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Warp Alert // Introduction Warp Alert is a platform we’ve created to encourage the Warp audience to “Get Yourself Into the Mix”. It is to help connect the fanbase with the artist through a range of mediums with a central online presence.

Alert link for Warp Hompage

Intimate live show experiences offer the chance for Alert members to influence the direction of them through creative opportunities and competitions, with these shows available to those Alert members to gain first access. Printed publications delivered straight to members doors with a range of Warp related content as well as mp3 codes, Alert member artwork and other possibilites for Alert members to contribute, through writing, artwork or interviews. The website is the base for all of Alert; member profiles, live band feeds, exclusive access to new music and other content, meet other Warp fans, and unlimited useage of Bangers&Mash - a program for people to create their own mixes and music by using Warp artists own contents, such as guitar riffs, drum beats, baselines and vocals - a program that can rolled out across many platforms, from online, to iphones to PS3’s and iPads. Alert is a memerbship service that gains closers access and unlimited interaction with Warp Records and their roster of acts, while opening up new avenues for increasing revenue and making new fans. Right: Warp’s homepage with links to the Alert website as well as advertisments for Bangers&Mash which is available to everyone - a program that could generate new fans of the label.

Link to Bangers & Mash


Warp Alert // Enter Page The welcome page for Warp Alert, accessed from the Warp homepage. Option to sign up or log in.


Warp Alert // Profile Page & Feed The users profile page will have all the information about this person with options to personalise your entire Warp Alert, from who you revive in your Feed, to alerts of ticket sales, new music and merchandise as well as personalised playlist featuring their favourite Warp artists. It will also include direct links to the creative side of the Alert website - links to that persons Bangers&Mash mixes, artwork created for publications and any other mention of him or her throughout the website, such as future gigs attending or one’s you’ve been to recently.

Upload photos from gigs and live shows Your own Bangers & Mash on your profile

Link to live show stream

Top Right: Profile page with all their details, favourite bands, calender of future shows attending and links to creative content such as Bangers&Mash.


Bottom Right: Live band feed that is catered towards each users indervidual music tastes.


Warp Alert // Live Shows These live shows featuring Warp artists are available for the Alert subscribers with 24 hours notice given to them via email, twitter, SMS and facebook. The shows would be held at a variety of off the wall venues, ranging from village halls to airport runways with stage’s and sets designed and influences by Alert subscribers which would add a user interactive element to the shows. These shows would also be stremed live via the website, as seen on the image to the right. Top Right: Live stream on the website of the show Bottom Left: Receiving a message 24 hours prior to the show alerting a subscriber to the show.

Subscribers given the chance inspire themes and designs of the live shows


Warp Alert // The Store The online store will make available a range of new items, programs, games and merchandise to be bought by people - it can be accessed by everyone, but Alert subscribers will have a discounted code.

Top Right: The Warp store with everything from tickets to LP’s to iphone app’s.


Warp Alert // Bangers & Mash Bangers & Mash is a program that allows Warp fans to create their own mixes through exsisting Warp Records samples and tracks. There is a free, limited version available to everyone and a full version for those Alert subscribers. It is to be available across many platforms - along with the online version, it can be accessed on the iphone, ipad, playstation 3 and Xbox - increasing availability and awareness to the labal and music that Warp encompasses.

Choose from a range of skins


Top Right: Bangers & Mash for PS3, also available on Xbox360 and Wii. Bottom: Bangers & Mash for Iphone and Ipad.


Bangers & Mash icon on an iPad

Bangers & Mash availble for Iphone and Ipad available from the app store


Warp Alert // The Publication The publication would be a quarterly pack of Warp related content for Alert subscribers. It would contain artwork, interviews, behind the scenes look at the bands and the label, as well as featuring Alert members who may have submitted artwork, articles and Bangers&Mash mixes. It will also gives the reader a chance to get their friends invovled by offering a discounted memerbship. Other incentives will be available and the publication will be packed full of exclusive, original Warp content - meaning everything isn’t just online, in a digital format - creating more opportunity for print as well as digital.


Warp Alert // Advertisments A couple of potential print ads that would help raise awareness for the Bangers & Mash program and, in turn, Warp Records.


Warp Alert  


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