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The Salamander Gurglebug

Tie on your weed guard at the back of the hook. Make sure it is aligned with the hook shaft. Whip finish and apply head cement to lock in place.

Cut a length of raccoon fur your (I used a length on this tie 100 mm) and tie over the weed guard tie in.

Take a clump of Bucktail and tie on facing forward (I used brown on this tie). Fold back and tie on. Coat with a dab of head cement

Palmer on one marabou hairline feather (I used light brown on this tie)

Run your cotton down the length of the hook shaft to the eye. Tie on a length of Gold wired pipe garland. Wrap garland around the hook shaft until the feather and bucktail point. Wrap cotton back down the length of the hook shaft.

Cut 2 pieces of foam in these shapes.

Tie with 3 wraps on from the back towards the hook eye.

Cut 2 pieces of rubber strips 60 mm long. Fold around cotton and tie on either side of the hook shaft.

Turn vise over and tie on a small clump of red arctic fox fur.

Turn vise back over and run the cotton back over the same wraps. Fold the foam over and tie behind the lip and whip finish. Superglue the lip together.

Rap cotton around the nose and then tie on the weed guard just behind the hook eye. Whip finish and place a dab of head cement over. Glue eyes on.

Salamander gurglebug tutorial  

Fly tying tutorial for the salamander gurglrbug pike fly

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