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匀䌀倀 吀愀猀欀 䰀椀 最栀琀

䤀猀漀欀漀渀 倀氀甀猀 䐀漀渀欀攀礀

The Geometric LoungeChair

TheChopstick UpcycleLamp

The upcycle lamp gives the essen tial warm lighting for house. Saving raw material and reuse the waste.The ideal choice both on environmental aspect and house lighting.

Chopstick Comsumption B���i�n� � �h�ps�i�k� �ro�uc�i�� ��r��� ��� f��es�.T�� �i�pos���� �h�ps�i�k� ��e� t� �� �p�y��e� .

O���l�� ��� �i�pos���� �h��s�i�k� l���� �� l����.G��� ���� �i�� ���� ��� .C��� �i�� ��i�� a����i� p��n�.

To achieve that: B� u��n� �i�pos���� �h��s�i�k� t� ���l� � �p�y��� l���,

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Portfolio 3