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of small dwellings COVER STORY

If ‘granny flats,’ backyard homes and other secondary units are ever going to be part of our housing solution, they need to get a lot cheaper and easier to build. Can we fix this?

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Bay Area cities push back against SFO noise FAA shrugs as Congresswoman says the problem has reached ‘epic proportions’ Rep. Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo) has been jolted awake by the hum of airplane engines countless times this year. Speier has seen how unrelenting airplane noise disrupts daily life — and the problem, she said, is only Construction of the getting worse. new Terminal 1 at SFO. “I can’t believe how often I’m awake in the middle of the night by the noise of planes taking off,” she said. While airport noise has always been a issue for residents living near San Francisco International Airport, slow to address the issue. complaints from San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara Ian Gregor, an FAA spokesman, directed questions and Santa Cruz counties have skyrocketed about Bay Area airport noise to agency progin recent years. According to data from SFO, ress reports. In those reports, the agency said it residents have filed more than 7 million comis evaluating or addressing recommendation. plaints from 2015 to 2017, a 22,656 percent “Even if there is no legal requirement to do increase from the previous three-year period. so, the FAA remains willing to address com“This has reached epic proportions,” Speimunity noise concerns,” the report said. er said. “Everyone who lives near an airport The spike in complaints began in 2015 after expects to deal with noise. But they do not the FAA began rerouting flights under a proexpect to have an intensity of noise that is gram called NextGen. The initiative aims to so bad now that people can’t spend any time decrease flying time, fuel consumption and outside.” Jackie Speier emissions. But an unintended consequence But despite pressure from nearly every of narrower flight paths for incoming SFO representative from San Mateo county and parts of San flights has been more noise. Francisco, officials say the Federal Aviation AdminisAt the same time, SFO has been growing. In June, the tration, the agency that controls flight paths, has been airport recorded a 6 percent year-over-year increase in



0 4:3


passengers and it projects about 57 million passengers by year’s end. SFO’s growth, Speier said, means that the noise problem is going to get even worse. Doug Yakel, SFO’s spokesman, said in a statement that NextGen has has caused more noise in San Francisco and added that the airport is working with a volunteer group that helped give recommendations to the FAA. A congressional committee consisting of local representatives worked with the FAA to compile a list of recommendations in 2016. Locally, San Francisco and San Mateo supervisors are frustrated, since flight paths are ultimately controlled by a federal agency. “Unfortunately, local officials don’t have any control over federal flight paths,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine. — Rachel Sandler




small units,

“ADUs” have had trouble getting traction in the Bay Area as a housing solution, but a host of new players and approaches are trying to turn promise into progress BY BLANCA TORRES

or a few years, Debbie and Stephen Sharratt contemplated adding a backyard cottage to their Sunnyvale home. Juggling careers and raising two young kids, the couple did not have much time to pursue the idea. That is until a few months ago, when they teamed up with a Soup, an East Palo Alto-based nonprofit. It helped them design a unit and hooked them up with Modern Empathy, a Berkeley-based pre-fabricated home builder. Construction on the 440-square-foot, one-bedroom house will take shape over the next few months. “We think (a backyard house) is beneficial to us and beneficial to the community, and it seems financially sustainable over the long term,” Debbie Sharratt said. “The Bay Area needs more housing, and this is a pretty easy way to do it.” California politicians and housing advocates have long trumpeted adding accessory swelling units (ADUs) as a key strategy that could put a dent in the state’s housing shortage by spurring the construction of hundreds of thousands

of affordable new homes. They point to cities like Vancouver, where more than a third of single-family homes have secondary units. The Bay Area Council, a policy and advocacy group funded by businesses, estimates that the region could add 400,000 ADUs if a quarter of Bay Area homeowners built them. During the past two years, the California State Legislature passed a handful of laws to expand and streamline city approvals of ADUs, which are separate homes attached or detached from a single-family home. They are more commonly known as in-law units, granny flats and backyard cottages. Whether their potential will become a reality in California is largely unknown, but early results are discouraging. Various barriers have acted as a dam holding back what experts thought would be a flood of new housing and turned secondary units into a mere trickle. Since 2016, new applications for ADUs soared across the state in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Nonetheless, new applications total only a few thousand

and only a small fraction of those have been built. Now a fledgling ecosystem of consultants, nonprofits, contractors, financial institutions and manufactured home producers is sprouting up to help homeowners overcome those challenges. “For a consumer, building an ADU is a daunting task. How do I get started? Who do I need to hire? That piece is overwhelming,” said Steve Vallejos, head of Valley Home Development Corp., a company that specializes in building ADUs.

Barriers to entry The promise of ADUs was that homeowners could add a small apartment then sit back and reel in extra cash to offset their mortgages. ADUs would offer low-cost options for renters. That scenario sounds enticing, but in reality, building an ADU is complicated, costly and time-consuming.

FROM MANY TO FEW In San Francisco, ADU applications spiked to 384 in 2016 and 593 in 2017 — but only 40 were built in those two years.






Applications 2015









SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 


By customizing fabricated home kits and building others at his own small factory in Fairfield, Steve Vallejos thinks he can bring the cost of ADUs way down: “We’re trying to create a turnkey, cookie-cutter option for the consumer.” Inset: One of Valley Development’s units and its Fairfield factory. PHOTOS / TODD JOHNSON

“We are asking homeowners who have never done construction jobs before to become housing developers,” said Kol Peterson, author of “Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to ADU Development.” Experts estimate that an average ADU costs $150,000 to $200,000 all told. Costs vary depending on the size, design, site constraints and city fees and permits, which alone can run from under $10,000 to up to $50,000, Peterson said. The top barriers include access to financing and cumbersome city regulations, according to a recent study from the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley. “The rise in applications doesn’t necessarily mean that the units get built,” said David Garcia, who authored the study. “The longer it takes, the more people will give up.” In San Francisco, ADU applications

spiked to 384 in 2016 up from 41 in 2015, but only 23 were built in 2016. In 2017, 593 applications came in, but only 17 were built. So far this year, 32 ADUs have been completed. In late August, San Francisco Mayor London Breed issued an executive order requiring the city to process ADU applications within four months and simplify permits. Close to 900 applications sit in limbo as city departments have disagreed on how to apply safety and building codes. “We’re seeing a gap that needs to be bridged between what the rules are and education and knowledge at the city level,” Vallejos said. Some cities are taking steps to streamline the ADU process, such as offering checklists and free consultations and reducing fees and restrictions, Garcia said. The City of Fremont, for example, offers expedited permits for ADUs if they

measure under 750 square feet. On the financing side, homeowners usually have to use savings or borrow by tapping equity in their home. Taking on additional debt nearing $200,000 or more is a turnoff for some homeowners. In practice, those upfront costs mean that people building ADUs tend to be well-off homeowners. Most use them to house family members rather than rent them out because they don’t need the extra income, Garcia said. Homeowners who could use rental income to afford their mortgage payments often don’t have the equity or borrowing power to build one. Lenders such as Umpqua Bank, Bank of the West and Fannie Mae have loans that cater to ADUs and in some cases allow borrowers to use future rental income as leverage. Some cities and nonprofits are looking at how to provide low-cost financing options as well.

Removing roadblocks Nonprofit Soup created a program called Blocks that provides project management and helps line up financing in exchange for a commitment to rent the ADU at below-market rates for three years. The Sharratts learned about Soup because they are friends with the founder, Josh To, who went through an arduous journey to put a two-bedroom ADU in his backyard in Menlo Park. It took more than a year to secure city approval and cost $250,000. The Sharratts expect their ADU to come in at around $180,000 and take less than a year to complete. “They are pretty much doing everything for us,” Stephen Sharratt said. “They do the project management, get quotes, interface with contractors, handle the permitting. They helped us decide what kind of unit to build. Any roadblock we’ve hit, they helped us get around it.” So far, the Blocks program has completed one project with 20 more in the pipeline. “It’s one thing to build a unit and it’s another to make it affordable,” said Pam Dorr, who runs the Blocks program. “We’re really connecting with people who have a full understanding of how difficult this housing economy is and want to help people.” Dorr, who recently bought and renovated a home in Half Moon Bay, saw first hand the incredible demand for ADUs — or any housing, really — when she posted an ad on Craigslist to rent out the 400-square-foot, one-bedroom backyard cottage on her property. The first response came from a school teacher who wanted to share the space with three other teachers using bunk beds. A trio of seniors also inquired. Finally, Dorr chose a young couple expecting their first baby. “The crisis is harder than I expected,” she said. Shift toward pre-fab Twelve years ago, Vallejos of Valley Home Development Corp. picked up on a growing need for secondary units to accommodate elderly parents or adult children. In the years since, his company has built close to 100 ADUs throughout Northern California. His company does some onsite construction along with factory-built homes and prefabricated home “kits” that are assembled on site. The company used to contract out most of its manufacturing, but is now setting up a small factory in Fairfield. Vallejos expects to complete 30 to 40 ADUs this year and about 100 next year. “We’re trying to create a turnkey, cookie cutter option for the consumer,” he said. “It’s a one-stop-shop solution.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 6




Bidding ADU: Backers wait for small units to take off CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5

Valley Home charges a flat development fee of $9,800 for design, planning and securing city approvals. In addition to the cost of the home, homeowners also pay for other expenses such as the foundation and utility hookups. The company offers nine different pre-fab models ranging from 280 square feet to 1,000 square feet and priced from about $85,000 to $400,000. The company’s most popular designs are in the 300 to 600 square foot range priced under $175,000. This month, Valley Home will debut a new option, a 150-square-foot micro studio starting around $50,000. “We developed patterns based on the ADUs we’ve done in the past and then create prototypes,” Vallejos said. “The background work has been done. It’s a lot easier because people can look at this range of plans and pick the one they want.” Only about a quarter of Valley Home’s clients plan to rent out their ADUs. The majority, Vallejos said, are for family members. The latter group includes Mike Burbank of Novato, who commissioned Valley Home to build a 365-squarefoot, detached guesthouse next to his 2,400-square-foot home that abuts the Marin Country Club. “My wife and I are both 83 years old,” Burbank said. “We figured one day we would need a caretaker. We don’t want to leave our home or move into assisted living.” In the meantime, friends or family have stayed in the unit at least once a week. The Burbanks outfitted the space with a bed, sitting area, kitchenette, full bathroom and a balcony overlooking the golf course. Since finishing the unit in March, people have asked about renting it. One even offered $2,000 per month. “I don’t want a tenant,” Burbank said. “This is strictly for personal use.” Burbank estimates he spent a total of about $162,000 on the unit, which took about 11 months to complete. The approval process took about six months peppered with what Burbank called “bureaucratic (expletive).” Because he’s retired, he had the time to “pound on desks” to secure city permits to start construction, which took about three months to complete. When asked what advice he would give to other homeowners considering an ADU, he said, “hire Valley Home Development.”

Rethinking housing Another manufacturer, Austin-based Kasita, started up a few years ago and released its first model — a 352-squarefoot unit that features high ceilings, a queen-size mattress, smart technology tools and appliances. “The intention of Kasita is to rethink

Like most homeowners who have built ADUs, Mike Burbank says it’s for his use, not for renting out.




how we use space and how housing can better fit into the space around us,” said Jeremy Klitzman, who manages sales for Kasita. The total cost with installation and shipping is around $164,000 in California. So far, only one Kasita, a demonstration home, has been installed in the state. Klitzman suggests that buying an ADU should become as easy as buying a car where consumers could go to a “dealership,” pick out the home they want and then have it installed on their property. “You don’t need to be a car expert to buy a car,” he said. In contrast, building an ADU often turns into a crashcourse in housing development for

homeowners. “You need a contractor or a point person who can manage the process,” he said. “It’s a huge opportunity that is really untapped.” In California, Kasita’s point person is Corbin Jones, founder of Ovid Design and Development, who specializes in small housing developments including ADUs. Jones has a background in both architecture and real estate finance, which allows him to manage an ADU from start to finish. “As soon as I saw the legislation, I knew ADUs were going to be big,” Jones said. He calls the laws the “democratization of development” because they give homeowners more control over their

“As soon as I saw the (new) legislation, I knew that ADUs were going to be big,” says Corbin Jones. Above: Kasita’s ADU, at 352 square feet, fits just about anywhere.

land such as going from a single home to a duplex. With an ADU, homeowners can stay in their homes or downsize into the ADU and rent out the main house, Jones said. That’s attractive for long-time homeowners who want to hold onto tax advantages from California’s Prop. 13, which caps property tax increases. Even if the process for building ADUs speeds up, it could take decades to see the potential realized. Garcia of the Terner Center said it’s difficult to project how many ADUs it would take to temper the region’s housing shortage. “Anything is better than the production we’re seeing now,” he said. “Even if we only see a couple of percentage points growth, it’s still better than last year.”

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 






Blanca Torres covers real estate



Mall pushes for 1,500 homes East Bay’s NewPark Mall proposes residential buildings next to stores As malls across the country struggle to stay afloat in the face of stiff competition from online retailers, NewPark Mall in Newark is pushing ahead on a $1 billion redevelopment project. Brookfield Retail Properties, which took over NewPark when it acquired the mall’s previous owner, Rouse Properties, in 2016, wants to redevelop the mall and surrounding land into a vibrant community of apartments, parks, hotels, office space and event centers. “We want to see the mall repositioned to take it to the next level,” said Terrence Grindall, Newark’s assistant city manager. The Newark City Council approved in April the NewPark Mall Specific Plan, which allows for the following, including what’s currently on the site: n 1,800 housing units (281 units completed) n 1.47 million square feet of retail n 527,000 square feet of office space n 1,040 hotel rooms (700 new and 340 existing) The plan comes amid declining revenue for the mall. In 2006, the mall’s revenue exceeded $200 million, but that fell to $130 million by 2012, according to a city report. The city’s report did not list more recent figures. Brookfield declined to comment for this article. To try to boost revenue, Rouse spent around $64 million on a renovation in 2014, adding a restaurant pavilion, a 12-screen AMC Theatres complex, and tenants such as 24 Hour Fitness, John’s Incredible Pizza and H&M. Some residential and hospitality redevelopment has already wrapped up. D.R. Horton has built 281 homes in the Prima Residential Project. Two new hotels, Staybridge Suites and SpringHill Suites, are currently under construction and are slated to open



“Women need a place where we can show up and be ourselves. It’s exciting that the Wing is coming because it will create the demand for women-only co-working spaces.” IRIS KAVANAUGH, cofounder of Women Who CoWork, about the Wing, a high-profile women’s coworking space, which will open a San Francisco location in October. The company is a membership-only association that bills itself as a professional workspace and social club for women and non-binary individuals.

From left: Newark Assistant City Manager Terrence Grindall, Mayor Alan Nagy and City Manager John Becker at NewPark Mall. TODD JOHNSON

later this year or early next year. The mall now consists of 1.1 million square feet of retail space and 337,000 square feet of retail space on surrounding properties. When the redevelopment is done, the mall’s retail square footage will shrink. Newark city manager John Becker, Grindall and other officials say the key to the mall’s — and the city’s — revitalization can be found by tapping into the housing market, which is especially hot in the Bay Area. “(Newark) is uniquely positioned between employment hubs and is really at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Jeff Aguilar, the vice chairman of Newark’s planning commission. “The city is primed for growth.”

Now that the specific plan has passed, developers can submit development proposals, which still need approvals. In addition to Brookfield, Seritage Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust that owns NewPark’s Sears and Macy’s stores, also wants to develop projects, said Grindall. He expects the buildout to take between five and eight years. Despite Newark’s convenient location alongside Interstate 880, between Silicon Valley and San Jose, it is not densely populated. If all 1,519 apartments are leased, the population of Newark would increase by 10 percent, Grindall said. “That will just breathe life and vibrancy into this area,” said Becker. — Emily Hoeven


SWISS INVESTOR SWOOPS IN TO BUY EAST BAY OFFICE BUILDINGS Properties: 1655 and 1755 Grant St., Concord Seller: Swift Real Estate Partners Buyer: Partners Group Price: $148 million Behind the sale: Concord, once considered a backwater office market, is now luring heavy-hitting international investors. Swift Real Estate Partners sold its last two buildings in the Swift Plaza to Partners Group, a Switzerlandbased private equity firm with $78 billion in assets under management, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. The purchase of the two buildings, which total 480,000 square feet, works out to about $308 per square foot. “For Concord, this is a big validation as an office market,” said Ed Del Beccaro, head of Transwestern’s East Bay offices, who was not involved in the transaction. The buildings are part of a 1.1 million-square foot, four-building, former Bank of America campus that Swift snapped up in 2011 for $88 million. The campus is a few

blocks from the Concord BART Station. Chris Peatross founded Swift in 2010 with a focus on a revamping underutilized properties, leasing them up and selling them off. He declined to comment for this article. After pumping in millions to spruce up the property, Swift sold Chris Peatross two buildings at 2001 Clayton Road and 2000 Clayton Road to DivcoWest in 2012 for $94 million. Swift rebranded the two Grant Street buildings as Swift Plaza and continued attracting new tenants including Wells Fargo, which leased up 282,238 square feet in 2016. The seller plans to stay on to manage the buildings for Partners Group. The buildings were 100 percent leased at the time of the sale. Breck Lutz and Alex Grell of Newmark Knight Frank’s Walnut Creek office handle leasing in the building.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 


Can new luxury Oakland apartment complex snag $8,000 for a townhouse? It used to be that $3,000 studios and $5,000 two-bedrooms were average rents for new apartments in San Francisco. Now those monthly rents are migrating to Oakland. A new development at 4901 Broadway in Oakland’s trendy Temescal neighborhood just hit the market with prices ranging from $2,950 per month for a 415-square-foot studio to $8,000 per month for a 1,300-square-foot, three-bedroom townhouse. The project, Baxter on Broadway, consists of 130 apartments and features a rooftop with a club room and barbecue pit, a bocce ball court, vegetable garden, dog run and pet grooming area. “Baxter on Broadway is a perfect combination of community and location,” said Jonathan Figone, district property manager at Legacy Partners, the company managing the development. The project sits within a mile of the Rockridge and MacArthur BART stations and retail strips along Telegraph and College avenues. A joint venture between apartment developer SRM Development and equity investor USAA Real Estate developed the project. Baxter on Broadway is one of several new apartment buildings coming online in Oakland. The city is dotted with cranes for projects that total 3,600 new homes after years of little to no construction. Most of the new housing is concentrated in Oakland’s downtown core and the former Auto Row area. The first homes are underway in the city’s largest project, the 3,100-unit Brooklyn Basin near the city’s waterfront. The influx of new homes comes at a time when rents have soared in Oakland. “Leasing began just a few weeks ago, and we’re already getting immense interest from prospective renters who currently live and work in all corners of the Bay Area,” Figone said. The median rent in Oakland is $2,935 per month, a 5.2 percent increase during the past year, compared with a median rent of $4,215 per month in San Francisco, a 1.1 percent increase compared with a year ago, according to apartment listing site HotPads. “The trends we’ve seen in San Francisco over the last few years are starting to shift to the East Bay,” said Jay Parsons, vice president of RealPage, a company that makes property management software for apartment landlords. The trends include a shift toward more high-end, luxury apartments that can command higher monthly rents. While developers have delivered several thousand new apartments in San Francisco during the last few years, that is just now happening in Oakland, Parsons said. At the same, construction and devel-


$2,950 $8,000 Rent for a 415-squarefoot studio.

Rent for a 1,300-square-foot, three-bedroom townhouse.

opment costs have gone up, meaning that developers target higher price points to justify new construction. “This new wave of construction reflects some catch up that is occurring in Oakland,” Parsons said. “These are high rents for Oakland, but they are substantially cheaper than a comparable apartment in San Francisco.”



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Hackers expose challenges for biotech Hackers obtained personal information and — in “a very limited number of cases,” for some 1,100 people through an email the company said in its IPO filing — Social account of an employee of a growing Pen- Security numbers. A company spokesman said in an email insula biotech company. The phishing incident in July was to the San Francisco Business Times that the revealed by Guardant Health Inc. in its fil- incident remains under investigation and ing for a $100 million initial public offer- “we can’t comment further at this time.” ing, and it showcases the vulnerability of Guardant hired an unidentified cybersecuhealth care companies, including biotech rity firm to conduct an investigation. companies, hospitals and others that hold Guardant plans to provide “timely noticpersonal and precious health and financial es” of the attack to the U.S. Department of data on millions of people. Health and Human Services, certain state In the attack on Redwood City-based regulators and patients. But the company Guardant, which builds so-called “liquid did not say in its filing when it will tell canbiopsy” tests that can detect cancer from a cer patients that their personal information simple blood draw, hackers over a five-day was compromised. period in July got access to data, includThe company, led by CEO Helmy ing “protected health information,” for Eltoukhy and President AmirAli Talasaz, about 1,100 people. The stolen information uses external security and infrastructure included patients’ names, contact informa- vendors to manage parts of its data centers, said in its tion,20412-02 birth dates, medical codes the company WHA18 SF Businessdiagnosis Times-03-newsprint-CROPS.pdf 1 9/5/18 5:22SEC PM filing.











CEO Helmy Eltoukhy (left) and President AmirAli Talasaz.

We know your employees are important to you. That’s why we make it easy to offer them a benefits plan that will actually benefit them. With options for businesses of all shapes and sizes, you could easily say that we’re not just an employee-friendly option, we’re an employer-friendly option, too. So, before checking the box, join others who have made the switch to Western Health Advantage.

Find your advantage at 888.563.2250 or


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THERANOPE Prominent, star-studded Theranos promised blood testing revolution. Instead, it’s on the verge of closing

Theranos Inc., the once high-flying company whose principals face federal fraud charges over its bloodtesting technology, reportedly will shut down after paying unsecured creditors with its remaining cash. The company — led by Stanford University dropout Elizabeth Holmes to a $9 billion valuation that dissipated when its technology couldn’t hold up to scrutiny — leaves behind yet-unresolved criminal and civil charges and a lesson in caution for investors and the media. Theranos CEO David Taylor wrote in an email to shareholders that Theranos breached a covenant of a $65 million loan it received last year from private equity firm Fortress Investment Group, the Wall Street Journal reported.

WHAT NOW? Theranos last year settled a lawsuit brought by onetime partner Walgreens but failed to make its scheduled $5 million payment in June 2018. Walgreens on July 2 again sued Theranos; that case remains open in U.S. District Court for Delaware. A criminal case by the Justice Department against former CEO Elizabeth Holmes and her former boyfriend/former President Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani is continuing. They pleaded not guilt to two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud.

Theranos could take months to shut down. Investment bank Jeffries Group LLC had contacted more than 80 likely buyers.

Most investor lawsuits have been settled. An action by Arizona’s attorney general also resulted in a settlement. Consumer lawsuits were dropped or consolidated.

Balwani is fighting civil charges brought by Securities and Exchange Commission; the case isn’t expected to go to trial until next year. Holmes and Theranos settled the SEC charges, with Holmes agreeing to pay a $500,000 penalty, forfeit her super-majority shares and is barred from being an officer or director of a public company for 10 years.


CHIEF CRISPR RESEARCHER TO LAUNCH NEW LAB AT GLADSTONE Jennifer Doudna, a pioneer of the revolutionary CRISPR genome-editing technology, will launch a lab at the Gladstone Institutes focused on new ways to apply it, including a first-of-itskind “genome surgery” approach to disease. Doudna will maintain her faculty positions at the University of California, Berkeley, and UCSF, and she will continue to lead the universities’ joint Innovative Genomics Institute. But the new appointment will expand on that role and pair Doudna with Gladstone senior investigator Dr. Bruce Conklin and the recently established Gladstone Institute of Data Science and Biotechnology, led by Katherine Pollard. Snaring Doudna is on par with Gladstone a decade ago wooing Shinya Yamanaka, who engineered a way to induce mature stem cells to return to an embryonic-like state in which Jennifer Doudna researchers can manipulate them to become skin, heart or any other type of cells. Yamanaka went on to win the 2012 Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology, and several academic and biotech labs now work with so-called induced pluripotent stem cells. Doudna’s work on CRISPR, allowing scientists to make specific changes in the DNA of plants and animals without killing cells, offers similar visions for dramatically changing medical research and health care. A handful of companies are applying the technology to drug discovery and development, agriculture and more.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN HEALTH CARE Gilead’s new hire, 49ers great’s new play and more in our new online Health Care Digest.

Once again, UCSF Medical Center is ranked the

#1 Hospital in California





Katie Burke covers hospitality, retail, food and wine



Waterfront view Restaurateurs step up to fill challenged Embarcadero space The Port of San Francisco has struggled to attract restaurants to fill two of its vacant waterfront spaces, but one local hospitality group is preparing to take on the challenge. Anchor Hospitality Group, a partnership among two Bay Area restaurateurs and Highway 1 Hospitality, has proposed a new Baja-inspired casual dining outpost at Pier 33 1/2. Dubbed PuertoSF, the proposed restaurant would be spearheaded by the team behind well-known concepts such as Nick’s Cove, The Cosmopolitan, the Social Club and Contrada. If approved, Anchor Hospitality Group said it is planning to invest about $1.8 million into PuertoSF. Its goal is to open by mid-2019. The port is expecting to approve the lease agreement sometime next month. In its proposal, the restaurant group said boats would be able to order from the restaurant’s dockside take-out counter, and pedestrians would be able to walk up to the grab-and-go window along the street.

‘Coming up with the capital improvement costs to open will be the biggest issue.” JAY EDWARDS, the S.F. port’s senior property

manager for Pier 33 1/2 and Pier 40

The restaurant would be open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, two happy hours and weekend brunch. A sample menu details pricing ranging from $10 for a small plate up to $40 for a steak dinner. The group was the only respondent to a request for proposals the Port released last year for vacant restaurant spaces at Pier 40 and Pier 33 1/2. The two spaces were previously occupied by Butterfly Restaurant and SB40. By October last year, both spaces had been vacated.

Under the proposed terms, the lease will be structured as a 10-year agreement with one fiveyear option to extend. Rent will be calculated as the greater of two amounts, either a $42-persquare-foot amount that will be increased annually by 3 percent, or a 7 percent portion of the tenant’s gross annual revenue. “The cost of building out space in San Francisco is expensive. (The Port doesn’t) have the resources or ability to (finance) that, so coming up with the capital improvement costs to open will be the biggest issue,” Jay Edwards, the port’s senior property manager for Pier 33 1/2 and Pier 40, previously said. Neither Mick Suverkrubbe nor Dena Grunt, the two restaurant partners, were available to comment. The Port of San Francisco did not respond to requests for comment.



STARTUP AIMS TO HELP RETAILERS BEAT AMAZON GO TO THE PUNCH It has been four years since Krishna Motukuri had his lightbulb moment about grocery checkout lines. But with Amazon Go’s looming arrival in San Francisco, he is stepping on the gas with his new checkout-free technology startup, Zippin. Since Motukuri and his two cofounders, Motilal Agrawal and Abhinav Katiyar, got started about two years ago, the market for cashierless retail systems has ballooned. According to Juniper Research, smart store technologies are expected to generate more than $78 billion in annual

transaction revenue by 2022, up from the expected $9.2 billion this year. Whether it’s through checkout apps or automatic scanning, more than 5,000 retail outlets are estimated to incorporate some form of retail technology over the next five years as businesses look for ways to both Krishna streamline the customer Motukuri experience and trim costs. “All of these stores are missing out on sales with customers who want things quickly,” said Motukuri. “Once you remove the biggest bottleneck, you’ll see a big drop in cost and a big increase in sales from customers who otherwise would have been deterred by long lines.”

After customers enter a shop by scanning a smartphone interface, overhead tracking cameras and shelf sensors automatically ensure they are charged for what they take from the shelves.



SEPTEMBER 14, 2018â€


women who lead

Insights and Inspiration from Successful Women in Business Tuesday, October 2 | 5:00-8:00pm Fairmont Hotel San Francisco | 950 Mason St., San Francisco Join us for a lively conversation with dynamic women business owners and executives who will discuss how they have built their businesses and how they define success as a leader. You will hear their stories about how they lead and the lessons they have learned along the way. What does it take to communicate a compelling vision, build a great culture, and respond to the opportunities, challenges and choices they face every day? REGISTER ONLINE For more information, please contact Felicia Brown at 415-288-4936 or



Jessica Herrin Founder and CEO Stella & Dot

Julia Collins President Zume Pizza

Christina Seelye Co-Founder and CEO Maximum Games

Christina Stembel Founder and CEO Farmgirl Flowers

DeeDee Towery President and CEO ProActive Business Solutions







Mark Calvey covers banking and finance



Making bank S.F. fintech gets OK to open coast-to-coast bank, but don’t bother looking for branches

Walsh: Varo Bank “represents the future of banking.”

San Francisco-based Varo Money received preliminary approval from federal banking regulators to start Varo Bank, the nation’s first all-mobile national bank. It’s a big step forward for both Varo and those that want banking to be more accessible and innovative. Getting approval to operate a national bank will allow Varo to do business in all 50 states vs. the state-bystate approval fintechs often undertake. “This is an historic moment and marks the start of a new era in banking,” Colin Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Varo Money, said in a statement. “We founded Varo because we saw that banks weren’t serving the majority of their customers very well, and we wanted to fix that. So we decided to build a bank from the ground up with the goal of improving consumers’ financial health through better technology and a more efficient business model.” Varo, founded in 2015, has raised more than $79 million in capital, led by Warburg Pincus and The Rise Fund, a global impact fund by private equity firm TPG. Varo plans to move its headquarters to the Salt Lake City area when it opens Varo Bank, most likely next summer. But the fintech will continue operating an “important office” in San Francisco, Walsh told the Business Times. He declined to discuss the size of the company’s workforce or the number of workers in the two cities. Varo Bank, which will have no brick-and-mortar branches, plans to add several new products after it opens, including offering certificates of deposit, credit cards and home equity loans, said Walsh, who doesn’t expect much industry opposition to Varo’s application to start a national bank. “It’s hard for them to argue with innovation,” said Walsh, a veteran of Wells Fargo and American Express. “Varo represents the future of banking.”





200 300 Fintech lender Upgrade’s expected San Francisco workforce by the end of 2019, up from 100 today

Upgrade’s total workforce, including an operations office in Phoenix and technology offices in Chicago and Montreal


The square footage of Upgrade’s Financial District headquarters. It’s more than quadrupling its original headquarters space that proved too tight for the company’s growing workforce and workplace amenities

$142M $1B The amount of equity capital Upgrade has raised since its founding in 2016

Total loan originations made over Upgrade’s platform since its founding

Revel Systems Chief Strategy Officer Chris Lybeer, left, and CEO Greg Dukat.


WHY SAN FRANCISCO’S “CACHET” KEEPS THIS STARTUP’S HEADQUARTERS HERE San Francisco-based Revel Systems plans to keep its headquarters in the Bay Area even though the CEO and half the executive team call Atlanta home. The company, with a workforce of almost 500 employees, makes a point-of-sale system for retailers based on Apple’s iPad. “San Francisco has a unique cachet around technology and (it’s) forward thinking. That’s a benefit to us. We have some great employees here that we would never want to lose,” Revel CEO Greg Dukat told the Business Times. “San Francisco has been the headquarters and will remain the headquarters, with a presence in Atlanta.” Revel is one of the Bay Area’s largest fintech employers, with 150 workers in San Francisco and plans to hire another 25-plus here. Last month, the company opened an office in Atlanta, where it employs about 40 people and expects that figure to grow to 170 over the next two to three years. Revel also has an office in Lithuania to provide after-hours customer support. Revel’s decision to keep its headquarters in San Francisco comes at a time when soaring housing costs, growing traffic congestion and rising taxes for some residents thanks to Trump’s tax overhaul are sparking concerns of a tax exodus out of California. Last month, San Francisco-based Wonolo, a staffing platform for hourly and temporary workers, told the Nashville Business Journal that it could eventually employ more people in Music City than it does at its San Francisco headquarters. “Nashville had the most unique flavor of all the cities we considered. Maybe it’s the culture or a buzz, but it’s the city people got the most excited about moving to or visiting,” said Wonolo co-founder and Chief Operating Officer AJ Brustein. Since taking the reins in February, Dukat has sharpened Revel’s focus on customers that are a little larger than the company’s roots in serving small businesses, with one to five locations. Now the company focuses on small business owners with track records of successfully operating as many as 20 locations, while an enterprise sales staff focuses on companies with 21 to more than 1,000 locations. “We realized we were trying to do too much for too many different constituents of all sizes and in all verticals. We’re looking to pivot into organizations that are of a bit larger size than we traditionally sold to, where there’s an underserved market in the mid-market, in verticals where we do well, such as coffee, pizza and snacks,” Dukat said. “It’s starting to pay nice dividends for us.”


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 




Towering Change: Inside San Francisco’s Building Boom Thursday, September 20 | 7:30–10:00am Hilton San Francisco Union Square – Continental Ballroom | 333 O’Farrell Street How do some of the most innovative developers view the future of San Francisco? Join us for our annual candid conversation with developers and policy makers as we look at how San Francisco will grow in the next decade and beyond. We will hear an inside view on projects that will transform our urban landscape. We’ll also discuss the outlook for commercial real estate and the challenges in housing, homelessness and transportation that threaten our booming economy. What’s in store for San Francisco? Join the conversation! REGISTER ONLINE For more information, please contact Felicia Brown at 415-288-4936 or


Mayor London Breed

City of San Francisco


Carl D. Shannon Senior Managing Director Tishman Speyer

Elaine Forbes Executive Director Port of San Francisco


Jack Sylvan Sr. Vice President, Development Forest City Realty Trust

Vasquez Founder and Principal BUILD


Alexa Arena Executive General Manager, West Coast Development Lendlease






“Customer communication has moved online,” says CEO Josh Melick.


Broadly makes customer online reviews easy for small businesses BY NATHAN FALSTREAU

For small businesses, navigating social media and online review sites can seem daunting. Broadly aims to bridge the gap via an online and mobile app that helps streamline customer reviews and communication through webchats. “We help with getting customer reviews online after a job or service is complete and then work to get that next customer for the business,” said Broadly co-founder and CEO Josh Melick. The inspiration for the company comes from growing up “in the field swinging hammers” with his father, who owns a contracting business, he said. Today, small businesses often lack the technology to properly compete, Melick argues. “Customer communication has moved online,” he said. Additionally, Melick said that small businesses “have to compete with larger companies and still meet the needs of the customers in the age of smartphones” where goods and services can be delivered “within a couple of days.” The product’s webchat function

LESSONS LEARNED Sell the dream internally and externally: “Businesses are made of people and you’ve got to solve for that,” said Melick. “Sell the things that people believe in, the mission of the company and the product. There has to be a reason why people should want to come into work every day.” Be rigorous as well as casual with hiring: “We have two components to our hiring practice, one rigorous and one casual,” Melick said. “We like to end an interview by grabbing a beer or attending a light happy hour. One side is to learn about their skills and the other is to determine if we could hang out with them a little bit.”

BROADLY HQ: Oakland What it does: Broadly helps busy small business owners stay connected with their customers through webchat and review management. Founders: Josh Melick and Assaf Arkin Founded: 2014 2017 revenue: $4.7 million 3-year revenue growth: 3,529 percent Funding: $20 million Employees: 100 Web site:

allows businesses to instantly qualify a customer when they visit its website. “A quick message can be sent to a customer with a quote, for example,” Melick said. “And the customer can ask questions like, ‘Are you free tomorrow to work on my car?’ and “Are you available to work on my taxes next week?’” Through the Broadly mobile app, employees can respond to customer’s questions and requests. Once a job or service has been completed, Broadly sends an email or text message to ask if the customer would like to recommend the business in what is billed as a “one-click process.” If a customer responds “yes,” Broadly directs them to online review sites they’re already active on and an automated review is posted. If the customer is unsatisfied with the service and they respond in the negative, they may leave a private message to the business, which allows for the issue to be addressed before negative reviews are published online. Broadly’s clients include contractors, salon owners, carpet cleaners, dentists and attorneys, among others. The company earns

revenue through monthly and yearly subscriptions, which average roughly $300 per month. Addon services such as promotion on social media sites, an email marketing program, and website hosting and design are available for an additional charge. “Broadly is probably the biggest, most effective marketing tactic we use and it’s really easy for business owners who don’t have time,” said Wesley Bloeme, owner of WiseGuys Pro-Wash in Atlanta. “In the first 60 days, we got 45 five-star, authentic reviews from our customers and it took me no extra time because Broadly was integrated with our (customer review management).” Broadly hit $4.7 million in 2017 revenue and has seen a 3,500 percent increase in revenue over the three years prior. Looking forward, Melick said that Broadly’s next version of its mobile app will include new tools for customers to communicate directly with a business’ employees when on a job site, for example. “Phone calls are hard for both parties,” he said. “Because people are in meetings, or on a roof working, or in a car. Messages are both fast and asynchronous.”


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 


BUILDING A BUSINESS What fundraising challenges have you faced as a company? It was definitely more challenging to raise money when we started the company. It took quite a long time to convince more traditional investors, and we only raised a small seed round. But ultimately, when you have great traction and great growth, people start waking up and realize you’re onto something. Investors and bigger VCs finally woke up to the size of the opportunity around mindfulness and how fundamental things like stress and insomnia and mental health are to human life.


Alex Tew

In 2017, Calm was named Apple’s App of the Year — what does it take to create an app worthy of that status? For anyone creating a mobile app, an emphasis on simplicity and good design and a clear use case is really critical. For Apple, they want to shine a light on apps that can do good and have an impact on millions of people, and that was one reason that they chose us. Design and a great user experience are really super important.


HQ: San Francisco What it does: Calm is a software company that sells mindfulness meditation products. To date, its app has been downloaded more than 32 million times. It generates revenue through Founders: Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew 2017 revenue: $22.3 million Three-year growth: 10,549 percent Background: Prior to starting Calm in 2012, Tew founded Million Dollar Homepage, Pixelotto and PopJam. Employees: 39 Funding: $27 million in Series A funding

As a serial entrepreneur, do you see yourself always launching companies and trying new things, or do you see yourself sticking with one thing? You never know. I love coming up with ideas, but for now, Calm is where all of my focus and energy is. Calm is something that I can imagine working on, potentially, for the rest of my life in some form. It’s that exciting and interesting and it’s that big of an opportunity that it’s probably one of those things that’s once-in-a-lifetime. We want to see where we can take it and how big and successful we can make it. What piece of advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? Get on and move as fast as you can and learn as quickly as you can: don’t have analysis paralysis. You need to just get out into the market and figure out what is going to work. I’ve made the mistake of just taking ages to launch something and then it hasn’t worked, and the best way is just to get out there and move really quickly and start testing in the marketplace. — Shane Downing

Recruiting, hiring and retaining talent can be difficult in the Bay Area — what’s working for you at Calm? For us, the ongoing challenge is recruiting phenomenal people. We’ve built an amazing team, but we’re in one of the most competitive cities for amazing talent anywhere in the world. It’s not easy. For us, the main thing is to continually invest in the product and make the company more successful. That attracts great people who want to come and work with us. If we have that same approach, we’ll naturally attract great people as we grow. CALM / LUCAS FLADZINSKI


Claim based on average fares for nonstop flights between the West Coast and Hawai‘i, according to U.S. DOT data for 2017 as adjusted for stage-length.



Building the Future of Life-Changing Innovation™


Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. is the leader in designing innovative and collaborative urban campuses at the forefront of sustainability and creativity to help attract the best and brightest talent. SoMa/Mission Bay | South San Francisco | Greater Stanford






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Development consultant David Prowler said the Hub rezoning is balancing developer priorities with neighbors’ needs. TODD JOHNSON

Creating a sense of place The Hub rezoning aims to tie together a transit-rich neighborhood with new housing and open space. FIONA KELLIHER AND BLANCA TORRES, PAGES 20-22 INSIDE



Developers eye hospital area

Mission Bay’s new amenities

Housing and medical office builders are investing in the corridor around CPMC’s new hospital. 24

Groceries, breweries and recreation help complete the burgeoning neighborhood. 26

Residential Builders. 29




How S.F. is building a new ‘Hub’ Area around Market and Van Ness will welcome taller, denser housing BY FIONA KELLIHER


The French American School’s Stephane de Bord, right, and Melinda Bihn are working to Related California’s Matt Witte, left, on a tower with homes and academic space on this lot.

‘The whole point of doing this rezoning is to increase housing capacity and address housing issues.”

St Hayes

o si is









h 9t

ke ar





S V an



Ave Ness


Valencia St


Ho wa rd



Oak St



Fell St



V an Ne

ss Ave


Octa vi

t the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Market Street, San Franciscans can hop between multiple Muni stops and — soon — rapid-transit bus lines. The corner is one of the city’s most transit-rich areas, but it also lacks a sense of place and cohesion. Today the city is trying to mold the area into a dense, vibrant neighborhood that takes advantage of its rich transit. Encompassing the patch from Octavia and Market Streets up to 10th and Market streets, plus Otis Street and parts of South Van Ness, the Hub will be upzoned to include up to 9,000 new housing units and over 50,000 square feet of public space like parks and plazas. But the city is juggling a complex panorama of projects with the need to push the plan through quickly as construction costs rise for developers. “The whole point of doing this rezoning is to increase housing capacity and address housing issues,” said Josh Switzky, the city’s land use program manager. Two projects, at 98 Franklin St. and 30 Van Ness Ave., will be approved in the rezoning plan itself. Related California and the French American International School are planning a 36-story tower with a high school on the bottom and apartments above at 98 Franklin — the first mixed-use project of its kind in San Francisco (see story below). Meanwhile, Lendlease Group’s development is moving ahead with 222,600 square feet of office space, 14,900 square feet of retail and 562 homes in a 49-story tower. Other developers in the area have moved forward with projects separately from the rezoning. Atlanta-based Integral was orig-

San Francisco land use program manager

Hub development area




new type of mixed-use highrise is coming to San Francisco. Developer Related California and the French American International School are working on a plan to build a 36-story tower with a high school on the bottom and apartments on the top. While developers have built other types of mixed-use projects — housing and retail or housing and office space are common combinations — no one has built a highrise consisting of a school and housing in San Francisco. Related came to French American with the idea after completing a similar tower in New York City. “In cities like San Francisco and New York, where land is at a premium, the need to find more innovative ways to utilize that land is paramount,” said Matt Witte, Related’s senior vice president for acquisitions and development. Architecture firm SOM is designing the tower at 98 Franklin St. Plans call for a 365-foot tower with

five stories for the high school and 31 stories for 345 apartments. The school submitted preliminary plans for the tower in 2016 before it made the partnership with Related official. “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Related to build a mixed-use project that will bring together great urban design, affordable housing and educational space in the heart of our city,” said Melinda Bihn, head of French American. The high school part of the tower will consist of mostly classroom space for up to 400 students. French American, a private school, operates a campus with close to 1,100 students in other nearby buildings on Oak Street. The idea of putting throngs of teenagers in the same building as apartment dwellers may sound odd, but Witte said it will be like have two buildings in one. The two uses will have separate entrances on different sides of the building. Also, after the building is completed, the school will own the land under the tower and the school portion of the building while Related will own the apartment portion. “What we’re doing with French American is the

98 Franklin St. The planned tower will include a high school and apartments.

36 stories Including a 5-story high school


Students in high school



future of development in San Francisco,” Witte said. Related pitched the idea to French American after taking on another development nearby at 1500 Mission St. that is under construction for 550 homes and a 16-story office building. Witte knew that the city was in the process of upzoning the surrounding neighborhood to encourage taller, denser high-rise buildings. That upzoning is part of a specific plan for an area known as the Hub around the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Market Street. Specific plans outline zoning and development guidelines for a section of a city, but in this case, the Hub would include project approvals for 98 Franklin and another tower at 30 Van Ness. The Hub plan area encompasses one of the city’s most transit-rich zones with multiple bus lines and light rail connections, Witte said. “Congestion is at top of mind,” he said. “It only makes sense to put more housing where you have public transit.” Witte anticipates construction could start on 98 Franklin in 2020.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

“We have had great success. PG&E has been instrumental in helping with the development of our workforce in Oakland.” ART SHANKS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CYPRESS MANDELA TRAINING CENTER, INC.

PowerPathway program as a response to a shortage of skilled workers in the energy industry. Since then, hundreds of students have received 240+ hours of classroom and hands-on training to prepare them for energy industry jobs. Focusing on students in underserved communities and military veterans, PowerPathway is helping the next generation of PG&E energy professionals build a better future for themselves — and a clean energy future for California.

PowerPathway Students:

79% 54% 66%

gain employment in the energy industry of graduates get hired by PG&E

minority student representation

“PG&E” refers to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. ©2018 Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All rights reserved. Paid for by PG&E shareholders.

More than ten years ago, PG&E launched the





Some developers aren’t waiting on the rezoning CONTINUED FROM PAGE 20

inally slated to include its mixed-use project at 33 Gough in the plan’s environmental review, but pulled out in February. The company wasn’t ready to commit to one site description yet, said President Jay Stark. Details of the mixeduse tower — which Integral is spearheading with City College of San Francisco — are still in flux as the developer debates the exact configuration of the tower. “We want to fill in the outer rim of the Hub, if you will, with both residential and commercial opportunities,” Stark said. “A lot of people are solely focused on residential.” Delays to the rezoning process have caused other developers to pursue their projects outside the specific plan. The city initially wanted to finalize the new plan by November, but now adoption is slated for January 2020. At 30 Otis, Align Real Estate’s project could have been upzoned further through the Hub, but the developer wanted to push ahead with plans faster than the city’s timeline allowed. Align could not be reached for comment. Meanwhile Crescent Heights, which is developing 980 units at 10 South Van Ness, is also pursuing a review process separately from the rezoning. But the delays aren’t just on the city,

‘Development stops because people don’t know what to put there. It can have the effect of freezing a neighborhood.’ DAVID PROWLER,

Development consultant and president of Prowler Inc. TODD JOHNSON

Lendlease is replacing this building at 30 Van Ness with office space and 562 homes. Switzky said: When the plan-specific project developers change anything in their projects, it can hold up the environmental impact review of the entire plan. This isn’t the first time the city has wanted to kickstart new housing in the Hub. When the 2008 recession hit, San Francisco had just rezoned a swath of surrounding land in the Market Octavia plan, including the Hub. But the tough financial environment meant that development didn’t get much traction. Part of the difficulty in rezoning whole neighborhoods is keeping prom-

ises to both the community and developers, said David Prowler, a development consultant and president of Prowler Inc. Although the city hopes to limit the riskiness of projects by involving the community in the planning process, developers often encounter new resistance later on. At the same time, developers may wait to submit projects because they’re not sure what the upzoning rules will ultimately contain. “Development stops because people don’t know what to put there,” Prowler

said. “It can have the effect of freezing a neighborhood where we want to encourage change.” Developers in the area are already finding new ways to combine housing and commercial uses, like Related’s high school and apartment project. “In cities like San Francisco and New York, where land is at a premium, the need to find more innovative ways to utilize that land is paramount,” Matt Witte, Related’s senior vice president for acquisitions and development, recently told the Business Times.


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CA Lic No 92 |

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CPMC will be heart of corridor Van Ness sees new hospital, bus line, housing and medical office transformation BY MARY ANN AZEVEDO


n March, a $2 billion hospital will open on Van Ness Avenue and Geary Street, likely the most expensive medical project to ever open in the city. California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) campus promises to deliver more than health care. The neighborhood is seeing new medical office and housing developments to support the Sutter Health project. Construction of the 700,000-squarefoot hospital is nearly complete, and equipment and furnishings are being brought into the building, according to Larry Kollerer, director of Sutter Health’s West Bay region facility and property services. Before its doors have even opened, the hospital has already pumped $312 million into the city’s economy, estimated Kollerer, with about $86 million going toward union wages for San Francisco residents and $226 million toward doing business with local companies. This doesn’t include more than $70 million that was paid out for school taxes and various entitlement costs, he added. “The economic impacts are substantial, but the ongoing impact of patient care in a facility like this is amazing,” Kollerer said. “The biggest thing I see is San Francisco will be getting a brand new, fully equipped acute care hospital with all the latest improvements in healthcare right in the center of the city.” Other indirect impacts are the number of projects popping around the hospital, including the Bus Rapid Transit development under construction, a connected medical office building and several housing projects. The Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will create dedicated bus lanes along two miles of Van Ness and South Van Ness Avenues, from Lombard to Mission streets. The lanes will speed up travel times on Muni and Golden Gate Transit by 32 percent. Service is expected to begin in early 2021.

Office support The hospital will be supported by a nine-story, 250,000-square-foot medical office building being developed by San Diego-based PMB. The building, located at 1100 Van Ness, will also include a six-level, 383-space underground structure that will serve the medical office building and the hospital. The two facilities will be connected underneath Van Ness so that patients and doctors can safely go back and forth without having to cross the street, noted Jim Rohan, senior vice president of

Trask Leonard is leasing the medical office building across from CPMC’s new hospital on Van Ness, shown below.




Size: 239 units Developer: South Beach Partners and Oryx Partners


Status: Building permit filed

B n


Size: 150 units Developer: Golden Gate Van Ness LLC Status: Building permit filed

C n


830 EDDY ST.

Size: 137 units Developer: Build Status: Building permit filed

C D n


Size: 96 condos and 95,000 square feet of commercial / retail space Developer: Van Ness Post Center LLC Status: Building permit filed


development for PMB. The development firm has been working on the project since 2015 and has had the advantage of working with Sutter on two other facilities including one in Castro Valley. The building will open March 1 when the hospital opens. PMB is spending about $167 million to build the medical office building and around $60 million for the parking structure, said PMB President Mark Toothacre. The architect is Boulder Associates and the contractor is Pankow Construction. Sutter is leasing 78 percent of the building. PMB recently signed a lease with Walgreens and has a lease pending with Starbucks, in addition to leases with two other major hospital medical groups. The building is now 83 percent leased. “We anticipate that leasing will increase when the hospital opens,” Toothacre said. “This is probably one of the few medical dedicated projects developed in the greater downtown area in two decades. Also, you won’t find another medical office building anywhere in the Bay Area that approaches 250,000 square feet. This is a very large building by medical office building standards.” Trask Leonard, president and CEO of Bayside Realty Partners, is helping PMB with leasing 1100 Van Ness in addition to helping lease out 1 Daniel Burnham Court, a mixed-use building that includes medical office space and 245

condos off of Van Ness and Post. The 106,000-square-foot Burnham Court office building is gradually being transitioned in anticipation of the hospital, according to Leonard. “The commercial portion was half medical and half office, but it made sense over time to begin to convert to 100 percent medical,” Leonard said. There are two powerful factors at play here, Leonard said. Many tenants are attracted to the proximity of the new world-class hospital. “The Van Ness corridor (has) changed so much over the past 10 to 15 years and becoming more of an urban destination,” he said.

Not just office Residential developers are bullish on the area, too. Build Inc. has approvals to construct 137 rental units in 12 stories on 830 Eddy St. Build’s Founding Partner Lou Vasquez is waiting on building permits. Demolition is slated for the first quarter with completion aimed for the third quarter of 2019. While the hospital was already underway when Build picked up the site in 2015, Vasquez said he was aware of its upcoming construction. “We saw that the Van Ness corridor was a likely place to need more housing, so we purchased the site and had it entitled,” he added. “And with BART going in, that will definitely help mass transit across that corridor. All of Van Ness is getting a facelift now.”

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A WHOLE LOT MORE IN ONE From mini-golf to craft beer, new retailers are hitting Mission Bay BY FIONA KELLIHER

R “We have seen it really grow and change,” says Esther Stearns of Mission Bay. Stearns owns Stagecoach Greens minigolf.


aising three kids in San Diego, Esther Stearns and Jan Cohn Stearns loved family outings for mini-golfing. But they always wanted to play a course that was more engaging than the typical windmill and waterfall shots. Through a partnership with chef Carlos Muela of SoMa StreEat Food Park, the retired couple spearheaded the new 18-hole course at Parklab Gardens that opened in August at 1379 4th St. in Mission Bay. Over 150 Bay Area artists came together to design and build the course, called Stagecoach Greens, which is themed around San Francisco’s boomand-bust history. The site also features a beer garden and five food trucks. The project is known as Parklab Gardens.

Stagecoach Greens at Parklab Gardens in Mission Bay. “There just aren’t very many places you can put an outdoor mini-golf course that have that sense of relaxed open space,” Stearns said. “People can make a day of it.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 28




Friday, October 12 | 7:30–10:00am Pullman Hotel | 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City Biotech and tech job growth in San Mateo County are fueling a development boom.

As companies expand, cities throughout the Peninsula are grappling with a dire lack of housing, gridlock on the roads, and community resistance to change. Some cities are more innovative than others. What are the opportunities and challenges ahead? REGISTER ONLINE

For more information, please contact Felicia Brown at 415-288-4936 or







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New grocer, craft brewery slated to fill vacant spaces CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26

Food trucks gather at Parklab Gardens in Mission Bay.


Parklab is among a slew of new retail hitting Mission Bay. After years of struggling to fill bar and restaurant spaces, the neighborhood has recently seen more businesses trickle in. Thousands of residential units have hit the area, making it easier for retailers to survive. One newbie is Australian craft brewer Little Creatures, which is getting new

Service With Solutions has made its way to the Bay.


Tri Counties Bank Now Serves the Bay Area with 12 Branches Our unique brand of Service With Solutions provides a breadth of financial services, business knowledge and personalized problem solving. It’s a “come to you” style of full-service relationship banking built to last for years. With 12 branches now open in the Bay Area, Service With Solutions is closer than ever. Your Tri Counties Bank Business Banker is a financial services expert dedicated to understanding you and your business, and will coordinate with other specialists to construct and update a custom portfolio of financial services to help your business grow and thrive.

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You can count on the strength of more than $6 billion in assets and over 40 years of financial stability and service to communities throughout Northern and Central California.

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Branches conveniently located throughout Northern and Central California including 12 locations in the Bay Area.

digs nearby at the corner of 3rd Street and Mission Creek. Little Creatures has leased 6,300 square feet in the commercial portion of luxury condo building One Mission Bay for a restaurant and microbrewery to open in mid-2019. Meanwhile at 1120 Fourth St., the Ethiopian restaurant House of Tadu opened last year on the ground floor of a Mercy Housing affordable housing development. Other new businesses include Reveille Coffee at 610 Long Bridge St.; Powder, a shaved ice store at 601 Mission Bay Blvd., and Truly Mediterranean, a cafe at 900 16th St. Another big retail change is Gus’s Community Market taking over from Market Hall. Located on the ground floor of luxury apartment building Channel Mission Bay, the 10,000-square-foot space was previously occupied by Market Hall, an upscale food emporium that included both restaurant service and a grocery store. Restauranteur Tony Riviera was the project’s mastermind. Gus’s is a family-owned grocery store with locations in the Haight and the Mission. The new location would be Gus’s fourth in San Francisco. Founded in 1981, the grocer focuses on locally-sourced foods. Gus’s also provides catering services and houses delis in two of its locations.

1-800-982-2660 | Member FDIC

One Mission Bay’s retail space will host a craft brewery. Gus’s will join a neighborhood that’s getting increasingly vibrant, said Esther Stearns, who designed the new mini-golf course at Parklab Garden. “We have seen it really grow and change,” Stearns said. For Stearns and her partner, who have lived in Mission Bay for the last five years, the neighborhood was ideal for both mini-golf and food trucks thanks to the spaciousness of the site and spiking foot traffic. The course encompasses about 10,000 square feet within the 40,000-square-foot Parklab Gardens venue, with plans to add another nine holes in the coming months. During Parklab’s opening weekend, the golf course saw over 1,700 patrons. Stearns is confident that people will find plenty to love at the site, particularly the quirky mini-golf holes, like one with a billiards table displaying San Francisco inventions like the cable car and television. “San Francisco hasn’t seen anything like this,” she said.

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Compiled by Julia Cooper 415-288-4958, @SFBIZJuliaC


Company/Prior rank Website

KB Home




D.R. Horton


Toll Brothers



Shea Homes



TRI Pointe Homes






A.D. Seeno Construction Co. 6


William Lyon Homes




Trumark Cos.


Brookfield Residential


Tishman Speyer


City Ventures

14 15







DeNova Homes


Richmond American Homes 20


Meritage Homes


Taylor Morrison


Maximus Real Estate


Kiper Development



The New Home Co.



Summerhill Homes



Classic Communities


Signature Homes


CIM Group


Village Properties





2017 Bay Area new homes closed

2017 Bay Area housing starts

2017 Bay Area market share

Mode sale price2

No. of homes sold at mode sale price

5000 Executive Pkwy. #125 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-983-4600






Chris Apostolopoulos, Regional president, KB Home California

2603 Camino Ramon #525 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-242-0811






Tom Burrill, Division president, Bay Area

6683 Owens Dr. Pleasanton, CA 94588 925-225-7400






Rich Ambrosini, Division president, Northern California





* *


Top local executive(s)

6800 Koll Center Pkwy. #320 Pleasanton, CA 94566 925-249-6000






Bob Moore, Group president Rick Nelson, Division president

2630 Shea Center Dr. Livermore, CA 94550 925-245-3600






Layne Marceau, Division president, Northern California

2010 Crow Canyon Pl. #380 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-804-2220






Jeff Frankel, Division president

4021 Port Chicago Hwy. Concord, CA 94524 925-671-7711






Albert Seeno, President

2603 Camino Ramon #450 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-543-5500






Scott Roylance, VP/Division manager, Northern California

4511 Willow Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588 925-249-3200






Steve Kalmbach, Division president, Northern California

3001 Bishop Dr. #100 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-999-3950




> $2,000,0004


Mike Maples Gregg Nelson, Principals

500 La Gonda Way #100 Danville, CA 94526 925-743-8000






Josh Roden, President, Northern California

1 Bush St. #450 San Francisco, CA 94104 415-536-1850




> $2,000,0004


Carl Shannon, Senior managing director

444 Spear St. #200 San Francisco, CA 94105 415-964-1097






Patrick Hendry, SVP, Northern California

1500 Willow Pass Ct. Concord, CA 94520 925-685-0110


1 Harbor Ctr. #100 Suisun City, CA 94585 925-730-5770






Oren Hershkovich, Division president, Northern California

2603 Camino Ramon #140 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-543-4070






Barry Grant, Division president, Northern California

4309 Hacienda Dr. #450 Pleasanton, CA 94588 925-659-0119






Kevin Kimball, Division president

1 Maritime Plz. #1900 San Francisco, CA 94111 415-547-8467




> $2,000,0004


Robert Rosania, CEO Seth Mallen, Partner Matthew Myzak, Partner, investments

3200 Danville Blvd. Alamo, CA 94507 925-648-8888






Rick Kiper, President

1990 N. California Blvd. #650 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 925-244-0700






Kevin Carson, President, Northern California

3000 Executive Pkwy. #450 San Ramon, CA 94583 925-244-7500






Robert Freed, President/CEO

1068 E. Meadow Cir. Palo Alto, CA 94303 650-496-4496






Jim Pollart, SVP

4670 Willow Rd. #200 Pleasanton, CA 94588 925-463-1122






Jim Ghielmetti, CEO

1 Kaiser Plz. #430 Oakland, CA 94612 510-992-6160






Shaul Kuba Avi Shemesh, Principals

940 Emmet Ave. #200 Belmont, CA 94002 415-546-9373






Rob Isackson, President

1 In cases where builders do not have Bay Area offices, non-local addresses and companywide executives are listed. 2 Mode sale price is defined as the most frequently occurring sale price.

SOURCE: Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood company.




3 In 2017, 58 homes closed in the $651,000 to $700,000 range; another 58 homes closed in the $701,000 to $750,000 range. 4 $2 million or more.



Dave Sanson, CEO

5 In 2017, 9 homes closed in the $851,000 to $900,000 range; another 9 homes closed in the $901,000 to $950,000 range.



Total number of new homes sold in 2017 by all 25 builders on the List combined


Percentage of new homes that sold in 2017 for more than $1 million, among all 25 builders on the List combined (1,540 total new homes sold for more than $1 million)


Percentage of new homes that sold in 2017 for more than $2 million, among all 25 builders on the List combined (130 total new homes sold for more than $2 million) ABOUT THE LIST This List includes residential builders in the Bay Area, which is defined as Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties, and the city of Palo Alto. Data for the List was provided by Metrostudy, a Hanley Wood company. Additional information obtained from builder representatives and SFBT research. Mode sale price is defined as the most frequently occurring sale price. A closed home is defined as the final step in the sale and purchase of real estate in which a deed of title, financing documents, title insurance policies, and remaining funds due are exchanged. Some of the final documents, including the deed and mortgage or deed of trust, are then delivered to the county recorder to be recorded. NEED A COPY OF THE LIST? For information on obtaining commemorative plaques, reprints or web permissions, contact Lacey Patterson at 415-2884961, or at lpatterson@ WANT TO BE ON THE LIST? If you wish to be surveyed when The List is next updated, or if you wish to be considered for other Lists, email your contact information to Julia Cooper at juliacooper@bizjournals. com. WANT TO SEE OUR FULL LISTS ONLINE? To see this and other lists online visit sanfrancisco/datacenter/ lists. NOTES * - did not rank. NR - not reported.




Information to build your business R R  Federal Tax Liens ALAMEDA COUNTY Elmer S. De Leon DDS Inc., 5944 Newpark Plz. #B, Newark 94560, $26,375, (1120), document #2018169029, 08/29/18. Banana Pancakes Inc., 821 San Leandro Blvd., San Leandro 94577, $33,863, (1120/941), document #2018-169033, 08/29/18. Banana Pancakes Inc., 821 San Leandro Blvd., San Leandro 94577, $11,455, (6721), document #2018169034, 08/29/18. Premier Home Health Care & Hospice, 2150 River Plaza Dr. #320, Sacramento 95833, $27,489, (941), document #2018-169075, 08/29/18.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Dias Collision Repair and Auto Painting Inc./ MAACO Collision and Auto Painting, 1041 Hensley St., Richmond 94801, $84,177, (6721), document #2018129285, 08/14/18. Shields Nursing Centers Inc., 606 Alfred Nobel Dr., Hercules 94547, $851,339, (941), document #2018131101, 08/16/18. Shields Nursing Centers Inc., 606 Alfred Nobel Dr., Hercules 94547, $1,882,355, (940/941), document #2018-131102, 08/16/18.

MARIN COUNTY Taste Kitchen Table Inc./ Taste Kitchen & Table, 71 Broadway Blvd., Fairfax 94930, $13,484, (940/941), document #2018-29587, 08/21/18. Green Chile Kitchen & Market LLC, 21 Alcatraz Ave., Bel Tiburon 94920, $12,924, (940), document #2018-29588, 08/21/18.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY A-1 Protective Services Inc., 5 Thomas Mellon Cir. #156, San Francisco 94134, $340,698, (940/941), document #K654593, 08/13/18. 860 Restaurant LLC/OOLA Bar and Restaurant, 860 Folsom St., San Francisco 94107, $28,831, (941), document #K654624, 08/13/18. Tarakara Inc. dba PurpleKow, 3620 Balboa St., San Francisco 94121, $22,311, (941), document #K654628, 08/13/18. John B. Campbell’s Irish Bakery, 5625 Geary Blvd., San Francisco 94121, $25,096, (940/941), document #K654629, 08/13/18. Impaq Health Services, 178 Denslowe Dr., San Francisco 94132, $117,764, (940/941), document #K654635, 08/13/18.

SAN MATEO COUNTY Arthur Scott Enterprises Inc./Continental Caterers, 918 Industrial Ave., Palo Alto 94303, $16,821, (940/941), document #2018-65836, 08/22/18.

R R  Releases of Federal Tax Liens ALAMEDA COUNTY Amplive Inc., 804 Hearst Ave., Berkeley 94710, $29,106, (1120), document #2018-169051, 08/29/18.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Gary Garcia, 2808 Morgan

Dr., San Ramon 94583, $16,172, (941), document #2018-129303, 08/14/18. John Martin/Style Painting, 428 N. Buchanan Cir. #15, Pacheco 94553, $28,831, (941), document #2018-131109, 08/16/18.

MARIN COUNTY G5 Inc., 645 E. Blithedale Ave., Mill Valley 94941, $14,571, (941), document #2018-29590, 08/21/18.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Youngs Roofing Inc., 1165A Revere Ave., San Francisco 94124, $37,677, (1120), document #K654644, 08/13/18. Le Soleil International Holdings Inc., 133 Clement St., San Francisco 94118, $18,107, (941), document #K654648, 08/13/18.

SAN MATEO COUNTY Eichler Design LLC dba Hauswise, 704 Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo Park 94025, $23,618, (941), document #2018-65841, 08/22/18.

RR   State Tax Liens ALAMEDA COUNTY Europlex Windows and Doors, 1542 W. Winton Ave., Hayward 94545, $15,746, (franchise tax board), document #2018167288, 08/27/18. Shopsync Inc., 2150 Shattuck Ave. PH, Berkeley 94704, $25,891, (franchise tax board), document #2018-167289, 08/27/18. Castro369 Consulting, 390 Grand Ave. #10, Oakland 94610, $14,154, (franchise tax board), document #2018-167290, 08/27/18. Wendell A. Williams DDS Inc., 5900 Shattuck Ave. #202, Oakland 94609, $37,642, (franchise tax board), document #2018168928, 08/29/18. Carters Construction LLC, 10712 Stella St., Oakland 94605, $12,208, (employment development dept), document #2018168942, 08/29/18. Caruthers Lumber & Fence Inc., 46000 Warm Springs Blvd., Fremont 94539, $16,177, (franchise tax board), document #2018168944, 08/29/18. Kamiya Consulting Corp., 2120 University Ave., Berkeley 94704, $23,566, (franchise tax board), document #2018-168954, 08/29/18. Vann’s Auto Body Shop Inc., 1052 Dwight Way, Berkeley 94710, $15,677, (franchise tax board), document #2018-168957, 08/29/18. Hollis Industries Inc., 2002 Davis St., San Leandro 94577, $17,500, (franchise tax board), document #2018-168958, 08/29/18. Memo’s Installations Inc., 3490 Depot Rd., Hayward 94545, $13,528, (franchise tax board), document #2018-169780, 08/30/18.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Samberg Performance, 414 Soule Ave., Pleasant Hill 94523, $18,819, (employment development dept), document #2018129749, 08/14/18. Fisher-Nickel Inc., P.O. Box 1247, San Ramon 94583, $58,662, (employment development dept), document #2018-129750, 08/14/18. 1596 Church Street Condominiums LLC, 930 Pinon Dr., Martinez 94553,


Jennifer H. Kim DDS Inc., 15910 Ventura Blvd., Encino 91436, $312,768, plaintiff, case #HG17863614, 08/28/18.


READER’S GUIDE The Business Leads is a collection of information gathered from San Francisco area courthouses, government offices and informational Web sites. We gather these public records so you can build your business. No matter what business you are in, you can gain a competitive edge by reading the Business Leads. Find new and expanding businesses and new customers. Find out the area’s commercial and residential hot spots. Find clues about the financial condition of your vendors, customers or competitors. Listings for each category may vary from week to week because of information availability and space constraints. (Note: *Indicates listings are not available for this week.) $30,102, (franchise tax board), document #2018130900, 08/16/18. Smartech Communications Services Inc., 4834 Vinewood Way, Antioch 94531, $37,240, (franchise tax board), document #2018-131878, 08/17/18. Arrow Checker Cab Inc., 1829 Las Ramblas Dr., Concord 94521, $93,919, (franchise tax board), document #2018-131879, 08/17/18. Leila by the Bay Inc., 1991 Railroad Ave., Hercules 94547, $17,252, (franchise tax board), document #2018-131880, 08/17/18.

MARIN COUNTY Pacific Regional Equities Inc., 220 Woodward Ave., Sausalito 94965, $14,185, (franchise tax board), document #2018-29953, 08/23/18.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY One Plus One Labs Inc., 962 Carolina St., San Francisco 94107, $17,214, (franchise tax board), document #K654581, 08/13/18. HIIVE Systems Inc., 880 Harrison St. #303B, San Francisco 94107, $16,643, (franchise tax board), document #K654582, 08/13/18. Barahona Brothers Construction Inc., 2099 Quesada Ave., San Francisco 94124, $16,119, (franchise tax board), document #K654583, 08/13/18. Phil Neal Walker Law Corp., 250 King St. #414, San Francisco 94107, $15,298, (franchise tax board), document #K654585, 08/13/18. E and F Fine Foods Inc., 660 Powell St., San Francisco 94108, $10,218, (franchise tax board), document #K654587, 08/13/18. Global Merger Partners LLC, 400 Howard St., San Francisco 94105, $15,436, (franchise tax board), document #K654588, 08/13/18. Woodside International School Inc., 1555 Irving St., San Francisco 94122, $10,188, (employment development dept), document #K654713, 08/13/18. Airseed Inc., 465 California St. #300, San Francisco 94104, $141,393, (franchise tax board), document #K654991, 08/14/18. Shapiro Dinerman and Kaplun Inc., 2202 Judah

St., San Francisco 94122, $77,680, (franchise tax board), document #K654997, 08/14/18. DoYouBuzz Inc., 1436 Howard St., San Francisco 94103, $76,731, (franchise tax board), document #K654998, 08/14/18. Distribu.TD Inc./MMK Labs Inc., 44 Tehama St., San Francisco 94105, $156,079, (employment development dept), document #K655553, 08/15/18. The New Spot Inc., 2427 3rd St., San Francisco 94107, $19,594, (employment development dept), document #K655587, 08/15/18. Turf Community Improvement Assoc. Inc., 1652 Sunnydale Ave., San Francisco 94134, $16,512, (employment development dept), document #K656709, 08/17/18.

R R  Releases of State Tax Liens ALAMEDA COUNTY Rose’s Day Care, $30,538, (employment development dept), document #2018168846, 08/29/18. 5 Star Pool Plaster Inc., $20,559, (employment development dept), document #2018-168857, 08/29/18.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Waterlogic West Inc. (filed in error), $76,335, (employment development dept), document #2018129731, 08/14/18. The Foresight Wellbeing Co., $17,107, (franchise tax board), document #2018131882, 08/17/18.

MARIN COUNTY Outset Partners Inc. (filed in error), $11,535, (employment development dept), document #201829833, 08/22/18. D1 Sports Medicine LLC, $11,446, (employment development dept), document #2018-30328, 08/27/18.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Bite Communications (USA) Ltd., $44,334, (franchise tax board), document #K654964, 08/14/18. McCarthys on Mission LLC (filed in error), $16,779, (employment development dept), document #K655551, 08/15/18.

INDEX Abstract of Judgments..................30



Richard Remington vs. Eucalyptus Terrace LLC, 30 Upper Fremont St., San Rafael 94901, $125,000, plaintiff, case #CIV 1704082, 08/21/18.

Federal Tax Liens...........................30 Federal Tax Liens Released...........30 New Fictitious Names Registered... 36 State Tax Liens...............................30 State Tax Liens Released...............30 Real Estate Transactions...............30 EMAIL EDITION To buy Leads information for San Francisco and more than 40 other markets, call 877-593-4157, or see The information is available on disk or via e-mail and arrives earlier than the published version. McCarthys on Mission LLC (filed in error), $18,017, (employment development dept), document #K655554, 08/15/18. Pocket Teller Inc. (filed in error), $14,634, (employment development dept), document #K655558, 08/15/18. Pocket Teller Inc. (filed in error), $14,473, (employment development dept), document #K655565, 08/15/18. Pocket Teller Inc. (filed in error), $15,320, (employment development dept), document #K655585, 08/15/18. McCarthys on Mission LLC (filed in error), $17,608, (employment development dept), document #K655588, 08/15/18. McCarthys on Mission LLC (filed in error), $23,026, (employment development dept), document #K655591, 08/15/18. Treat Inc. (filed in error), $14,940, (employment development dept), document #K656449, 08/16/18.

SAN MATEO COUNTY Rippleworks, $17,081, (franchise tax board), document #2018-64898, 08/20/18. Rosalba Ambriz Inc./ Superior Building Maintenance, $68,644, (employment development dept), document #201866368, 08/23/18. Seton Medical Center, $54,802, (employment development dept), document #2018-66376, 08/23/18. Natus Medical Inc., $77,667, (employment development dept), document #2018-66379, 08/23/18.

R R  Mechanics’ Liens ALAMEDA COUNTY Claimant: HPM Systems Inc., Contractor: ICOM Mechanical Inc., $36,595, Owner: Hayward Point Eden I LP, on property at 3967 Trust Way, Hayward 94545, document #2018-169096, 08/29/18. Claimant: Roofing Constructors Inc./ Western Roofing Service, Contractor: Newmark Knight Frank, $757,131, Owner: Gateway Pleasanton LLC, on property at 4900 Johnson Dr., Pleasanton 94588, document #2018-

171493, 08/31/18.

MARIN COUNTY Claimant: Golden State Lumber Inc., Contractor: Crescent Builders, $25,489, Owner: TPGO LLC, on property at 115 Highland Ln., Mill Valley 94941, document #2018-30201, 08/24/18.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Claimant: MDB Interiors Inc., Contractor: Emery Companies Inc. dba MM Construction, $50,061, Owner: 69 Maiden Lane Owners LLC, on property at 69 Maiden Ln., San Francisco 94108, document #K655756, 08/15/18. Claimant: Pires Electric, Contractor: EMA Builders, $11,794, Owner: San Francisco Design Center/ Reef America Reit II Corp. YYYY, on property at 101 Henry Adams St., San Francisco 94103, document #K655409, 08/15/18.

SAN MATEO COUNTY Claimant: Big ‘B’ Lumberteria Inc. dba Big B Lumber, Contractor: City Ventures Homebuilding LLC and HBuild Inc., $17,773, Owner: City Ventures Homebuilding LLC, on property at 1256 Mission Rd., South San Francisco 94080, document #201865480, 08/21/18. Claimant: Springs Construction Co., Contractor: 612 College LLC, $14,245, Owner: 612 College LLC, on property at 616 College Ave., Menlo Park 94025, document #2018-66356, 08/23/18. Claimant: Springs Construction Co., Contractor: 612 College LLC, $14,245, Owner: 612 College LLC, on property at 612 College Ave., Menlo Park 94025, document #2018-66354, 08/23/18. Claimant: Springs Construction Co., Contractor: 612 College LLC, $14,245, Owner: 612 College LLC, on property at 618 College Ave., Menlo Park 94025, document #2018-66357, 08/23/18. Claimant: Springs Construction Co., Contractor: 612 College LLC, $14,245, Owner: 612 College LLC, on property at 614 College Ave., Menlo Park 94025, document #2018-66355, 08/23/18.

R R  Abstracts of Judgment ALAMEDA COUNTY Bank of America vs.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Renka Prop LLC vs. Leonard Johnson, $61,327, defendant, case #CUD 15 652590, 08/16/18.

SAN MATEO COUNTY TBF Financial I LLC vs. Jennifer J. Quinn an individual dba Star 1 Industries (Foreign Solano), 1000 Continentals Way #304, Belmont 94002, $10,678, plaintiff, case #FCM 153576, 08/22/18.

RR   Real Estate Transactions ALAMEDA COUNTY Jennifer Schuberth Trustee to University President Associates LP, 1717 Powell St. #300, San Francisco 94133; 366 Bellevue Ave., Oakland 94610, ID 010-0784-02701, $8,250,000. Robert and Kelley Melvin Trustees to James Maughan and Kathryn Kimball, 210 Alvarado Rd., Berkeley 94705, ID 0644229-002-08, $3,000,000. Hillside Homes Group Inc. to Judah I. and Ismael Estrella, 520 Gravatt Dr., Oakland 94603, ID 048H7606-60/61, $2,900,000. Jagroop S. Takhar and Sudarshan Kaur to Prasad V. and Padmaja Dasari, 3757 Selvante St., Pleasanton 94566, ID 9500022-020-01, $2,550,000. William Keith McDonald and Suzanne McDonald Trustees to Alok S. Doshi and Anuradha C. Deshmukh, 43940 Rosemere Dr., Fremont 94539, ID 513-0719-040, $2,500,000. Mohit Jain Trustee to Anjan Kumar Das and Paramita Das, 40943 Abuelo Way, Fremont 94539, ID 525-1659-050, $2,494,545. Joel M. Falcone and Ngoc K. Falcone to James F. and Ann Marie Graziadei, 1505 Elderberry Ct., Pleasanton 94588, ID 946-4051-027, $2,470,000. David and Joyce Rickenbaker to Andrew Joseph Spade Trustee, 355 Jerome Ave., Piedmont 94610, ID 051-4634-002, $2,317,272. La Sand Corp. to Sealandz LLC, 677 Emerson St., Fremont 94539; 224 Callan Ave., San Leandro 94577, ID 077-0451-020, $2,250,000. Jacques and Magdalen Chan to Anindo and Kakoli Roy, 43417 Laurel Glen Common, Fremont 94539, ID 513-0739-058, $2,167,272. Douglas J. and Connie L. Hughes Trustees to Rohan Alaksh Desal and Palak Pameshbhal Desal Trustees, 1131 Laguna Creek Ln., Pleasanton 94566, ID 946-4591-026, $2,127,272. Patricia Stenger and Jason E. Broome to Bianca M. Lansdown and Marc Gardner and Jessica Lansdown, 6389 Colby St., Oakland 94618, ID 161401-16, $2,024,545.

Sherri H. and Robert L. Stanley Jr. to Chaojun Liang and Jingmei Shi Trustees, 733 Yaro Ct., Fremont 94539, ID 5130485-072, $1,920,000. Juan D. Walker and Jared R. Lake to Caroline Dickie and Conner Petzold, 1012 Warfield Ave., Oakland 94610, ID 011-0857-022, $1,874,545. Elliot Huau and Wendy Huau to Parker 1110 LLC, 1851 McCarthy Blvd. #207, Milpitas 95035; 1110 Parker St., Berkeley 94702, ID 054-1785-019, $1,850,000. Davin Chow and Yen Y. Lee Chow Trustees to Nural Bacak, 1761 Trestle Glen Rd., Oakland 94610, ID 051-4808-019/020, $1,800,000. Robert Sean Robertson to Joyce Lo and Christopher Chan, 5911 Avoca Ave., Oakland 94611, ID 048G7407-011, $1,774,545. Nan Tang and Cuiping Liu Trustees to Uday K. Sista, 16 Sonas Place, Hayward 94542; 4137 Bay St., Fremont 94538, ID 5250670-008-02, $1,724,545. Marisa A. and Brian R. McDonald to Jonathan J. Aljoe and Ann L. Silva, 3021 Fairview Ave., Alameda 94501, ID 0690118-007, $1,600,000. Christopher B. and Erin Hadley to Timothy and Meghan Bruss Trustees, 889 Alma Place, Oakland 94610, ID 023-0444-021, $1,534,545. Boomhaus LLC to Christine Ann Mazzeo, 4955 Harbord Dr., Oakland 94618, ID 48B7151-004, $1,524,545. Parvaneh Hashemi Trustee to Fereidoon Hashemi and Sohi Rouholamin Hashemi Trustees, 264 Donald Dr., Moraga 94556; 2031 Shoreline Dr., Alameda 94501, ID 074-1245-00902, $1,520,000. MCNOJN LLC to Michael A. Levy and Martha M. Drinkwater Trustees, 959 Talbot Ave., Albany 94706, ID 065-2653-034, $1,507,272. Barbara B. Meyer Trustee to Merijn Terheggen, 2704 Bayview Dr., Alameda 94501, ID 074-1190-125, $1,500,000. Emma Carreon to Girish Natarajan and Neeba Chandy, 3799 Warwick Rd., Fremont 94555, ID 543410-15, $1,500,000. Matthew S. Rossiter and Ruth Ann Binder to Ryan Kurt Whiting, 5256 James Ave., Oakland 94618, ID 014-1236-066, $1,500,000. Patrick Yeto and Shelly Yeto to Michelle M. Graham and Luz Elena Tang, 2410 Normandy Cir., Livermore 94550, ID 0990700-127, $1,490,000. Thomas R. and Melissa R. Malpede Trustees to Henry Chang and Sharon S. Chiu, 38160 Hastings Ct., Fremont 94536, ID 5011505-026, $1,484,545. William A. Pritchard to Matthew and Meredith Weber, 1218 Masonic Ave., Berkeley 94706, ID 0602409-036, $1,475,454. Kingshuk Das and Reshmi Chowdhury to Shivaraman Ramachandran and Preeti Ganesh Mohan, 38881 Canyon Heights Dr., Fremont 94536, ID 507-0788-036, $1,470,000. Anindo and Kakoli Roy to Sarvesh Bhardwaj and Mamta Sharma, 41734 Olympus Ave., Fremont 94539, ID 525-0237-121, $1,464,545. Bhupinder S. Waraich


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 





OLMM Consulting Engineers


156 Ellis Street, 2nd Floor,

The Bundle of Joy

San Francisco CA

PO BOX 591754

Badri Prasad, SE has joined OLMM Consulting

The Bundle of Joy, is a San

Engineers as partner and senior vice president.

Francisco-based e-commerce site

Together, Sunil Gupta, President, and Badri lead

founded by San Francisco native, Caroline Curran. The Bundle of Joy solves

OLMM’s San Francisco and Oakland offices. A seismic

all of the pain points when gifting to friends and colleagues who just had a

expert and active member of regional and national

new baby. The Bundle of Joy sources, curates and ships Bundles direct to

structural code committees, Badri has substantial experience with government,

recipients’ front door. The Bundle of Joy has just announced their Corporate

healthcare, K-12, biotech, essential service and high-rise buildings, both as

Gifting Program and works with businesses of all sizes to gift meaningful and

new construction and retrofits. OLMM, in business since 1986, is the structural

purposeful gifts for employees on parental leave. Popular Out of Office Bundles

engineer of choice for significant civic, healthcare, aviation, transportation,

and Dad Swag Bundles include company-branded onesies, products parents

educational, housing and mixed-use projects across Northern California. We

want, and a $5 donation to UCSF Benioff Hospital.

are a focused team of expert structural engineers particularly sought for solving challenging structural engineering problems cost-effectively, and with an eye towards resiliency and seismic performance.

ABOUT COMPANIES ON THE MOVE Companies on the Move is an exceptional way to announce your acquisition, expansion, IPO, new product, awards, new location, rebranding and general news to the San Francisco business community. Listings appear as paid advertising and feature profiles in print and online. To place listings or get help contact Lacey Patterson at (415) 288-4961 or email To submit, go to:

Promote company success. When your company needs to announce exciting news, listings with Companies on the Move guarantee exposure for your positive press.

Where can I learn more?

Who can answer my questions? Lacey Patterson – Business Development Manager 415-288-4961 •



LEADS and Jaap K. Waraich and Prabhjot S. Khalsa to Zehui Zhong and Michelle Lequn Ma Trustees, 860 Yakima Dr., Fremont 94539; 1160 Highland Ter., Fremont 94539, ID 513-0280-017, $1,450,000. Nathaniel J. and Gloryanne H. Bryant Trustees to Yaqiong Zhong, 3608 Wyndham Dr., Fremont 94536, ID 543-0276-063, $1,437,272. Major Singh and Kulwinder Saroya to Brijesh Patel and Jinali Jhaveri, 33016 Regents Blvd., Union City 94587, ID 543-424-76, $1,430,000. Robin A. Boyar Trustee to Rachel Wong and Jeffrey Cunningham, 6009 Chabolyn Terr., Berkeley 94618, ID 064-4252-020, $1,420,000. Dennis F. Kiely to Ronald A. and Deborah L. Brochu Trustees, 35700 Palomores Rd., Castro Valley 94552; 35680 Palomares Rd., Castro Valley 94552, ID 085A-4700-002-44, $1,400,000. Sanjay Muru Khunti and Bindya Sanjay Khunti to Sarma Kuppa, 3881 Highpointe Ct., Dublin 94568, ID 985-0118-019, $1,400,000. Warren Vinzant and Tracy Vinzant Trustees to Asma Hashmi and Hesham Attaya, 2419 Irma Way, Castro Valley 94546, ID 084B-0352-080/081, $1,398,181. Thomas Bryant to Lisa J. Herrinton and Stuart Ozer, 2324 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland 94606, ID 0230415-017, $1,360,000. Ian Klink and Allison Lathrope to Daniel S. Grimm and Meryl C. Marr, 1037 Trestle Glen Rd., Oakland 94610, ID 0230438-010, $1,350,000. Rick M. and Patricia L. Passanisi Trustees to Lawrence M. Zhang and Lisa F. Zhou, 4201 Remora Dr., Union City 94587, ID 482-0042-037, $1,350,000. Mary Louise Kenefick Trustee to Jeff and Lauran Weinmann Trustees, 1018 Hollywood Ave., Oakland 94602, ID 024-0607-02301, $1,324,545. Raymond R. and Elizabeth J. Marchetti Trustees to Vijay D’Silva and Kristen N. Todeschini, 1225 Ordway St., Berkeley 94706, ID 060-2427-026, $1,323,636. Mark A. Peterson and Mary L. Woolsey Trustees to Jeremy Gailor and Megan R. Von Feldt, 1184 Keeler Ave., Berkeley 94708, ID 063-2985-030, $1,310,000. Charles and Karmela

Richey to Leland D. Collins and Yoriko Kishimoto Trustees, 446 59th St., Oakland 94609, ID 0161396-010, $1,290,000. DR Horton CA3 Inc. to Eric Willette, 30025 Mountain View Dr., Hayward 94544, ID 083-0478-096, $1,278,181. Suresh Deopura and Manju Deopura to Karthikeyan Venkatraman and Chandrika Athipatla Dasaradhraman, 3226 Gold Ct., Fremont 94539, ID 525-0349-020, $1,274,545. Garry Paul Moore and Patricia N. Moore to Ashok Kumar Gupta and Savita Gupta, 2440 Jackson St., Fremont 94539; 37030 Magnolia St., Newark 94560, ID 092-0052-021, $1,264,545. Inderpreet K. Singh to Paul Gaitan Banda and Benjamin Blank, 3244 San Luces Way, Union City 94587, ID 483-0041-049, $1,260,000. John S. Bagby and Jeannie F. Louis Trustees to James R. O’Harra Sutton and Erin K. O’Harra Sutton, 18875 Edwin Markham Dr., Castro Valley 94552, ID 085A6403-027, $1,250,000. James R. and Mildred Mooney to Viral H. Vaidya and Thamara V. Sekhar, 38208 Hastings St., Fremont 94536, ID 5011504-044, $1,246,363. Bharath Channakeshava and Suma Prabhakara to Hongxia Zhou, 34724 Teal Common, Fremont 94555, ID 543-0445-148, $1,240,000. Charles D. and Christine S. Yory Trustees to Nandakishore R. Chappidivankata and Swapna Pallapinti, 3631 Wilmington Rd., Fremont 94538, ID 525-1603-032, $1,224,545. Patricia Maude Allen and Joshua Lee Allen to Madeline and Evan Sherwood Trustees, 3322 Constance Cir., Alameda 94501, ID 069-0029-063, $1,210,000. Sean M. and Gail Irving to Preetham Reddy and Neema Bollampally, 409 Carnevale Ln., Alameda 94501, ID 074-1371-055, $1,210,000. Douglas G. Johnston and Zoe C. Beck to Timothy Cheung and Liza Cheung Trustee, 606 Comet Dr., Foster City 94404; 4549 Fieldbrook Rd., Oakland 94619, ID 30-1850-84, $1,200,000. John E. Weeks and Eileen S. Weeks to Mukulita Priyadarshan Bapat and Viraj Anand Bhide, 4961 Wingate Place, Newark 94560, ID 092A-0728-011,

$1,200,000. Leslie and LeAnn Hellewell to Javier De La Pena, 4951 Derby Place, Newark 94560, ID 092A-0716-016, $1,200,000. Norman Louise Moore to Karl Markus Karnadi, 35434 Severn Dr., Newark 94560, ID 092A-0728-121, $1,200,000. Sandra E. Schnur Trustee to Sylvia Lee, 1634 Lincoln Ave., Alameda 94501; 1205 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda 94501, ID 072-0368-026, $1,200,000. Manuel E. and Suzanne F. Gonzalez Trustees to Cuong Anh Nguyen and Ngoc Nguyen Nguyen, 6034 Radcliffe Ave., Newark 94560, ID 092A-0623-034, $1,164,545. Susan S. Josephs to Elizabeth Anna Linden and James Cameron Angus, 1731 Addison St., Berkeley 94703, ID 56-2011-8, $1,164,545. Brian Wellington and Christina MacDougall to Javier and Irasema Alvarado, 3686 Ferry Ln., Fremont 94555, ID 5430410-006, $1,150,000. Farshad Afrasiabipour to Alex Nadakkapparambil Jose and Krishna Alex, 5632 Walnut St., Dublin 94568, ID 986-0010-058, $1,150,000. Mark H. and Jill L. Duke to Nasrullah and Zainab Latif, 274 Bridgewater Rd., Hayward 94544; 33540 7th St., Union City 94587, ID 486-12-87, $1,150,000. John DeFord and Karen Marquardt DeFord to David H. and Sarah L. Fetter, 3261 Keith Ave., Castro Valley 94546, ID 084B-0510-015, $1,120,000. Joy Lung to Toby James Bradbury and Sarah Ann Rogers, 546 45th St., Oakland 94609, ID 0131159-007, $1,106,363. Cashews 1031 LLC to Che An Wu, 6510 Pfeiffer Ranch Rd., San Jose 95120; 3050 Darwin Dr., Fremont 94555, ID 543-0329-071, $1,100,000.

Trustees, 40 Latham Ln., Berkeley 94708, ID 0632979-046, $1,090,000. Stefano L. Cooper to Carol H. Cho and Ariel Lev, 1259 Queens Rd., Berkeley 94708, ID 060-2486-044, $1,024,545. Shi Hyun Kim and Kyung J. Choi Kim to Felix Cheung and Jennifer Ma Cheung Trustees, 1180 Old Alameda Pt., Alameda 94502, ID 074-1033-082, $1,018,181. TH HW Newark LLC to Hyosook Song, 88 S. Broadway #3215, Millbrae 94030; 37391 Bay Crest Rd., Newark 94560, ID 0920259-101, $1,002,727. Franklin A. and Annie Lee L. Amboy to Sohin Savla and Arushi More, 35994 Brandywine St., Newark 94560, ID 092A-0511-048, $1,000,000. Patrick D. Kennedy Trustee to Christopher Conde, 3732 Oakes Dr., Hayward 94542, ID 425-0310-017, $1,000,000. John A. and Carol A. Casey Trustees to Neelima Brungi and Kiran Kumar Javangula, 4116 Lorimer Loop, Dublin 94568, ID 986-0015-014, $990,000. David and Lauren Pratte to Shaomin Huang, 8002 Crossridge Rd., Dublin 94568, ID 941-2784-030, $990,000. Marianne E. Concepcion to Pok Man Bowen Jim and Nandina Wai Jing Chuck, 32460 Edith Way, Union City 94587, ID 483-0101045, $984,545. Tri Pointe Homes Inc. to Sravan Kumar Khambampati and Sridevi Yamajala, 2639 Briceburg Way, Dublin 94568, ID 9850122-015, $981,818. Lilia A. Castro to Mohammad Baqar and Saba Naqvi, 33043 Lake Bluestone St., Fremont 94555, ID 543-0338-032, $960,000. Tri Pointe Homes Inc. to Shushant and Payal Agrawal, 2637 Briceburg Way, Dublin 94568, ID 9850122-014, $955,454.

Jean Marie Myers Trustee to Danica and Aaron C. Elliott, 5 Arcade Ave., Berkeley 94708, ID 0602486-009, $1,100,000.

Richard Peter Arrighi to Jonathan and Ross Weiss, 39 Merriewood Cir., Oakland 94611, ID 048G-7422-020, $950,909.

Stefani and Timothy H. Harrison to Emily Wilska, 4211 Webster St., Oakland 94609, ID 013-1097-005, $1,100,000.

Taylor Morrison of California LLC to Tatyana Latham and Ernest Latham Jr., 3498 Dublin Blvd., Dublin 94568, ID 9850128-010, $947,272.

Nicholas and Tanya Bethard to Maxim Molchanov and Liubov Sireneva, 8098 Peachtree Ave., Newark 94560, ID 092A-0463-031, $1,090,000. Melinda M. Bascone to Nicholas and Portia Pirnia

Amy C. Simays and Adrian E. Simays to Sugumar Murugesan and Muthu Vidhya Navaneetha Kannan, 1736 Magnolia Cir., Pleasanton 94566, ID 946-4577-036, $930,000. R.D. Holloway to Sam and

Caryn Millar Trustees, 1311 Aberden Ct., Concord 94518; 854 61st St. #B, Oakland 94608, ID 0161435-002, $930,000. Alberto T. Huezo to Minyu Li and Tian Liang, 1668 Hyacinth Ln., San Jose 95124; 36384 Christine St., Newark 94560, ID 092A0624-173, $920,000. Taylor Morrison of California LLC to Naveen Kumar Reddy Duggy and Sri Mallika Terupally, 3450 Dublin Blvd., Dublin 94568, ID 985-0128-017, $919,090.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Development Solutions BTH to Pulte Home Co. LLC, 4511 Willow Rd. #8, Pleasanton 94588; 138 Albury St., Brentwood 94513, Lots 65-168 Subd. 8840 ID 013-440-001, $4,900,000. 4831 LTW LLC to Rumanni Holdings LLC, 165 Mission Rd., Fremont 94539; Lone Tree Way, Antioch 94509, Lot 5 Subd. 357-30504 ID 056-011-058-7, $4,600,000. Daniel S. Martin to David and Anabelle Satterfield, 4015 Happy Valley Rd., Lafayette 94549, Rancho Acalanes ID 247-031-005, $4,240,000. LE Holdings LLC to TJVX Holdings LLC, 3266 Buskirk Ave., Pleasant Hill 94523, Lot 14 Luigi De Martini Tract ID 148-070-017, $3,700,000. Craig S. and Anne M. Davey Co-Trustees to Todd and Kristin Fitch, 400 Marian Ln., Danville 94526, Rancho San Ramon ID 199-130007, $3,593,636. Michael S. and Lisa Herring to Elizabeth Hanson and Paul Sandhu, 19 Valley View Rd., Orinda 94563, Rancho El Sobrante ID 261150-003, $3,456,363. Corinne McClure Callaghan Enterprises LP to Weinberg Properties LLC, 225 Rutherford Dr., Danville 94526; 1445 Danville Blvd., Alamo 94507, Rancho San Ramon ID 198-061-004, $3,214,545. Steve and Kristine Paise Trustees to John and April Seo, 5965 Hillbrook Place, Dublin 94568; 4 Ramon Ct., Danville 94526, ID 200110-003, $2,724,545. Timothy J. and Carmen I. Martini Trustees to David R. John and Nancy A. Brown Trustees, 3131 Grey Eagle Dr., Walnut Creek 94595, Condo ID 190-430014, $2,274,545. Brookfield Emerson Land LLC to NUCP LLC, 1500 Willow Pass Ct., Concord 94520; Shearwater Way, Oakley 94561, Tract 9032 Emerson Ranch ID 037-

192-031, $2,150,000. Peter and Nancy C. Bluford Trustees to Houman and Neda Meshkin, 86 Meadow View Rd., Orinda 94563, Lot 54 Moraga Gardens ID 268421-005, $2,050,000. Darren and Jennifer Craine to Sean and Danelle C.C. Wilson, 105 James Place, Lafayette 94549, ID 234160-031, $1,950,000. Martin E. and Christa A. Thompson to Timothy G. and Lynn G. Bailey, 63 Deer Crest Place, Danville 94506, Lot 11 Subd. 6971 Laurel Woods ID 220-491-029-9, $1,900,000. Carole George and Daniel Shultz to Jill Marie Peterson and David M. Evans, 797 Moraga Rd., Lafayette 94549, Lot 24 Rancho Laguna De Los Palos ID 240-010-012, $1,844,545. Stephanie Kelly Shih to Sean P. and Ashley K. Janis, 255 Edinburgh Cir., Danville 94526, Lot 345 Subd. 6753 Diablo Highlands ID 202-332-001, $1,800,000. Liudmila Lobkina and Laura Tedeeva to Harmeet Singh Anand, 43322 Gallegos Ave., Fremont 94539; 900 El Pintado Rd., Danville 94526, Lots 63/65 Rancho El Rio ID 197-100052, $1,750,000. Roger J. and Ilene Dickinson Co-Trustees to Jennifer Y. Choy and Patrick Hernandez, 2621 Fairview Dr., Mountain View 94043; 1817 Lackland Dr., Alamo 94507, Lot 33 Subd. 4686 ID 194-213-005-3, $1,740,000. Dino Riggio to Jeffrey J. Nalty and Christine Geiser Nalty Trustees, 4033 Tilden Ln., Lafayette 94549, ID 249-010-043, $1,740,000. Dena Marie Gustus Cruz to Sean and Laurie A. Coyle, 28 Via Callados, Orinda 94563, Lot 7 Tract 3072 ID 266-280-007, $1,664,545. Djung Si Tran and Michelle Nguyen Trustees to Raghuraman Krishnamoorthi and Preethi Chandrasekhar Trustees, 2824 Caramoor Ln., San Ramon 94582, Lot 200 Subd. 8150 ID 223170-062, $1,634,545. Mohammad Noor to Manuel Antonio Castillo, 917 Lee Ln., Concord 94518, Rancho San Miguel ID 147-310-011, $1,600,000. D.M.G. Properties Inc. to Van Meer Properties LLC, 188 Blackstove Dr., Danville 94508; 10 Crow Canyon Ct., San Ramon 94583, Condo ID 208-490-020, $1,600,000. Darren Michail Endo and Leah A. Steely to Mollie

DeBrie and Rene Franco, 232 Clyde Dr., Walnut Creek 94598, Lot 14 Subd. 3765 ID 142-041-014, $1,600,000. Helen A. Allio to Scott M. Carthew and Nora Z. Ramos-Carthew, 2505 Holly Oak Dr., Danville 94506, Lot 90 Subd. 4878 ID 203-262-005, $1,580,000. Kenneth W. and Cathleen G. Southwick Trustees to Scott P. and Melissa L. Mooers, 901 Regency Ct., San Ramon 94582, Lot 98 Subd. 7038 ID 210-781042, $1,504,545. Yongmei Qin and Lei Liu to Gopal Kirsur and Rohini S. Kulkarni, 2881 Bethany Rd., San Ramon 94582, Lot 290 Subd. 8716 ID 223300-013, $1,464,545. Noubar G. and Seta A. Ghazarossian Trustee to Tak Cheung Andrew Chow and Yuen Man Jenny Lau, 1725 Rockspring Place, Walnut Creek 94596, Lot 37 Subd. 5073 ID 182-382004, $1,460,909. Terry D. and Joy L. Turchie Trustees to Mikhail and Oksana Popovich, 4254 Nottingham Dr., Danville 94506, Lot 140 Subd. 7277 ID 220-800-034, $1,450,000. Gerald Patrick D’Agostino and Anna Marie Velken to Matthew W. and Natalie C. McDermott, 1021 El Capitan Dr., Danville 94526, Lot 77 Subd. 4629 Shadow Hills ID 218-507-002, $1,440,000. Rob L. and Lisa M. Black to Jin Zhu and Han Zhen, 11 Daisy Ln., Orinda 94563, ID 270-280-038, $1,400,000. Joanna C. and Michael Schultz to Aditya and Ekta Madan, 3352 Glencoe Cir., San Ramon 94582, Lot 417 Subd. 8777 Windemere ID 223-460-045, $1,390,000. Tooraj R. Farahani and Bahieh Moshtael to Gerald Tse-Ho Wang and Xin Wang, 3148 Griffon St. W., Danville 94506, Lot 213 Subd. 8943 ID 206-720049, $1,384,545. James and Lherma Yu to Javad Lavaeiyanesi and Somayeh Sojoudi, 2048 Harper St., El Cerrito 94530, Lots 25-26 Block 39 Richmond Junction Heights ID 501-380-054, $1,374,545. Suzanne B. Shae and Raymond P. Shae Jr. to Soumil and Kruti Amin, 156 Del Monte Dr., Walnut Creek 94595, Lot 1 Subd. 6243 ID 184-520-001, $1,350,000. Sean and Ashley K. Janis to Kevin and Sophia Wong, 1005 Dunhill Ct., Danville 94506, Lot 101 Tract 7135 ID 206-404-045, $1,344,545.

James R. Grisier Trustee to Baoxia Mi and Min Liu, 33 Thorndale Place, Moraga 94556, Lot 45 Tract 2710 ID 255-271-006-9, $1,327,272. Mark V. Karpenko to John B.B. and Emily Winchester, 416 Deer Point Dr., Gulf Breeze, Fla. 32561; 1855 Castle Hill Rd., Walnut Creek 94595, ID 188-080-005, $1,324,545. Carlos J. and Jill Eiras to Charles Feng and Jean Xiong, 35 Sugar Pine Ln., Danville 94506, Lots 71-72 Tract 5440 ID 203-502053, $1,270,000. Dorothy J. Lovato Trustee to Rex and Cecilia Eng, 606 Colmar Ct., Danville 94506, Lot 70 Subd. 8331 ID 206600-014, $1,254,545. Shapell Industries Inc. to Edward K. Lu and Yu Jin, 6152 Alpine Blue Dr., San Ramon 94582; S. Monarch Rd., San Ramon 94583, Lot 32 Subd. 9326 ID 222-810032-3, $1,252,727. Steve J. Vierra and Kennedy Fleischauer to Paul Porter, P.O. Box 1396, Orinda 94563; 33 Don Gabriel Way, Orinda 94563, Lot 69 Moraga Del Rey ID 271-070-007-7, $1,250,000. Eloise B. McTigue Trustee to Patrick J. and Julie M. Billy, 36 Hornet Ct., Danville 94526, Lot 38 Subd. 3306 ID 196-391012, $1,250,000. Sridhar Sairy and Bhagyadevi Avadhuta to Naji M. Abdulla and Jiji Kassimbeevi Abdulsalam, 6153 W. Branch Rd., San Ramon 94582, Lot 195 Subd. 8306 Gale Ranch ID 222-490-066-8, $1,244,545. Carlo Austria and Jacy Wong to Chelsea Kern and Victor Jesus V. Perez, 633 Morninghome Rd., Danville 94526, Lot 7 Subd. 3572 ID 216-193-008, $1,234,545. Trilogy Vineyards LLC to Donald D. Widdifield and Joan Marie Widdifield Trustees, 2067 Solera St., Brentwood 94513, Lot 42 Subd. 8907 ID 007-740003, $1,231,818. Helena Professional Center LLC to Bernardo G. Cortes Jr. and Giselle Basada Cortes, 7742 Terrace Dr., El Cerrito 94530, Lot 149 Berkeley Country Club Terrace ID 503-321-002, $1,220,000. Shapell Industries Inc. to Jun Wen, 5031 Ivy Leaf Springs Rd., San Ramon 94582; 5031 Rowan Dr., San Ramon 94582, Lot 21 Subd. 9302 ID 222-740021-1, $1,208,181. Anthony and Elizabeth Deshong to Hofmann Land Development Co. LLC, P.O. Box 907, Concord 94522;


Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Making Forward Progress on Bay Area Housing Crisis California’s San Francisco Bay Area Counties lead the list of most expensive rental markets in the nation, according to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties take the respective top six spots on the national list. The region’s housing environment continues to make it harder and harder for working people and vulnerable community members to have access to safe, affordable housing, and for employers to recruit and retain workforce talent.

solutions for Bay Area housing. From 2016 regional electoral wins to the 2017 historic housing package at the Legislature, NPH is building a track record of success and driving meaningful progress for Bay Area housing. Now, NPH invites community leaders, developers, service providers, architects, and other industry members to accelerate the conversation, passing critical local and state ballot measures this November and identifying immediate, next bold steps.

“This is an embarrassing honor to hold and a devastating hardship for our communities,” said Amie Fishman, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) Executive Director. “We’re ready for the Bay Area to be known for our innovative solutions, rather than our housing problems.”

On Friday, September 21, NPH will host an all-day conference tackling how the region can create opportunities. Bringing together nearly 1,000 industry leaders and offering 25 workshops, this premier conference will be the largest Bay Area convening on affordable housing. Join NPH to explore solutions to drive progress for the housing industry and Bay Area communities at large.

By exploring regional and statewide strategies, NPH has been leading

Learn more:


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

LEADS 007, $1,074,545.

1003 Woodbury Rd. #103, Lafayette 94549, ID 241330-040, $1,200,000.

Graham M. and Laurie L. Beck et al. to Russell J. and Charmain B. Harrison, 11 Meier Rd., Pleasant Hill 94523, ID 170-182-034, $1,074,545.

Paul-Louis Clip and Katrine F. Clip Trustees to Nick R. and Megan Kusanovich, 795 Farm Hill Ct., Walnut Creek 94598, Lot 4 Subd. 4843 ID 135302-004, $1,174,545.

Donald E. and Madelyn M. Nunn Trustees to Shilpa and Atul Pathare, 2127 Seccombe Ct., Walnut Creek 94598, Lot 38 Subd. 4366 ID 142-321-012, $1,044,545.

Leland and Sandra L. Lum Trustees to Anup Parameswaren and Ramya Tathacharya, 41 Linda Ct., Pleasant Hill 94523, Lot 8 Subd. 6668 ID 164-520032, $1,130,000. John LaFountain to Flowing Blue LLC, 32650 Jane Ln., Fort Bragg 95437; 5200 Byron Hot Springs Rd., Byron 94514, ID 002-200018, $1,120,000. Savant Homes LLC to Sumeet and Sarika Agarwal, 10033 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon 94583, Lot 8 Tract 3842 ID 212231-008-5, $1,120,000. Mark S. and Jennifer P. Trott to Sachin and Bhavya Verma, 50 San Carlo Ct., Danville 94526, Lot 21 Subd. 6806 ID 218-810021, $1,109,090. Juliette Ann Cote Trustee to Mischa Aram Serlin and Sabina Sadykhova, 589 Walnut Ave., Walnut Creek 94598, Lot 2 Subd. 3243 Brook-Tree ID 139-011002-9, $1,100,000. Kumar Chandramoulie and Arati V. Gopalakrishnan to Sridhar Guntappali and Chandra Rajagopalan, 3220 De Anza Place, San Ramon 94583, Lot 39 Tract 3843 ID 212-262-022, $1,080,909. Jeffrey W. and Elizabeth H. Morino to Lap Q. Vong and Wansha Loo, 3324 El Suyo Dr., San Ramon 94583, Lot 7 Tract 3844 ID 212-311-

Louie Castillo Trustee to Chrissy Cortinovis and Ryan Rodrigues, 840 El Capitan Dr., Danville 94526, Lot 144 Tract 4439 ID 218491-009, $1,030,000. Shapell Industries Inc. to Chee Hoong Chu and May Quin Chen, 5128 Rowan Dr., San Ramon 94582, Lot 19 Subd. 9302 Gale Ranch ID 222-740-019-5, $1,011,818. James R. and Leslie A. Burrows to Karl J. Saldanha and Jennifer Yen Luu, 2852 Aptos Way, San Ramon 94583, Lot 17 Subd. 4517 ID 212-402-009, $1,010,000. Jeffrey A. Tade and Bruce D. Hall to Chris B. and Gilda Hutchinson, 119 Tivoli Ln., Danville 94506, Lot 122 Subd. 7299 ID 203191-045, $1,002,727. Eric Oikkola Trustee to Campos Development LLC, 1911 Mountain Vista Way, Reno, Nev. 89519; 1013 Windsor Dr., Lafayette 94549, Lot 29 Tract 2405 ID 185-091-010, $1,000,000. Patrick A. and Nicole M. Hogan to Daniel C. Grimborn and Tammy J. Dain, 426 Iron Hill St., Pleasant Hill 94523, Lot 40 Subd. 7243 ID 164-550020, $998,181.

Edward King and Jennifer Suttie to Shannon E. and Eric D. Angulo, 2918 Dorothy Dr., Pleasant Hill 94523, Lots 38-39 Graceland Walnut Homes Sites ID 170-232-015, $968,181. Trilogy Vineyards LLC to John S. Carr and Bertha Kusuma Trustees, 2059 Solera St., Brentwood 94513, Lot 38 Subd. 8907 ID 007-730-038, $968,181. Dewayne H. and Lou A. Ruwe Trustees to Michael S. Johnson, 314 Skyview Dr., Pleasant Hill 94523, Lot 92 Subd. 5132 ID 154-802029, $964,545. John A. Lullo and Judith M. Porep Trustees to Matthew Paradise and Lana Kaiser, 204 The Knoll, Orinda 94563, Lot 23 Subd. 4363 ID 260-281-024, $964,545. Narsimharao V. Kondapaka and Sharanya Akkaraj Trustees to Michael H. and Abigail A. Welch, 7450 Stoneleaf Rd., San Ramon 94582, #3 Lot 12 Tract 8952 ID 222-500-116-9, $954,545. Marc S. and Kelly Winner Trustees to James G. Korkos, 51 Eagle Lake Ct. #33, San Ramon 94582, #51 Lot 295 Tract 6550 ID 217-260-051, $950,000. Sharon E. Reno to Zaher Abdulla Mohamed, 3098 24th St., San Francisco 94110; 385 Havasu Ct., Brentwood 94513, Lot 119 Subd. 9310 ID 018-680013, $950,000. Daniel Kennison to Brian P. and Linda R. Burns, 4755 Discovery Pt., Discovery Bay 94505, Lot 26 Subd. 4077 ID 004-031-010, $940,000.

Arthur L. and Sharon G. Anderson to David and Deborah A. Mosunich Trustees, 2145 Myrtle Beach Ln., Danville 94526, Lot 66 Subd. 4795 ID 218650-082-9, $930,000.

Elizabeth S. Leigh to H. Debra Levin Trustee, 222 N. LaSalle St. #2000, Chicago, Ill. 60601; 11 Pine Ct., Kentfield 94904, Del Mesa ID 071-062-30, $4,600,000.

B.M.I. to The Gleason Family Foundation, 67 Mark Dr., San Rafael 94903; 28 Paul Dr., San Rafael 94903, Lot 42 Northgate Industrial Park ID 155-15106, $2,200,000.

24, $1,724,545.

John O. Clary and Paula C. Clary to James C. and Keri L. Phillips, 139 El Portal Place, Clayton 94517, Lot 79 Subd. 5722 ID 119-610018, $914,545.

Gail C. Graham to Henry E. and A. Michelle Schmitt Trustees, 1675 Howard St., San Francisco 94103; 211 Seadrift Rd., Stinson Beach 94970, Lot 47 Seadrift Lagoon ID 195-331-40, $4,000,000.

Philip A. Fee and Jennifer Lopez Trustees to Kathryn Dekas Day and Jason Smith Day, PSC 475 Box 1563, FPO, AP. 96350; 135 Trinidad Dr., Tiburon 94920, Lot 79 Paradise Cay ID 038211-11, $2,100,000.

Tamalpais Design LLC to Daniel D. and Sarah R. Davis Co-Trustees, 81 Montford Ave., Mill Valley 94941, Parcel 1 Lands of Rasella ID 047-191-59, $3,910,000.

Thomas Scharpf and Shawn D. Scharpf to Robert E. Bruce and Patricia Dutra Bruce, 125 Main Dr., San Rafael 94901, Lots 88/93 Bayside Acres ID 186-081-16, $2,000,000.

BSSE LLC to Jason M. Fuchs and Jeanice R. Skvaril Trustees, 900 Larkspur Landing Cir. #100, Larkspur 94939; 10 Inverness Way, Inverness 94937, Bailey’s ID 112292-04, $1,611,818.

David A. Schwartz Trustee to Barbara Hunt Trustee, 2840 Woolsey St., Berkeley 94705; 250 Mesa Rd., Bolinas 94924, ID 188-17033, $3,400,000.

Alicia G. Alexander Trustee to Virgil P. Caselli Jr. and Nicole M. Colombo, 25 Meadow Ridge Dr., Corte Madera 94925, Lot 114 Madera del Presidio ID 034420-03, $1,924,545.

Amar and Ayesha S. Maqsood to Vishal Karna Thorat and Deepali Laxmanrao Khotkar, 1314 Cedarwood Loop, San Ramon 94582, Lot 11 Subd. 8684 ID 222-390-011-5, $900,909. Stewart Brown and Alida Mow Birnam et al. to Kristeen M. Wurtele and Alexander B. Loubek, 2312 Humboldt St., El Cerrito 94530, Lots 4-5 Block 21 Richmond Junction Heights ID 501-010-017, $900,000. Linda Viggiano Trustee to Green Key Investments, 508 Dimm St., Richmond 94805; 1532 Springbrook Rd., Walnut Creek 94597, (portion) Lot 66 Del Hambre Terrace ID 177-170-002, $900,000. Richard M. and Patricia A. Lowe Trustees to CBS Finance Inc., 1223 Rivera St., El Cerrito 94530, Lot 17 Subd. 3078 Portola Park ID 503-092-006-9, $900,000.

MARIN COUNTY BSP Rowland Plaza LLC to HSRE-PCMS Rowland Plaza Mob LLC, 2029 Century Park E. #2920, Los Angeles 90067; 88 Rowland Way/75 Rowland Way, Novato 94945, Lot 4/6B Rowland Plaza ID 153-32004/11/14, $36,750,000. Kurt G. Abrahamson and

East Bay Chapter Walnut Creek


Attorneys, Bankers, CPAs and

Other Financial Professionals

See old friends and make new ones!

Tuesday, Sept. 25 ~ 5–8 p.m. Scott’s Seafood 1333 N California Blvd,

Register online at

or contact: CalCPA 1710 Gilbreth Road Burlingame, CA 94010 (650) 522-3230 or

Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Thanks to our generous sponsors:

Net proceeds from the event will be used to support accounting students in CA. Contributions or gifts to CalCPA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult your tax advisor.

Daniel and Hillary Oppenheim to Julia M. and Karl R. Wilber Trustees, 60 Seafirth Rd., Tiburon 94920, Lot 9 Seafirth ID 039-101-26, $2,810,000. Thomas W. Hannan and Margaret Dillingham Hannan Trustees to Jeffrey Reid and Mark S. Roberts, 75 Main Dr., San Rafael 94901, Lots 31/32 Bayside Acres ID 186-101-16/17, $2,800,000. Susan E. Ranft Trustee to Edward B. and Pamela B. Berg, 420 Oakdale Ave., Corte Madera 94925, Lot 18 Block 2 McCue and Pixley Tracts ID 025-052-18, $2,420,000. Brooke P. Halsey Trustee to Jason C. Hastings and Vitoria Angelica Mirabile, 127 St. Thomas Way, Tiburon 94920, Lot 122 Paradise Cay ID 038-21512, $2,267,272.

Derek H. Berger and Nancy Perata to Heather Hughes and Trond Grenager Trustees, 24 Tamalpais Ave., Mill Valley 94941; 3 Wainwright Pl., Mill Valley 94941, Lot 387 Tamalpais Land and Water Co. ID 027203-11, $1,874,545. Gerald Pisani and Sandra Pisani to Jeremy R. Devich and Carly N. Devich CoTrustees, 3653 Buchanan St. #1, San Francisco 94123; 59 Paseo Mirasol, Belvedere Tiburon 94920, Lot 42 Reedlands Woods ID 038-342-07, $1,824,545. Tahoe Boaz to J. Jay Pierrepont and Lisa Baldauf Pierrepont Trustees, 49 5th Ave., San Francisco 94118; 309 Caledonia St., Sausalito 94965, Lot 2 Block 18 Lands of the Sausalito Land and Ferry Co. ID 064-167-

Michael Panec to Emily A. Grossman and Daniel C. Philpot, 34 Miramar Ave., San Rafael 94901, Lot 9 McDonald Tract ID 012141-29, $1,664,838.

Timothy Lenehan Trustee to Alexander Yusim and Regina Men, 1325 37th Ave., San Francisco 94122; 30 Inverness Dr., San Rafael 94901, Lot 97 Loch Lomond ID 016-112-11, $1,574,838. Lisa Sarmento Trustee to Joseph C. and Judith K. Gehman Trustees, 24 Palmer Dr., Novato 94949, Lot 66 Pointe Marin ID 160872-70, $1,498,181. Cynthia M. Hersey Trustee to Craig T. and Jill E. Vived, 17 Bahr Ln., Corte Madera 94925, Lot 3 Bahr Tract ID 025-011-25, $1,450,000.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY MHM Properties LLC to 1140 Harrison Associates LP, 5847 San Felipe #3600, Houston, Texas 77057; 1144 Harrison St., San Francisco 94103, (portion) 100 Vara Block 409 ID 3755/023, $58,000,000. 19 Arguello LLC to J Estates LLC, 394 Pacific Ave. Fl. 2, San Francisco 94111; 19 Arguello Blvd., San Francisco 94118, ID 1355/081, $12,800,000. 181 Fremont Street LLC to Zixin Qi, 181 Fremont St. #66B, San Francisco 94105, 181 Fremont Residences ID 3719/509, $8,550,000.

Moris Herscowitz and Janet Herscowitz Trustees to 2737 Sutter A2 LP, 268 Bush St. #1688, San Francisco 94104; 2737 Sutter St., San Francisco 94115, (portion) Western Block 618 ID 1073/017, $6,116,977. 2178 Pine Street LLC to Karen Valladao Trustee, 2178 Pine St., San Francisco 94115, (portion) Western Block 272 ID 0652/016, $5,800,000. 201 Folsom Acquisition LP to Christopher P. Collins and Lynn L. Chiu-Collins Trustees, 201 Folsom St. #29B, San Francisco 94105, Lumina ID 3746/602, $5,250,000. 740 Bay Street LLC to Scorpion Properties II LLC, 2229 San Felipe St. #1150, Houston, Texas 77019; 1559 Church St., San Francisco 94131, (portion) Horner’s Block 56 ID 6600/026, $4,900,000. Gretchen D. Frantz Trustee to Brian Matthay and Laura Rachel Jones, 2819 Buchanan St., San Francisco 94128, (portion) Western Block 264 ID 0556/002, $4,504,933. Twin Peaks Investments LLC to Patrick M. Wendell and Kay E. Ousterhout Co-Trustees, 6 Bonview St., San Francisco 94110, Lot 437 Gift Map ID 5613/063, $3,550,000. Christie Pearl Trustee and Ana Isabel Anderson Imbert Trustee to Charles J. and Robyn L.F. Moran Trustees, 2628 Steiner St., San Francisco 94115, (portion) Western Block 348 ID 0582/014A, $3,176,933. Lawrence D. Goldberg and Kenneth A. Goldberg Trustees to Craig M. Christensen, 140 San



LEADS Benito Way, San Francisco 94127, Lot 16 Block 5 St. Francis Wood ID 3102/005, $2,960,000. City Group Four LLC to Joanna Suk-Yi Kong Trustee, P.O. Box 1413, Fremont 94538; 796 Hayes St., San Francisco 94102, (portion) Western Block 285 ID 0805/019, $2,800,000. T.J. Cotugno Holdings Inc. to Adam D. Polselli, 2362 15th St., San Francisco 94114, (portion) Mission Block 121 ID 2612/014, $2,500,000. Woods Family Investments LP to JMRS LLC, 1297 18th St. #5, San Francisco 94107; 1297 18th St., San Francisco 94107, (portion) Potrero Nuevo Block 281 ID 4038/027, $2,500,000. Barbara S. Lane Trustee to Catherine A. Yanni and David W. Yount, 234 10th Ave., San Francisco 94118, (portion) Outside Land Block 173 ID 1424/029, $2,500,000. Joerg M. Wittenberg and Keith Wong to Ben W. and Ester Beerle, 240 Parker Ave., San Francisco 94118; 238 Parker Ave., San Francisco 94118, Parker Ave. Condo ID 1087/020, $2,500,000. Marilou Peterson Trustee to Mission Apartments - 8909 - 8936 S Nogales Highway LLC, P.O. Box 2692, Berkeley 94702; 1129 Guerrero St., San Francisco 94110, (portion) Horner’s Block 11 ID 3646/015, $2,450,000. Donald T. Miyamoto and Keith I. Miyamoto to Tuscan Sacramento Investments LP, 750 Battery St. Fl. 7, San Francisco 94111; 3707 Sacramento St., San Francisco 94118, (portion)

Western Block 833 ID 1017/026, $2,374,933. Michael Gong and Amy Lui Trustees to Cheryl Cecchini Leahy and Daniel Leahy, 3239 Steiner St., San Francisco 94123, (portion) Western Block 399 ID 0511/003A, $2,374,933. Oakdale Barneveld LLC to San Francisco Diversified Properties LLC, 1520 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133; 2700 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco 94124, Lot 27 Gift Map ID 5572/027, $2,280,000. Michael Ottoboni and Dominic J. Tiscornia Trustee et al. to KG Investors LLC, 139 Mitchell Ave. #236, South San Francisco 94080; 4728 Mission St., San Francisco 94112, P.A. McDonald’s ID 6955/017, $2,254,933. Kelli Tom and Karen Tom et al. to Carmel Era Holdings Inc., 2410 Merced St., San Leandro 94577; 1215 Oak St., San Francisco 94117, (portion) Western Block 524 ID 1219/035, $2,100,000. Gary Chi Hsuan Chen and Jian Hong He to Jeson Patel and Ana Paola Monroy Tapia, 1474 34th Ave., San Francisco 94122, (portion) Outside Land Block 736 ID 1820/028, $2,100,000. Alannah Chase and Anthony J. Malone CoTrustees to Christopher Yee and Emu Yoshida, 1415 Cole St., San Francisco 94117, (portion) Western Block 884 ID 1290/003, $2,064,933. Daniel L. and Sarah A. Moynihan to Molly R. Bierman, 2440 Green St., San Francisco 94123, Green St. Condo ID 0537/040, $2,050,000.

401 Harrison Owner LLC to Henry P. Scheidel Trustee, 800 W. Broad St. #408, Falls Church, Va. 22046; 401 Harrison St. #23C, San Francisco 94105, One Rincon Hill ID 3765/558, $1,964,933. Matthew B. Baier and Guissu Raafat Baier Trustees to Chad E. Brandt and Julie Minerva McCord, 2373 14th Ave., San Francisco 94116, (portion) Outside Land Block 1116 ID 2343/013, $1,950,000. Sandra C. Kiyomura and Garrett K. Chinn Co-Trustees to Jonathan Rose and Emily Hancock Trustees, 2151 Funston Ave., San Francisco 94116, Lot 44 Sunset Block 1039 ID 2204/044, $1,940,000. Eric M. and Sejal Hall Trustees to Mondo LLC, P.O. Box 2546, San Francisco 94126; 3465 21st St., San Francisco 94110, 21st St. Condo ID 3618/081, $1,904,933. Morgan Thomas and Melissa Thomas-Croteau Trustees to Anush Venkatesan and Svetha Ambati, 3036 Market St., San Francisco 94114, Lot 11 Block C Park Lane Tract ID 2656/012, $1,894,933. John Etcheverry Trustee to Lily Serena Langlois and Nathaniel P. Dunstan et al., 535 5th Ave., San Francisco 94118, (portion) Outside Land Block 288 ID 1548/009, $1,874,933. Katherine Y. Hutchison to Andrew Flachner and Juliane Hughes et al., 3354 20th St. #4, San Francisco 94110, 20th St. Condo ID 3594/105, $1,852,000. Philip S. Schlein Trustee and Mary T. Beller to Carolyn Tyler and Gary L. Love, 66 Cervantes Blvd.,

San Francisco 94123, Condo ID 0443A/036, $1,850,000. 401 Harrison Owner LLC to Zuozhi Xie, 537 Cypress Point Dr., Mountain View 94043; 401 Harrison St. #20C, San Francisco 94105, One Rincon Hill ID 3765/537, $1,830,000. Hewen Guo to Kelechi Osemele, 338 Main St. #14E, San Francisco 94105, Lumina ID 3746/240, $1,824,933. 201 Folsom Acquisition LP to Wen Liu and Celia Lee, 201 Folsom St. #26B, San Francisco 94105, Lumina ID 3746/578, $1,800,000. Roy W. Oakley Jr. and Lynn Mavis Oakley Trustees to Brenda Buenviaje and Elizabeth Truesdell, 151 Villa Terr., San Francisco 94114, Twin Peaks Terrace ID 2719/025, $1,800,000. Martin A. Coressel and Lennard D. Gonzales to Jonahan B. Rothbard, 501 Beale St. #8D, San Francisco 94105, Lot 43 Bryant St. Residental Tower ID 3771/043, $1,748,933. Redwood Property Investors II LLC to Michael and Phoebe Maffei, 420 Panorama Dr., San Francisco 94131, Lot 12 Midtown Terrace ID 2794/012, $1,740,000. Douglas L. Montgomery and Olympia Vouitsis Montgomery Co-Trustees to Chanelle A. Blackle Trustee, 595 Belvedere St., San Francisco 94117, Condo ID 1286/051, $1,724,933. Oakdale Barneveld LLC to San Francisco Diversified Properties LLC, 1520 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133; 380 Barneveld Ave., San Francisco 94124, Lot 26 Gift Map ID 5572/026, $1,720,000.

Bobby Nelson Bost Trustee to Sapphire J. Huey and Niem Cam Tran, 924 Judah St., San Francisco 94122; 300 Molimo Dr., San Francisco 94127, Miraloma Park ID 2963B/020, $1,708,933. Suzanne P. Sprincin and Patricia S. Sprincin to Richard F. Chang and Kelly K. Yange, 3918 Sacramento St., San Francisco 94118, Sacramento St. Condo ID 1014/075, $1,700,000. Edmond Lee to Howard L. and Elfriede Garber Trustees, 1506 34th Ave., San Francisco 94122, (portion) Outside Land Block 801 ID 1879/008D, $1,700,000. 401 Harrison Owner LLC to Mahtab Ghezelayagh and Martin Bajalan Trustees, 401 Harrison St. #16C, San Francisco 94105, One Rincon Hill ID 3765/508, $1,690,000. Albert J. Chan and Jeffrey G. Chan Trustees to Daniel H. Loesch and Goldie Cheng, 169 Stanyan St., San Francisco 94118; 12 Barcelona Ave., San Francisco 94115, Lot 17 Block 1114 Anzavista ID 1114/017, $1,688,000. Daniel Choi and Cathleen Cabansag to Jeffrey W. Nardinelli, 1649 Washington St., San Francisco 94109, (portion) Western Block 18 ID 0620/024, $1,674,933.

Carolyn E. Tyler to Michael Cantwell and Amanda Del Balso, 3047 California St., San Francisco 94115, #3047 California St. Condo ID 1030/054, $1,624,933. Michael J. Murphy and Younghee Kim Murphy Trustees to Michael Lee and Spencer C. Lee et al., 501 Beale St. #11B, San Francisco 94105, Bryant St. Residential Tower ID 3771/065, $1,600,000. Jason C. Barbose and Jana L. Luft Trustees to William J. Houghteling and Nan Ransohoff, 1129 Church St., San Francisco 94114, Church Street Condo ID 3650/055, $1,584,933. Bryant Street Partners LLC to Simon Liang Lu, 2700 Alemany Blvd., San Francisco 94112; 840 44th Ave., San Francisco 94121, (portion) Outside Land Block 423 ID 1686/032, $1,580,000. 1000 Channel Street (SF) LLC to Sumit Dhawan and Ashi Sareen, 2979 Alexis Dr., Palo Alto 94304; 110 Channel St. #206, San Francisco 94158, One Mission Bay ID 8715/219, $1,550,000. Brian P. Maloney Trustee to Edmund M. Wu, 398 Alta Loma Ave., Daly City 94015; 601 35th Ave., San Francisco 94121, (portion) Outside Land Block 318 ID 1578/001, $1,550,000.

Janis J. Greenspan and Lucas J. Saugen to Samuel Redmond D’Amico, 114 Webster St., San Francisco 94117, ID 0858/050, $1,634,933.

Harald Vaernes to Robert A. and Bobbie Y. Carter Trustees, P.O. Box 190130, San Francisco 94119; 338 Spear St. #18E, San Francisco 94105, ID 3745/505, $1,544,000.

Michael Sorantino to Daniel Faddoul, 1847 Filbert St., San Francisco 94123, Filbert St. Condo ID 0530/046, $1,624,933.

Jeffrey Lo and Juliana C. Lo Trustees to Min Kang and Daniel S. Eun, 207 King St. #403, San Francisco 94107, Glassworks

Mission Bay ID 8706/272, $1,524,933.

Crocker-Amazon Tract ID 6447/043, $1,418,400.

Yuji Yamada Trustee to Tara N. Sullivan and Kerry McClendon, 207 Christopher Dr., San Francisco 94131, Forest Knolls ID 2674/002, $1,514,933.

Benjamin A. Reece and Caroline P. De Vries Ep Reece to Luke Kraman, 615 Ellsworth St., San Francisco 94110, Lot 416 Gift Map ID 5740/027, $1,414,933.

Marc Gabbana and Elizabeth Cotton to Amir Mesguich-Havilio, 1295 Page St., San Francisco 94117, Lyon/Page St. Condo ID 1235/068, $1,512,400.

Michael D. Topham Trustee to Derek Tamsen and Dora Chan, 367 Fair Oaks St., San Francisco 94110, Fair Oaks St. Condo ID 6512/042, $1,410,000.

Brian and Claudine Emeott Trustees to Ronny G. Clausner and Jennifer L. Booth, 1771 39th Ave., San Francisco 94122, (portion) Outside Land Block 899 ID 2010/018, $1,500,000. Angela L. Perrilliata to Michael and Allison Duignan, 200 Congo St., San Francisco 94131, Lot 9 Block 42 Sunnyside ID 6771/023, $1,480,000. ADL Land Holding Inc. to Paras Shah and Aesha Shah, 725 Roscoe St., Brea 92821; 499 33rd Ave. #305, San Francisco 94121, Geary Terraces North ID 1465/042, $1,466,000. Dragonfly Assets C-33 LLC to Kok Gee Chua and Sok El Chua, 1159 Hobson Mill Dr., Naperville, Ill. 60540; 1490 Ocean Ave. #301, San Francisco 94112, Ocean Ave. Condo ID 3197/029, $1,444,933. Melissa and Shawn A. Maher to Varun and Supriya Jain Trustees, 1788 Clay St. #212, San Francisco 94109, Marlow ID 0619/068, $1,444,000. Kenneth Kai Huang and Elaine Ding to Jia Le Chen and Xianzhen Zhan, 1265 Athens St., San Francisco 94112, Lot 34 Block 33

Cecelia D. Beam Trustee to Matthew B. Fulton, 1701 Baker St., San Francisco 94115, Lot 57 Baker St. Condo ID 1030/057, $1,406,000. Aline Godbout to Jason T. Wicklund, 506 Fell St. #B, San Francisco 94102, Condo ID 0819/037, $1,400,000. Michael A. and Annette T. Putman Trustees to Karim Mehdi Bousta and Helena Handschuh, 650 Delancey St. #417, San Francisco 94107, Oriental Warehouse Lofts ID 3789/502, $1,400,000. Zheng Han Huang and Melanie Chan to Midcrest LLC, 14440 Big Basin Way #12, Saratoga 95070; 25 Midcrest Way, San Francisco 94131, Parcels A/B Map 3414 ID 2822/023-024, $1,400,000. David Chavez Trustee to Emily N. Kitchen and Rae A. McCall, 92 Winfield St., San Francisco 94110, Lot 284 Gift Map ID 5611/028B, $1,396,933. Alex M. and Stacia A. Jefferies to Augustus Pehrson and Jumi Yi, 1970 Sacramento St. #301, San Francisco 94109, Sacramento St. Condo ID 0624/108, $1,394,933. Brendan and Susan Fox


Family Business STRATEGIES SUMMIT Friday, October 19 | 7:30–10:00am Parc 55 Hotel | 55 Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco 7:30-8:00 am 8:00-9:45 am

Registration & Networking Panel of Family Business Owners

Join us for a breakfast and conversation with family business owners who will share common challenges, strategies and best practices for effectively managing and growing a family business. How do families defi ne the vision and values of their business, create a family governance plan, manage confl icts, and transition from one generation to the next? What are the rewards and opportunities that come with leading a family-owned business?

Hale Foote President Scandic Springs

PJ Quesada Vice President and Treasurer Ramar Foods

REGISTER ONLINE For more information, please contact Felicia Brown at 415-288-4936 or PARTNERING ASSOCIATION

Christine Wente Fifth Generation Winegrower Wente Family Estates


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

LEADS to Anthony and Daria Maggio Trustees, 153 Crescent Ave., San Francisco 94110, Lot 39 Block 5 Holly Park Tract ID 5745/015, $1,350,000. John Yau Executor to Furgan Rydhan and Kiran Khanzada, 2200 Sacramento St. #308, San Francisco 94115, Pacific Heights Tower ID 0627A/024, $1,330,000. Gi Gi Tsz-Yin Ng and Samuel Po-Lun Wong to Anthony J. Valente and Suzanne Barmeyer Valente, 90 Lapham Way, San Francisco 94112, Crocker Amazon Highlands ID 6433/006, $1,300,000.

SAN MATEO COUNTY The Constantino Family LLC to 201 South B St. LP, 1900 S. Norfolk St. #150, San Mateo 94403; 201 South B St., San Mateo 94401, ID 034-177-100, $10,500,000.

to Mark L. and Amy J. Lavelle, 319 Walsh Rd., Atherton 94027, Lot 21 Block 8 Menlo Heights ID 074-012-470, $3,587,272. Dean L. and Jamee D. Schorno Co-Trustees to Yuhsuan Chen, 110 Los Montes Dr., Burlingame 94010, Lot 13 Block 18 Burlingame Hills ID 027055-030-4, $3,100,000. Nikos Pagratis and Dan Ye to James A. and Manette Y. Cowing, 840 Corriente Point Dr., Redwood City 94065, Lot 68 Laguna Pointe ID 095-370-590, $3,000,000. Anthony McMilen and Anne Markle to William E. Delaney IV, 1926 Oak Knoll Dr., Belmont 94002, Lot 22 Block 17 Belmont Country Club Properties ID 044072-380, $2,900,000.

BB Family LLC to Terrence Martin Breslin, 11 Haciendas Dr., Woodside 94062, ID 073-082-330, $6,400,000.

Steven P. and Vickie L. Kaufman Trustees to Loyal Investment Financial Elite LLC, P.O. Box 273, Burlingame 94010; 1013 Center St., San Carlos 94070, Lots 11/13 Block 5 North Redwood ID 046203-040, $2,850,000.

Kenneth F. Miller Trustee to Sarah Kingsbury Trustee, 225 Mountain Home Rd., Woodside 94062, ID 073-112-460, $3,904,545.

Kenneth F. Miller Trustee to Sarah Kingsbury Trustee, 225 Mountain Home Rd., Woodside 94062, Lot 2 ID 073-112-260, $2,760,000.

Jean F. Marsili Trustee to John R. Pinion and Penny G. Thomas-Pinion Trustees, 175 W. Poplar Ave., San Mateo 94402, Lot 12 San Mateo Park ID 032100-100, $3,800,000.

Broderick G. and Robin L. Page to Christopher Awoyinka and Suzanne McGovern, 910 Avon St., Belmont 94002, Lot 4-5 Belburn Village ID 044-312060, $2,750,000.

Qianwen Sun to Joel Hesch and Esha Nerurkar, 505 Cypress Point Dr. #246, Mountain View 94043; 514 Laurel Ave., Menlo Park 94025, Lot 15 Block 11 ID 062-382-040, $3,604,545.

Erin and Julie Whalen Trustees to Karin P. Halvorsen and Jesse T. Buehler, 5100 El Camino Real #108, Los Altos 94022, Lots 124/125 Los Trancos Woods Tract ID 080-072370, $2,750,000.

Chao Cai and Ying Dan

Edward R. and Joan M. Barisone Trustees to Tongtong Wang and Yong Li, 2804 Arguello Dr., Burlingame 94010, Lot 3 Block 32 Mills Estate ID 025-031-020, $2,650,000. Anthony Palladino Trustee to Omer and Soleil Tamturk Trustees, 200 Broadway, Millbrae 94030; 122 South Blvd., San Mateo 94402, Lot 1 Block 3 South B St. Tract ID 035-213-010, $2,614,545. What the Heck Properties LLC to Vera Ave. RC LLC, 289 S. San Antonio Rd. #204, Los Altos 94022; 217 Vera Ave., Redwood City 94061, Lot 1 Block H Wooster ID 053-091-080, $2,430,000. Kenneth F. Miller Trustee to Sarah Kingsbury Trustee, 225 Mountain Home Rd., Woodside 94062, Lot 1 ID 073-112-250, $2,430,000. Marco A. Dondero to Kevin and Elizabeth Wheeler, 3122 Hacienda St., San Mateo 94403, Lot 45 Hillsdale ID 039-440-390, $2,424,545. Zachary Waibel and Meagan Carabetta Trustees to Marissa Darling and Curtis E. Darling II, 624 Harvard Ave., Menlo Park 94025, ID 113-630-010, $2,350,000. Daniel Howard Fogel and Deborah Chapman Trustees et al. to Dale C. Garell and Iris F. Litt Trustees, 815 Tennessee St. #405, San Francisco 94107; 8 Mansion Ct. #722, Menlo Park 94025, ID 110-670090, $2,340,000. Joseph and Rita Howard to Micah Lewis-Kraue and Sydnie Yao Reed, 321 Bloomfield Rd., Burlingame 94010, Lot 1 Block 12

Burlingame ID 029-173090-1, $2,338,181. Alison Anderson Trustee to Jennifer M. and Jason P. Rolland Trustees, 3281 Melendy Dr., San Carlos 94070, Lot 2 Block 10 Brittan Heights ID 050-402020-7, $2,324,545. Thomas Kleist and Ingrid Baron to Willie Liao and Haihong Wang, 345 Elm St., Menlo Park 94025, ID 062-364-090, $2,310,000. Margaret L. and Daniel M. Daiss Co-Trustees to Michael I. and Carol P. Dollinger Trustees et al., 40 Pear Ct., Hillsborough 94010; 300 Sand Hill Cir., Menlo Park 94025, #68 Sand Hill Circle ID 110-480080, $2,300,000. Half Moon Bay Edenbridge LP to Sharon E. Reno, 115 Red Hawk Ct., Half Moon Bay 94019, Lot 19 Pacific Ridge at Half Moon Bay ID 056-560-190, $2,300,000. Jason Watts to Guangyu Zhu and Yuan Yuan, 614 Upland Rd., Redwood City 94062, Lots 2/3 Block 22 Oak Knoll Manor ID 058254-020, $2,280,000. Dean and Shirley Jansen Trustees to David Purdy and Jing Wang, 427 Hazel Ave., Millbrae 94030, Lot 15 Block 34 Millbrae Highlands ID 024-102-180, $2,250,000. Verne H. Brown Trustee to Donald Louis Raffo, 819 Toyon Way, Redwood City 94062, ID 057-313-330, $2,150,000. Douglas H. McPhee Trustee to Krishnakurmar Kalkiraj and Anitha Manoharan, 1072 Del Norte Ave., Menlo Park 94025, Lot 10 Block 6 Belle Haven City ID 062-032-240-4, $2,100,000.

Cynthia A. Ramon and Michelle L. Coutant CoTrustees to La Sand Corp., P.O. Box 366, Mount Eden 94557; 1710 S. Grant St., San Mateo 94402, Lot 37 Block 6 19th Ave. Park ID 035-261-160, $2,050,000.


060, $1,550,000. Neil B. and Theresa M. Senz to Chirag Rakshit and Diksha Kuhar, 1139 King St., Redwood City 94061, Lot 10 Block 1 Wooster ID 058-239-070, $1,550,000.

Half Moon Bay Edenbridge LP to Mark J. and Sharon R. Cahill, 116 Pumpkin Hollow Ct., Half Moon Bay 94019, Lot 5 Pacific Ridge ID 056-560-050, $2,044,545.

Patricia Ann Schmieder Trustee to Anthony J. and Shasta N. Addessi, 2641 Monterey St., San Mateo 94403, Lot 8 Monterey ID 039-180-010-9, $1,764,545. Christopher and Michelle Mahoney to Joshua D. and Leslie T. Grab, 1041 McCue Ave., San Carlos 94070, Lot 45 McCue ID 046-114-0709, $1,730,000.

Jeffrey J. and Christine G. Nalty to Tiffany Yu, 2608 Ohio Ave., Redwood City 94061, Lot 35 Block 5 Sterling Highlands ID 069213-350, $1,930,000. Lin Jiang and Lu Zheng to Gilbert Ngo and Anita Yip, 3011 Baze Rd. #D1, San Mateo 94403, ID 124-370010, $1,930,000. Steve and Anadelia Kim Co-Trustees to Manishh Gaijwala, 11 Monte Vista Way, South San Francisco 94080, Lot 128 Terrabay ID 007-680-200, $1,894,545. Dawn Henry and Christine Neary Trustees to Shusheng Lin and Jian Liu, 3902 Bret Harte Dr., Redwood City 94061, Lot 1 Block 8 Farm Hill ID 057431-010, $1,850,000. David and Deborah A. Mosunich Trustees to Alfred Lewis Mikula Jr. and Deping Wang, 2721 Alameda de Las Pulgas, San Mateo 94403, Lots 2/20 Block 8 San Mateo Terrace ID 039-324-020, $1,840,000. Frank N. and Shirley A. Winter Trustees to Dennis Hou and Tracy Chan Trustees, 2130 Geri Ln., Hillsborough 94010; 1235 31st Ave., San Mateo 94403, Lot 39 Block 9 Hillsdale ID 039-232-110,

James R. and Sharon A. Holmberg to Calneva Management Inc., P.O. Box 1445, Millbrae 94030; 2109 Cipriani Blvd., Belmont 94002, Lot 43 Block 35 Belmont Country Club Properties ID 044012-390, $1,710,000. Charles O. Hillestad Trustee to YiChin Lew and KaiPin Liao, 1116 Elmwood Dr., Millbrae 94030, Lot 4 Block 6 Millbrae Meadow ID 021-052-210, $1,702,727. Victoria Daniell Trustee to Jared Xavier Coelho and Melody Hsia Tong-Coelho, 412 Hazel Ave., Millbrae 94030, Lot 16 Block 29 Millbrae Highlands ID 024101-160-0, $1,656,363. Jane L. and Thomas G. Marks Trustees to Karen Au and Robin Tran Jr., 1442 Chestnut St., San Carlos 94070, Lot 17 Block 36 White Oaks Tract ID 051388-070, $1,650,000. H. Raymond Bingham Trustee to H. Raymond Bingham Trustee, 125 S. Market St. #1250, San Jose 95113; 1439 Cedar St., San Carlos 94070, Lot 6 Block 36 White Oaks Tract ID 051388-170, $1,600,000. Bruce Junhon Lin and Annie Chen to Dan Jiang, 401 Franklin Pkwy. #B6, San Mateo 94403, ID 124-440-

Jimmy Hu and Yuan Xie to Zekun Li, 810 Andromeda Ln. #20, Foster City 94404, #20 Tract 27-74 ID 105940-200-6, $1,540,000. Nikolay Trenin and Vera Donskova Trustees to Eiichi Mochizuki and Yuko Ohashi, 400 Mahoney Way #R1, San Mateo 94403, #R1 Bay Meadows ID 123-930010-4, $1,540,000. Omar and Elizabeth R. Garriott to Huayang Cui and Wankun Zhu, 3605 Martin Dr., San Mateo 94403, Lot 15 Block 14 San Mateo Village ID 040-112170, $1,530,000. Bella Hiu Wan Chan and Al Chi Wing Leung to Irene Yu and Verrone Liu, 420 Cedar St., Redwood City 94063, Lot 9 Block 61 Eastern ID 053-155-070, $1,500,000. Joseph and Catherine Layton to Ho Tung Lee and Szu Tieh Lan, 737 Palm Ave., South San Francisco 94080, Lot 2 Block 3 Park Avenue Heights ID 012214-020, $1,480,000. Robert P. Amaya Trustee to Cathy Sun and Max Wentlandt, 1227 Sanchez Way, Redwood City 94061, Lot 10 Sequoia Village ID 059-025-340, $1,474,545. Harish Shantharam and Akila Nagarajan to Yao Zhou, 1044 Galley Ln., Foster City 94404, Lot 76 Tract 135-88 ID 097-111060, $1,434,545. Alan G. Grace and Linda C. King Trustees to Jonathan W. Medley and Vivian Hsieh, 501 Madison Ave.,

San Bruno 94066, Lot 47 Block 23 Crestmoor Park ID 019-132-200, $1,404,545. Rahul and Devanshi Bhandari to Shih-Gong Li and Wen Shu Hsieh Li Trustees, 222 8th Ave. #320, San Mateo 94401, #320 Nazareth Plaza ID 123-540-390, $1,400,000. Andrea Ament and Patrick Ghattas to Carmelo Sansone and Delaram Mirfakhraei, 119 Exbourne Ave., San Carlos 94070; 10 Flower St., Redwood City 94063, Lot 31 Block 9 Cordilleras ID 052-102320, $1,400,000. Thomas L. and Maritza McMahon to Michael Ching, 520 Davey Glen Rd., Belmont 94002; 454 Poplar St., Half Moon Bay 94019, Lots 11/13 Block 18 Arleta Park ID 064-232-570, $1,400,000. Carole and Thomas Lozito to Thomas D. and Laura J. Desmarais, P.O. Box 25177, San Mateo 94402; 916 Shoal Dr., San Mateo 94404, Lot 1 Block 3 Mariner’s Island ID 035-522-010, $1,400,000. Daniel T. and Deana Lloyd to Cheng-Hsun Wu and Chun-Hui Tseng, 265 Lake Dr., San Bruno 94066, Lot 12 Block 7 Portola Highlands ID 017-451-1204, $1,384,545. Kenneth Tan and Shin Yi Hsieh to Yun Qing and Xinyi Wen, 1111 Yates Way #5806, San Mateo 94403, #U5806 Marble Bay ID 123200-060, $1,380,000. 777 Walnut LP to Nina D. Engel, 777 Walnut St. #18, San Carlos 94070, #18 Walnut Court ID 117-430180, $1,374,545. Kathleen Anne Tipich Trustee to Sandra E. Burns,

Does Your Office Building Measure Up?

From Chaos to Clarity 5 Solutions with Elyse Tager

Every business goes through stages, from the seed of an idea to startup to increasing levels of maturity and growth. Each stage has its challenges, and none are easier than the last. In those transition periods, things can feel out of control. Join us to learn how to gain clarity in your business.

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Learn more at or call us at (415) 362-2662 x115.



LEADS 919 Lupin Way, San Carlos 94070, Lot 49 Block 3 Sunset Highlands ID 050273-680-4, $1,370,000. John J. Heath to Gonul Blum, 120 Beach Way, Moss Beach 94037, Lots 1/4/5 Marine View Beach ID 037215-100, $1,314,545. Maria Elena Messina Trustee to William and Jennifer Frank, 159 Bonita Ave., Redwood City 94061, Lot 104 Gray Tract ID 059094-600, $1,310,000. Ted T. Wang and Ying Zhao to Eleanor M. Spencer and Nikhil Ram, 529 N. Idaho St., San Mateo 94401, Lot 64 College Park ID 033032-090, $1,300,000. Auorora L. Arquero to Joe YenYu Chen and Yuhao Li, 2571 Wexford Ave., South San Francisco 94080, Lot 23 Block 28 Westborough ID 091-082-940, $1,300,000. Ellen M. and William R. Baker Trustees to Haotian Li and Y. Yuan, 854 Balboa Ln. #60, Foster City 94404, #60R Tract 35-75 ID 105870-120-0, $1,300,000. Lennar Homes of California Inc. to Marilyn and David Schnitzer Trustees, 1038 Foster Square Ln. #305, Foster City 94404; 1028 Foster Square Ln. #158, Foster City 94404, #158 Foster Square ID 097-170-120, $1,296,363. Diane Mees King Trustee to Josephine Chang and Derek Weitz, 16785 Magneson Loop, Los Gatos 95032; 2270 Euclid Ave., East Palo Alto 94303, Lot 11 Block 18 Woodland Place ID 063-302-110, $1,274,545. Jai P. and Sundri Bhatia Trustees to Ray Afrasiabi and Marziyeh Shokoufar, 2690 Cottonwood Dr., San

Bruno 94066, Lot 3 Block 19 Rollingwood ID 017112-030, $1,270,909.

David Platford, Visionism Art, 667 11th St., Oakland 94607.

Nicholas J. and Mari K. Newell to Roderick I. and Anne A. Reilly, 118 Carmel Ave., Pacifica 94044, Lot 38 Block 17 Salada Beach ID 016-041-020, $1,264,545.

Sable Liu, Sable, 3200 Northwood Dr. #151, Concord 94520.

Alexandra Rodriguez and Ruben Rodriguez Jr. to Arun P. Jayaseelan and Bhavaani Jayaram, 600 Beaumont Blvd., Pacifica 94044, Lot 31 Block E Edgemar ID 009-116-3303, $1,264,545.

Dean Woodbridge, Caltrimm, 849 E. Stanley Blvd. #341, Livermore 94550.

Michelle L. and Joe E. Lewis to Russell J. Eisenman and Jessica F. Jerrick, 946 Columbus St., El Granada 94018, Lot 18 Block 36 Plat of Granada ID 047-243-170, $1,260,000. Dylan L. and Noelia Bromley to Mary C. and David R. Seaton, 2060 Avignon Place, Half Moon Bay 94019, Lot 16 Frenchman’s Creek ID 048381-160, $1,254,545. Zuorong Wu to Chander Sarna, 1001 National Ave. #436, San Bruno 94066; 107 Greenwood Dr., South San Francisco 94080, Lot 11 Block 25 Brentwood ID 013183-110-9, $1,250,909.

RR   New Fictitious Names Registered ALAMEDA COUNTY Miguel Servin, East Bay Advanced Construction, 2019 7th St. #13, Berkeley 94710. Andy Nguyen, Site for Sore Eyes, 976 Joleen Ct., Hayward 94544. Navdeep Singh, Synergy Machines, 3152 San Gabriel Way, Union City 94587.

Mikhael Banut, Design Yo!, 47065 Yucatan Dr., Fremont 94539.

Ralph Gracie Dublin, 7233 Regional St., Dublin 94568. Sergio Rodriguez, Sergio Giannoni Rodriguez, 1507 33rd Ave., Oakland 94601. Mary Grinner, Royalty Essence Corp., 11031 Estepa Dr., Oakland 94603. Marcelia Nava, Framework Organization Development, 56045 Laverne Ave., Oakland 94605. Green Zone CA, 2646 Hill Park Dr., San Jose 95724. Charlie Chun, Hawaiian Drive Inc. #28, 4361 Healdsburg Way, Dublin 94568. Chris Baker, G.T. Bakes Barbecue, 1322 Mersey Ave., San Leandro 94579. Jennifer Smith, California Five Star Coffee LLC, 3098 E. 10th St., Oakland 94601. Tony Robinson, Pama’s Kitchen LLC, 722 Washingston St., Oakland 94607. Luis Pacheco, Golden State Motors, 824 E. Lewelling Blvd., Hayward 94541. Choeun Mil, Bon Mange of Alameda, 857 Marina Village Pkwy. #B121, Alameda 94501.

E. Stanley Blvd. #341, Livermore 94550. Gail Bowie, Fluff My Pillows Homes Crafts, 1359 Dutton Ave., San Leandro 94577. Charles People Jr., Charles People dba the Embroidery Shop, 1927 100th Ave., Oakland 94605. Jeffery Paterson, Bikeways, 484 Lake Park Ave. #314, Oakland 94610. Ashley Aaron, The Krystal Dealers, 914 Addison St., Berkeley 94710. Erin Maruyama, Kim’s Mobile Notary Service, 1147 Verdemar Dr., Alameda 94502. Austin Amorin, Patriot Diesel Specialist, 5203 Lilac Ave., Livermore 94551. Affordable Auto Repair Service, 4478 Deep Creek Rd., Fremont 94555. Enoch Oseibonsu, Emmanuel Auto, 1990 149th Ave. #B, San Leandro 94578. Satnam Mutti, KS Smog Test, 4104 Venus Place, Union City 94587. Chio Saephan, Smog O, 507 Rincon Rd., El Sobrante 94803. Qais Faizi, Metro Towing, 609 S. Tradition St., Tracy 95391. Michelle Martin, www. 31, 4896 Drywood St., Pleasanton 94588. Lean Richard, Origin Integrative Health, 969 Dana Cir., Livermore 94550. Brush & Blow, 55 W. Angela St., Pleasanton 94566.

Michael Yee, New Park Liqour, 618 Tarryton Isle, Alameda 94501.

Garima Kapadia, Spiritual Alignment Yoga & Healing Center, 1073 Tourmaline Terr., Union City 94587.

Dean Woodbridge, 5 Star Medical Distribution, 849

Jeffery Paterson, Courage To Resist, 484 Lake Park

Ave. #314, Oakland 94610. Kristen Huruitz, Berkeley Play Therapy, 570 Colusa Ave., Berkeley 94707. Elinore Ramas, Horizon Day Program, 1106 W. Lagoon Rd., Pleasanton 94566. Kristen Huruitz, Movement for Trauma, 570 Colusa Ave., Berkeley 94707. Dean Woodbridge, Tortoise & Hare Delivery, 849 E. Stanley Blvd. #341, Livermore 94550.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Anthony Martinez, Bay Area Communications/ Sweets and More, 5 Sunny Hill Way, Pittsburg 94565.

Gloria Lathen, Gloria’s Learning Academy, 4755 Matterhorn Way, Antioch 94531. Marni Higgins, Engage Digital Education, 25 Oakmont Ct., San Pablo 94806. Steven Eckstein, Emerge Lending Group, 785 Oak Grove Rd. #E2-169, Concord 94518. Onward Mortgage Services, 1850 Mt. Diablo Blvd. #100, Walnut Creek 94596. David Carney, Asset Equities Exchange Co., 160 Alamo Plz. #1135, Alamo 94507.

Garrett’s Pool Solutions, 620 Center Ave. #312, Martinez 94553.

Cortese Real Property LP dba Cortese Investment Co., 21 Lafayette Cir. #200, Lafayette 94549.

Michelle Pivetti, Pacific Sign Studio, 23E Beta Ct., San Ramon 94583.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth, 1600 S. Main St. #220, Walnut Creek 94596.

Jesse Tolen, Independent Concrete, 2085 Solano Way, Concord 94520.

Antonio Marques, Marques Construction, 214 Grenadine Way, Hercules 94547.

Yesenia Heredia, JH ReadyMix Concrete, 175 Sandy Ln., Oakley 94561. David Nikisher, Kona Electric, 9765 Davona Dr., San Ramon 94583. Roberto Veneros, RVO Rooter & Plumbing, 166 Walnut Ct., Hercules 94547. Michael Blachly, Iron Horse Plumbing, 1456 SOS Dr., Walnut Creek 94597. Vincent Kreker, Danville Painting, 96 Estates Dr., Danville 94526. Brenda Gonzalez, Mar Handyman Services, 4011 Pomona Place, Pittsburg 94565. Linda Mayorga, ME Renovations, 13752 San Pablo Ave., San Pablo 94806.

Michael Dwinell, Interlink Construction & Tiling, 3265 Marlene Dr., Lafayette 94549. Miguel Santamaria, All Star General Contractor, 901 Belmont Way, Pinole 94564. Higino Larracilla-De Rosa, Larracilla General Construction, 68 Covington Dr., Pittsburg 94565. 1038 on Second Lafayette Apartments/1038 on Second, 1038 2nd St., Lafayette 94549. Jose Chavez, Alamo Chavez Tree Services, 1427 Arnold Dr., Martinez 94553. Juan Nunez, Carlos Landscaping Maintenance, 2610 Reliez Valley Rd., Martinez 94553. Abel Munoz, Abel

Landscaping, 426 Rollingwood Dr., Vallejo 94591. David Brule, Law Office of David E. Brule, 319 Diablo Rd. #200, Danville 94526. Sacred Saga Ministries, 50 Tam-O-Shanter Rd., Alamo 94507. BAM Alliance, 1600 S. Main St. #220, Walnut Creek 94596. Alec Hir, Premier GXP, 633 Martingale Ct., Danville 94506. Jeffrey McPeek, Essential Enterprises, 1002 Almond St., Antioch 94509. Sughran Ghafoor, S.G. Mateen, 3420 E. 18th St., Antioch 94509. Michael Padilla, Social Spaces, 2628 Ranchwood Dr., Brentwood 94513. Jacqueline Sandoval, Just Registrations, 2780 Cloverdale Ave. #C, Concord 94518. Ashley de Ramus, The BLK Alien, 1440 Reganti Place #6, Concord 94518. JumpsuitBox, 2613 Willow Pass Rd., Concord 94519. Shabuya, 2025 Diamond Blvd. #F150-F155, Concord 94520. Pamela Bayer, Bayer & Associates, 2280 Diamond Blvd. #340, Concord 94520. 1917 Oak Park Blvd. LLC/1917 OPB, 1917 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill 94523. Monica Johnston, M. Lee & Co., 628 2nd Ave. #101, Crockett 94525. Robert Foran, Savage California, 822 Hartz Way #210, Danville 94526. Kelly Ibarra, Sewbar, 206 Belgian Dr., Danville 94526. Arturo Rivasplata, Holy Bay Solutions, 2520 Mark Twain

Dr., Antioch 94531. Sughran Ghafoor, S.G. AliMateen, 4609 Mendota Way, Antioch 94531. Terry Jones, Scott Jones & Associates, 1511 Sycamore Ave. #M133, Hercules 94547. Designed by Neville, 550 Azores Cir., Bay Point 94565. Shalini Srivastava, Little Scholars Nest, 7003 Emerson Ln., San Ramon 94582. Shriti Bhandari, In Pursuit of Pictures/In Pursuit of Stories, 3288 Glencoe Cir., San Ramon 94582. California Design Den, 3150 Crow Canyon Place #130, San Ramon 94583. ClearChoice Walnut Creek, 1981 N. Boardway #180, Walnut Creek 94596. Tabatha Utley, Flip It Like a Girl, 1681 Alvarado Ave. #19, Walnut Creek 94597. Grasons of Contra Costa and Alameda County, 1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #194, Walnut Creek 94598. Jason Ferguson, Epic Fails, 2530 Hinkley Ave., Richmond 94804. Sahil Gopal, SAI Associates, 3800F Klose Way, Richmond 94804. Expressions Tibet, 3519 Nevin Ave., Richmond 94805. Xavier Brown, Trade Ins, 2882 Hilltop Mall Rd., Richmond 94806. Charlene Caruso, Von Erik German Shepherds, 1930 Fairview Ave., Brentwood 94513. Suzanne Hieke, Hatchling Curriculum, 1175 Krona Ln., Concord 94521. Suzanne Hieke, Hatchling Publishing, 1175 Krona Ln.,


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 


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SEPTEMBER 14, 2018





⊲ OPEN SUN 2-4:30PM ⊳ First time on the market, the Henrik Bull property. The setting is magical-lush landscaping and a natural meandering creek. Truly a rare offering. Rich English architecture by noted architect John White (brother-in-law of Bernard Maybeck).Gorgeous architectural detailing throughout. Separate studio/workshop above garage. 3+BR • 3.5BA • $1,398,000

⊲ OPEN SUN 2-4:30PM ⊳ Fabulous Brown Shingle located on one of Elmwood’s most desirable cul-de-sacs. Designed in 1908 by noted Architect, George Plowman, this home features a new lower level offering a family room, bedroom suite and kitchenette. Partial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Near College Avenue, restaurants, shops and Rockridge BART. A must see! 4BR • 3.5BA • $2,295,000

Ruth Frassetto

CalBRE #00779030 O: 510.652.2133/414 | C: 510.697.8606


Karen Starr

Brenda Schaefer

CalBRE #01111458 O: 339.0400/224

CalBRE #01896001 O: 339.0400/352

413 YALE AVENUE, KENSINGTON, Inc. has the following job opportunities available in Palo Alto, CA & San Francisco, CA: In Palo Alto, CA: Senior Data Engineer, Einstein (Req. # 17-1889): Dvlp data infrastructure able to ingest & transform data on a huge scale coming from many different sources, customers & in many varieties. Req’s: MS (or equiv.) +2 yrs. exp. OR BS (or equiv.) +5 yrs. exp. In San Francisco, CA: Technology Compliance Analyst – IT SOX (Req. # 16-2232): Support implementation of strategic vision (maturity, efficiency, streamlined processes) for IT SOX by encouraging operational processes that align to company’s focus on trust. Req’s: MS (or equiv.) +1 yr. exp. OR BS (or equiv.) +5 yrs. exp. Systems Engineer (Req. # 15-2559): Serve as a strong contributor to Windows IT operations team dvlp short term tactical plans to address issues & problems. Maintain systms patch levels proactively. Req’s: BS (or equiv.) +3 yrs. exp. Will accept a 3 or 4 year degree. Sales and Marketing Data Science Senior Manager (Req. # 16-4750): Prepare & analyze large volumes of customer, product, mrktng, sales & systm activity data. Req’s: MS (or equiv.) +3 yrs. exp. OR BS (or equiv.) +5 yrs. exp. Manager, Sales Strategy (Req. # 15-4362): Design & implement sales coverage model for AMER. Analyze health of biz & present recommendations to mgmt for strategic decision making & investment. Req’s: MS (or equiv.) OR BS (or equiv.) +2 yrs. exp. Senior Technical Consultant (Req. #: 18-2950): Assist w/ work to test, maintain & monitor computer programs & systms includ. coordinating installation of computer programs & systms. Telecommuting is an option. Some travel to Salesforce’s San Francisco HQ is required. Req’s: BS (or equiv.) +3 yrs. exp. Distributed Systems Developer, Software Defined Security (Req. # 17-6915): Build internal sftwr platform that enhances security posture of Salesforce’s production systms. Req’s: MS (or equiv.) +2 yrs. exp. OR BS (or equiv.) +5 yrs. exp. Please mail resume w/ ref. to: (include Req. No.) at: HQ, Rincon Post Office PO Box #192244, San Francisco, CA 94105. is an Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Employer. Education, experience and criminal background checks will be conducted. Product Designer - As

⊲ OPEN SUN 2-4:30PM ⊳ Fresh New England Coastal Style. One of a kind, exquisite home. Refined sophistication yet elegantly livable. Featuring panoramic Bay views. Separate garden studio workshop. Tastefully updated. Blocks to awarded Hilltop school, TransBay and BART direct bus, shopping and parks. 4BR • 3.5BA • $1,488,000

⊲ OPEN SUN 2-4:30PM ⊳ Classic 50’s architecture. Enjoy Bay views from the living room. Beautiful, state of the art kitchen with sweet built- in breakfast banquet. Updated throughout with refined quality finishes. Inviting terraced garden. Prime location sited on a private cul-de-sac. 3BR • 2BA • $1,098,000

Ruth Frassetto

CalBRE #00779030 O: 510.652.2133/414 | C: 510.697.8606

Ruth Frassetto

part of design team, create experience of new features (design flows, prototypes, sketches, & high fidelity visuals), craft & finish product details. Bach+3y. Mail: J Pon (#S187) Slack Technologies, Inc. 500 Howard St San Francisco CA 94105

Staff Engineer - Front End – Use advanced knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, & CSS to improve web products. Work w/ real-time data streams & engineer for performance. No degree+5y OR Bach+3y. Mail: J Pon (#S186) Slack Technologies, Inc. 500 Howard St San Francisco CA 94105

CalBRE #00779030 O: 510.652.2133/414 | C: 510.697.8606


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Showcase your homes in the Luxury Living section. Contact Corinne Crncich, Inc. has the following job opportunities in San Francisco & Palo Alto, CA: In Palo Alto, CA: Network Automation Engineer (Req. # 17-6555): Assist w/ network engineering & design efforts for all internal cloud driven projects & requests. Collab. w/ cross functional team across multi. disciplines to gather & define network reqs. Req’s: MS(or equiv.)+2 yrs. exp. Or BS(or equiv.)+5 yrs. exp. In San Francisco: Strategic Innovation Associate (Req. # 15-5315): Manage customer-driven innovation programs that help strategic customers discover how to create & implement change on worlds #1 CRM platform. Req’s: MS(or equiv.)+1 yr. exp. Or BS(or equiv.)+3 yrs. exp. Lead Software Engineer - Diagnostics, Visibility, and Analytics (Req. # 17-6334): Dvlp high quality, production ready code & perform contin. deployment. Conduct code reviews & generate tech. documentation. Req’s: MS(or equiv.)+4 yrs. exp. Or BS(or equiv.)+6 yrs. exp. Lead Data Engineer (Req. # 18-1310): Dvlp data infrastructure that ingests & transforms data from diff. sources & customers at scale. Req’s: MS(or equiv.)+4 yrs. exp. Or BS(or equiv.)+6 yrs. exp. Senior Offensive Security Researcher (Req. # 17-3276): Dvlp cutting edge fuzzer to find memory corruption vulnerabilities in variety 3rd party sftwr. Use & improve’s homemade fuzzing systm which leverages fuzzing & concolic execution. Req’s: Ph.D(or equiv.) +2 yrs. exp. Or MS(or equiv.)+4 yrs. exp. Please mail resume w/ ref. to: (include Req. No.) at: HQ, Rincon Post Office PO Box #192244, San Francisco, CA 94105. is an Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Employer. Education, experience & criminal background checks will be conducted.

target first-class candidates Contact Kathy Biddick 415-288-4925 or


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

LEADS Concord 94521. Principia Engineering Inc./ Principia Engineering, 1917 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill 94523. Muneeb Ahmed, Dynamic Aviation Consulting, 1400 Contra Costa Blvd. #29, Pleasant Hill 94523.

John Garcia, J&C Diesel, 2349 Cypress St., Antioch 94509. Earl Scheib Auto Body and Paint LLC, 2130 Market St., Concord 94520. Phillip Hampton, DentPro of the Delta, 809 Painted Shore Ct., Oakley 94561.

Jeanette McCarthy, Precision Medicine Advisors, 19 Hilldale Ct., Orinda 94563.

Jeremias Sanchez, Norcal Express Towing and Transport, 1371 Berg Ct., Pittsburg 94565.

BAM Advisor Alliance, 1600 S. Main St. #220, Walnut Creek 94596.

Laura Yopihua, Cakris General Cleaning Services, 1271 Monument Blvd. #87, Concord 94520.

Barbara Taylor, Pick It Marketing, 2342 Granada Ct., Pinole 94564. Bianca Vasvani, BeeHyve Marketing, 712 Bancroft Rd., Walnut Creek 94598. Isiar Properties, 4005 Rocky Point Dr., Antioch 94509. Laurence Aguilar, Aguilar Inspections, 598 Valmore Place, Brentwood 94513. East Bay Real Estate Group LLC, 418 Ridgeview Dr., Pleasant Hill 94523. Robert Caruthers, A Street Diner, 900 A St., Antioch 94509. Jenna Hillard, Kikis Burger Bar, 4815A Lone Tree Way, Antioch 94531. Sahib Tiwana, Curry Blvd., 3709 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette 94549. La Taqueria Limon, 14850 Hwy. 4, Pittsburg 94565. KD’s Big Bites Sandwich and Ice Cream Deli, 516 23rd St., Richmond 94801. Yogurt Now, 452C Appian Way, El Sobrante 94803. Linda Chen, Grand Equipment & Supplies Co., 266 Marshall Dr., Walnut Creek 94598. The UPS Store #0882, 3000F Danville Blvd., Alamo 94507. The Productivity Shop, 420 Lotus Ct., Brentwood 94513.

Jaqueline Ferreira, Jackie Cleaning Service, 1713 Dalessi Dr., Pinole 94564. Mirian Campos, Martins & Campos Cleaning Services, 296 W. Chanslor Ave., Richmond 94801. Alexander Nyirendah, LBN Technologies, 1208 Marcus Ct., Antioch 94509., 1760 San Luis Rd., Walnut Creek 94597. Myers Music, 1609 Regent Dr., Brentwood 94513. Joseph Vasquez, Walk by Faith Music/ Walkbyfaithlifestyle, 3036 Willow Pass Rd. #1, Concord 94519. Mohamad Malikyar, Momentum Enterainment, 1200 New Hampshire Dr., Concord 94521. Leah Chambers, Outside Voices, 103 Woodsworth Ln., Pleasant Hill 94523. Amy Mulvaney, Song Sparrow Playgarden, 2605 Reliez Valley Rd., Martinez 94553. Joe Villoso, Focal Length Media Productions, 1082 Chloe Ct., Concord 94518. Lamorinda Patient Advocacy/Lamorinda Video Slideshow, 3743 St. Francis Dr., Lafayette 94549.

James Davis, All Star Carpet Cleaning, 5100 Vista Grande Dr. #1335, Antioch 94531. Rene Martinez, Martinez Cleaning, 970 Manor Rd., El Sobrante 94803. Katherine Herren, Heart Choice Home Care Agency, 11760 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito 94530. Ethel Mae Hamilton (E.M.H) Residential Care Home, 5419 E. Creek Ct., Antioch 94531. Joanna Guillory-Looney, Jojo’s Little Looney’s Daycare and Preschool, 1401 Yosemite Dr., Antioch 94509. Loretta Riddle, Firststeps Child Care, 3007 Desert Dr., El Sobrante 94803. Rise Rigging LLC, 118 Hardy Cir., Pleasant Hill 94523. Berlin Wolfe, Beep’s Trucking, 66 Lozoya Way, Oakley 94561. Julie Wilson, Your Best Life Travel/Minerva Rae, 4724 Shannondale Dr., Antioch 94531. Claude Bertrand, Boxes for Moving & Storage, 995 Detroit Ave. #A, Concord 94518.

MARIN COUNTY Divorce With Dignity Marin, 7 Mt. Lassen Dr. #A116, San Rafael 94903. Marx Group, 2173 Francisco Blvd. E. #D, San Rafael 94901. Brian Finerman, Pishpoms, 4 Hubbell Ct., San Rafael 94901. William Hernandez, Upper Design Studio/Tuffy Bazoo, 83 Elizabeth Way, San Rafael 94901. Carl Otsuki, Ganimaxx/ Gayk, 74 Roundtree Blvd., San Rafael 94903. Robert Gronski, Robert J. Gronski, 700 Larkspur Landing Cir., Larkspur 94939.

Philip Li, The UPS Store # 0190, 5100 Clayton Rd. #B1, Concord 94521.

Irma Mora, Urban Oasis Online/Urban Oasis Massage Therapy & Spa, 9040 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood 94513.

The UPS Store #1170, 3060 El Cerrito Plz., El Cerrito 94530.

Abella Nails & Spa, 5100 Clayton Rd. #A15, Concord 94521.

Reginald Lysias, EGLise De Dieu De La Grace, 1017 3rd St., Novato 94945.

Miranda Daughdrill, Tara Viva Merchant, 5144 Pioneer Way, Antioch 94531.

California Interventional Pain and Spine Care Group, 2250 Morello Ave., Pleasant Hill 94523.

Scott Davis, Planet Prepro LA, 416 Fawn Dr., San Anselmo 94960.

Gokhan Parlar, The Rock Shop, 2772 Livermore Outlets Dr. #17, Livermore 94551.

Deena Hernandez, Superior Brows, 101 Gregory Ln. #29, Pleasant Hill 94523.

Infinity & Beyond Wholesale LLC, 2646 Appian Way #22, Pinole 94564. Latrina Collins, Pleasure Gift’s Baskets, 2220 Oak Hills Cir. #31, Pittsburg 94565. Stephanie Phillips, Alchemy Scents, 2015 Villa Dr. #108, Bay Point 94565. Tsogzolmaa Erdenebat, Mon Wool, 1919 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #64, Walnut Creek 94598. Lora Groppetti, Heart N’ Soul Books, 3075 Citrus Cir. #165, Walnut Creek 94598. Irma Romeo, Mimis Boutiques, 1828 16th St., San Pablo 94806. Andrea Ramirez, Hello Lovely Boutique, 1932 15th St., San Pablo 94806. Golden Years Concierge Service LLC, 2824 Woodhall Way, Antioch 94509. Anthony Piscitelli, Anthony’s Service, 706 Main St. #A, Martinez 94553. Preferred Choice Services, 294 Tennent Ave., Pinole 94564. Catherine Castro, CC Notary Services, 221 Kapalua Bay Cir., Pittsburg 94565. Basil Elbanna, B-Line Services, 905 Avondale Ct., Walnut Creek 94596.

Danville Post-Acute Rehab, 336 Diablo Rd., Danville 94526. Natalia Brittle, Gentle Touch Skin Care, 3589 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette 94549. Charlotte Kirton, Healing Hands for Children, 5351 Lakespring Dr., Oakley 94561. Tamika Southern-Mixon, TSM CPR Training, 1226 Brooktrail Dr., Pittsburg 94565. Mai Truong, Lotus Beauty Salon, 2211D San Ramon Valley Blvd., San Ramon 94583. Hanh Nguyen, ReBrow’d Microblading, 1222 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek 94595. Morgan Murray, AnchorPoint Care & Coaching, 404 Seville Ln., Walnut Creek 94598. Dawn Jacobson, Abundant Living Integrative Medicine/ Abundant Living Wellness Center, 2835 Mitchell Dr. #100, Walnut Creek 94598. Cesar Ventura, Crazy Hair Cut Salon #2, 4309 MacDonald Ave., Richmond 94805. Yesenia Soto, Y&Y Maintenance, 4241 Cuneo Dr., Concord 94518. Stone Village Maintenance LLC, 919 Honora Ave., Concord 94521.

Judith Lemmens, Julems, 7 Ethel Ln., Mill Valley 94941.

Dennis Strazulo, Marin Artist Management, 1010 B St. #300, San Rafael 94901. Lora Stenard, Whitney Consulting Group, 7 Lupine Ct., San Rafael 94901. Lisa Converse, LMC Consulting, 16 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross 94957. Arizmendi Bakery Cafe & Pizzeria, 1002 Court St., San Rafael 94901. Betzy Decker, Moonlight Yogurt Deli, 1815 4th St. #5, San Rafael 94901. El Rey Mexican Bar and Grill, 940 7th St., Novato 94945. Gordon Stirling, Gordon Sports, 28 Oak Tree Ln., Fairfax 94930. Alicia Reid, Jovita Beauty Salon & Spa, 874B 4th St., San Rafael 94901. Because Health, 451 Mesa Rd., Bolinas 94924. Pelican Analytics, 25 Evergreen Ave. #6, Mill Valley 94941. Acid-Base Health Center Inc., 1604 Grant Ave., Novato 94945. Olga Jimenez, Olga’s House Cleaning, 337 Canal St., San Rafael 94901.

SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Frank Lu, F&T Hardwood Flooring, 212 Amherst St., San Francisco 94134. Concrete Remedy, 2380 25th Ave., San Francisco 94116. Ahmad Sultani, Electric City, 1347 Polk St., San

Francisco 94109. Emilio Guardado, Emilio Guardado’s Painting, 3005 Harrison St., San Francisco 94110. Gustavo Linares, Linares Painting Services, 901 Delano Ave., San Francisco 94112.

Lauren Meredith, Blue Skies Dog Walks, 887 28th Ave., San Francisco 94121. Lori Olivero, Get Along Little Doggies, 738 42nd Ave., San Francisco 94121. LTK Engineering Services, 100 W. Butler Ave., Ambler, Pa. 19002.

Leon Vasquez, Vasquez Handyman, 1522 Silver Ave. #A, San Francisco 94134.

Brick Consulting Group, 2475 3rd St. #253, San Francisco 94107.

Maxine Yee, Hyde Street Investments I, 1215 Hyde St. #5, San Francisco 94109.

Quezada Architecture, 639 Front St. Fl. 1, San Francisco 94111.

George Wynns, Golden Gate Asset Recovery, 60 29th St. #128, San Francisco 94110. Kwan Yu, Yu Kwan Constuction Co., 23 Gaven St., San Francisco 94134. Leong Dental, 199 Fremont St. #105, San Francisco 94105. 3426-3428-3428A 16th Street HOA, 3428A 16th St., San Francisco 94114. Stoev Landscape Architecture, 101 California St. #2710, San Francisco 94111. Eric Johnson, Law Offices of Eric T. Johnson, 870 Market St. #543, San Francisco 94102. Ayse Kuzucuoglu, AK Employment Law Office, 9 Pier The Embarcadero #100, San Francisco 94111. Ryan Dooley, Windy IP, 31 Middlefield Dr., San Francisco 94132. Because Justice Matters, 25 Taylor St., San Francisco 94102. Youth With a Mission San Francisco, 357 Ellis St., San Francisco 94102. Eye and Hand Society, 689 37th Ave., San Francisco 94121. Gong Cha, 272 O’Farrell St., San Francisco 94102. Burma Club, 8 Mint Plz., San Francisco 94103. Karrah Smith, Sun and Sunset, 201 Spear St. #1100, San Francisco 94105. Annabelle Bayhan International, 2 Townsend St. #4-306, San Francisco 94107. Soul Amuse, 2 Townsend St. #4-306, San Francisco 94107. Ashley Morgan Designs Inc., 210 Post St. #1115, San Francisco 94108. Abrazo, 1155 Leavenworth St. #22, San Francisco 94109. Amirah, 993 N. Point St., San Francisco 94109. Nicholas Thompson, Dapple Green, 1325 Cortland Ave., San Francisco 94110. Randy Yip, Digoh Designs, 3041 Mission St. #2040, San Francisco 94110. Rebecca Speer, Speer Associates, 555 Montgomery St. #1650, San Francisco 94111. Kevin Wong, Gaius Wong, 1678 Grove St. #4, San Francisco 94117. Prescription Records LLC, 708 9th Ave., San Francisco 94118. Euvitis Delicacies, 779 22nd Ave., San Francisco 94121. Tosai, 3251 20th Ave. #159, San Francisco 94132. Max Geller, Presidio Mep LLC, 2351 Powell St. #509, San Francisco 94133. Sparkswap, 1288 Columbus Ave. #279, San Francisco 94133. Love Your Neighbor, 90 Alta St. #2, San Francisco 94133. Lainez Inc., 102 Argonaut Ave., San Francisco 94134. ORB, 1700 4th St. #214, San Francisco 94158.

Toutenance Consulting Group, 33 Clementina St. #1, San Francisco 94105. Donna Yelmokas, DFY Consultants, 747 Shrader St., San Francisco 94117. Kristin Tatham, Archer Blue Design and Consulting, 331 14th Ave., San Francisco 94118.

John McDonald, San Francisco Honey & Pollen Co., 2338 Funston Ave., San Francisco 94116.

1517 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133.

Soojo Rocereto, Suga Jewelry, 225 7th Ave. #5, San Francisco 94118.

Sfpowerplay, 1235 4th St., San Francisco 94158.

Major Music Supply SF, 1278 20th Ave., San Francisco 94122. Matilda’s Bloombox, 10 Chaves Ave., San Francisco 94127. Matilda’s Magnolias, 10 Chaves Ave., San Francisco 94127. George McInnis, The Keymaker, 302 Gonzalez Dr., San Francisco 94132. Derek Coote, We Be Knives, 216 Pier 39 (0-2), San Francisco 94133. James Rushing, White Coat Services, 981 Mission St. #52, San Francisco 94103.

Kismet Consulting Solutions, 104 Anza St., San Francisco 94118.

Carlo Cuneta, Top Shelf Security Services, 70 2nd St., San Francisco 94105.

Realm Real Estate, 466 Brannan St., San Francisco 94107.

Lattice, 22 Battery St. Fl. 11, San Francisco 94111.

Elizabeth Olcott, Ben Kinney Team, 1624 California St., San Francisco 94109. Elizabeth Olcott, Ben Kinney Team Napa, 1624 California St., San Francisco 94109. Elizabeth Olcott, BKCO Napa, 1624 California St., San Francisco 94109. Elizabeth Olcott, BKT Napa, 1624 California St., San Francisco 94109. Marcelo Colussi, Dahlia Real Estate, 1225 Cayuga Ave., San Francisco 94112. Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant LLC, 854 Washington St., San Francisco 94108. Chaohua Wu, Golden Horse Restaurant, 1060 Hyde St., San Francisco 94109. Alex Gourmet Burrito, 545 Sansome St., San Francisco 94111.

Microbiz Security Co., 444 Jessie St., San Francisco 94103. Jamar Boyd, Abacus Data Recovery, 3150 18th St. #405, San Francisco 94110. Partnerize, 101 California St. #1975, San Francisco 94111. Joshua Bandur, Lightweight Software, 3035 Webster St. #2, San Francisco 94123. Nina Smith, Redwood River Music, 178 Anderson St., San Francisco 94110. Theresa Hayle, B.E.W. Productions & Event Services, 1145 Divisadero St. #3, San Francisco 94115. Microlab Studio, 2690 Great Hwy. #305, San Francisco 94116. Stella Nikchemnaya, Atelier Stella, 500 Sutter St. #602, San Francisco 94102.

Hamburger Mary’s Patio Cafe, 531 Castro St., San Francisco 94114.

Amy Moore, Amy Rose Moore Illustration, 947 Bush St. #321, San Francisco 94109.

Vegan-N-Kabob, 1109 Fillmore St., San Francisco 94115.

Oddball Film + Video, 275 Capp St., San Francisco 94110.

Andy Pumacayo, Cafe La Flore I, 1032 Clement St., San Francisco 94118.

Oddball Films, 275 Capp St., San Francisco 94110.

Seoul of Taipei, 1301 46th Ave. #4, San Francisco 94122.

Jennifer Bullock, Jennifer Bullock Productions, 821 Baker St. #1, San Francisco 94115.

Abanico Coffee Roasters, 1582 30th Ave., San Francisco 94122.

Natalie Morris, Natalie Blair Skin Studio, 870 Market St. #761, San Francisco 94102.

Restaurant Depot, 2045 Evans Ave., San Francisco 94124.

Linh Troung, AB Beauty Salon, 431 Stockton St., San Francisco 94108.

Qihui Yu, Little Sushi Bar, 200 23rd Ave., San Francisco 94124.

Phillip Hogan, Style 2020, 1655 Jones St. #3, San Francisco 94109.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, 3251 20th Ave. #250G, San Francisco 94132.

Fatima Medina, The Bling Bar Nail Salon, 3186 23rd St., San Francisco 94110.

Pacific Town Car, 760 Market St., San Francisco 94102. Evergreen Supermarket, 2539 Mission St., San Francisco 94110. Guzman’s Produce Market Inc., 5229 Mission St., San Francisco 94112.

Adela Perez, Vanessa’s Beauty Salon, 3329 23rd St., San Francisco 94110. Harriet Beinfield, Chinese Medicine Works, 1201 Noe St., San Francisco 94114. Apricot Analytics, 2261 Market St. #30, San Francisco 94114.

The Organic Pantry Co., 4600 19th St., San Francisco 94114.

Christopher Staton, Realtime Taxes, 3030 Broderick St. #4, San Francisco 94123.

Denhards Market Inc., 701 10th Ave., San Francisco 94118.

Modern Acupuncture San Francisco, 3214 Fillmore St., San Francisco 94123.

Somsak Laddapongpattana, California Delight Snacks, 1739 35th Ave., San Francisco 94122.

Robert Cinti, Ringolevio Salon and Spa, 2660 Gough St., San Francisco 94123.

Michael Spinali, Little City Market, 1400 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133. RX Records, 708 9th Ave., San Francisco 94118. Ruhe Zhao, Galaxy Marketplace, 519 Brunswick St., San Francisco 94112.

Jennifer Tran, Sydney Nail Spa, 2758 Octavia St., San Francisco 94123. Kylie Rowe, Living Healthy Physical Therapy, 94 Sussex St., San Francisco 94131. Connie Chuck, Thrive Wellness, 2636 Ocean Ave., San Francisco 94132. Huan Su, Su’s Hair Salon,

Powerplay, 1235 4th St., San Francisco 94158.

Daniel McGarrah, Dan McGarrah Photography, 2559 18th Ave., San Francisco 94116. Express Maintenance Co. Inc., 260 Mastick Ave., San Bruno 94066. Jessica Pineda, Alonzo Cleaning Service, 101 Ocean Ave., San Francisco 94112. Avis Maintenance Corp., 402 Fillmore St., San Francisco 94117. Blanket the Homeless, 377 Laidley St. #A, San Francisco 94131. Ceasar Grepo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Residential Care, 476 Fair Oaks St., San Francisco 94110. Rasha Mekky, Little Pharaohs Daycare, 190 Cayuga Ave., San Francisco 94112. Manolo Merchant, Bernardo Transportation Co., 3159 Cesar Chavez #6, San Francisco 94110. Richard Spear, Blue Heron Custom Tours and Travel, 275 Staples Ave., San Francisco 94112. Treasure Island Drive Up Self Storage, One Avenue of The Palms #311, San Francisco 94130.

SAN MATEO COUNTY Fernando Maciel, FM Woodworking, 425 Stanford Ave., Redwood City 94061. P3 Backflow Services, 421 Lancaster Way, Redwood City 94062. Rebecca Garcia, West Menlo Tutoring, 2050 Camino a Los Cerros, Menlo Park 94025. Nu Level Banker/Nu Level Equity/Nu Level Lending, 1310 Bayshore Hwy. #22, Burlingame 94010. Lynch Construction Inc., 71 Escanyo Dr., South San Francisco 94080. Cicely Smith, Burlingame Pediatric Dentistry, 1720 El Camino Real #101, Burlingame 94010. Andrew Calman, Premier Eyecare of SF, 210 Main St. #100, Half Moon Bay 94019. Evangeline Batoy, Hands of Love, 1418 Bellevue Ave. #104, Burlingame 94010. Chula Vista, 1123 Chula Vista, Burlingame 94010. Sandra O’Connor, Espiritu & Co., 1208 Edgehill Dr., Burlingame 94010. Catherine Spieker, 1141 El Camino Real, 1141 El Camino Real, Burlingame 94010. David Winikoff, Inside Track Partners, 1906 Valparaiso Ave., Menlo Park 94025. James Wells, Take It Home, 425 El Camino Real, Menlo Park 94025. Brian Strathdee, Urban Combat, 1138 Cleveland St., Redwood City 94061. Esbro, 775 Seaport Blvd. #C, Redwood City 94063. Zhulian Huang, Siwah, 759 Kains Ave., San Bruno 94066. Upstart, 2 Circle Star Way, San Carlos 94070. Phoenix 2.0, 90 S. Spruce Ave. #C1, South San Francisco 94080. Jose Castaneda, Mariscos De Sinaloa, 412 Studio Cir. #1, San Mateo 94401. Stacy Weiss, Your Choice or Mine, 128A N. Kingston St., San Mateo 94401. The Halal Guys, 213 E. 3rd Ave., San Mateo 94401. Chijean Thompson, CT Customs Broker, 1515 Forge Rd., San Mateo 94402.

James Baba, JFB Properties, 505 Roehampton Rd., Hillsborough 94010. Access Homes, 1310 Bayshore Hwy. #22, Burlingame 94010. James Greenhaw, MP Property Management, 909 Walnut St. #A, San Carlos 94070. Maha Mansour, Coldstone Creamery San Bruno, 1150 El Camino Real #192, San Bruno 94066. Grand Palace Restaurant, 359 Grand Ave., South San Francisco 94080. Wai Gok, E Plus Cafe, 490 S. Airport Blvd., South San Francisco 94080. Franklyn Foley, Professional Leasing, 260 Main St. #206, Redwood City 94063. Lillian Gonzalez, BMG Tile & Stone, 250 Vera Ave. #12, Redwood City 94061. David Feldmeier, Brianna’s Baked Goods, 400 Baltic Cir. #412, Redwood City 94065. Asif Thakani, Sunshine Liquor, 1150 Mission Rd., South San Francisco 94080. Tectoys4Fun, 675 Catamaran St. #2, Foster City 94404. Installation Services, 100 N. Hill Dr. #35, Brisbane 94005. Dwyer Hauling & Moving Services, 112 Maple Ave., South San Francisco 94080. AA Smog, 869 California Dr., Burlingame 94010. Luis Caballero, B&A Towing, 454 Talbert St., Daly City 94014. Vivek Bansal, Dori Software Systems, 541 Jefferson Ave. #100, Redwood City 94063. Karen Johnson, KJ Productions, 1546 Elm St., San Carlos 94070. Judy Sanchez, VMS Bookkeeping, 570 El Camino Real #150-223, Redwood City 94063. L&J Hospitality Inc., 760 El Camino Real, South San Francisco 94080. Ayse Nalinci, Novis Imprints Life Coaching and Energy Healing, 1717 Woodland Ave. #210, East Palo Alto 94303. Michele Perkins, Renew Salon, 153 E. 5th Ave., San Mateo 94401. Charu Sublock, San Mateo Reiki Center, 400 N. San Mateo Dr. #1, San Mateo 94401. Martha Cabrera, Martha’s Janitorial, 2429 Elliot St., San Mateo 94403. Thamyka Cleaning, 675 Catamaran St. #2, Foster City 94404. Hedda Sales, WHR Tours & Travel, 314 Wellington Ave., Daly City 94014. Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, 2201 Junipero Serra Blvd. #C, Daly City 94014. Nola Villalvazo, Top 10 Moving, 736 Easton Ave., San Bruno 94066. Security Public Storage, 99 Hyde Ct., Daly City 94105. Charu Sublock, San Mateo Movers, 400 N. San Mateo Dr. #1, San Mateo 94401.




The Business Times welcomes letters to the editor


PROP. 6 IS CALIFORNIA’S ROAD BACK TO THE PAST. DON’T TAKE IT As a fuel for political debate, gasoline usually generates more heat than light. Sure enough, a contentious gas-related issue is turning up the temperature on the November ballot. It’s also giving Californians the chance to turn their backs on the realities of the 21st Century — an invitation they should decline. The choice comes in the form of Prop. 6, and the damage it would do is hard to overstate. In repealing a 12-centper-gallon gas tax increase imposed last year, Prop. 6 would jettison $52 billion over the next decade that could help California meet its current and future transportation challenges. The higher gas taxes ordained by SB 1 are scheduled to pay for more than 6,500 improvements that will make it easier for California drivers, transit riders, bicyclists and pedestrians to get around. SB 1 will touch virtually every community in the state. It will help fund projects as grand as extending BART to San Jose, and as humble as repairing potholes or repaving thousands of local surface roads. More than 550 bridges, many overdue for renovation, would be repaired or replaced as well. There’s money to cut traffic congestion and beef up transit systems as well. That’s a lot to give up just to save $2 each time you fill up. Prop. 6 proponents’ argument boils down to the reality that nobody likes higher taxes. They contend that the state could manage just fine with the gas tax at its 1995 level if it stripped out transit, biking, pedestrian walkways and all that other nonsense and dedicated 100 percent of all gas tax revenue to roads. Though roughly 90 percent of the SB 1 money is directed to road work, Prop. 6’s exclusively car-centric thinking is from a bygone era. Even the most road-weary commuter realizes that the only realistic answer for California transportation is all-of-the-above. We desperately need better roads. We also need to foster other transportation modes to help manage the strain, particularly in urban places like the Bay Area. SB 1 does that; Prop. 6 does not. Prop. 6 is also underpinned by political chicanery. The state Republican party and a GOP congressman are among its largest donors. That has little to do with California motorists — and a lot to do with hopes that a tax measure will gin up votes for Republican congressional incumbents otherwise imperiled by an expected anti-Trump backlash. The road to the future may be shrouded with uncertainty, but one thing is clear: It doesn’t double back to the 1990s.


‘Local control’ isn’t perfect, but it’s better for everyone than unelected regional bureaucracies City and county officials — not state mandates or regional agencies — should decide where and whether to build housing

YIMBYs, often the mouthpiece for corporate interests, real estate developers, investment bankers and politicians, are good with slogans like “yes, in my backyard.” They blame cities for blocking housing, even though cities don’t build housing, developers do. Cities are not blame-free. Some have approved masThe Business Times recently put forward sive commercial construction without encouraging the view that “‘Local control’ of housing adequate housing. Instead of tackling their own workis the problem, not the solution” (Viewforce/housing balance, some cities expect nearby compoint section, Aug. 31 print munities to house their 9-5 commuters. edition). It’s become popular for economic and It also reported that Livgovernment groups to promote regional solutions. These follow a corporate model of able California is forming coalitions with maximizing profits by outsourcing expenses. like-minded elected city officials and comThat’s not fair. munity leaders in neighborhood, homePeople forget that cities use time-tested owner, renter and social justice organizatools that work: general plans, housing eletions across the state. The goal that brings us together is to strengthen local control, intements, design guidelines, CEQA and Envigrated with regional collaboration and partronmental Impact Reports. Susan Kirsch Many housing advocates are alarmed by nerships, as the answer to housing solutions national trends to dismantle environmenand long-term, sustainable communities. Local control isn’t perfect, but among everyday peo- tal protections yet embrace state efforts to dismantle the California Environmental Quality Act in order to ple, it is preferable to top-down state mandates. It has “streamline” the housing process. a greater capacity to shape solutions than the stymied Occasionally these local planning tools have been one-size-fits-all approach currently advocated by big used inappropriately, but that is not just cause to throw business and Sacramento.


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en or so housing bills passed in 2018, piled on top of the 14 housing bills passed in 2017, which Berkeley researchers warn have unpredictable outcomes. The crisis is believing the mantra “we have to do something,” justifies legislation that benefits a few, while jeopardizing the majority. The crisis is legislation that increases the financial burden on cities without calling it what it is — an unfunded mandate. The crisis is the threat to democracy. David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, describes a new trend. In “The Localist Revolution,” Brooks identifies a national movement to flip the power structure away from centralized control back to local. Livable California is committed to community, equity and action. We don’t yet have a million-dollar donor, like the YIMBYs, but it could happen. With certainty, we envision the day when counties throughout the state wholeheartedly celebrate a Livable California. Kirsch is founder of Livable California, a coalition building bridges between local elected officials and volunteer leaders and Sacramento legislators.

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them out in favor of state mandates or regional government. In community hands, these tools rely on local planning departments and elected city councils to engage stakeholders, conduct public meetings, issue progress reports and measure results. Local officials live in close proximity to their decisions and witness their consequences, not far away in distant offices. Citizen volunteers spend thousands of hours in stewardship, not because it “pencils out,” but to assure safety and quality of life, including the impact of housing on water supply, congestion, schools and taxes. It’s become popular to refer to an affordable housing crisis. Yet the “build, build, build” remedy rarely provides housing for low-income workers. Buying a new car isn’t as “affordable” as buying a used one. Building new housing — even tiny units — isn’t affordable to anybody on minimum wage. According to the state Legislative Analyst’s office, trickle-down affordability will take 25 to 30 years. The crisis we face is the systematic effort to dismantle local control and replace it with unelected, regional bureaucracies. The crisis is the rush to pass more draconian legislation, like the doz-

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TED KOHNEN President Retina (a Transiris Company)

CEO A thirty-year technology veteran, Joe Fuca is known in Silicon Valley for leading both private and public companies through worldwide growth phases, transformative customer success, and category leadership. Most recently the president of worldwide field operations at SaaS breakout FinancialForce, Joe was responsible for all enterprise-class sales, implementation and customer success groups. He was the first executive brought into DocuSign to build out the infrastructure necessary to grow the company ten-fold to $250 million in four years. In addition, he designed DocuSign’s vertical strategy, priorities and positioning; expanded its presence globally; and forged strategic partnerships with, major financial services organizations and top-tier consulting firms.

As President of Retina, Ted is charged with the integration of a world-class marketing technology offering that includes AI, marketing automation, CRM and business intelligence and data solutions with award winning marketing strategy, creative and brand/demand go-to-market solutions. Retina is built to dramatically disrupt the marketing and advertising agency model with its technology-first DNA and powerfully efficient operating model.

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What’s an example of a key innovation to better serve clients? Audits and the use of data and analytics. In working with financial institutions on credit reviews, we had to handle that manually in the past. We now have a partnership with IBM’s Watson that allows us to automate a large portion of that credit review.

KPMG’s Lisa Daniels on workforce development

Are you seeing different demands from newer entrants to the workforce? Yes, our people want to grow, expand their skills and try new things. They don’t want to come and sit in the same job for 20 years. They want to see the world. We’ve worked at how we structure ourselves as a firm so that we can meet those expectations quicker and more fully to give them those options and experiences.

Lisa Daniels had teenage aspirations of being a dancer. She started dancing at 4 and pursued her dream into her college years. But after getting a business degree, she moved onto a different stage: commercial real estate, working in Southern California’s Lancaster-Palmdale area. She found she enjoyed modeling real estate deals and understanding their financial and economic impact and decided to pursue that by becoming an accountant. From there, she became an auditor at KPMG and began working her way up the corporate ladder. KPMG, one of the nation’s Big Four accounting firms, employs 2,100 professionals in the Bay Area, providing services to some of the region’s biggest companies. Nationally, KPMG employs more than 31,000 people across 110 offices. Daniels started as managing partner of KPMG’s San Francisco office in July.

What are clients considering when it comes to tax reform? There’s a vast array of things, depending on whether the client is a big multinational or a small startup. It started with international tax reform and repatriation of capital. Since then, clients are considering all the different aspects of tax reform. They look at where their operations are and how their companies are structured to take advantage of federal tax law changes. At the state and local level, clients are looking at the Wayfair court decision (and its effect on) the collection of online sales taxes. Now it’s even moved into spending a fair amount of time on trade and customs, with the tariffs.

How do you keep your competitive edge? I try to invest in my skills. I had a mentor tell me once, “Consider your personal resume and how it changed over the course of a year. If it didn’t change, that’s not good. You’ve not invested in yourself to stay personally relevant. You must take the time to invest in yourself and your skills to remain competitive.” What was your best business decision? My decision to relocate to Phoenix in 1999. At the time I had a 1- and 3-yearold. I decided to take that challenge. It was fun, exciting and interesting to grow the business into a substantial advisory practice. It also showed to others in the firm that I could do that. When I first moved to Phoenix, the firm did an interesting thing with my move into the IT advisory practice. I didn’t have an IT background. I shadowed an IT person to get up to speed.

LISA DANIELS Managing partner of KPMG’s San Francisco office HQ: New York, with Bay Area offices in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Santa Clara Background: Daniels previously worked in commercial real estate before taking night classes to become a CPA, after which she joined KPMG and worked her way up from auditor to managing partner. She oversees more than 3,000 professionals across eight western states. In 2017, she took a similar role in the Silicon Valley office before assuming her current role in July. First job: Teaching ballet and tap dancing to 5- and 6-year-olds while in high school. Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University. Residence: San Francisco.

What do you like best about the job? The people and the culture, which aligns with my personal values of trust, integrity, respecting the individual and leading by example. When I talk to recruits, I ask them about their experience of working in teams.


How’s business? Great. The economy and the industries that we serve are doing very well. Our business involves three groups: audit, tax and advisory. We’re seeing robust business across all three. Our clients are spending a lot of time on tax reform and the changes that we’ve seen in state and federal laws. Clients are also focused on digital transformation and related changes to their supply chains. Startups and the fundings involving VCs and private equity are also very active. It’s a good time.

What are your guiding principles for good management? Listen and take the time to understand the perspective of others. The same issue looks very different based on where you sit around the table or around the world. Also, you can learn something from absolutely everyone you meet. That’s how I try to live my day.

Pet peeve? If somebody doesn’t treat another with respect. You don’t have to agree with people, but you have to treat them with respect. Most influential book? “Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates WorldClass Performers from Everybody Else,” by Geoff Colvin. Favorite cause? Literacy. Favorite music? Pop country. —Mark Calvey



“First Republic seamlessly integrates all of our nonprofit banking needs – and they make it look effortless.” SAN FRANCISCO SPCA

Jennifer Scarlett, D.V.M., President Pictured with Brooke

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CJA 2018 General Excellence: San Francisco Business Times, Sept. 14, 2018  

The San Francisco Business Times' entry in the General Excellence category of the 2018 California Journalism Awards. 1 of 2

CJA 2018 General Excellence: San Francisco Business Times, Sept. 14, 2018  

The San Francisco Business Times' entry in the General Excellence category of the 2018 California Journalism Awards. 1 of 2