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SIN{PI,IFIED OUTLINT, OF SOCRATI,'S SECOND SPEECFI lntrultrctory Btitcmcnt to thc "fair youtlr" 'I'hc Ilccantation*onc orrql)t not to rcjcct a lovcr Lrccrrrc trc is macl A. N{ncincss i-r not alrva;'r cvil; if givcn by thc gotls it ir a lrncfit. I'rwf throtrgh cxamplcs: 1. I)roplrccy 2. Iturgation



4. Love-"


(A) tvh (1)

Section I: The soul in its cosmic

(c) within thc hcavcns (6) to thc divine banquet beyond thc

(i) (ii)




the feasting of the gods the feasting of the other souls: (I) those who behold the ideas (II) those who fail to behold thcm. the Decree of Dcstiny: (l) Tlrosc souls rvhich see tl)e truth in a cycle of th

thc next cycle



!, lr+*o

'l'Irc.10,000 lr:Ij1J]l" o[ birth, ju-rlqmcnt, punishrnEfi]-dfrtrvard anJ rcl'irrh. -All tlrc rliscorrrsc so lrr lras bccn abdilT thc lourtll ftind of nr-Tdncss: 'I Snnmart "ihc (I) inspired love r, se cing bcauiy in this world ig reslindcd of trg$'!gA-u1y"&gg!!!-!e-gl9!y-\:i4S9*44$i:r:oncrecl only lviLr,


for rvlr.rt is abovc, Thrrs hc



tlrings here bclow and

rs c-b-iSldcred

(It) Of -aTITHFfdims of divinc madncss this is tfu bcsr (II I ) Ev@'hffiilin*'ETrTdnlfrTiGrc" bclitiT thc bcings. (A) 'flrc coursc of lovc in tlris worlrl. (l) tln: lirnction ofmcrrrorv and bciutv: {a I tllc sl!lrt ol bcautv-tltc act ol lalllnq ln lovc: '' li) Jne iln6tnTino-n of true-tEauty'is long past or corrgptgd (i i) on rc."n y n a tcd n-t6"Tlfiil-t i. ii i.i' yr L'iE(l)" is remindcd of thc true bcauty "formcrly seen (II) gazes at thc bcautifirl onc as if he wcre a gocl. (A) hc bcgins to grow *iigs aqain:- (1) bc fcels.ioy\nfiEfr-fi5)ing at his beloved


t I



i t i


surrcndcrs to plcasurc, lust.

ind tvmtoness.


(2) he fecls anguiili whm li}i-rifcdTFom him (3) he becomd dTsfFatipfitfo-m thc i;n-in-gling of joy and (u)

angrrish: he thus forgcts fimil-y and fricn0s. propcrty anilordinary convcnrion., .,nd proprlcties

(D) he is preparcd to do anything for his beloved, Dcltn i ion oJ I ooe-this coldlrieiicafld_Lglc*pLmcn. (i)' Tlrc various kinifs-6f lovcr.: lI I Iollowcrs of Zcus. si\&/rru litj foltorvcm of Aiii. IIII] so docs cach l6tei livc aftcr the manncr ol his god. (ii) Behavior of thc lovcr torv*rcls tlrc bclovcd: Il I Ccncral Clrari.tcristi.s: IAl Declr sclccts a bclovcd according to Itis or'n cl,rr.rrr"1. Iu ) nact, rr;!@ l6dTFrofi ..d

Section II: the course of love in this world



Spccific bchavior of thc dilfcrcnt typcs of lovcrs: Zcus: [A] Irollowcrs of -ltG]l!fc-s-oul. r'u l!]uar' [l I Dcsirc ;r [2] Wltcn tlrcy {ind hirn do all tlrcy can to givc lrirrr srrclr a clraractcr. [a] in thc proccss thcy bccotnc tltcrnsclvcs tnorc likc tlrc god tltcy fol lorv.

[3] consid. r tlrc bclovcd tlrc so,rrcr of tl'cir j"y. [Bi ioilo*"rs otllcra. fl p:L w;-tl^k

[Cl follorvcrs of r\itollo. I D I followcrs of tlr"-6'llr"r qods.

[r] conftictingntqiin3ts-"of'thc diffcrcnt bclovcd. [r ] tht"femtgj,lllirsJ!-ark horsc.

parts of thc sortl to tltc

[2] Bchavior of tlrc bclovcd: [a] horv hc falls in love.

[f] Thc condition of the bclovcd aftcr lrc falls in lovc. Thc coursr: of mutual lovc:

Section III; Thc capturc of the

of thc dark lrorscs. -FITFN;"ffinEi-T;blcm [d] thc dillcrcnt kinds of nutual lovc: lil lo." basnd on contr-o-Lhr, rl,c l)rtt, l ll:11!l tlic rninrl: l/l lr.rp1,y irr r[-iTlif,. l//l rvirrrcrl in tlrc ncst lilc. Ii1l j thcir.rtcsTlifiTililt 6,16 I'e s.crrr',1 l,1 rnrn.



lrlr.r',1 <rtt ltgnut

fivcs in Lo tlrc drrk horsc on occ.r-.i')n ,l/l rn: ' // 'I fasLllLs s,J'ego He#*eJ l,1l IJsiint [r'icnti.hip in tlri' lil". c ic, C'ri.Jtecll'rorornisb bl\iiftt\-ix tl.^ f,rlurc. I


Conciuding Statcmcnts:

A. To the "fair youth":


1. thcse are thc blcssings of the friendship of a lovcr. 2. a rclationship rvith a non.lovcr will: a) be mixed'rvith moral prt&'rrcc and thc dispcnsing of niggardly gifts. "" D) lrccct illibcralitv in tlrc bclovcd's soul. rrinqless .ui.. *'.X?l6Gf:loElrcr-bq .ji,6"". .. ycars. L for 9,000 ___

o. ,o


1. I havc offcred thc bcst rccantation I can. 2. Forgive my formcr rvorcls and acccpt thcse. --

3. Ilc kind atrd graciotts to rtttr: a) do not in ingcr taiie alvay thc art of lovc you lravc givcn trc'

6) do not deprivc rnc o[ siqht.


grant mc


be cstecmcd even morc than now by thc bcautiful.

4. If in our former s1rccch Phacdrus or I said anything harsh against you: a) blame Lysias. 6) turn him to philosophy: i) so Phacdius will no longcr hesitatc bctrvccn two opinions'




rvholchcartedly live for lovc together with philcophical discourse


Outline of the Second Socratic Speech ('Phaedrus')  

Sections 244 ff.

Outline of the Second Socratic Speech ('Phaedrus')  

Sections 244 ff.