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Name: Larry Liu Sign: Aries Hobby: Listening to the music Characteristic: I have a zestful mind, love to help others.



Name: Andrea Chen Sign: Leo Hobby: Watching movies and listening to music Characteristic: I am a enthusiasm and lively person.

Name: William Chen Sign: Virgo Specialty: Volleyball Hobby: Playing volleyball and watching American series.



Name: Cindy Hsiao Sign: Scorpio Specialty: Playing flute Hobby: Playing with my cats.

China Name: Mavis Chen Sign: Scorpio Hobby: Listening to music, reading, and writing. Favorite sports: Badminton and table tennis 2

ulture C d e d n e l B f o s -Citie overlook the calm river, which mirror the busy. Bustle and peace seem to coordinate in Shanghai’s night dream! On the other hand, With an area of approximately 9,600,000 if you take a look at Qibao Town in kilometers, China has a coastline as long as Shanghai, you will find a stylish taste of 18,000 kilometers, ranking the ninth in the ancient Southeastern Chinese Historic Town. world. This is a fantastic country not only for The silently-flowing stream and slowlyits amazing economic growth, but also for its drifting boats have successfully incorporated tolerance of different culture. Take a look at into the busy city life. Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and find answers for yourself!

Shanghai-Traditional and Modern


hether you like traditional culture or modern culture, Shanghai is guaranteed to satisfy all your needs. Perfectly located in the eastern part of China, facing the Pacific Ocean, Shanghai is a modernized city nourished from traditional cultural. When I walk on the bank of Waitan (the Bund) in Shanghai, thousands of neon lights cast through the shining Huangpu River like stars twinkling in the sky. Skyscrapers of famous branches like Tencent and China Telecom


Guangzhou-Eastern and Western


uangzhou, known also as an international city, is the capital of Guangdong Province. It has a

long foreign trade history between the east and the west as an important commercial port. Therefore there’s no wonder that a lot of architectures have both eastern and western styles. The statue in the first picture presents Guangzhou as a pioneer revolutionary city in the war period, which reflects eastern style. While in the second picture, you can see the famous Shengxin Stone Church which has obvious western design. Combining both eastern and western architectural culture, Guangzhou TV Tower is of no doubt the landmark of Guangzhou. In Guangzhou, people often call it “Little Slim Waist” for its special shape like a young lady’s slim waist. Actually, it was designed by a Dutch couple. Some eastern Chinese culture elements are blended into the design, too.

Shenzhen-Nostalgic and Energetic


ompared with

Shanghai and Guangzhou, Shenzhen is a city with much shorter history. It

usually gives tourists an impression that it is young and energetic because it is only thirty years old. If you climb on the Lianhua Hill, you can have the whole view of the city. Stabbing into the sky, the skyscrapers stand closely together. Patches of green land are sprinkled around. Is that all of this fast growing city? Of course not! Having been a fishing village once, Shenzhen has its own unique coastal culture. The whole city is like a long square which is built alongside the Pearl River. If you get to the beach or seaside, you can taste the most delicious seafood. Da Meisha, Xiao Meisha and Xichong are all good choices for seafood lovers. What’s more, alongside the Red Forest, you can watch a beautiful sunset on the shore. When the fishermen pack up their fishing nets and at the same time sing emotionally to the shore, the feeling of nostalgia may slowly grab your heart!


f you really want to have an in-depth investigation about Chinese culture, especially coastal culture, the above three cities are the best choices for travelers. All in all, the core of 5000-year Chinese culture is to make different cultures coexist in harmony. Charming Chinese coastal cities will indeed give you a new definition of city!

Mavis Chen 1102200506 July, 2013


It was my second time to go to another country. I visited Korea after taking important entrance exams five years ago. It made me excited about this travel. I hope that I could visit other countries after going Japan, especially in Disneyland and Tokyo. Traveling made me know lots of different culture. In this picture, we can see a coffee bar. It is a place that The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince also known as Coffee Prince is a 2007 South Korean television drama. This coffee bar is in the Hongdae Area which is a region in Seoul, South Korea near the Hongik University. It is known for its urban arts and independent company’s music culture, clubs and entertainments. The area is located in Mapo-gu in the western end of Seoul, stretching from Seogyo-dong to Hapjeong-dong. Although I didn’t watch The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’s all series, I knew this place is famous for Taiwan’s visitors to go sightseeing. For me, it is an interesting café for me to relieve my pressure that I had prepared the entrance exams for one year. Also, there is very beautiful scene and waiter and waitress are friendly behavior towards visitors. A place for Winter Sonata also known as Winter Love Story or Winter Ballad which is a South Korean television drama series in 2002. This place called Namisum, a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea, formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Its name originated from General Nami treason during the reign of King Sejo, the seventh king of the

Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Although his grave wasn't discovered, there were a pile of stones where his body was supposed to be buried. A tour company arranged the grave with soil and then developed Namisum into an amusement park. Nami is home to several galleries and is the site of the Song Museum, which has a collection of international ethnic musical instruments. There are indoor and outdoor stages, facilities for seminars and workshops in addition to a 46-room modern hotel and 10 cottages. It’s so romance to take girlfriends or wives to this place. They can enjoy there’s beautiful scenery. It’s very funny to see this performance. It’s called Nanta, a South Korean non-verbal comedy show that incooperate traditional samul nori rhythm. The musical has a simple back story of three cooks attempting to finish preparing a wedding banquet within a strict time limit while the manager installs his incompetent nephew among the kitchen staff. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy and audience participation. The unifying element throughout the musical is the use of traditional Korean samul nori music, which in this case is performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives. The performance is almost completely non-verbal. The very few words which are spoken are mostly in English. When I watched this Nanta first time, I was so surprised. They used lots of elements to make noise. Their plot was so amusing that it caught every audience’s eyes. I remember one part. An episode they took balls as salt and sugar and sprinkle on audience. We picked balls so hard. But when you left the auditorium, the staff asked you to give the ball back. I sneaky pick one and brought my home as a souvenir. It’s a secret.


I not only had fun but also learned English in Bangkok. I went there about one month so I made many Thai friends as well. They were so nice; they brought me to a lot of places and introduced me to diverse things. I still have connection with them now. One of them came from Iraq, and I have been in contact with her on Skype. They have said that if they come to Taiwan, they will get in touch with me. I’m so glad to meet them in Thailand.

We can see Ronald McDonald whose hands’ gesture is really familiar to us, however, we can never see him put his hands in the pray position. This was the first time that I saw him do this kind of position. I felt really excited when I saw it and I had no choice but to call my cousin to help me take a picture with him. Although this kind of statue of Ronald McDonald is not uncommon at McDonald’s in Thailand, I still think it is my valuable experience to have this picture now.



All that I wanted to say when I got to Thailand was ‘’Long time no see’’. My aunt and her family seldom come back to Taiwan because of my uncle’s vocation there. Whenever my aunt comes back to Taiwan, she will bring a lot of souvenirs like candy or bags from Bangkok. The person in the left hand side is my brother, and the rest of them are my aunt’s family members. The person who took this picture is my uncle. Without them, I won’t have the chance to travel there.

This kind of stand is not uncommon2 in Thailand. One day, my aunt bought durians from the vendor and it was totally different from Taiwan. He cut the durian right away so it would be very fresh for us to eat!

This is the shopping mall in Bangkok called MBK. I had so many unforgettable memories there like the first time I watched movie in Thailand. There is a special rule before we start watching movie- we have to bow before the screen because the president of Thailand is on it!

This is the most famous amusement park called DREAM WORLD and this was the first place I enjoyed in Bangkok. I have played many things that I have never enjoyed in Taiwan.

This is the very place I loved most in Thailand. This is a beach called PATAYA and I had a lot of first-time experiences there like my first time to watch a cabaret show, my first time parasailing, and my first time jet-skiing. Although the beach was far from Bangkok, my aunt still brought us to have fun there. I do love PATAYA very much!


I will never forget the experiences that I got in Thailand. The time that I learned English with my Thai friends, the time that we went to shopping mall and watched movie together. I do love my family, my aunt, uncle, and my cousins in Bangkok because they gave me this chance to travel there with my younger brother and they became the best tour guides to us. I still remember my first time taking a plane with my younger brother and that was really excited. The chance to go abroad is not so many for me, so I will seize the opportunities to learn and get diverse experiences from foreign countries like Thailand. The memory is the best tool for me to have the confidence in myself and I will make more and more memories in the future. 8

India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largestcountry by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people. This summer vacation I attended a school association call Aiesec, so I got the opportunity to go to Hyderabad, a city of India for one and a half months as a volunteer. I went to the countryside to teach the children English; it was an unforgettable experience. Besides being a volunteer there, I also traveled to a few cities in India which really amazed me a lot. Before I went to India, one of my friends told me that I will see a lot of cattle walking around the street and garbage everywhere; I always wonder whether that is it true or not. It is true! When I arrived India, I saw cattles sitting in the middle of the road and drivers just avoid them keep on driving. Those cattles belong to no one; they can go wherever they want. This is because most Indian people’s religion is Hinduism and they believe that cattle are their god, so you can see cattle wondering around everywhere! Actually you can not only see cattle while you are walking along the street, but also goats, pigs, chickens etc. And I really saw small garbage mountains everywhere; you can even see people burning their trash on the street. That is something that you can never see in Taiwan!


As I said I was there to be a volunteer, an English teacher. So I went to the countryside of Hyderabad and teach those children who are poor. The kids were so cute and sweet; they were so happy when I was there. I love them a lot. And instead of sleeping in the hotel, I stayed at a small apartment with volunteers from other countries. Everyone of us came from different county, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong etc. Although thirty of us live together in a small apartment is too crowded, still we had a lot of fun, and learned each other’s cultures. Besides learning their language, I even learned how to cook their dishes! It was really fun. They secretly brought a cake for me on my twentieth birthday and sang me happy birthday song in seven languages! I was really touched at that time. I will never forget the day I left India; the rain was pouring and all of stood in the rain crying, hugging; couldn’t bear to leave them, even now we still keep in touch with each other.

I had been to lots of amazing places while I was in India. There is a place in Hyderabad that I went twice because of its magnificent sight. That place is called as Golconda Fort. It is really beautiful. The scenery is greater after you have climbed the stairs up to the top of the fort. You can see the whole city when you are up there. Besides Hyderabad, I went to Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra too. Mumbai is famous for a hotel called Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. It is a five star hotel next to the Gateway of India, which is also a famous spot. In Delhi, there is a famous fort called Red Fort. Red Fort is basically all red, it is a fine spectacle. And of course I visited Taj Mahal in Agra, which is really breathtaking. I visited Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort in Jaipur; the view of Amber Fort is like the Great Wall, I even had the chance to ride an elephant up to the top of the fort.

I really love the days in India, discovering new things, making new friends, creating wonderful memories. It was a special experience, I hope to vist India again. By : Andrea Chen UE3B 1100200067 10

First time to there and first time to meet my cousin who grow up in totally different cultural then me. He is cute and quite naughty. He is my first task there because my aunt asks me to teach him Chinese. But as everyone knows that I am the person who didn’t born with patient and this task do make me felt frustrated and which make me even go out often.

It was my first time been to UK. I went there with my grand parents and my aunt lives there. At the beginning I tried to go places which are near my house alone. After the first try, I couldn’t stop going out by myself it was kind of adventure and these might be dangerous but I love it and going out alone became my habit.


Most interesting thing was that I went to the castle where used to be part of famous movie Harry Potter’s scene. I also took the steam train for the tourist navigation and it was an awesome experience because we can only see this kind of old train in the movies or museum.

I visited UK in summer but the weather was still makes my felt cold. It rains almost every afternoon it is not the heavy rain like in Taiwan but drizzling. The weather there makes it even beautiful scenery and poetic. There’s a library near my house so I always went there and found the recipes to try in the kitchen.


The UK is the awesome choose if someone want to travel. There are full of beautiful scenery and historical castles most important of all the culture there are really different from what we used to learn from TV or books. It is definitely the place for someone who is traveling alone and wanted to experience more about cultural.

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