book refers, for example, to how we can think about the other person and to what is different in the post-structuralism that was motivated by Levinas and Derrida. It is concerned about the “hecceidades” and Guattari and Deleuze’s immanence.

The human and the being: The necessary connection An excellence model of being for everyday life

Luiz Felipe Ormonde 14 x 21 cm – 296 p.

This book talks about inner human developing and quality of spiritual life, in a holistic view of the being. How can we find equilibrium and obtain more health in the bodily, emotional, spiritual and mental plane? The book seeks to answer these questions in a practical way, and includes physical exercises. Written like a dialogue, always in pleasant scenery, a fictional teacher shows techniques and teaches exercises for human developing. General interest book, destined to all people, from all social classes.

Sartre and his contemporaneous philosophers Ethics, rationality and the imaginary

Constança Marcondes Cesar Marly Bulcão (organizers) 14 x 21 cm – 208 p.

The sarting point of this book is the life and the work of French Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980). It includes other philosophers from 20th century’s contributions to the working up of existentialist thoughts built from School of Phenomenology. The teachers Constança Marcondes Cesar and Marly Bulcão organize this work that brings twelve academicians’ points of view about an existentialist perspective, such as liberty, humanism and life.

Greek Culture Philosophy Contributions to the study of neo-Hellenic contemporary thought

Constança Marcondes Cesar 14 x 21 cm – 144 p.

Constança M. Cesar analyses philosopher Evanghélos Moutsopoulos’s (one of the most important Greek philosophers) work to draw an outline of Greek philosophy’s present scenery. Moutsopoulos, a 78-year-old Athenian, talks about culture as a continuous structuring process and value reformulation. The result is the book Greek Culture Philosophy – Contributions to the study of neoHellenic contemporary thought. “One of the most interesting contributions Moutsopoulos has made is not only showing the common root of the West but also the contribution that the use of these sources can represent to the planetary civilization that we must build”, says the author.

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