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361o lectures, Mumbai Ramakrishna Mission Vidylaya, Tripura Mud sculptures workshop, Chandigarh graduated 10th standard Charcoal drawing workshop, Chandigarh Assam Rifles Nodal School, Tripura NASA India conventions, Hyderabad & Chennai graduated 12th standard Eco-architecture by Ken Yeang, Chandigarh Chandigarh college of Architecture, Chandigarh Design for client by Hafeez Contractor, chandigarh 3rd year student Wooden joints workshop, International symposium for Le corbusier’s chandigarh LANGUAGES

Simeon Debbarma B.Arch, 3rd year Chandigarh College of Architecture Kokborok, ethnic Nationality: Indian Hindi Contact:- +91-7696237298 Email id:-

English Bengali




Winter 2015 Vernacular, 5th semester NASA competition, LIk Trophy

Winter 2013 Studio apartment, 1st semester Verka booth redesign,1st semester NASA competition, LIK Trophy

Summer 2014 Residence, 2nd semester primary school, 2nd semester

Winter 2014 Artist retreat, 3rd semester Office building, 3rd semester NASA competion , LIK Trophy

Summer 2015 PEC market redesign, 4th semester Residential building, 4th semester ANDC Trophy


bamboo crafting

laser cutting


wooden crafting documentation

Summer 2016 Community space, 6th semester




model making


fun-loving person, enthusiast in leaning new things, very eager to experience and share diffferent cultures and traditions, student of archtecture seeking an oppurtunity to work with your firm, that will enable me to utilize and enhance my skills, that will help me grow and advance in the field of architecture







contents rd MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING 3 year project

RESIDENCE, 1st year project pg. no. 03 - 04 A first year project, with very simple brief where we were to deign a residential house situated in a sub-urban. The very first project of my life at the time when i did not even have the idea of the word ‘architecture’.

pg. no. 09 - 10 The 5th semester project. This time its somewhat a

qiute big project. we were asked to design a space in a city centre of the city chandigarh. This was our first massive project. I was very much exicited about it. learned alot. Researched and analysed buildings.

ANDC TROPHY 2015 STUDENT CENTRE, 2 year project nd

pg. no. 05 - 06 After a year passed by, it seems a little more

understandable. We were to design a space where the college students come and have their meal during break alongside they find fun, love, passion in that space.

This is a group project in which we were to design a

pg. no. 11 - 12 space where identity crisis people could find their

identity and make connections with the rest of the world.

NASA 2015- 2016 (LIK TROPHY) This is a group trophy where we have to research over

pg. no. 13 - 14 a space or building that needs to be restored soon or VERNACULAR, 3rd year project After a year passed by, it seems a little more

pg. no. 07 - 08 understandable. We were to design a space where the college students come and have their meal during break alongside they find fun, love, passion in that space.

either it will lose its identity. Analyse the building, note down and represent it through hand-draft, sketch and text.

MODEL MAKING AND INSTALLATIONS pg. no. 15 These are my hand-made works that i have executed these past three years individually and group. Hope you will find it interesting.

residence The site is near the city of chandigarh, within the leafy streets of chandigarh suburbs is to build a one storey mansion on their 1600m2 . The site is surrounded by residential houses in three directions. the road lies on the front side.the objective to reside the entire family under on roof.

A generous verandah to the east and west allow yje open living area to aextend into the garden and pool, while a drive through music studio will optimizeb future family activities. A clerestory roof is arranged to gather light onto an internal high level shelf while keeping dammaging sun’s ray, all the white brightening the family’s interactions. A subtle solution for a suburban quandary.




A 11








4 12

6 3

2 5


The residence is north faced, which consist of 5 verandahs facing both east and west. It has 1 drawing room, 1 guest room, kitchen with dining hall, family gathering space, living space connecting swimming pool, 2 bedrooms and garage. The house is surrounded by vegatation.



The verandahs are shedded with pergolas, which will protect the residers from sun and rain. While they can sit during summer as well as winter season.

A’ 1. Porch 2. Drawing room 3. Kitchen 4. dining 5.Guest room 6. Toilet 7. Family space

8. Master bedroom 9. Bedroom with toilet 10. Living room 11. Pool 12. verandahs 13. Garage

section AA’

student centre


We were asked to design a space where the students meet thier basic needs during the college hours. Which means they need thier meal during the break time, stationary shops in case, they need equipments for their college works, heath centre, and banks and ATMs . The site was inside a college campus which has the best circulation of the eduction sector as well as residential sector.


student centre water

ground floor Banks & Health centre


The food court block is two storey building where the students gather and have their happy meal. The block also comprises stationary shop that provide students with college equipments. While the bank and health centre is a single storey building

first floor Food court & Statioary shop

sectional elevation

vernacular settlement


Location: Gunderdehi, Chhatisgarh Latitude: 2056’40.920”N Longitude: 8117’18.960’E Temperature: 25.75 - 44.57oC

One very interesting characteristics of this architecture is- how they scale thier spaces. Construction, here, happens without yardsticks and drawings. design is decided as people talk amongst themselves . The dimensions of the structure are decided with the help of thier own body. The very first problem in this village is the lack of employment. The occupation of the villagers is rice cultivation, which cut from Rs. 17/kilo to Rs.1/kilo all over the country, which is a disaster in itself. This is the reason why they commit suicide or either come to urban areas for employment.

So, I want to a create a space where people can meet thier needs in thier own village. A place where people can learn to build their kind of houses with modern techniques. And even any kind of art form that will be exported to the cities and they can earn from it. This will help the villagers from earning and even the ehtnicity of the village will remain intact.


vernacular settlement


6 1 2 7 3


8 5

The space is build in the local construction techniques, which means the material used are local stones and redclay tiles. The plan is also designed according to the local houses build there.


8 8

B’ 1. Reception & exhibition hall 2. Director’s room 3. Central courtyard 4. Community hall 5. Workshop 6. Grainary machine 7. Store 8. Toilet

section BB’

multi-purpose building Location: Sector 17, Chandigarh Temperature: 25.75 - 44.57oC

The city centre and also the commercial bussiness district, sector 17 is the main commercial and business hub of the city designed by corbusier as the ‘heart’ of the city. Two sub- city centres in sector 34 and sector 43 were proposed for phase-II and phase-III. The sector 17 is centrally placed at the junction of 2 major roads the jan marg and the madhya marg. It covers an area of 240 acres. The brief was to re-design a multipurpose spaces in a city centre, where we were to provide shopping complex, office building and banks in a single built form according to the context. It is to designed in such a way that it forms a connection with the nearby spaces .



multi-purpose building


offices & food court The space is built at the centre of the city centre in order to create circulation between all the other spaces with it. The build form consists of shops and food centre at the ground floor and first floor, the office spaces are at the second floor while the banks to be kept safe in the third floor.

shops & food court

The space has le corbusier’s, the city planner of chandigarh elements in it. The massive coloumns in all the floor and the vertical louvres in the second and third floor.


exploded isometric north elevation


cross border congregational space {Re} evolution

‘Evolution is far more thrilling than biblical account. Who wouldn’t be arising ape than a falling angel?’ “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin

Alienated borderlands

When we think of human evolution, our minds wander back to thousands of years it took natural selection to produce the modern-day man. But are we still changing as species, even today? New research suggests that despite modern technology and industrialization, humans continue to evolve.

Co-exixted borderlands

While we have this idea of equality, in the real world, equality is rare. Inequality is a necessary part of life. The society degrades in making unequal things equal.

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Interdependent borderlands


lack of identity

health issues

energy needs

lack of disaster management

lack of insfrastructure Integrated borderlands


cross border congregational space Health facility

Important office

Tourist information centre


Jhelum river

Shop module

The idea is to highlight the ‘border’ not merely as an area of conflict but also as locale of conflict resolution and more importantly, to analyse border related issues from the perspective of people, not to highlight borders simply as markers of exclusion and inclusion. For the urban population, international borders holds no significance. But these borders are of great vitality. They somehow creep into the life of every individual and leave a major impact. They could be physical or political constraints which restrict the overall growth of the individual.

Workshop accomodation

Cultural centre


louis isadore kahn trophy Every building must have its own soul -louis i kahn

The trophy, sponsored by Icomos India, before by UNESCO, deals with the documentation and analysis of heritage site. It involves the process documenting the site, analysing it, drafting and modelling the site in sofwares and finally reproducing the data by hand drafting, texting and sketching.. The brief demands the documentation and analysis of a heritage structure who have kept their values intact while adapting to the change, the Bow Barracks at Kolkata, one of the oldest surviving residential building since early 20th century.


louis isadore kahn trophy

In the heart of kolkata, amidst all the hustle and bustle, the narrow streets wind up to a peaceful little colony, with rows nad buildings uniformly painted in red and green.These blocks are the Bow Barracks, which might be amere place of sojourn to the rest of tyhe world but, to the Anglo- Indians, it is home

Location: Bow Barracks, Kolkata, India At the beginning of the twenty-first century, there remained in the world, avery few cities of singular and genuine character, where the observer can directly be transported into a world which is unique. Culture and Character have become global, even in such ancient, continous civiliazations as India, and cities are no exception. Nevertheless, there is nowhere in the world a place quite like Kolkata, where a distinctive identity is always present.

“kolkata is at its best when it is itself. not at what it could or couldn’t, should or shouldn’t, be”


installations and model making

These are some of my works besides architecture, which includes mural, model making, stage designing and even scarecrow, which i have executed in my past three three years since i joined college. I hope you find it interesting. Thanking you

Stage design for le corbusier’s week


Hanging mural based on Le corbusier

Abstract wall mural based on Bird’s nest


Model making

Thank You

SIMEON DEBBARMA +91-7696237298 # S-12, Corbu house, PEC campus, Sector 12, Chandigarh, India Pin- 160012

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