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Dental Surgery Dentists increasingly

offer cosmetic in addition to remedial treatments. The project reflects a

less exclusively clinical environment.

Fresh colours pro-

mote feelings of

calm and injections of slightly controversial humour signals a

less forbidding experience.

Illuminated X-rays of teeth and randomly placed pink skulls address the street, their presence suggesting that old fears are to be laughed at.



8 7

7 4


5 3

1 - Reception 2 - Disabled Customer Toilet 3 - Consultation Area 4 - Staff Room


5 - Locker Room


6 - Staff Toilet 7 - Waiting Area 8 - Lift 9 - Water Wall, Water Feature

Ground Floor A

The long reception desk draws patients in and the narrow void affords views of the treatment rooms on the first floor.






14 13


10 - Mezzanine Walkway 11 - Lift 12 - Double Height Void 13 - Treatment Room 1 14 - LDU Room 15 - Treatment Room 2 16 - Recovery Area

1st Floor Plan A

Section AA

Two large light boxes, with blown up X-ray images of teeth act as the main visual feature to the front of the surgery.

Vitra Organic Chair in consultation Area -Steel -Matt Blue

Philippe Stark (The tooth stool) 2 silver, 1 bronze, next to reception.

Emitting a luminous green and blue glow, they will have extra impact in the evening as they radiate out to the street.


100mm stud wall through to staff room.




1000mm outward opening door into Disabled WC.


Wall hung toilet

Wall hung sink

Half Room height unit which toilet in attached to also containing toilet water tank

X-ray image lightbox feature

DETAIL of connection between materials and lightbox surround W.C

Zebrano by Formica wood grain veneer used on Doors, Reception desk and Large Wall panels.

Porcelanosa Delhi Polished Slate Tiles. Applied to ground floor corridor walls.

Dulux Matte Emulusion in Blue Babe

White Poured glossy resin flooring, by

Herman Miller Eames Aluminium Group Chairs,used behind reception desk.

Horizontal strip lights lead to the more private waiting area.

10mm shadow gap between door and start of Tiles



Toilet Door (Shown closed)

10mm layer of Tile adhesive paste

300 x 300mm, 12mm thick Delhi polished slate tiles by Porcelanosa

T5 Fluorescent tubes Timber frame surrounding lightbox, finished with matt black laminate

Black countersunk pignose screws hold frame on, and allow it to be easily removed to replace bulbs.





Wall hung sink

Screws through pre drilled holes in perspex into timber frame 20mm thick White Frosted Acrylic sheets Acetate sheet with x-ray image attached to acrylic with spray glue adhesive

Philippe Stark for Kartell, Louis Ghost Chairs in Waiting Area in, Crystal Clear.

Dulux Matte Emulsion in First Dawn

Rubber strips applied to floor, wall and ceiling, by in Pink 4Z1

Artificial Human Skulls from Spray painted with (Plasti-Kote) in Cameo Pink with a Satin finish, sit on window ledges

Pointer Side Tables by Richard Shed from in -Grey Smoke -Ice Blue

Waterfall feature from,


The atrium is made more tranquil by water that flows down the side of the stainless steel clad lift.

Lift Existing Original Stone Wall

Glass Balustrade


MDF Wall panels clad in Zebrano wood grain veneer F9011 by (Formica)


Mezzanine Level Glass Stair Balustrade


Hollow Steel Stairs, welded to plates at either side


Lift Doors

Stair Balustrade, glued and sunk into rubber cushioned slot in the floor, with a clear silicone topping.





DETAIL of stairs showing relationship between mezzanine, original wall, lift shaft and balustrade

Existing Ceiling



MDF Wall panels clad in Zebrano woodgrain veneer F9011 by Formica



Glass Balustrade on Mezzanine Walkway

Steel plate bolted to existing wall, with stairs welded to it Stairs


85 85

Glass Stair Balustrade, going down to Floor level

Existing floor

100mm Cut out in floor for Waterfall down Lift


Original Floor Rendered example of steel stairs

Steel plate with stairs welded to it Expansion Bolts





Hollow void through stairs keeping them lightweight


Aluminium top plate with laser cut strips

MDF Panels clad in zebrano woodgrain veneer F9011 by Formica

15mm Shadow gaps 10mm diameter Expansion Bolts, screwed through pre-drilled holes in plate into existing wall

Hollow Steel stairs, welded to Plate 25mm steel Plate bolted to existing wall

Existing Wall


Foscarni Blob ceiling lights, used on ceiling.

Vitra Amobe Highback Chairs in Pink, used in recovery area.

48 x 155mm Timber ceiling joist

48 x 155mm Timber ceiling joist, cantilevered off I beam and sunk into existing wall Universal Steel I beam 204 x 108mm

Universal Steel I beam 304 x 158mm Staff locker room and toilet (Ground floor) Constructed with steel stud walls, providing support to 1st floor. Disabled accessible customer WC and staff room (Ground floor) Constructed with steel stud walls, providing support to 1st Floor. 78 x 245mm Timber ceiling joists Universal Steel I beam 304 x 158mm 78 x 245mm Timber Ceiling joists cantilevered off I beam by 500mm.

Structural Plan showing 1st floor construction

‘Blob’ lights, like clouds, connect to the exterior.

A frosted glass wall allows natural light into this private space. Angled mirror ceiling strips reflect disjointed segments of the room for the entertainment of patients.

Treatment Room Visual

Rubber flooring applied to floor with coved skirting by in UR3 Metal, with a gloss finish.

Corian work tops in Silver Birch by

Solid Acrylic cabinet fronts in (Signal white) by

Tinted glass gives a degree of privacy and Zebrano veneered walls bring comforting warmth.

Kavo (Primua 1058 design Edition) Dentist chair in the Silver Edition

Frosted Glass Panels facing street


Fresh colours pro- less exclusively clinical environ- less forbidding experi- ence. Dentists increasingly ment. addition to remedial treatme...

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