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60th Anniversary Production Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group in Performance

H.M.S. Pinafore or The Lass That Loved a Sailor The Royal Auditorium 20th January— 25th January 2014

Honorary Members of the Group President Executive Vice-Presidents Life Vice-Presidents

Jeff Clarke Roy Horner, June Nurser Mr R Baker, Mrs M McCaskie

Vice-Presidents Mr N Edwards Mrs P Halliwell Mrs K S Sargent

Friends of Gilbert & Sullivan ‘FROGS’ Mrs A P Blunt Mr G R Hancock Mrs B Howells Mr A Landmann Mr K Steggles Mr A Walker

Patrons Rev. M Beech Mrs F Bramhill Mrs P Brough Mr A Hanley Mr J F Henley Mrs E P Hepworth Mr and Mrs T C Hurst-Brown Mrs M Parrish Mr D Spence Mr S Watterson

Non Playing Members Nick Best Sarah Crask Heather Dartnall Rosie Kalve Angela Mayes Tom Pearson David Pridgeon Louie Utterson

Life Members Lesley Baker Dot Bailey Patricia Brooks John Brough Heather Capper Tony Capper Jane Chatburn Mike Evatt Roy Horner Myfanwy Kimberley June Nurser John Rickerd Jacqui Stanton Mike Timbrell Liz Tinston Alan Tremaine Clifford Tremaine Keith Wills

Council of Management Chair: Sue Abbott Secretary: Angela Shash Treasurer: Simon Crask Business Manager: Sue Abbott Social Secretary: Sarah Crask Council Members: Mike Gray Wendy Gosset Tom Pearson David Pridgeon Andrew Wilson Group Archivist Sarah Crask

Acknowledgement The members of the Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group would like to take this opportunity to thank Keith Wills for his support and dedication to the Group. Keith was rehearsal accompanist for the group’s first production, the Mikado, in 1954 and remained in that role until 1961. He then returned to his resident position in 1997. Keith retired as our accompanist in October 2013 having accomplished 24 years ‘in rehearsal’. To put this into context, we estimate he has spent over 800 audition and rehearsal days playing Gilbert & Sullivan music (an average of 32 weeks per year for 26 years). We would like to wish Keith a very happy retirement from the group and look forward to seeing him in the audience. A note about the cover: The cover picture is a mosaic made up of stills taken from each of our productions. For a more detailed look at the ‘photomosaic’ visit our website

Presidential Address I am delighted to welcome you to this, the 60th anniversary production by the Northampton G&S Group. And how fitting that such an enduringly active and dedicated company should celebrate by performing one of the most enduringly popular of all the G&S operas. HMS Pinafore was the first major success of the celebrated partnership, establishing their world-wide fame, and setting in motion a canon of wonderful comic operas that continue to delight the English-speaking world. I have a personal theory that Gilbert, who we know greatly admired the work of Charles Dickens, was particularly influenced by the great novelist when he came to write Pinafore. The characters names clearly have a Dickensian ring. One of the Sketches by Boz tells of a snobbish resident of Clapham by the name of Mrs Joseph Porter. Another describes a marine-store dealer and lists the contents of the store: handkerchiefs, ribbons, watches, knives, tobacco boxes – virtually the contents of Buttercup’s basket. Josephine’s descriptions of differing social domestic scenes in the celebrated “pudding basin” aria are virtually sketches by Boz themselves. In later operas Gilbert successfully lampooned various English institutions, but nowhere did he focus so clearly on class prejudice in society as in HMS Pinafore. And, like Dickens, his fascination is with the middle class who can be quickly elevated to elegance and luxury on the one hand, and reduced to penury and misery on the other. HMS Pinafore with its three social ranks clearly outlined, is at the same time the most Victorian of the operas and also the most universal and enduring in its satire. And lest anyone should carp at the plausibility of the ending, let us not forget the great Victorian fascination with marriage not only out of one’s social class, but out of one’s generation. The famous music-hall song “Joshua, Joshua,” tells us that “Joshua courted Miss May” – but concludes by revealing that “Joshua married the mother instead”. And anyone who thinks that a young woman cannot be attracted to an older man, might care to speak to Catherine Zeta Jones, Minnie Driver, and Celine Dion who are all married to men old enough to be their fathers. Remember –“love levels all ranks”, - and ages. Well it does to an extent….. I am sure we are all in for a toe-tapping, gloriously nautical evening. Welcome aboard.

Jeff JEFF CLARKE is artistic director of Opera Della Luna, the country’s only full time professional company specialising in comic opera and operetta. As well as five of the G&S canon, the company has created new productions of La Belle Hélène, Robinson Crusoe, The Tales of Hoffmann, The Merry Widow, Il Mondo della Luna, L’Elisir d’Amore, Un Giorno di Regno, Die Fledermaus, Don Giovanni and the much acclaimed The Burglar’s Opera which is based on a story by Gilbert, using musical themes from Sullivan’s orchestral output. Jeff has worked for the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Sydney Opera House, Scottish Opera, Lyric Opera of Queensland and the State Opera of South Australia.

Notes from the Chair I have the honour and privilege to be the Chair of the Group in its 60th Anniversary year. Achieving 60 years of performing Gilbert and Sullivan in Northampton is no mean feat, and I would like to pay tribute to all those people who over the years have been members of the Group, many of whom have given up their time and energy to ensure its ongoing success as members of the Council of Management. We could also not have achieved this milestone without the help and backing of our Presidents, Directors, Music Directors, Choreographers, Back Stage Crews, Orchestras and Front of House. Our Vice Presidents, Patrons and FROGS have been a tremendous support to the Group over the years and it was wonderful to see so many of them and also our past members at our 60 th Anniversary Concert and Reception on the 5th October 2013. This was such a success that we have been asked to think about staging a 65th Anniversary Concert! Finally, I would like to thank you, our audience, for all your support over the years and we hope that you continue to enjoy our performances in the years to come.

The Story of the Opera Act One: On the Quarter-Deck of HMS Pinafore HMS Pinafore lies at anchor off Portsmouth preparing for a visit by Sir Joseph Porter KCB, First Lord of the Admiralty. Little Buttercup, a bumboat woman, comes on board to sell her wares to the crew who have just been paid. She admits her affection for Captain Corcoran, whose daughter, Josephine, is promised in marriage to the ageing First Lord. Ralph Rackstraw, a foremast hand on board HMS Pinafore, is in love with Josephine but afraid to declare his affection. As with Little Buttercup and Captain Corcoran the disparity in their rank appears to preclude any matrimonial ambitions. Sir Joseph arrives, accompanied by a bevy of sisters, cousins and aunts, and is disappointed to find Josephine cool towards him. Meanwhile Ralph, goaded by his shipmates, but against the advice of Able-Seaman Dick Deadeye, declares his love to Josephine who haughtily rejects his proposal. In despair he determines to end his unhappy existence, but whilst he prepares to shoot himself he is seen by Josephine who is unable to suppress her true feelings and declares that in truth she loves him. The happy couple, encouraged by the crew and Sir Joseph’s relatives, decide to steal away to get married.

Act Two: At night on the quarter-deck of HMS Pinafore A dispirited Captain Corcoran carols to the unconscious moon of his misfortunes. Little Buttercup, still on board, predicts that a change is in store. Sir Joseph expresses his disappointment with Josephine’s reaction to him but agrees with Captain Corcoran that her reticence may be the result of his exalted rank. He proceeds to assure Josephine that love levels all ranks, unaware that by doing so he has advanced his rival’s cause. Dick Deadeye reveals details of the proposed elopement to Captain Corcoran just in time for it to be foiled. The captain is so angered that he swears in front of the ship’s company. He is overheard by Sir Joseph who, permitting no explanation, dismisses the Captain to his cabin. Sir Joseph then asks Ralph how the Captain came to so forget himself. The explanation is so untenable that Ralph is taken into custody. Little Buttercup then feels that she must reveal her early career in baby farming and that, at this time, she had mixed two babies so in truth Ralph should really be the Captain and the Captain, Ralph. In these circumstances Josephine is no longer good enough for the First Lord who decides to marry his cousin Hebe, leaving Josephine to marry Ralph and Buttercup to marry Captain Corcoran.

HMS Pinafore and Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group The Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group first performed H.M.S. Pinafore in 1958 at the Northampton Repertory Theatre (now known as the Royal Auditorium), since then we have presented the piece six times, forty-six performances. Over the years a range of performers has played each part, with the exception of the role of Captain Corcoran. The captain has been played by just three people in the Group’s history: Brian Berrill (5), John Barford (1) - on that occasion Brian took the role of Sir Joseph Porter and Simon Crask (2). Since its first opening night, a total of 342 people have performed in H.M.S. Pinafore supported 116 members of the orchestra and led by five different directors and five musical directors. Let’s give three cheers!

Musical Numbers Act One: On the quarter-deck of HMS Pinafore Overture We sail the ocean blue Hail men o’ wars men But tell me who’s the youth The nightingale sighed A maiden fair to see My gallant crew, good morning Sir, you are sad Sorry her lot who loves too well Over the bright blue sea Sir Joseph’s barge is seen Now give three cheers When I was a lad For I hold that on the seas A British tar is a soaring soul Refrain audacious tar Finale

Chorus of sailors Little Buttercup Little Buttercup, Boatswain’s Mate Ralph, Chorus Ralph Captain Corcoran, Chorus Captain Corcoran, Little Buttercup Josephine Chorus of Sisters, Cousins and Aunts Chorus of Sailors Chorus with Soli Sir Joseph, Chorus Sir Joseph, Chorus Ralph, Boatswain’s Mate, Carpenter’s Mate Josephine, Ralph Company

There will an interval of 20 minutes between acts Act Two: At night on the quarter-deck of HMS Pinafore Captain Corcoran Little Buttercup, Captain Corcoran Josephine Josephine, Captain Corcoran, Sir Joseph Captain Corcoran, Dick Deadeye Solo and Chorus Octet and Chorus Little Buttercup, Chorus Company

Fair moon to thee I sing Things are seldom what they seem The hours creep on apace Never mind the why and wherefore Kind Captain I’ve important information Carefully on tiptoe stealing Farewell my own A many years ago Finale Cast

The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. (First Lord of the Admiralty) Captain Corcoran (Commanding H.M.S Pinafore) Ralph Rackstraw (Able Seaman) Dick Deadeye (Able Seaman) Bill Bobstay (Boatswain’s Mate) Bob Becket (Carpenter’s Mate) Josephine (The Captain’s Daughter) Hebe (Sir Joseph’s First Cousin) Little Buttercup (A Portsmouth Bumboat Woman)

James Allen Simon Crask Phill Abbott Phil Goalby Mike Gray Trevor Mantle Sarah Butt Kathryn Berrill Sue Holt

Sisters, Cousins, Aunts and Sailors of HMS Pinafore Dot Bailey, Neil Baker, Suzanna Bishop, Lisa Burns, Hannah Crockatt, James Crick, Joshua Curtis, Yoram Giglio, Philip Glover, Wendy Gosset, Mike Howells, David Jenkins, Charlotte Lavender, Wendy Le Vaast, Alison Mead, Kavan O’Boyle, Yukiyo Ohashi, Jo Pearson, Kim Phillips, Angela Shash, Ron Sheffield, Rick Tavener, Liz Tinston, Alan Tremaine, Clifford Tremaine, Garry Warr, Andrew Wilson, Kelly Wilson, Ann Whittaker. Our thanks to the dedication and support of the following Understudies: Jo Pearson, Lisa Burns and Mike Gray

Creatives Director Musical Director Choreographer Accompanists Lighting Designer Company Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Wardrobe Mistress Props Mistress Make-up Director Make-up Team Prompt

Members of the Orchestra Tim Hurst-Brown David Chambers Vicky Foreman Keith Wills Angela Mayes Liam Matthews Duncan Mitchell Katie Di Stefano Angela Shash Sarah Crask Sarah Crask Caroline Hammond Vicky Foreman Gary Amos

Leader Second Violin Viola Cello Bass Flute Oboe Clarinets Trumpet Trombone Percussion

Carolyn Nash Anthony Minards John Wynne Corinne Malitskie Roy Littlecott Christine Monk Jennifer Wood Peter Dunkley Naomi Muller Charles Manning Ray Meadham Alison Copson

Cast & Creative Profiles Tim Hurst-Brown (Director) was a chorister at Peterborough Cathedral where he was trained by Dr. Stanley Vann. During his time in the choir, Tim frequently took part in choral evensong broadcast on BBC Radio 3, sang on several recordings, toured France and Germany, and was privileged to sing at the funeral of Sir Malcolm Sargent. After gaining his teaching qualifications, he taught English and Drama for many years before turning freelance and was Director of Drama in an independent school. Tim has been teaching Speech and Drama since 1986 and currently works at Oakham School, Copthill Preparatory School, and Bourne Grammar School. Some of his former pupils are now performing on television and in the theatre. Tim has directed a diverse range of plays, pantomimes, musicals and light opera (specifically the Gilbert and Sullivan works) and has been involved with many aspects of theatre work as a performer, director, adviser, teacher and adjudicator. A Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast from a young age, Tim has played almost every leading bass and baritone role in the Savoy Operas. He has worked with several members of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company and performed under the baton of the former D’Oyly Carte musical director Fraser Goulding. Tim is the Artistic Director of ‘The Wandering Minstrels’, a highly sought-after concert group that presents Gilbert and Sullivan evenings. Together with the pianist Peter Hewitt, Tim regularly presents a popular two-man show entitled "The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan", which has been staged at numerous theatres and arts centres all over the UK.

David Chambers (Musical Director) began conducting at Bretton Hall College and continued his studies at various conducting summer schools, most notably at Canford, under the renowned conductor George Hurst. David began conducting musicals in the 1980’s with the Northampton Footlights and Irchester Players and concerts with the Northampton Amateur Operatic Concert Group. In 1987 David joined the orchestra as oboist and in 1995 he was appointed musical director of The Northampton Gilbert and Sullivan Group and in 2006 he became conductor of The Northampton Concert Orchestra. H.M.S. Pinafore will be his 20th production with the company.

Vicky Foreman (Choreographer) Vicky first started dancing at the age of 4 at the Mayhew School of Dancing, completing 5 Ballet grades in the 7 years she attended. From there Vicky joined an amateur dramatics group partaking in dancing, acting and singing. It was whilst she was with this group she discovered her love of performing. Vicky moved on to a theatre school where she learned to danced and choreograph. During the 6 years at the school Vicky learned to perform jazz, tap, contemporary and street dance, additionally she taught adults and children and choreographed routines for large performances. Whilst at the theatre school Vicky undertook contracted dance work at the Great Dorset Steam Fair and was part of the 'Passion Dancers' troupe for 4 years dancing on a grand steam powered organ stage. Vicky has completed a 3 year dance degree at the University of Northampton and has since set up her own business teaching after school dance to primary school children. Vicky says she is very lucky to be able to do what she loves for a living, freelance dancing and teaching, and is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group.

Thanks to Pigeonhole, Facebook Pigeonhole Daventry, and Baskets & Bunches,, for donating raffle prizes in support of Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group

Cast & Creative Profiles James Allen (Sir Joseph Porter) James has studied under the tutelage of Alison Roddy and has performed with the Northampton Gilbert and Sullivan Group for the last four years, joining the chorus for the Pirates of Penzance in 2010. His first minor role was as a ghost in Ruddigore and since then he has performed the role of The Duke of Plaza-Toro (The Gondoliers). In addition to performing with the group James has also performed with Thrapston Plaza Opera as Le Remendado (Carmen). More recently James has performed the roles Le Dancaire (Carmen) and Lieutenant Wright (The Secret Garden). Simon Crask (Captain Corcoran) Simon joined the Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group in 1991 for Ruddigore, HMS Pinafore and The Zoo. Following a ten year gap, Simon returned to the chorus for the Pirates of Penzance in 2002. His first minor principal role was as Scynthius (Princess Ida). Since then Simon has performed the roles of Luiz (Gondoliers) Grosvenor, (Patience), Thomas Brown (The Zoo), Captain Corcoran (HMS Pinafore), Jack Point (Yeomen of the Guard), Ko Ko (The Mikado), John Wellington Wells (The Sorcerer), Major-General Stanley (Pirates), Robin Oakapple (Ruddigore), Giuseppe Palmieri (Gondoliers) and most recently Private Willis (Iolanthe). At the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, Buxton, Simon has taken lead roles as The Sultan (The Rose of Persia), The Earl of Essex (Merrie England), Rupert (Haddon Hall), Mr Griggs, (The Contrabandista) and Pat Murphy, (The Emerald Isle). Simon also performs with a small singing group, Musicality, and plays classical guitar. Phill Abbott (Ralph Rackstraw) Phill hails from London and started singing at an early age. He has played many parts in Music Theatre, Gilbert and Sullivan and Opera, in London Norfolk and more laterly Northamptonshire. He has appeared several times at the Buxton Opera House for the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, most recently in the 2013 season, as Earl Tolloller in Iolanthe (Trent Opera) and Richard Dauntless in Ruddigore (Derby G & S). Phill’s roles with Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group include; Cyril (Princess Ida), Marco Palmieri (Gondoliers), Lieutenant The Duke of Dunstable (Patience), Aesculapius Carboy (The Zoo), Colonel Fairfax (Yeomen), Nanki-poo (Mikado), Alexis (Sorcerer), Frederic (Pirates), Richard Dauntless (Ruddigore) and Tolloller (Iolanthe). Phil Goalby (Dick Deadeye) Phil began his musical career by performing in concerts all over Europe with the Midlands Boy Singers, under the direction of their Musical Director, Peter Grant. On moving to Wales in 1975, he performed in many shows with the Colwyn Bay Operatic Players and Colwyn Bay Savoyards. He undertook a wide variety of roles including; Luiz (Gondoliers), Strephon (Iolanthe), Hillarion (Princess Ida), Pirate King (Pirates) and Gaylord Ravenall (Showboat). Phil also has also been an active member of 3 Male Voice Choirs and is the present Chairman of Northampton Male Voice Choir. This is the second show that Phil has performed since joining the Society; he was a member of the chorus for our production of Iolanthe last year.

Mike Gray (Bill Bobstay) Mike joined the Group in 1995 and has performed most of the baritone roles since then, including Pooh-Bah (Mikado), The Pirate King (Pirates), Giuseppe (Gondoliers), Florian (Princess Ida), Colonel Calverley (Patience), Lord Mountararat (Iolanthe), Sir Marmaduke Pointedexter (Sorcerer), Sir Despard Murgatroyd and Robin Oakapple (Ruddigore), along with early tenor roles; Frederick (Pirates) and Ralph Rackstraw (HMS Pinafore). His roles with Arts Barn G&S Society include Pish-Tush (Mikado), Don Alhambra (Gondoliers), Sir Richard Cholmondley (Yeomen) and Major–General Stanley (Pirates). Mike has also performed internationally, appearing with the original D’Oyly Carte principals in a production of HMS Pinafore in San Francisco in 1997, and in a performance of Trial by Jury in Gettysburg in 2010. He has also performed several lead roles at the International G&S festival in Buxton. Mike has performed throughout the UK and in France and Belgium. Production credits include Trial by Jury at Buxton in 2011, and the Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group’s 60th Anniversary gala concert. Trevor Mantle (Bob Becket) Trevor is a retired languages teacher. He has sung regularly with the New England Chorale, Festival Opera, The Philharmonic Choir and Weston Favell Singers. He sang principal roles with Northampton Footlights as Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music), King Arthur (Camelot) and Lazar Wolf (Fiddler on the Roof). Trevor has also played Noyes (Noyes Fuddle) for Eastern District Schools. Trevor has played The Boatswain (Pinafore), The Usher (Trial by Jury), Antonio (The Gondoliers) and Thomas Brown (The Zoo). The Trevor has also played minor principal roles in Tosca, La Bohème, Gianni Schicchi. This current production of H.M.S. Pinafore will be Trevor’s last stage performance. Our thanks to The Jewel of Daventry,, for donating a raffle prize in support of Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group

Sarah Butt (Josephine) Sarah Butt is an experienced operatic, musical theatre and concert performer. A former lawyer, she graduated from Sheffield University and has since been regularly engaged as a soloist in opera, operetta and oratorio. Recent engagements include Frasquita (Carmen) for Random Opera, Phyllis (Iolanthe) and Casilda (Gondoliers) - both at The Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton - Handel’s Messiah in Northampton Cathedral and Saint Saen’s Christmas Oratorio. Roles include Despina (Cosi Fan Tutte) and Papagena (Magic Flute). Concert performances include Susanna (Marriage of Figaro), Musetta (La Boheme), Oscar (Un Ballo In Maschera) and Pamina (Magic Flute). She regularly appears as a principal in VIVA! Opera workshops, most recently as Despina. Sarah studies with distinguished soprano, Alison Roddy.

Kathryn Berrill (Cousin Hebe) Kathryn has been involved in amateur theatre in Northampton for 25 years. Her roles with Masque Theatre include Susanna Shakespeare (The Herbal Bed), Monica (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie), Beatrice (A View from the Bridge) and Mrs Molloy (The Matchmaker), ensemble in Murder at the Cathedral and the stage manager for a production of The Lion in Winter. Kathryn was the honorary Secretary with Masque Theatre from 2003 to 2005. Her roles with Park Avenue Players include Jo (Little Women), Frances (The Peaceful Inn) and ensemble performances in The Anastasia File and Tom’s Midnight Garden. Kathryn was a member of the Northampton Gilbert and Sullivan Group from 1986 to 1996. After taking time out to raise her family, Kathryn rejoined the group in 2010. Principal roles include Leila (Iolanthe), Zorah (Ruddigore), Sacharissa (Princess Ida), Kate (Pirates), Pitti-Sing (Mikado), Phoebe Meryll (Yeomen) and Tessa (Gondoliers). Kathryn was also the choreographer of the Group’s highly acclaimed production of Iolanthe in 2013.

Sue Holt (Little Buttercup) Sue Holt started singing solos at the age of nine and one of her first roles as a teenager was Edith (Pirates of Penzance). Sue has subsequently performed a wide variety of roles in opera, operetta, oratorio, musical theatre and Gilbert and Sullivan with various groups in Sussex, London, Norfolk and latterly in Northamptonshire. She has also undertaken principal roles at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton including in Iolanthe, Merrie England, The Rose of Persia, Haddon Hall, The Emerald Isle and Prodigal Son . Among her many roles in Gilbert & Sullivan are, Princess Ida, Patience, Tessa (Gondoliers), Pitti-Sing (Mikado), Eliza (The Zoo), Ruth (Pirates), the Duchess (Gondoliers), Mad Margaret (Ruddigore) and the Fairy Queen (Iolanthe). Roles in opera include Susanne, Cherubino and Marcellina (Le Nozzi di Figaro) and Cupid (Orpheus in the Underworld). Sue has also taken masterclasses with Derek Hammond-Stroud, John Lloyd Davies, Sarah Walker, Natalie Wheen and Alison Roddy.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus

In Rehearsal

A Brief History of the Group Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group owes its origins to an advertisement placed in the Chronicle & Echo on the 6th October 1953, which directly led to the formation of the Group. Patricia and John Rickerd, founders of the group, were seeking like-minded individuals in order that the “Savoy Operas� might be performed in Northampton and since those early beginnings, we are very proud to have presented the entire canon of Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas at least once. Our first production, The Mikado, opened at the Town Hall on Monday 7th February 1955 and we have been extremely lucky to have performed in just three different venues; Northampton Repertory Theatre, The Guildhall, Derngate and our current home The Royal Auditorium. Since that first production we have presented 59 Operettas and nine Curtain raisers to a conservatively estimated 80,000 people. Facts and Figures With 60 years of Gilbert & Sullivan under our belt, we have racked up a number of milestones; Council of Management 6 Presidents 8 Chairmen 11 Secretaries 7 Treasurers 9 Business Managers 8 Social Secretaries 96 The total number of individuals who have served on council Creatives 6 Producers/ Directors 8 Musical Directors 15 Accompanists 4 Make-up Directors 132 The total number of individuals who have helped to stage 60 operettas Cast, Chorus & Orchestra 2775 Total number of performers on stage 755 Principal roles 184 The total number of individuals who have held principal roles 457 Members of the chorus 68 The number of sets erected 2,800 The number of people performing on stage (not at the same time) in more than 3500 costumes; an incredible achievement for an amateur group. One notable record is held by Alan Tremaine; Alan joined the group in 1956 and has been in every production since then (with the exception of Ruddigore in 1962). Notching up an incredible 57 years on stage with the us. Thank you Alan for the support and dedication you have given to the Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group. Party Bookings


We appreciate and welcome the support of the Boothville Community Centre for the provision of rehearsal space following persons and organisations; St Crispin Retirement Village for the provision of rehearsal space Royal & Derngate Theatre for their co-operation and support Dr Sue Abbott MG Music for the provision of additional rehearsal music Mr Phil Goalby Costumes by the Costume Store Mrs June Nurser and Weston Favell Church Scenic Projects Limited for provision of the H.M.S. Pinafore set Mr Mike Gray James Newby Music for orchestrations Blisworth WI Sarah Crask and Andrew Wilson for co-ordination of properties Pipewell & Rushton WI Simon Crask, Andrew Wilson and Tom Pearson programme design Pitsford WI and collation Long Buckby WI Mike Evatt for publicity design Sarah Crask for programme photography Local press and radio for their continued interest and support Our innumerable other helpers both backstage and front of house Thanks to Prezzence & The Closet, Bishops Court, Daventry, NN11 4NP for donating raffle prizes in support of Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group

Past Productions

Programme Covers from every production performed by the Northampton Gilbert and Sullivan Group from 1953 to 2013

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