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The Bendback Streamer

Here's an alternative way to help you with unwanted snag ups when chucking fluff around structures, weed beds etc etc. You can use this method for the Rattle’n Hums as well.

Take pliers and bend hook back 10 mm from the hook eye. Then slightly bend back the hook eye as well.

Place in the vise like so. You can see the slight bend in the hook eye. This will allow the fly to present the hook point at a better angle than if you kept straight.

Take six strands of holographic tinsel 180 mm long and tie 3 on either side of the hook shaft close to the bend.

Take 2 Grizzly saddle feathers 180 mm long and tie one on either side of the hook directly over the tinsel tie on point.

Palmer on 2 Marabou hairline feathers directly after the grizzly saddles. I used Burnt Orange on this fly but one can use whatever they like.

Take a pencil thickness clump of Bucktail and tie on forward around the hook shaft. I used Chartreuse here.

Bend back and wrap cotton up against the bucktail thus allowing it to lie facing backwards. Whip finish and apply a dab of head cement.

The Bend back streamer  
The Bend back streamer  

The bend back streamer is simple alternative method for preventing snag ups through weeds,rocks & any other underwater obstruction by bendi...