Page 63 Data that may be identified or recovered from digital media can include documents, log files detailing usage, registry records, Internet history, pictures, videos, dates and times, e-mails and temporary files. The data available from mobile phones is similar to that from other digital media. Cases rarely have CDs in investigations now however one CD holds in excess of 100000 A4 pages of single sided raw text (numbers and letters); six CDs (640 megabytes (MB)) will fit on to a DVD (4.7 gigabytes (GB)) and USB flash drives can store 1000 GB / 1 terabyte (TB). With these quantities of data you will need the support of a digital examiner who can conduct searches for specific words or phrases to relatively quickly identify relevant files or data. If you are handed digital media by a client protect it from heat, moisture and physical damage; do not be tempted to switch them on as this will irretrievably alter data and may over-write the very evidence you are seeking and contact a digital forensic examiner for advice.

Griffin Forensics carry out digital investigations for law firms, law enforcement agencies, commercial organisations and private individuals. Investigations that we have conducted include fraud, e-mail abuse, intellectual property theft, terrorism, murder, rape, computer misuse, child abuse images and grooming. We prepare technical reports and statements for se in court and give opinion on reports submitted by other experts

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Forensic mag summer 2015  
Forensic mag summer 2015