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P2. Introduction P3. Floral Fantasey • Moodboard • Key Looks • Colours & Fabrics P7. Childs Play • Moodboard • Key Looks • Colours & Fabrics P11. Pirateers • Moodboard • Key Looks • Colour & Fabrics P15. Tribal Assembly • Moodboard • Key Looks • Colours & Fabrics P19. Appendix

Introduction 2011 is the year changes are going to happen, there is a buzz for what is to come. We will officially step out of recession and with a new goverment there is a newconfidence around about a bright positive future. Consumerism is going to go back on a rise as we will see retail sales go up after the large dip they took due to the recession. Since everyone is going to be feeling more happy and positive this is going to show in what we will wear. Colours will be bright, fabrics will be bold. For the firrst time in years Great Britian is feeling positive and we want the world to know. Get the sunglasses out because things are about to get so bright you will be dazzled.

After a long hard winter it felt at times that Spring would never come and summer was an even more distant dream. Finally it is here and this year the newly spring flowers will seem brighter than ever. Celebrate the return of spring and the promise of longer, brighter and warmenr days by wearing the flowers we are so happy to see on our clothes. Key tips: A floral dress will carry through from spring to summer. Keep fabrics light and layer up on the chilli spring days and then along in the warmer summer sun. Don’t be aftaid to go for colour. Wearing bright colours will influence your mood and put the spring back into your step.










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The recession was all about re-using our old clothes and things got a bit dull and boaring. Post recession we have a rebellion. Channel being a child again and playing dress up. Got it?? Well that is what this look is all about. With Child’s Paly anything goes, it is about putting the dark times of the recession behind you and having fun. To perfect this look go bright, the brighter the better. Play with fabrics colours and shapes. Think of your favourate childhood characters and dolls then dress to impress. Key Tip: When putting together this look remember 1 thing..... it is about brining fantasies to life, dont be afraid. Play!

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Spring 2010 we had alice in Wonderland mania, spring 2011 will bring Pirates of the Caribbean 4 mainia. Tim Burton and the beautiful Johnny Depp have joined forces once again to give us another briliant Pirates of the Carribean and just like with Alice we can’t help but get super excited and dress just like our icon Johnny Depp ( with a feminine touch of course!). Key Tips: Don’t go skull over board this look is about subtle statment pieces, hareem pants a simple tee and a skull scarf is the perfect day time look for this trend. Oh and eye patches are never a good look, even if they have been seen on the cat walk stay away!!


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Summer brings with is dreams of far away lands and thoughts of adventures that can’t be had here in Britian. You can’t get much further than going to africa and joining a tribe. Although we are coming out of recession vacating to Africa for a few weeks still might not be possible for the majority and even if you are lucky enough to be jetting over to the magnificant country it is highly unlikely you will get to play with an authentic trible. However you can chanel the look by going for bold patterns, big necklines in semi natural colours. Mix bold orange with a deep beigh or browns to achieve this earthy look. Key tip: All over block colours aren’t for everyone. To achieve this look without the bold fabric go for statememnt jewellery. Big, chunky and wooden are perfect, add to swim wear for a glamorous beach look.

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Trend Prediction Spring / Summer 2011  

Trend Prediction

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