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For the Gujarati fishing community. For those who care about them.

The vast coastline of Gujarat is home to the largest Indian fishing hub, Veraval. Fish caught in the vegaterian state Gujarat is mainly meant for export to Japan and Europe. Fish catch has radically declined the past few years. In the same time import regulations for the European Union have become more and more strict. The fishing grounds of Gujarat face total depletion, which will not only mean the death of an industry, but also of culture, tradition and a people.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My thanks to those who made this book possible: Tushar Pancholi, Sumitra Thacker, Anil Bharat, Manish, Paresh, Thijs de la Court, Corien Veenhuizen, Jara de la Court (C) Simon de la Court 2009

Seafood, Third Sketch  

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