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The Steamline project is moving full “steam” ahead this summer. The construction currently takes up half the residence quad!

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen My hope is that you are all deep into your summer and finding plenty of time to relax. Relaxing, after all if very respectable according to our friend Sam Keen :) It’s hard to believe that we have little over a month before we will be welcoming you back to campus for training and preparation to usher in a new set of the students this fall. While you might think that summer should be a quiet time for us, it has been quite the contrary, especially as of late. We’ve just finished up a very successful Orientation at the end of June, and completed a full set of furniture replacements in North, South, and Simmons Hall (see page 4 for details). As you can see by the picture above, the

RA Compensation


quad is not quite how you remember it either. We are undergoing a huge improvement project to replace the steam pipe that runs underground to give hot water to all of our buildings beyond Bartol hall. It’s set to be completed right around the time you arrive on campus the weekend of August 19th. At the beginning of June we completed the search for our RD staff and now have three new team members to welcome on board. I proudly introduce them to you all on page 2 of this newsletter. We’ve also been very busy filling up the RA supply closet full of great items for you to use for your bulletin boards and door decs. We’ll be compiling a full

list of items for you to see on the RA goole wiki page. In the meantime, check out the items highlighted on page 5. As our returners know, we also have a robust programming budget available for supplies and events thanks to our close relationship with Student Leadership & Activities. Lastly, we got some VERY big news for you regarding your compensation I am excited to share with you all. You’ll see all of the details in the highlight box below! I look forward to your arrival in August. You’ll be hearing from us again as we get closer to training. Jess Faulk Director of Residence Life

We’ve long know that being an RA is one of the most important jobs on campus. You are the guides to our first years, advocates for our returners, and infusers of vibrancy in all of the halls. In recognition of all the hard work RAs do over the course of the year, we have gotten approval for 100% room and board for compensation of all RAs, regardless of year. We know that you will more than earn this new amount with all of the energy and dedication you all bring to the position. Thank you all in advance for your contribution this year!




This fall we will be welcoming back our three Campus Life Coordinators, Julia Golden, Tia Miller, and John O’Connor. Leigh Viscomi will also be returning as the RD of Dix hall and we will have three new staff members join us in August. All three are very excited to become a part of the Residence Life staff at Simmons. We just finalized placement of the new professional staff yesterday and wanted to announce it to you as soon as possible!

Kristi Swartz , RD Morse Hall Hey everyone! My name is Kristi Swartz and I am so excited to join the Simmons Residence Life team. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in U.S. History from Stonehill College where I served as an RA and held several other on-campus leadership positions. Originally from Uxbridge, MA, I enjoy photography, antiquing, fishing, craft projects, skiing, cooking/baking, and playing the guitar. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Vanessa Martinez, RD Mesick Hall Hello! I am a recent college graduate of Mount Holyoke College concentrating in Spanish and Theater. I am originally from New York City and I love musical theater and anything theater related. I also love to cook Spanish food and I am a big fan of dancing to salsa music! I also love to read and explore new cities. I’m very excited to live in Boston and work at Simmons this upcoming fall.

Jessica Joseph , RD Arnold Hall Hello, Jess Joseph here hailing all the way from Roslindale, MA! A Bostonian at heart, I spent one year at UMass Amherst before transferring and receiving a Bachelor of Science in Health (Community Health Education) from Curry College. I have just completed my first year and a half of graduate school at Salem State University, where I am working on my Master of Education in Higher Education in Student Affairs. Had a great experience as an Assistant Resident Director, but am looking forward to returning to a smaller institution where I can really get an opportunity to interact with the students. I love music and you will often find me singing even when there is nothing playing. Fun fact about me, though I was born and raised in Boston, I learn something new about the city every day. Really excited to be apart of Simmons!

Save these Dates Make sure to mark off these important dates on your calendar. We want to make sure our entire staff is present for trainings and staff gatherings. All dates listed are mandatory though this list is not exhaustive and additional dates will be provided during RA training. Your RA position does come second to academics so if you know of a potential academic conflict with any of these dates, please inform your supervisor as soon as possible. If you have a academic conflict with part of training, please contact John O'Connor at as well.

Fall Dates

Spring Dates


19 Aug

13 Jan

Training Move in Begins 8:30am-4:30pm Fri 11am-2pm Sat & Sun

Training Move in Begins 8:30am-4:30pm

26 Aug

15 Jan

28 Aug

Halls open for Graduate Students & Dix Scholars

Halls open for Returning Students

COF Joint Training Event

4 Sept

16 Jan

2 Oct,

Halls open for New & Returning Students

Halls open for New Students

In Vogue Training #1

5 Sept

29 Jan-Feb 4

6 Nov,

Returning Students move in Cont./FACES Training

Heath & Safety Checks

In Vogue Training #2

Week of 12 Sept

2 April

14-15 Jan

Housing Selection #1 (Duties depend on events chosen)

RA Winter Training

4 April

16 Jan

Housing Selection #2 (Duties depend on events chosen)

RA Dinner on the Town (tentative)

13 May

26 Feb,

Closing for non-seniors

In Vogue Training #3

7-10 Nov

14 May

22 Apr,


End of Year RA Brunch Celebration

In Vogue Training #4

21 Dec

19 May

Halls Close at 12pm

Closing for seniors/Dix/Grads

Announced Fire Drills (Sign up for one date ea. sem.)

Week of 19 Sept Unannounced Fire Drills (Sign up for one date ea. sem.)

25 Sept-1 Oct Health & Safety Checks

22 Aug3 Sept RA Training

(SUN) 6:00-7:30pm





ResCampus Upgrades Check out what’s happening on campus! 1. Simmons Lounge Furniture Simmons 3rd and 4th floors are now just as beautiful as the 1st floor living room. These highly used lounges have now been painted the same pale yellow as the all of the Simmons hallways and are filled with new furniture.

Simmons 3rd & 4th Floor Lounges

2. More Flat Screen TVs More halls have been upgraded this summer. To join our large flat screens from last year, we now have new TVs in Arnold, Smith, Simmons 3rd Floor, and Quadside Cafe! 3. South Hall Lounges South Living room, Wellness Lounge, and TV room all have new paint, carpet, shades, and furniture! South also just received two new refrigerators and a stove this week. 4. North Hall Lounges North Hall will also enjoy a starbucksstyle comfortable living room and vibrant TV room this upcoming year.

South Living Room South TV Room

5. Upgrades everywhere Dix Hall received new landing mats in the stairwells, South and North had new entryway “walk-offs” installed, all of the halls entries are getting scrapped and repainted, and even the black fence around the quad is being repainted. It will be a bright new campus when you arrive in August!

ResLife Resources We’re excited to also be able to announce that we’ve purchased two additional red moving carts (12bushel), which will be available for early move ins and mid-semester moves along with our 4 other carts. Additionally, we bought 3 dollies to make heavy boxes and refrigerators much easier to move up the stairs in halls without elevators!

North Living Room

North TV Room

Sports Pride TV

(To be mounted)

PLUS, new this year access to a color printer in the reslife office (100 prints each RA) *Please don’t spend your own money for door decs or bulletin board materials this summer. Supplies will be available when you arrive & time will be set aside during training

Get ready for Student Leadership Training It’s hard to believe that that summer has flow by so fast. I am excited to be writing the first message to you about our upcoming Student Leadership Training (SLT). As you already know, SLT begins Monday, August 22, 2011. We will be ready for your arrival as early as Friday, and encourage you to begin making travel arrangements and arrival during the times listed below. For now we want to send out a few more notes to get you thinking ahead to August. RA Move-In/Check-In Times It is very important you try to arrive during one of the time periods listed below: Friday, 8/19 8:30AM - 4:30PM Saturday, 8/20, 2010 11AM-2PM Sunday, 8/21, 2010 - 11AM-2PM Carts and dollies will be available to assist you during your move. Unfortunately, if you arrive after these hours, we can only provide access to your room via a free “lock out” by the RA on duty. Phone: You will need to bring a phone for your RA room. While you are on duty

Fun Tools

Elmer's glue construction paper color paper envelopes yard sticks post it easel pads markers name tags tissue paper crayons paint certificate paper new paper cutter blue tape rulers glue sticks scissors labels color paper

stencils masking tape rubber bands binders velcro projector/DVD

Bulletin Board Paper

We’ve restocked the RA closet & wanted to make sure you knew what you’ve got access to!

unless you are on rounds you need to be by your room extension so public safety dispatch can reach you. A corded phone is fine but keep in mind that if you can get an inexpensive cordless phone sometimes It gives you a bit more range if you wanted to go to a lounge in your building or something like that. Temperature Information: Though training will be in August please plan to dress in/ bring layers- Alumnae Hall tends to be on the chilly side because of the AC - please plan accordingly. RA Manual: During training there will be opportunities for you to demonstrate your knowledge(new and returning RAs) on information in the http://  I highly recommend you take some time before training to review it. There will be PRIZES involved. If you have any questions about training contact me at or 617-521-1102 John O’Connor Campus Life Coordinator

Storage for the closet

Our new Ellison die cuts

RA Supplies

Under Construction Student Activities Center We aren’t the only only part of campus with a lot of work being done. When you get back this fall you can look forward to a newly designed student centered space right outside of OSLA! You can look forward to new seating, a flat screen TV, express printing stations, and a whole new look! The construction is well underway already.

ResLife Staff Summer Newsletter  

News for our RAs

ResLife Staff Summer Newsletter  

News for our RAs