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A ‘Flagship’ Mobile Phone store establishing the company’s products as market leaders.

A glowing yellow elliptical form will signal the product and the store from the street.

The store will incorporate urban, industrial features but will become more sleek and glamorous in areas used for selecting and buying the phone.


1 -Tunnel Staircase 2 - Window 3 - Entrance 4 - Cash Desk 5 - Perspex Tubes attached to wall


6 - Contract Booths 7 - Glass Floor in between beams 8 - Yellow Mannequin hands, holding phones


9 - Lift 8

6 B



5 1



Ground Floor Plan (Scale 1:100)

Circular booths are clad in corrugated metal, while the interior is lined with yellow leather tubes. In them customers and staff discuss phones, contracts and make payments.


The ground floor is split by double yellow lines. Areas to the right are for viewing models, and to the left for explanation and purchasing.

An elliptical tunnel links the two floors, clad in hard corrugated metal, while smooth on the interior. Over the two floors circular booths, appear to be stacked on top of each other. These forms derive from the coring out of the staircase tunnel. They provide a visual link between the two levels.

Section AA

DETAIL of Mannequin hands holding Phones.

The Mannequin hands, made of fibre glass, allow them to be durable while lightweight, coated in a thick layer of glossy yellow paint.

Original Sandstone Wall 12mm Plasterboard

Mobile Phones sitting in hands Sand and cement render applied to plasterboard Glossy Yellow Mannequin Hands

(1:20) SECTION through wall with hands

Industrial materials are combined with more luxurious, polished and expensive ones, creating a comfortable environment, but with an edgy urban vibe. Sand and Cement Render applied to right wall and painted to achieve an aged effect.

Double yellow lines painted on floor and back wall with a thick coat.

Corrugated Iron sheets, nailed to the exterior of the contract booths.

Section BB

Sand and Cement render 12mm Plasterboard Original Wall

Sand and Cement render Screws screwed through plasterboard into existing wall, attaching bracket to wall Steel Bracket 30 mm Diameter Steel Rod with thread , welded to the bracket Circular cut out in arm, allowing the bracket to fit neatly inside, making it invisible to the eye Internal thread attached inside cut out in arm, allowing the arm to be screwed and cantilevered securely off the wall Mobile phones sit in the hands, connected to a retractable cord inside the hand

(Scale 1:5)


1 - Help Desk 2 - Tunnel Staircase 10 9

3 - Contract Booth 4 - Lowered Suspended Ceiling 5 - Slim (Halo Lit) Phone Plinth 6 - Lift 7 - Office 8 - Toilet

7 8

9 - Staff Area seating 10 - Kitchen Area 6

3 B


4 5



3 Flos, Glo Ball S Pendant lights above the help desk. From

Beneath the stairs is a help desk with bar stools.

Basement Floor Plan (Scale 1:100) A

Pedrali Kuadra 4427F bar stool. Finished in genuine yellow leather. From

Glacier White corian in a matt finish, glued to MDF below

Steel circular bars welded to tunnel forming a rigid frame

Stair Tunnel

MDF screwed to steel stair frame

Floor Boards

Steel beams runs length of room

Timber joists run length of room

Floor Boards

Poured white glossy resin

Timber Dwangs

Yellow light washes the smooth walls in the elliptical tunnel creating a slightly eerie environment while building anticipation of what is still to come.

Steel Flange welded to stair structure to allow mdf to be screwed onto it, the screws will be countersunk into the flange

DETAIL of Tunnel Staircase

Existing ground floor Bespoke steel structure split into sections and screwed together, welded to the circular steel bars, acting as main structural support to the frame

Internal steel circular bars, provide extra support to outer panels (acting like ribs)

Glass balustrade Steel frame work, welded to L Beam at top and screwed into floor at bottom Small timber frame used in same way as steel frame for 5 steps outside the tunnel Existing floor

DETAIL of Booths.

2800 560


20mm Corrugated Metal cladding, screwed to mdf frame 100mm bendy MDF surrounding studwork frame

Table: Glossy Black Veneer on ply

Yellow Leather Tubular padding, surrounding whole of Booth interior

Booths banquette seating

MDF Ribs, support floor

Booth Detail (Scale 1:20)

Black leather upholstered 20mm dense foam, glued to 18mm MDF

18mm MDF Sheet nailed to studwork below. 20mm Shadow Gap

Glossy white veneer on ply

25mm MDF Flooring

Timber framing Bendy MDF Frame

Metal bracket, screwed to Timber and Bendy MDF

Booth Detail (Scale 1:10)

20mm corrugated metal cladding screwed to mdf frame.

Contrasting with the white ground floor, the basement is predominantly black.

Phone Shop  

A ‘Flagship’ Mobile Phone store establishing the company’s products as market leaders. The store will incorporate urban, industrial features...