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DETROIT | finding a technique

“de-troit” is French for: “straight”

First founded July 1701 by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

Largest city in Michigan

Motor City Motown City of Champions The D D-Town Hockeytown Rock City The 3-1-3

11th largest American city

humid continental climate 0 degrees to 90 degrees

Population: Detroit 910, 920 Metro-Detroit Area 4, 403, 437

DETROIT Links Lake Huron and Lake Erie; through Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River

Henry Ford launches Ford Motor Company in 1903

latitude 43, longitude 83 east orientation elevation 579 to 670 ft 140 sq. mi. land 5 sq. mi. water

1701 | French officer founded a settlement called Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit 1760 |The French surrender to the British. 1765| France offers free land to attract families to Detroit, under British control. (Royal Proclaimation of 1763) 1805 | A fire destroys the colony; Only brick chimneys and a warehouse stand.


1805 to 1847 | Detroit is the capital of Michigan. The street-plan was developed by Augustus B. Woodward, Chief Justice of the Michigan Territory. 1830’s | Shipping, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries rise. 1840’s-50’s | Detroit used as passage for Underground Railroad 1860-1865 | Ulysses Grant stationed in Michigan. Iron Brigade forms from volunteer soldiers 1870’s | Detroit is coined as “Paris of the West” 1883 | Lightbulbs appear in street/building lighting 1890’s | Detroit is increasingly realized as a Transportation Hub. 1896 | Henry Ford builds his first automobile in a rented workshop on Mack Avenue


1903 | Henry Ford opens factory doors. 1920-1933 | Prohibition in America 1920 | Racial conflicts go to High Courts 1940 | First depressed highway built, the M-8, connects Detroit 1940’s | Americans and Europeans increasingly move to Detroit 1943 | Detroit Race Roit: three days, 34 dead, 433 incapacitated 1945 | Detroit is know and the “Arsenal of Democracy” for churning industry and assistance to the war effort.


1967 | Twelveth Street Roit: five days, 43 dead, 467 incapacitated. (Roit involves Police, National Guard and US Army)

1973-1979 | Gas and Energy Crisis damage US Auto Companies; The organized sale of Herion and Crack further deteriorate the city 1979 | The Renaissance Center is constructed as a city-in-a-city in hopes to reverse a fading city 1980 | Detroit hosts the Republican National Convention; Ronald Regan is elected. 1993 | One Detroit Center built in Renaissance Center. 2000 | Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lion recieve new stadiums inside the city.


DETROIT | Maps : Watching a city’s growth.




DETROIT | Maps : Watching a city’s growth.



DETROIT | Maps : Watching a city’s growth.


DETROIT | Maps : Watching a city’s growth.



DETROIT | finding a technique Population: Detroit 910, 920 M...