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Agenda 1. Welcome 2. Minutes of the last AGM, held on 8th June 2017 3. Chairman’s report 4. Group Scout Leader’s report 5. Group Treasurer’s report and financial statement for 2017 6. District Commissioner’s statement 7. Approve Group Executive Committee’s Annual Report, including the Annual Statement of Accounts 8. Appointment of Chairman 9. Election of Officers – Treasurer and Secretary 10. Election of Executive Committee Members 11. Appointment of Scrutineer


Welcome to the 4th Annual Report of the 1st Prague Scout Group and an especially warm welcome to those who have joined us since our last Annual Meeting. Looking back at my report in 2017 and reading what we were hoping to achieve this year, it is good to see that we are continuing to make progress in delivering great scouting for young people here in Prague. This is in large part due to the recruiting of more adult help and I would like to congratulate Simon for leading by example and demonstrating that it is not only the Beavers, Scouts and Cubs who benefit from their involvement in scouting, but also our Leaders and it is entirely fitting that Simon should have been awarded the Silver Acorn in recognition of all he has achieved for us. So a big welcome to x, y, z and thank you for helping to make 1st Prague Scouts so successful. I and the other members of the Executive Committee are here to help Simon with the administration of the Group and it is therefore with great pleasure that I thank our new Treasurer, Jana Englová Pavková for taking over the finances. This has enabled us to open a bank account and I know that the majority of parents are now taking advantage of being able to pay subscriptions online. But could I encourage the few who have not yet signed up to do so? This will free up even more of Simon’s time to do what he does best, organise and run fun activities for your children. And thank you, too, to the other members of the Executive Committee, to Steve Entwistle and Michael Halpin and also our scrutineer, Helena Vodrážková, for their help and support. But my final thank you goes to you, our parents - Scouting is a team effort and we couldn’t do it without you!

Gina Hearn OBE Chairman Group Executive Committee


Prague Scouts has gone from strength to strength this year. Although young people membership numbers have not gone up this year, the quality of the programme offered and the number of leaders in the group has increased, giving the young people of the group a far better Scouting experience. Firstly I would like to thank all the young people in the group for their enthusiasm and enjoyment of Scouting, this is primarily why I do Scouting. But I would of course like to thank all my leadership team, including our fantastic young leaders, who have done a terrific job of providing such great activities, we couldn’t do it without you. We have done very well at recruiting new leaders this year and it is great to have a group of keen adults available to help run our programme. In particular I would like to thank my Assistant Group Scout Leader and Beaver Leader - Jenny KyselaHeikkinen who has provided hours of support to myself over the year. I would also like to thank my line manager Dominic Afriat – District Commissioner for Northern Europe for his support. Finally I would like to thank Gina Hearn my Group Chairman and her team in the Group Executive Committee, the admin of the group may not be as exciting as a night hike or a camp but it is just as important to get it done correctly with the right checks and balances and the committee do this really well.

The Beavers and Cubs Sections still run their activities together due to logistics. They have taken part in hikes, camps, they have visited the local fire station, celebrated Chinese New Year, done cooking, first aid, crafts, learned scouting skills and scavenger hunts. One of the highlights for the Beavers and Cubs was the St.George’s Day Camp and Hike with the Czech Scouts in Beroun. The Scout Troop did far more independent activities away from the Cubs and Beavers this year, including, learning about Shelter Box and charities, they took part in YouShape 2017, they did cooking, plane table surveying, several challenges and hikes including a night hike near Beroun, The Scouts also had a St,George’s Day Camp with Czech Scouts and a Winter camp near Peruc. The highlight for four of the Scouts was attending Intercamp 2017 in Germany. We would again like to thank the BSO leaders of the Northern Europe District in Germany for supporting our attendance at Intercamp and to Scott Baker for driving us there. We were also honoured this year to be visited by the new British Scouting Overseas, Area President, John May, he took time out of his busy schedule to spend the evening with our young people and leaders.

Simon ‘Mang’ Burgess Group Scout Leader and acting Scout Leader.


I am delighted to see that 1st Prague Scout Group continues to be a model for group governance in the Northern Europe District in British Scouting Overseas. I trust this report inspires you too, the community stakeholders, to collaborate and support your local group further. I would like to say once again what a pleasure it is to work with Simon and the team in Prague. Growing the movement is one of the hardest challenges we face in the District and it begins first with the hardest of all challenges; forming a leadership team that is committed and motivated. The Scout Association training programme for leaders places a lot of emphasis on a balanced programme delivery, and it is heartening to see that Prague are delivering so many outdoor experiences for their young members. 2017 was successful year for Prague, not least for the scouting honour Simon was awarded 2017. The Silver Acorn is one of the highest honours available in our Scouting Movement and Simon, with his very broad experience and contributions to scouting over many years, fully deserves it. The honour included an invitation to the very prestigious St George's parade at Windsor Castle. I am certain he represented your group with credit. I was particularly delighted to meet representatives from 1st Prague at Intercamp in 2017, that was a memorable camp for all participants, and I look forward to meeting the group again at Intercamp in 2018. Kind regards Dominic Afriat District Commissioner Northern Europe District British Scouting Overseas


I was appointed as Group Treasurer at the end of June 2017, the first half of the year was covered by the Group Scout Leader. Also during the first eight months of the year finances were still dealt by in cash. Unfortunately, there are some income receipts missing mainly for this period of the year. As all the finances fit, there is, in my opinion, no reason not to trust the records as they were kept, although as stated some of the income records are not fully supported by evidence. The Group´s account at Fio banka was created on 14. 8. 2017. There are two cards to the account kept by the Group Leader and the Beavers Section Leader. I am responsible for managing the online banking. Since September most of the income and expenditure have been made through the bank account which makes my work easier. Parents are asked to set standing orders for regular payments of monthly subscriptions. This has been done by a few but others are yet to do this. Financially we conclude 2017 with roughly the same amount we started it with. We were able to expand the group assets (mainly camping equipment) and we have optimistic prospects for easier maintenance of our finance in the future. I would like to thank the Group Chairman, the Group Secretary and especially the Group Scout Leader for his tireless work and great support in my new position. Jana Engelová Pavková Group Treasurer February 2018


I report on the accounts of the Group for the year ended 31 December 2017 Respective responsibilities of Trustees and Scrutineer As the Group's trustees you are responsible for the preparation of the accounts; It is my responsibility, without carrying out an audit or independent examination, to scrutinise the accounts and to report to you. Basis of Scrutineer's Statement In accordance with the directions given in Policy Organisation and Rules, I have scrutinised the records and the accounts set out on pages below. Scrutineer's Statement In my opinion the accounts are in accordance with the records produced to me and comply. Signed

Helena Vodrážková Scrutineer


Unrestricted Funds CZK



Donations, legacies and similar income Membership subscriptions



Sub total



Sub total



Sub total



Sub total

17,489 2,100 0 9,600 29,189

2,650 0 8,000 1,500 12,150



Youth programme and activities Uniform, scarves, woggles, badges Group Camp Camping equipment Stationery Intercamp Online Scout Manager Capitation Sub total

44,867 28,618 0 8,835 168 2,000 2,150 26,749 113,386

17,086 48,302 6,275 9,005 1,663 6,079 2,301 22,185 112,897

Total Gross Expenditure Net receipts

113,386 1,503

112,897 15,603


Investment income

Miscellaneous income Miscellaneous income Uniforms and scarves Group Camp Intercamp

Gross total income PAYMENTS Charitable Payments


31/12/2017 31/12/2016 Unrestricted Funds CZK

Cash Funds Bank Current account Petty cash Total cash Funds Other monetary assets Sub total

45,455 3,428 48,883

0 47,379 47,379



Non monetary assets for charity's own use Badge stock 4,200 Uniform 12,358 Misc Equip 30,058 Sub total 46,616 Liabilities Sub total Cash fund year end


4,200 13,155 11,897 29,252






Reference and Administration Details

Name: Czech Association (Spolek) ID Number: UK Scout Association Group Number: Principal:

1st Prague (Czech Republic) Scout Group z.s. 04755057 47529 Gina Hearn (Chairman)

Trustees: Name


Gina Hearn Jana Engelová Pavková Steve Entwistle Simon Burgess Michael Halpin Marketa Hudečková


Chairman (nominated) Group Treasurer Group Secretary (elected) Group Scout Leader (ex officio) Executive member Executive member

From June 2017

Resigned June 2017

b) Structure, Governance and Management

• •

The Group's governing documents are those of The Scout Association and of the Czech Republic’s Association (Spolek). They consist of a legal Spolek (association document) and a Royal Charter, which in turn gives authority to the Bye Laws of the Association and The Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association. The Group is a trust established under its rules which are common to all Scouts. It has a constitution, drawn up in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association, Czech law and UK Charity Commission guidance. The association committee members/trustees are appointed in accordance with the rules governing a Czech Republic Spolek (association) and Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association. The group is managed by the Association Committee/Group Executive Committee, the members of which are the effectively ‘Charity Trustees’ of the Scout Group (as defined in UK law). As charity trustees they are responsible for complying with legislation applicable to charities. This includes registration, keeping proper accounts and making returns as appropriate. The association committee/group executive committee consists of 3 independent representatives, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, together with the Group Scout Leader, individual section leaders and parents’ representation and meets every regularly as required. Electronic communication is extensively used for discussion and decision making. This association committee/Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and is responsible for: o o o o o o o

P a g e | 10

The maintenance of Group property; The raising of funds and the administration of Group finance, including advising on and setting budgets for sections to follow; The insurance of persons, property and equipment; Group public occasions; Assisting in the recruitment of leaders and other adult support; Appointing any sub committees that may be required; Appointing Group Administrators and Advisors other than those who are elected.


Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the group are as a unit of The Scout Association. The Aim of The Scout Association is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. The method of achieving the Aim of the UK Scout Association is by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law and guided by adult leadership. The trustees declare that they have approved the association committee report above. Signed on behalf of the association committee: Signature


Full name(s)


Gina Hearn


Jana Pavkovรก







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Please note this table excludes Young Leaders: In the years 2016 to 2018 we declared 2 Young leaders, who are also Explorer Scouts, each year.

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Present: Gina Hearn (GH), Simon Burgess (SB), Steve Entwistle (SE), Edward Entwistle, Alice ShinglerForster and 10 parent members of the Group Council. 1. Welcome: GH welcomed everyone, introduced herself and explained the purpose of the AGM. The Annual Report (attached at annex) was circulated. 2. Apologies for absence: were received from Allison Forster and Jenny Kysela-Heikkinen. 3. Minutes of 2016 AGM: The minutes of last year’s meeting were approved with no matters arising. 4. Chairman’s Report: The Group Chairman’s report was noted, appearing in the Annual Report. 5. GSL’s Report: SB presented his report and thanked the Chairman especially for her support throughout the year, particularly with the tax return. He also thanked the members of the Executive Committee and of course, the parents. He explained how the year had contained some pluses and minuses. He was pleased with the numbers (up to 36 very enthusiastic young people) and noted that they had enjoyed hikes, sleepovers and two camps. On the other hand, he was disappointed that the lack of leaders meant that the Scout programme didn’t cater well for the Scouts. He wants to do more camping with the Cubs and Beavers but is constrained by a lack of equipment as well as leaders. He asked that parents consider volunteering or recommending others to help out. He thanked all those involved in Group administration and the leaders (Katie, Alice, Allison and Jenny). 6. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statement 2015/16: The temporary Treasurer (SB) presented the financial report (included in the Annual Report), which was approved. He noted how keen he was that a permanent Treasurer might come forward (see below). The financial situation is quite healthy, which should allow for the purchase of equipment in the next year. It is likely that the level of subs may be reviewed in the next year. We still have no bank account, needing a Treasurer first. 7. Group Executive Committee’s Annual Report: The Group Executive Committee’s Annual Report (included in the Annual Report) was noted. 8. Appointment of Chairman: Gina Hearn (Gina Marie Hearn, Svitáková 2730/14, Stodůlky, Praha 5 155-00) was re-appointed Chairman. 9. Election of Officers – Treasurer and Secretary a. Treasurer: Jana Engelova Pavkova (Dvorakova 469, Kralupy nad Vltavou, 27801. was elected Treasurer. b. Secretary: Stephen Entwistle (Statenická 232, 25262 Statenice, was re-elected Secretary. 10. Election of Group Executive Committee: In addition to the above and ex-officio members, Mr and Mrs Halpin were elected as members of the Group Executive Committee. 11. Appointment of Scrutineer: Mrs Helena Vodražková, Bursar of the English College in Prague, was re-appointed Scrutineer.

Signed ……………………………………….. Date ……………………………………….

Name ………………………………………… Place ………………………………………

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1st Prague (Czech Republic) Scout Group AGM Report 2017  
1st Prague (Czech Republic) Scout Group AGM Report 2017