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February 2011 Edition

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Quadside LATE NITE

Housing Selection 2011-2012 count down has begun. Like us on FB today! Page 2

Every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm-12pm


Motown Karaoke, Cosponsored by BSO



Craft Night, Fun with Felt

Theme Communities, connect, celebrate, explore for interests! Page 3

Find a new drink to love with your favorite Bartol culinary expert Page 4

ns Simmo Which t en is presid FF? your B a P ge 7


Cards for Kids, Co-sponsored by Rooted in Love Christian Fellowship




Craft Night, Make your own Jewelry

SATURDAY MARCH 19 Spoken Word night


Music Performances, Rachel Platten with Bess Rogers & Steve Means and Sports Spirit Night

SATURDAY, MARCH 26 Luau Karaoke

HAVING A ROARING GOOD TIME Students showed up in style for CAB’s fabulous Soriee at the Skywalk in the Pru. A very popular event, CAB sold 500 tickets!

Do you “LIKE” to have fun? We’ve got 75 people who’ve declared loud and proud that they like Simmons Campus Life! Are you one of our fans yet? If not, search for us on facebook, or visit simmonscollegecampuslife. Office of Residence Life and Office of Student Leadership have joined forces to bring you fantastic programming such as the Quadside LATE NITE series,

THINKING PINK! Halls earned Simmons Cup points and showed support for Simmons Basketball and breast cancer research by coming to the Battle of the Halls II: Think Pink!


fantastic staff (CLC’s Julia, John, & Tia), and now we’ve teamed up to bring you easy access to information on campus happenings. In addition to the flyer packed Sharklink site, you can now receive ongoing announcements from the Campus Life facebook page. Login to facebook and like us today!

COF SKI TRIP TO WATERVILLE On Sat, Feb 5th Simmons students joined COF students for an adventurous day of skiing and snowboarding at Waterville Valley.

With snow storms and cold days not yet a distant memory, it might be hard to believe, but Spring is right around the corner! March will bring with it warmer weather and many housing selection events including info sessions, open houses, pair and suite fairs (roommate speed dating).

Mark your calendar for this important date • March 16, 2011 • Priority Housing Apps due • Special housing accommodation paperwork due to disability services • Request to withdraw from Housing for the Fall 2011 Semester due (to receive deposit refund)

Housing Selection this year is scheduled for April 4th and April 6th. April 4th will be the date of Grad/Dix, Theme Community, and rising senior selection. April 6th will hold selection for rising juniors, rising sophomore, and 2nd semester first year selection.

Join our facebook group to learn the latest news about housing selection event dates, updates on room availability, and events put on by the Campus Life team (Office of Residence Life & Office of Student Leadership and Activities).


If you have walked into the residence life office lately, or had questions about housing assignments you might have noticed a new smiley face. That person would be Audra Berryann, the new housing coordinator of the Office of Residence Life. Audra started the first week of January and has made a seamless transition, despite a very hectic time of the school year which included room changes, withdraws, and transfer student arrival.

The Newburgh, New York native has always had an affinity for higher education. In undergrad, Berryann was an R.A., orientation leader, radio show host, and active member of student government. She also has a bachelors and master’s degree in Education. Prior to Simmons, Audra taught 7th and 9th grade social studies in upstate New York for several years. Higher education was still her calling. “Taking the jobs at Simmons was an opportunity to get back into housing and higher education,” said Berryann. Audra is responsible for all housing concerns which include applications, selection, assignments and supervising the Residence Life office assistants. Audra jokingly reminds students that before she can approve a move to remember “it goes to the RD first.”

Since arriving in Boston she has hit the ground moving much like when she started the job. When she isn’t working from sun up to sun down, which can be frequent this time of the year, she enjoys the countless activities Boston has to offer. Audra recently became involved in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, as well Taiko drumming, which has Japanese origins. Audra also sightsee the greater Boston area looking for fun new adventures. “I usually explore a [train] line, I went to Coolidge Corner recently and got lost, and that was fun.” If you haven’t had a chance to meet her drop by residence life and say hi.

Audra Facts F a vo ri t e t h i n g to do in Boston: Ice Skating at the frog pond on the Boston Co mmon Favorite candy: Alm ond Joy Favorite Sport: Softb



Don’t run by these housing opportunities! by John O’Connor, Campus Life Coordinator. & RD South & North Halls

So you may not know this about me but I am a runner. The one thing about running for me is that I cannot stand running on a treadmill. I need to be outside. Something about all the sights and sounds around me helps pass the time and I love taking a break from the busy tasks of life to sometimes just let my mind roam free and pickup the sights and smells in the world around me. I have two favorite times of the week to go running. First, I love going in the evening after the city has quieted down from rush hour. In the winter that means it is already dark outside and there is one sight that almost always catches my eye when I head out for a run. I usually run inside the Simmons campus along the quad until the Morse/Simmons gate, but as I pass Mesick I always glance towards the 1st floor kitchen. Nine times out of ten when I run by there is something going on in that kitchen or at least some delicious smell lingering in the air as I run past. If you didn’t know, the Mesick Hall 1st floor is the “Foodie Floor” Theme community this year. Their kitchen seems to have naturally become a hub for cooking, socializing and experiments with food. In addition to extra cooking supplies and equipment foodie floor residents also received custom aprons this year and have had a number of exciting events through the year: special guests talks from nutrition department guests, a Haunted Boston Food tour, Weekly foodie floor snacks and many more. The smells that waft from this kitchen is a nice reminder of the vibrant community that exists there in Mesick.

My second favorite time to go running is on a Saturday morning. Again I love looking around and taking in the sights and sounds. During the fall semester I remember as I was heading out for my run on a Saturday morning seeing the Sports Pride floor out on the quad for a pickup game of Hand Ball. If you’ve never played hand ball before it is a bit like soccer meets dodge ball in an odd combination. The sports pride floor is located on the 3rd floor of Simmons hall this year and has held several successful pickup games on the quad. They also have held a tailgate for the swimming GNACs with free food and poster making supplies to support the Simmons Sharks. They have engaged in their own competitions on the floor relating to earning their own SharkPoints to help maintain the competitive spirit among residents. If you’re ever looking for some activity or competition the sports pride floor is probably a good place to start. It just so happens that my running route reminds me of these two vibrant theme communities here at Simmons College, but I might be a bit biased because I work with both 2010-2 Mesick



Foodie Floor


communities through residence life, but nothing is more fun than seeing these students with common interest come together. Do either of these theme communities sound appealing to? Are you interested in living with a floor of residents that share more than just a few passing common interests but are passionate about something? You may want to consider selecting Theme housing for Fall 2011 during room selection. For more information about theme housing options please watch the Campus Life facebook page. You’ll especially want to stay tuned to see what is named as the third theme community on campus. If you ever see me running along the quad feel free to wave and remember to stop every now and then to take in the vibrant sights and smells around you on our campus.

by Phuong Nguy Sophomore Resident, South Hall ••• BARTOL IN SHINING ARMOR February is the month of love and there is quite no better place to fall in love than at Bartol. That’s right, Bartol is the love affair you’ve been thirsting for and here are recipes to quench that thirst:

A Guide  to  Creative  Presentations  &  Gourmet  Experiences

Mint Chocolate Love Shake: Fill cup with 4 large scoops of chocolate ice cream. Add a small splash of peppermint syrup then stir in 1/5 of the cup with hot chocolate. The hot chocolate will help melt the ice cream, making it easier to stir and make into a milkshake consistency. Add 2 tbsp of cookie crumbles for texture and whipped cream to finish. What is better than a minty, chocolate, crumbly shake?

Get Tea-gether: Add 1 tbsp of honey and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon to a mug. Stir in hot water and brew 1 Lipton English Breakfast tea bag for 1 minute. Add a splash of soymilk to finish. This is a light, slight spiced hot tea, perfect for any moment!! Bon Appétit! Phuong



ch Ma Spe ny spe stu cia c d 13t ial tr ents ls h e e Bar whe at on njoy ser tol. I n the Sund ed a y n e Ber nade addi arriv ay, Fe t d k the elee by s ion t ed at b o t sav y enjo Colleg uden bein g t y o e r e & c y cr d sw Jaz s from z h e e b e p a e e a qui e che se, as s, lob t and nd, and ste sor s, c str mak raved ted m r mac e a sta wber your roas ini ff, w ry ow t tur Val s key ent ill yo hortc n , ub ine a k e m e. B ? art y ol

Jazz Brunch

Lip Puckering Fizz: Fill a cup with 1/3 cranberry juice and 1/3 apple juice. Add the juice of half a grapefruit and a lemon wedge then stir. Fill the last 1/3cup with lemon lime soda [Sierra Mist]. This bitter sweet and sour fizz with make any lips pucker!

Bartol Valentines Day

Haute cuisine (French: literally "high cooking") or grande cuisine was characterized by French cuisine in elaborate preparations and

Haute Cuisine


by Dan Newman Resident Director, Morse Hall ••• Exploring Boston- Lazy Sundays


Boston Public Library- Copley

Photo Credit:: thelaygastr onomer

Photo Credit: By toryg33

Going to the library is totally cool. Going to the Boston Public Library on a lazy Sunday is, as Bostonians would call it, wicked cool. As a major metropolitan library, the BPL contains zillions of books and puts on regular exhibitions on surprisingly fascinating topics. Want to see some vintage Boston postcards? Now showing through March, Greetings from Boston. It is also a social requirement that if you live in Boston, you must at least visit Bates Hall, the dazzlingly large study space. After seeing this sculptured cavern, you will understand that the Boston Public Library is a temple to books.

Bates Room, Boston Public Library This reading room remains one of the most significant spaces in the Boston Public Library. Named in honor of its benefactor, Joshua Bates, the room is 218 feet long, 42.5 feet wide, 50 feet high, and lighted by 15 arched and grilled windows.

Cafe Luna Delig hts Half-portion of th e nutella & banana french toas t

Café Luna- Central Square 403 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke, Flic kr

Sunday brunch at Café Luna is often a jazz-infused, hipster experience where you can get Iggy’s French Bread Brioche with a heart-shaped cappuccino while you leaf through class reading. Walking down Massachusetts Ave in Central Square, you might feel your pants tighten and your appreciation of Radiohead increase as the cultural vibe seeps into your psyche. Feel free to pick away at a cannoli while you do the Metro crossword- you deserve it. All day long. The Factory Theater, 791 Tremont

to four shows a year. Not only a A hole-in-the-wall theater about 20 great matinee locale, the Factory Theater is a great Friday night minutes walking time from option to appreciate thespian art. Simmons, The Factory Theater showcases surprisingly talented and innovative productions for the Forest Hills Cemetery cost of a Bartol meal. There are currently four theater companies While it may seem strange to in residence- 11:11 Theatre spend a Sunday afternoon walking Company, Counter-Productions Theatre Company, Happy Medium in a cemetery, The Forest Hills Theatre, and Whistler in the Dark- Cemetery is 250 acres of one of the and each company produces three country’s most beautiful garden 5

Forest Hills Ce metery “This work, by sculp tor Adolph Robert Kraus, ador ns the monument to Geor ge & Caroline Randidge.It was bu ilt around 1891, and much ad mired as an exemplary funerar y sculpture. Having fallen into a shabby state, it was cleaned and re stored in 1997 by the Henderson Foundation, as part of the "Adopt -a-Monument" program.”

cemeteries. The Cemetery is a 20minute walk from the Forest Hills T-station, so be sure to wear comfortable footwear for your afternoon. Whether you are on a tour or walk alone, keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful and historic works of art that have accumulated over the past three centuries. Bring a little notebook to jot down a haiku or sketch, and you’ll find that your lazy Sunday was well spent.

Passport to a new way of learning courses that are offered each semester. The bulk of the class STEPS TO STUDY ABROAD work is done right here at home *Not necessarily in this order and then culminates in a 2 to 5 week travel excursion during a Apply for a passport college vacation period. Past destinations have included Take a foreign lang. France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Ghana, and many Start saving more. If you’re thinking Talk to your advisor studying in a foreign country by Leigh Viscomi, RD Dix Hall might be something you want to Attend a study abroad ••• do, there are few things you workshop Have you ever considered should consider beforehand. bartering in the flea markets of First, talk to people: your Research options Florence as a way to improve your academic advisor can tell you Italian? Or walking on the cobble what degree requirements you stone streets of London to learn Stop by the Education might be able to fulfill while you more about European history? Abroad Office: MCB, C-313 are abroad; your financial aid What about expanding your art advisor can tell you what history knowledge by spending an financial aid will cover your study Talk to students who afternoon at the Louvre in Paris? abroad costs; friends can tell you have studied abroad If any one of these options sounds about their study abroad like an exciting approach to Meet with our study experiences! Second, research: furthering your college education attend a study abroad info session abroad advisor you should consider studying where you’ll be able to get more abroad! information on the types of study Apply! The Education Abroad abroad programs and how to go Office, located in the MCB, can about choosing and help you get started. With a applying for a program; variety of study abroad options to review the scholarship MARK YOUR CALEND AR! choose from, you are bound to options on the study Study abroad info se ssions: find an opportunity that fits what abroad website (right).  •F eb . 23 , 5:3 0-7 :00 you’re looking for! There are in W-201 Last, schedule a meeting: •Feb. 24, 3:30-5:00 summer, semester, and year-long Laura Bey, Manager of in L-428 •Feb.28, 3:00-4:30 in programs available so if you’re the Education Abroad L-428 Deadline for 2011 Su afraid a year is too long or a Office, can help you mmer & Fall summer is too short, no worries COF study abroad ap narrow down your plications is because you’ll be able to find a March 15th. choices and answer time commitment that is just your study abroad dyabroad/ right for you. There are also questions.   numerous faculty-led travel

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


WHERE CAN I GO? You can study in almost any country in the world for a summer, semester or academic year. There are hundreds of opportunities available to Simmons students. COF students have studied abroad in Senegal, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Scotland and many other countries. Note: Study abroad in countries on the US State Department Warning List may not be allowed by Simmons.



Yes. Federal and state financial aid CAN be used if the credits you earn will be applied towards your graduation from your home campus. Federal work-study funds cannot be used for study abroad. Meet with your financial aid adviser at Simmons to discuss your individual needs and financial aid package.

Yes. There is a process to pre-approve the courses that you plan to take for transfer of credits back to Simmons. That way, you will know exactly how the courses will fit into your academic program and graduation requirements. The Simmons study abroad contact, Laura Bey, 617.521.2128, and your academic adviser can assist you.




Henry ur Lefavo

1. Other than Simmons, at which college are you most likely to be seen? a. Williams College b. Harvard University c. Union Theological Seminary d. Iowa State University e. Brown University f. Wheelock College g. Columbia University 2. If you could, to which time period would you travel back? a. 1900-1933 b. 1933-1955 c. 1955-1970 d. 1970-1993 e. 1993-1995 f. 1995-2006 g. 2006-2008


haw Scrims

3. Which field of study do you spend the most time gushing about? a. Physics b. Teaching c. Theology d. English e. Anthropology f. Educational Administration g. Public Health


4. What Simmons College-related feat would you prefer to accomplish in your

olmes illiam H

lifetime? a. Acquiring land on which I would later build the MCB and the residence campus. b. Leading Simmons College through World Wars I and II. c. Laying the groundwork for the Colleges of the Fenway consortium. d. Expanding coeducational graduate programs at Simmons. e. Being the first woman president of Simmons College. f. Planning the Simmons School of Management. g. Cultivating a successful commitment to community service, public health, cross-cultural understanding, and social justice.


Source: Simmons Archives Jean ll Dowda

Answer Key: Mostly A’s: Henry Lafavour; Mostly Bs: Bancroft Beatley; Mostly Cs: William Park; Mostly Ds: William Holmes, Jr.; Mostly Es: Jean Dowdall; Mostly Fs: Daniel Cheever, Jr.; Mostly Gs: Susan Scrimshaw


Pop Quiz! Which past Simmons College president would be your BFF? by Judy Asuzu, RD Mesick Hall

7 Daniel



Expand Your Simmons Story •••

NOW AND THEN by Julia Golden, Campus Life Coordinator & RD Evans Hall

Looking for new friends, exciting opportunities, and leadership experience? Then take consider expanding your story with one of these exciting leadership positions: •Peer Educator •Student Health Educator •Simmons 101 Facilitator •Orientation Leader •Student Finance Board •Summer Resident Advisor Attendance one of these info sessions is recommended, Learn more about these fantastic positions and hear stories from students currently in the position! • Tuesday, February 22nd: 6:30pm-7:30pm, Mesick Smart Classroom, Res Campus • Wednesday, February 23rd: 4:30pm-5:30pm, Library, 222, Mann Meeting Room, Main Campus Thursday, February 24th: 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Special Functions Room, MCB, Main Campus

1941 Winne the Pooh Mascot

1948 Frisky the Co lt

Class of 1925 Masco t, Clementine

LEARN More Visit the Student Leadership Selection Process website at:

Searching the Simmons College Archives, it's clear Simmons College has always held a special place for mascots in their heart. The Class of 1925 claimed Clementine the Elephant as their mascot. The Class of 1941 adored Winnie the Pooh and The Class of 1948 had Frisky the Colt represent them. During the first Freshmen meeting all Freshmen would submit names for a class mascot. They would vote this mascot to follow them for the next four years of their college experience. Many Simmons students felt this mascot brought them good luck! There would be stuffed animals of their mascot, pins, badges and banners on their personal belongings and in their residence halls.

Top 10 reasons to ap ply to be a student lead er 10. Build your Resume 9. Master event plann ing 8. Gain Confidence 7. Support your fellow students 6. Earn housing in Bo ston for part of the summer 5. Receive 40+hrs of leadership training 4. Become a skillful pu blic speaker 3. Get Simmons Gear ! 2. Gain 70+ new stude nt leader friends 1. Have a blast!


the Shark 2011, Stormy


Now we embrace and have recently named our Shark, Stormy! Check out Stormy's brand new Twitter account:

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