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Thinking about what leadership positions you are going to add to your resume next year? Not yet? Well you should be! Student Leadership Selection is right around the corner (in January)!

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STORMY WATCH 2011: SHARK WEEK Page 9 This monthly newsletter brings information about the campus community to you. If you have things that you would like to read about, let us know! Email us at





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Join us every Friday & Saturday Night from 8pm-12am in Quadside. Past late nights have covered everything from Jewelry Making to Caribbean Dance, to Shark Bingo! • Friday, Dec 2nd Craft Night: Mod Podge


• Saturday, Dec 3rd Laundry Bingo • Friday, Dec 9th Board Game Night • Saturday, Dec 10th Stress Free Night

What your whiteboard says about Last year, the entire country took notice of a student who took his own life after experiencing bullying. Tyler Clemente is one of many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) youth that have committed suicide due to mistreatment based on their sexual orientation. This tragedy brings to light not only the struggle that LGBT students may be experiencing, but how prevalent bullying and mistreatment of classmates is on a college campus.

Now imagine living in a community where you can leave your room and feel confident that while you are gone your floor mates are watching out for you. You know that if a guest was walking down your hallway that their Simmons host would never let them do something harmful to anyone’s space or any organization’s property. You know that without a doubt if a Simmons student saw a group of people causing damage to a display that honors any culture, religion or identity that they would call public safety and confront the group (or otherwise interrupt the behavior) immediately. You know this because Simmons students are strong, thoughtful, caring, and community minded. You know that your fellow students will stand up for you because they have shown a commitment to fight against hate. Zero tolerance for hate is a known community standard. Your Safe Zone sticker gets torn down – ten will pop up in its place. Doesn’t this sound like a community that you want to belong to?


We must remember that most often when an earth shattering event like this happens, it doesn’t always start with a threat or obvious show of intolerance. It begins with teasing, a disparaging whiteboard message, a sarcastic comment in the hallway or on Facebook, or a note written on a flyer. If you are the person participating in this teasing you may not even recognize the impact that you are having on the person you have targeted. You may not even be the one who is making the comments, or writing on someone’s whiteboard. You may be witnessing a friend actions while knowing that the impact could be hurtful. It is no doubt very hard to stand up to someone you know and respect. However, your decision to stand up shows your strength and what we hope defines you as a Simmons student.

I hope that you share the same vision of Simmons as I do. Not necessarily as a place where incidents of hate do not affect us, but as a place that when hate happens anywhere in our lives, Simmons is the most supportive and action-oriented community you can be in.

I want to paint a picture of two distinct communities. Consider for a minute coming home to your residence hall room and seeing that someone had defaced your whiteboard. They have written something that specifically attacks your culture, religion, body size, sexual orientation, or gender identity. They have torn down pictures and symbols that have been hung on your door as a representation of who you are and what you believe in. You ask yourself: Why would someone do this? Did someone target just me, or was it a random act of vandalism? Will this happen again? In this “community” you don’t know if other people on your floor would have stopped someone if they saw this happening. You feel alone.

I challenge you all to be a part of the second community I described. Create a visual statement by hanging a sign of support for everyone affected by the national incidents of bullying, and stand up to friends and guests that would hurt others, whether intentionally or not. Be mindful of what you post on your own or other people’s Facebook page or twitter feed. Electronic communication is another form of a public white board. Remember that intent and impact are entirely different things. Consider both in all that you say and do. You have an opportunity to make your positive impact at Simmons now. Jessica Faulk, Director of Residence Life


room design star RD Leigh Viscomi sat down with Aly Modest, a junior resident student living in Smith Hall. Learn about what makes Aly a Room Design Star!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING IN YOUR ROOM? I’d have to say my desk. It’s just a very organized space and I love the shelving on it so you can put different things on it. IF YOU HAD TO DESCRIBE YOUR ROOM IN ONE WORD, WHAT WOULD IT BE?

Homey. It’s very bright and colorful which is a big thing for me to live in. I like things to be bright. It makes me more cheery, it motivates me to do my work, and it’s just very comfortable. HOW DO YOU BEST UTILIZE THE SPACE THAT YOU HAVE? I try to use the alcoves in the room the best I can. So my refrigerator goes in an alcove so it doesn’t sit on the floor, which creates more space. I just try to fit everything in the nooks and the crannies and not leave things out on the floor. HOW DOES YOUR ROOM REFLECT YOUR PERSONALITY?

Like I said, it’s very bright and colorful and fun. I’m a fun and colorful person. This room makes me happy and I’m a very happy kind of a person.

IS YOUR STYLE AFFORDABLE? I would definitely say my style is affordable. I got most of my things from Target, Home Goods, Christmas Tree Shop, and they’re all very affordable. The pictures I have up in my room, I actually made myself and they are just pictures from a calendar and I put them in some inexpensive frames and it just added a nice touch to the room. So I definitely think anyone can do this if you hit the right stuff in the stores and shop around for what you’re looking for. ANY LAST TIPS FOR STUDENTS TRYING TO MAKE THEIR ROOM COMFORTABLE AND A HOME AWAY FROM HOME?

I definitely think pictures are important. I’m a picture person. I like hanging pictures of my friends and my family. I’m also a beach person so I have a lot of beachy things around the room too. I know a lot of people also like the Christmas lights look. Those are very inexpensive from the Christmas Tree Shops, around $2.99 a box so I would definitely recommend those as well. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and at home I think you need to incorporate in your room.

Invest in yourself Learn to Lead

By John O’Connor, Campus Life Coordinator

Leadership can be a very challenging concept to define. There are many different approaches to leadership and many different ways to unpack the concept. I recently heard Kathleen McQuiggan of Catalina Leadership give a beautifully simple definition of leadership: "Leadership is getting yourself and others to do things that you never thought were possible." No matter which approach of philosophy of leadership you are considering, this definition frames the entire concept very well in a very succinct way. If you are looking for ways to develop your own leadership experiences please consider these two upcoming opportunities: The Emerging Leader Program This program  is a Spring Semester program for students looking to expand their leadership skills and connect with other students interested in leadership. Apply by November 30, 2011 -

"Leadership is getting yourself and others to do things that you never thought were possible.”

Student Leadership Selection Process A process to look for the 2012-2013 Resident Advisors, Orientation Leaders, Simmons 101 Facilitators, Health Educators, Student Finance Board Members and other student leader positions on campus. Starting December 12, 2011 you can visit our SharkLink Page to read about positions and see application timelines: https:// In any of these positions you will gain skills that will help you get yourself and others to do things you never thought possible!

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact John O'Connor at or 617-521-1102 4

Photo Credit: Julia Golden

Financial Focus

By Kristi Swartz, RD Morse Hall

Classes, readings, and papers, oh my! At times, the to-do list seems never ending, but of all your responsibilities, managing ways to finance a college education is something that you do not have to tackle alone. The Student Financial Services office at Simmons is always ready to answer questions about anything from Federal and State loans to filling out the FAFSA. Andrea Cunningham in the Student Financial Services office extends an invitation to students saying, “Students are welcome to drop by our office to meet with a financial aid counselor.” Located in W-207, the Student Financial Services staff is ready to help students

navigate their way through billing statements, loan disbursements, and compounded interest. Each student is assigned to their own financial aid counselor. Students with last names beginning with the letters A-E work with Mehrdad Kermani, students with last names F-L work with Jean Jeffers, students with last names M-R work with Leslie Czwakiel, and students with last names S-Z work with Heather Patenaude. If students wish to schedule an appointment with their financial aid counselor, they can call the Student Financial Services main phone line, 617-521-2001 Monday through Friday. Students also have the option of attending

Get to know the helpful folks in Student Financial Services “walk in” hours at the Student Financial Services Office, as there is a counselor on duty and available to meet with students Monday through Thursday with no appointment necessary. If students have specific questions about their billing statements, they can sit down with a student account representative to review them, or they can call the Student Account phone line, 617-521-2009, to speak with a representative. No matter how daunting it might seem to organize your student finances, just remember that the Student Financial Services Office is there to help!


Your work-study job may help you manage your time and study more efficiently. Working a full-time job, however, is not a proper balance. • Be wary not to fall for scams Students should not sacrifice that request a fee in order to making good money for making provide names of good grades. scholarships. In general, the • Don't buy something until you "need it." “Need” is best online resource is Fast Web different from “want”...It is not (, which • Apply for Scholarships. If hard to spend money on things there are scholarship opportunities is a free site. However, there are you already have just because you on the web and in the SFS office many others, to which our Career are going to college. "Scholarship Book," apply for Resource Library's website has them! Most students usually start links. this process way too late. • Visit • Students usually get into trouble when they do not Applications for scholarships are financialaid/new/undergraduate/ manage their time usually due in the late winter and scholarships.php effectively. early spring of the preceding year. • Get to know your counselor; they are seasoned professionals who have great personal experience to match their expertise in financial aid.


Battle of the Halls

Thursday, December 1st 7:00 PM - Basketball vs. Fitchburg State @ Holmes Sports Center 1 point for showing up for your Hall 2 points for showing up in Hall Colors! By Kailey Denzer-Weiler, RD Arnold Hall & Katherine Michaud, Circle K member

Hall Colors

Simmons Cup

Arnold Dix Mesick Morse North Simmons Smevans South

Pink Red Orange Green Grey & Lavender Yellow Black & Purple Light Blue

Seasons Giving

Interested in making a difference on a weekly basis? Want to take on a bigger project to make a great impact on peoples’ lives? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, we have the perfect on-campus organization for you. Circle K, a new group created at Simmons College, a branch of Kiwanis International, is dedicated to developing responsible global citizens (that’s you) and making a difference in Boston, the USA, and around the world. Each week they take on one smaller service project, such as making cards for the elderly, while at the same time working on long term projects.

supporting a family) and they ended up having enough donations and money collected to support thirteen families! Simmons Hall was the major contributor of food with Mesick and South close behind!  We’ve always known that Simmons is very giving, but this project truly illustrated how students will go above and beyond to support their community.  One student in Simmons Hall even bought a full 23lb turkey and donated it herself !  Once the news of that got around, three other girls did the same thing.  Circle K collected $210.00 in change by going door to door in the residence halls, using the donated funds to buy the remaining turkeys and other can foods that were essential for a Thanksgiving dinner. The Circle K organization wants to thank everyone who participated in the drive.

One of the most recent projects for the organization was collecting donations for a Thanksgiving Food Drive. The food collected was given to families to bring them a little extra cheer this year. Due to the generosity of the Simmons College community the food drive went better than the organizers could have ever imagined. Circle K had planned on supporting eight families (each hall council

Interested in joining Circle K? Come to a meeting every Wednesday night in Bartol Small at 7pm. Don’t forget to join their Sharklink page (https:// to get more information and show your support! 6

Dean of Students

Sarah Neill will now take your questions

Favorite aspect of Simmons College? -Anna 14’, Management John Simmons’ enduring legacy. It speaks to me and I think it is just as relevant today as it was when the college was founded. And I see evidence of it everywhere.

books. My favorite to read to Emmett is, “The Going to Bed Book”. It’s a great little book about all these animals that are on a boat and they do all these rituals together before going to bed.

Favorite musical group to listen to? -Allison 14’, Physical Therapy I really like all types of music and a lot of the time it really depends on my mood. But I would say right now one band I am really listening to is Death Cab for Cutie. I am a sucker for power pop. I also really love Irma Thomas and Nina Simone. I like jazz and musicians I have never actually met like Joshua Redman. you but I have heard a lot about you. I am curious to Why are you so ‘awesome’ know what you think makes all the time? -Siena 14’, History you so prominent here at Simmons? Ask my mom. (Laughs) I also -Nic 15’, Bio/Chem/Pre-Med have a wonderful team that inspires me everyday. If you think First of all, I am pleased to hear that you think I am prominent I’m ‘awesome’, I’m only ‘awesome’ because of the team I and known. It’s important that you all know who I am and who have around me. the staff is in the student life division. As the Dean of Student Favorite book to read to Life, people should know who your son Emmett? -Allison 13’, Psychology you are but that doesn’t mean I get to have personal relationships Emmett is very interested in books and I am very interested in with every student on campus. A reading to him. It’s an important big part of being Dean of Student Life is that there is a ritual in our household. But I person who is here to support would have to say I am real and advocate for them. I am sucker for Sandra Boynton constantly saying hi to students,

so I would invite you stop me and introduce yourself ! Who is your favorite student? -Ellen 14’, Physical Therapy Why, you of course Ellen! (Laughs) Actually, I would have to say my favorite student would have to be the one who takes themselves seriously and is fully engaged in their college experience. You know who you are. What is your fondest and most difficult memory since working at Simmons? -Laura 14’, Undecided Several years ago, I got to know a student named Erika who was an athlete and physical therapy major. Sadly she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in her senior year. She was not able to complete her program and passed away later that year. However, before she died the physical therapy faculty, dean, several other administrators and myself awarded her a degree from the college. We held a ceremony in her hospital room with her family present to honor her. In the process I got to know her friendship circle very well. They struggled mightily with her illness and her eventual passing. I was honored to be able to connect with them throughout the process. It was a difficult memory but it was very powerful in terms of the relationship I developed with all of these

students and college’s thoughtful response and recognition of Erika’s achievements.

What was your first day of work like at Simmons? -Anuja 13’, Psychology So, I started in September of Favorite TV show? 1998, and I remember school -Kristi and Kailey, Resident Directors was just starting and there was a Up All Night is my personal lot of hubbub. It was really an favorite right now. It closely exciting feeling. One thing I matches my own life at the remember the most from my first moment with parenting, day is coming up the marble marriage and work/life balance. steps in the Main Campus I also think Maya Rudolph is Building and stepping into the hilarious! There are lots of others groove of the steps and feeling I enjoy as well like, Parks & how many people have walked Recreation, Arrested up and down these stairs. I felt Development, 30 Rock, The like I was going to be a part of Wire and Treme. something special. It felt right

Now and Then By Julia Golden, Campus Life Coordinator

as brides not dress up y a m n e m o tor one Simmons W make sure to peer men that s y a d a w o d N but students r my Walker mentione or grooms, to S nior I r, ju a io n s e ju . "A another. On like classes are divided women to n't feel upperclass to k o lo I students do d istakes an e on what m ree seniors ic v d a e m e live with th giv ditions, m older tra them. They o fr m o rn fr a le rn e a le those What can w ut of style, ." o e s k e a o g m r e to v t e n tell. no ething that ly time can n m o so ll e is w g n ri s… sse mento wedding dre

and that Simmons was the place I wanted to be. What is one thing you would want students to know about you? -Jennie, 14’, Sociology That I am approachable and I enjoy and am interested in learning about students’ lives. A fun fact about me as well is that I love clamming with my wife and son. Interview by Vanessa Martinez, RD Mesick Hall

k, how re and thin tu ic p is th t a closer take a look pus. Take a m a C s n o You might imm n old dding on S is actually a is th sweet, a we t a th e edding u will se an-Junior W m sh re look and yo F e h adition. T which the Simmons tr Simmons tradition in d the ual the bride an . s a d e ss re was an ann d nt e groom lass preside in drag as th d e freshman c n do ss re d t n l "graduatio reside p ti n ss u la d c e r it n io jun ere u College nd groom w t Simmons a th k in The bride a th u ext time yo right! us part." N you may be " g ra d " a re a s tradition

During the week of November 7th -10th, Stormy the Shark celebrated the first birthday since her naming during last year’s inaugural Shark Week! We hope that you enjoyed this year’s celebration, activities, and shark freebees. Hundreds of

students joined in the fun all week and showed their Simmons Shark Pride. Shark Week coordinators Tia Miller & John O’Connor were very excited about this year’s turn out and are already looking forward to next year’s celebration!

Events ★ Shark Carnival ★ Cake Decorating ★ Crafts Day ★ Shark Hunt ★ Shark Casino ★ Blue & Gold Day ★ Shark Snack Attack ★ Stormy Photos

Photo Credit: Tia Miller & OSLA Staff

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