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This monthly newsletter brings information about the residence campus community to you. If you have things that you would like to read about, let us know! Email us at


Student Leadership Selection 2011

Thinking about what leadership positions you are going to add to your resume next year? Not yet? Well you should be! Student Leadership Selection is right around the corner (in January)! Join us for a informational dinner in Bartol Hall, Wed, Nov. 3 from 5:00pm-7:00pm to learn more!

Quadside LATE NITE


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Join us every Friday & Saturday Night from 8pm-12am in Quadside. Past late nights have covered everything from Jewelry Making to Caribbean Dance, to Shark Bingo!

• Friday, Oct 15th Slumber Party & Fun • Saturday, Oct 16th Halloween Crafts • Friday, Oct. 22nd Game Night


• Saturday, Oct. 23rd Movie: SALT, 8 & 10pm • Friday, Oct. 29th Psychic •Saturday, Oct. 30th Karaoke (costumes welcome!)

What type of community is Simmons?

Almost two weeks ago, the entire country took notice of a student who took his own life after experiencing bullying. Tyler Clemente is one of many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) youth that have committed suicide due to mistreatment based on their sexual orientation. This tragedy brings to light not only the struggle that LGBT students may be experiencing, but how prevalent bullying and mistreatment of classmates is on a college campus.

committed these acts. You feel alone.

Now imagine living in a community where you can leave your room and feel confident that while you are gone your floor mates are watching out for you. You know that if a guest was walking down your hallway that their Simmons host would never let them do something harmful to anyone’s space or any organization’s property. You know that without a doubt if a Simmons student saw a group of people causing damage to a display that honors your or any culture or religion that they would call public safety and confront the group (or otherwise interrupt the behavior) immediately. You know this because Simmons students are strong, thoughtful, caring, and community minded. You know that your fellow students will stand up for you because they have shown a commitment to fight against hate. Zero tolerance for hate is a known community standard. Your Safe Zone sticker gets torn down – ten will pop up in its place. Doesn’t this sound like a community that you want to belong to?

I know that some of you may have read this news story, and dismissed the thought that something like this could happen on our campus. However, we must remember that most often when an earth shattering event like this happens, it doesn’t always start with a threat or obvious show of intolerance. It begins with teasing, a disparaging whiteboard message, a sarcastic comment in the hallway or on Facebook, or a questionable note written on a flyer. If you are the person participating in this teasing you may not even recognize the impact that you are having on the person you have targeted. You may try to rationalize your behavior, thinking, “It’s just something they say on TV” or “They shouldn’t take it so seriously.” You may not even be the one who is making the comments, or writing on someone’s whiteboard. You may be witnessing a friend or significant other ‘s actions while knowing that the impact could be hurtful. It is no doubt very hard to stand up to someone you know and respect. However, your decision to stand up shows your strength and what we hope defines you as a Simmons student.

Unfortunately, incidents of hate and bias happen at colleges and universities across the country on a daily basis. Many times students never even report incidents when they happen. At Simmons, we have decided to address issues of hate and bias as a larger concerned community. We have chosen to use these incidents to bind together and create a stronger community. I hope that you share the same vision of Simmons as I do. Not necessarily as a place where incidents of hate do not affect us, but as a place that when hate happens anywhere in our lives, Simmons is the most supportive and action-oriented community you can be in.

I want to paint a picture of two distinct communities. Consider for a minute coming home to your residence hall room and seeing that someone had defaced your whiteboard. They have written something that specifically attacks your culture, religion, body size, sexual orientation, or gender identity. They have torn down pictures and symbols that have been hung on your door as a representation of who you are and what you believe in. You ask yourself: Why would someone do this? Did someone target just me, or was it a random act of vandalism? Is this connected to the joke I heard in the hallway two weeks ago, or done by someone who has no idea who I am? Will this happen again? In this “community” you don’t know if other people on your floor would have stopped someone if they saw this happening. You don’t know if it was in fact the people on your floor who

I challenge you all to be a part of the second community I described. Create a visual statement by hanging a sign of support for everyone affected by the national incidents of bullying, and stand up to friends and guests that would hurt others, whether intentionally or not. Be mindful of what you post on your own or other people’s Facebook page or twitter feed. Electronic communication is another form of a public white board. Remember that intent and impact are entirely different things. Consider both in all that you say and do. You have an opportunity to make your positive impact at Simmons now. Jessica Faulk Director of Residence Life

The word cloud in the middle of this page is made up of words submitted by the Simmons Residential Community. The size of each word is representative of how many times the word was submitted. What word would you use to describe Simmons?




Simmons Students Say... What is your favorite thing about Fall?


“Cardigans, Boots, Gloves and Tea” - Emily


“I love when the leaves change colors and they crunch under your shoes!”



“Fallen leaves, crisp air” “My brain starts working again because school starts” - Iris

“I love the weather; it allows me to wear sweats, and get cozy under the blanket.” - Naomi Chick

“Sweat shirts”

“The clothes and the “Halloween is my favorite weather and seeing the holiday, and that is in the leaves change color and fall so I love fall for having Halloween and fall.” Abby pumpkins” -Vicky “The start of football season!” -Kaleigh Duggan “Leaves, apples, crisp air” “Sunny days that are “I love when the leaves warm enough for walks.” change colors. It's breathtaking!” - Erika H. “The changing of the leaves and the “Being cozy and bundled smell of pie.” up in sweatshirts.”

If you got to hang out for the next 24 hours with a TV character, who would it be?


“The leaves changing and the smell of the air! - Brianna


“My favorite parts about the fall are apple picking, pumpkin carving, making costumes and the distinctive smell that fills the air.” - Hannah R. “Hot Apple Cider” “Brisk weather” -Natalie Lowell “The cool crisp weather and the beautiful foliage” - Chelsea

Eating Satisfaction Most of our dining experiences nowadays are not feats for survival, but rather an occasion meant for mental stimulation. Many of us eat with friends, coworkers, or teammates, starting off or ending the day with a hot meal and a quiet conversation. But achieving the eating satisfaction requires more than the presence of a hot meal. We eat to not only satisfy our appetite, but our taste palette, our eyes and many times our cravings.

Presentation is important. Think of it this way, a dish with a small scoop of rice topped with a piece of chicken and garnished with a few pieces of broccoli all encircled by a drizzle of gravy looks much better than a plate with a falling-apart heap of lasagna all splattered across the plate. By being creative and building your plate, you can limit your portion and make it visually appealing, creating mental stimulation.

Here are some ideas to get you started! Playing with Texture Cream of Spinach/Mashed Potatoes: What I love to do with this side is add some Feta cheese and a sprinkle of crushed up croutons on top. The saltiness from the cheese really gives the dish a burst of flavor and the crunchiness of the croutons contrasts with the creaminess of the spinach or potatoes.

Bartol Seafood Roll - Looking & Tasting delicious

With that said, there has been at least one time, if not several times, where dining at Bartol meant leaving a little disappointed. Yes, we do leave full and smelling a little like Bartol itself, but most of the time, we leave a little too full, regretting that unnecessary side of fries or extra scoop of ice cream. What we hope by continuing to add onto our plate, even after we feel that sensation of fullness, is the mental stimulation of being satisfied. To achieve eating satisfaction without overeating at Bartol is to simply follow some basic guidelines. The first is to eat with your eyes.

The second guideline is to add flavor. No, that does not always mean to add salt. What you want to do is add something that brightens the dish, give it a little personality. One of the best ingredients for adding flavor to any dish is a salty cheese, feta or parmesan for example, or a bit of acid from lemons or balsamic vinegar. Adding red pepper flakes or a couple shots of hot sauce gives it a little heat, which definitely gives any dish some attitude. Of course you can’t cook your own food at Bartol, but you can personalize it and make your meal into your own gourmet experience. Just remember to always have fun, be creative and a little adventurous.


Oreo Caramel Parfait: You can always be a little more adventurous with your desserts. Try this idea: take a mug and spoon in some crushed up cookie crumbles. Then drizzle your choice of caramel or chocolate sauce on top. Then layer on top some whipped cream. Repeat and finish it off with some more whipped cream and a decorative drizzle of caramel. Add cherry if available. The textures and presentation will definitely leave you satisfied! Bon Appétit! Phuong Nguy Phuong is a sophomore Simmons student living in South Hall. Look for Phuong’s article in each monthly newsletter!

Haute cuisine (French: literally "high cooking") or grande cuisine was characterized by French cuisine in elaborate preparations and presentations

Haute Cuisine

A Guide to Creative Presentations & Gourmet Experiences

p u C s n Simmo Battle of the Halls

eek’s in last w g in t a ip artic tudents p s 0 7 ll Game, n a a b h y t e e ll r o o on s V With m win! lls Simm a H home a e h k t o f o t o ly le t e Bat efinit out thletics d A & ho came w A e n o RH y & r our spirit all to eve Y u o . y ll a k b n T ha Volley immons S astic. t r o p p was fant to su m a e t e nt for th exciteme ) st people o (m ll a mons H s to Sim t the a r g n o C spirited) t s o (m ll k Ha & Mesic ning! r the eve fo s r e n win

Wednesday Stress Reduction Drop in in the Wellness Lounge (Basement of South) Learn and practice a new relaxation technique every Wednesday from 3:30pm-4:30pm These will be led by Counseling Center Staff, Leslie Langston, LICSW

October 20, 2010 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation October 27, 2010 – Autogenic Training Stop by one or all of the sessions! Anyone is welcome!

Meet Julia Golden Campus Life Coordinator By now, many of you have met our two new Campus Life Coordinators, John O’Connor & Tia Miller. In their short time with us Tia and John have made their mark at Simmons by overseeing several popular campus life [Office of Residence Life (ORL) & Office of Student Leadership & Activities (OSLA)] initiatives, including Theme Communities, Quadside LATE NITE, and RHA’s Battle of the Halls! I am very pleased to announce that we have hired a third Campus Life Coordinator (CLC), Julia Golden. Julia will split her time between the ORL and OSLA, continuing with the efforts to bridge our campuses. Julia will be the RD of Evans Hall and will be working closely with student organization budgets, student organization programming, and other Campus-Life focused initiatives. Julia is excited to be a part of the Simmons College Staff and to have the opportunity to work with both Residence life and OSLA. She is coming from Mount Holyoke College where she worked for two and a half years in Residential Life. Prior to that she received her Master’s in Higher Education through Springfield College where she also worked as a Resident Director. Julia attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for her undergrad where she majored in History and Sociology. Having been brought up around Boston, she enjoys walking around the Boston Commons, grabbing food at Faneuil Hall, watching a game at Fenway, watching indie films and documentaries at Kendall Square or Coolidge Corner and shopping around Harvard Square.


October Haunted Happenings! OCKTOBERFEST & SENIOR WEEK


Monday, Oct. 25 @ 8p.m., Alumnae Hall: Spooktacular Movie Night Co-sponsor: Black Student Organization Pajamas and blankets highly recommended. We will be serving brownies, cookies, fruit, cotton candy, and popcorn. Arrive early to claim the best seat.

• •

Tuesday, Oct. 26 @ 5-8p.m., Res Quad: Toasty Tuesday—BBQ and Pumpkin Carving We have 150 pumpkins that need to be carved! DJ, apple crisp, BBQ , and more.

• •

Wednesday, Oct. 27 Founder’s Day Celebration @ 3:30p.m. Java City Birthday party for John Simmons! Birthday cake, speakers, a toast, and more. Look for the balloons!

Senior Faculty Toast* @ 5-8p.m., Linda K. Paresky Center Cocktail attire recommended, champagne toast and dessert with faculty, live music, guest speakers, and a senior photo slideshow (submit photos to by October 20). *Cocktail after hours at Cambridge 1, across from Shaws favorite faculty.

• •

Thursday, Oct. 28 @ 5-8p.m., Bartol Oktoberfeast Fall food festival, cookie decorating. Witch’s Brew, 21+* @ 9p.m. Departing from Simmons Hall and taking MBTA to Faneuil Hall area, exact bar TBD. Friday, Oct. 29 @ 9p.m., Alumnae Hall Halloween Bash cosponsor: Simmons Dance Co Dance attire, DJ, and more. Saturday, Oct. 30 @ 9a.m., Simmons Hall Train Trip to Salem, MA cosponsor: History Liaison Train trip fare: $15.50, more information will be posted on our bulletin board (located outside of OSLA)

Open to the entire campus community, and brought to you by:

* designates events for class of 2011 only


Friday, October 15th o Latin Explosion Night, 6pm, Auditorium, Emmanuel October 15th- 22nd o Clothesline Project on Display, MassArt Kennedy Building Dining Commons Tuesday, October 19th o Women’s Volleyball vs. Simmons, 7pm, Gym, Emmanuel Wednesday, October 20th o Through the Wire Lecture: Religion and Sexual Orientation, 7pm, Emmanuel Thursday, October 21st o ALANA Muevete, 7pm, Campus Center Wheelock Saturday, October 23rd o Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival October 22-24th o Family Weekend at Simmons Wednesday, October 27th o Rocky Horror Picture Show, Live on Stage! 8pm, Wentworth

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