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Branding Branding

Halcyon Design

The Logo for Halcyon Design was inspired from the mythical bird often identified as a kingfisher. The distinct colour on its wings was the inspiration for the logo. The logo was sketched out first then, brought into illustrator, where I created the outlines, began to fill in the colour then finally add the lettering.

David Morley Consultancy Dr David Morley is one of the countries most influencial elements when it comes to the delivery of physical education, he asked me to create him a brand that will appear professional whilst portraying his field of work. This project went through many changes before the final branding was produced.

Education and Special Projects Education and Special Projects went through a stage where they felt they needed a new look and branding style to appear more professional and corporate. As an employee I was asked to create a wide range of concept branding ideas that were presented to the directors. After a long discussion the change was scrapped. These are a few concepts from the development cycle.

Andrew Broadley Andrew Broadley wanted a brand that reflected his career. Andrew has over 35 Years experience as a Carpenter and Joiner, knowing this I knew the logo had to show the professionalism and skillset that Andrew possessed. This is the result.

Web Branding ESP Home ESP Home is a child company to Education and Special Projects. I was asked to create a visually attractive e-commerce site that would be a portal for Garden Furniture, and Play Equipment. The website was powered by Joomla and the e-commerce element was a heavily modified version of Virtuemart.

Andrew Broadley I was approached and asked to create a showcase website, that would provide Andrew Broadley with an online presence. The idea was to focus on the quality of Andrew’s work. We talked about how Andrew wanted to present the site and finalised the design at what you see to the left. http://www.abroadley-joiner.

Design Branding Creating a Positive

Whole School Impact

ry School

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Indesign Sketchup



This is an example of work done for print, the template shown was created inline with ESP branding and used to display proposed School Developments in an eye catching way. The plans were drawn in illustrator first to determine space, then drawn up in Google Sketchup to create the stunning visuals.






Limited 2010 and Special Projects © Copyright of Education

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Our Website...

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k please visit: www.espplay. For full terms and conditions

Quote Ref SO16435

Date 15/06/10

(01282) 43 44 45

Designer BS

Drawing 1

would make our day!





The roadmap on the right has been designed to be used in a highly interactive website. The idea behind the illustration is a open invitation European Rally. All participants have a £200 budget to spend on a car, the idea being it makes it to each destination whilst the participants are provided with challenges, spot prizes and superb party locations along the way. The design was done using illustrator

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Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae

Brendan Simcox


51 Holgate Street Great Harwood, Blackburn Lancashire BB6 7JD Mobile: 07545579014

24/01/1987 White, British Male Full UK Driving License NVQ Basic Management FsDc New Media Design AVCE ICT Advanced 10 GCSE’s Solidworks 2009 Basic’s Certified

Profile I am a 23 year old currently employed Graphic Designer based in Blackburn, Currently looking for a change of employer, I am looking for work in one of many fields of Graphic Design ranging from web and print right through to animation and 3D Design, designing is something that I took onboard and decided to study as a passion as opposed to the need for income, and it is something I really enjoy. In my spare time I enjoy playing American Football, I currently play for Lancashire in the British American Football League and find this to be an excellent stress relief and something not many people know exists in the UK.

Professional Profile Development of Managerial Skills Within a year and a half of working within retail (Game) and at a young age of 18 I managed to earn the title of deputy manager and take partial control over my own store within the company. Successfully completed Game’s training program to develop my management skills and gain the knowledge needed to run a profitable store within the company Help a struggling store flourish and develop into a store that was continually failing to hit key kpi’s become one of the top performing stores on the region.

Marketing within PC World Within PC World I was part of a team that developed a scheme that helped drive profit over the Christmas and Easter period involving the use of set bundles and more specifically the way they were marketed. I personally designed the Point of Sale for these set bundles and arranged for the distribution of the Point of Sale around our cluster for the first 3 weeks, the increase in profit resulted in the Point of Sale being used across the region.

Completion of FsDc New Media Design Degree I have completed two years of studying with The University of Central Lancashire at Burnley, I feel I have taken a lot from the two years and learnt quite a lot of skills and tools that will benefit me in the future. Over the two years, I have covered in depth, 3DS Max, Bryce, Java, Flash, and Director and continued to develop my already vast knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I have also familiarized myself with the use of a professional graphics tablet.

Graphic Designer / Design Office Manager at ESP The core roll of my Job at ESP began with the design on playground plans for schools throughout the country, using Illustrator, in-design and google sketchup to create elaborate and colorful plans which were marketed and sold to schools. I then moved into a product development roll where I was tasked with converting and reverse engineering all of our product range into Solidworks, addressing any issues around the manufacture of the products in an attempt to increase the profit margin on the products we sold. As a result of this change I received accredited training in Solidworks 2009 and as a result am more than familiar and comfortable with creating high quality HDR renders of products, be it new or reverse engineered. I now manage a small department of designers, this role requires me to delegate roles and responsibilities and ensure that the design ledger runs smoothly, designs are kept to the highest standard and are done within the set deadlines as agreed with our customers.

Curriculum Vitae Curriculum EmploymentVitae History Branding Gamestation


July 2003 - July 2004 Sales Assistant

July 2004 – October 2006 Deputy Manager

PC World


May 2007 - April 2008 Sales Assistant

April 2008 - Present Design Office Manager

Education 1998-2003, Primet High School, Colne 10 GCSE’s 2004-2005, Burnley College, Burnley AVCE ICT Advance (Double C) 2006-2008, University of Central Lancashire FsDc New Media Design Year 1 (Upper Class Honours 2:1) FsDc New Media Design Year 2 (Upper Class Honours 2:1)

To Summarise My name is Brendan Simcox (as you may have already gathered). I am a graphic designer from Great Harwood, Blackburn. I currently specialise in print and presentation for my current company, but want to switch direction and get more involved with what I originally studied New Media Design for.. Web! I have a hunger to learn and develop with every opportunity that comes my way. I want to increase my skill base so I can face every challenge with the best set of tools possible. I like to work in buoyant, friendly and exciteable environments where the people around me react to my character as I react to theirs. In essence I want to enjoy what I do but ensure I deliver the quality that is expected of me.v

Curriculum Vitae


Creative Portfolio 2  

This is the second revision of my creative portfolio / CV

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