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SL_Magazine Hi Casey, to start off with tell us a little bit about yourself...

CaseyRain OK, I’m 23, a professional musician (producer and vocalist) and a member of a band called Swami :) My stage name is S-Endz :)

SL_Magazine Why did you decide to set-up the birminghamriots2011. blog?

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Casey Rain started the Birmingham Riots tumblr blog, which quickly became an indespensible source of the latest information during the disturbances. Reporting events far ahead of traditional news media, the blog received tens of thousands of visitors and propelled Casey to the attention of people across

the Midlands and beyond. He was interviewed by news outlets from the BBC to a French national newspaper. In honour of the role twitter played in allowing people to communicate during the unrest we interviewed Casey over the site. All questions and answers are 140 characters or less.



Could they happen again?

What needs to happen now to stop a repeat of the riots?

CaseyRain I wanted2do something useful and figured collating info to a centralized place would be a positive contribution.


SL_Magazine What do you think were the causes of the riots?

Have the riots damaged the reputation of young people?



Failure on all levels from government cuts to high unemployment to racial profiling to police brutality to recession effects.

Perhaps to some people. I think perceptive folks see that the real reputation damage is to the government/ police.

Yes, if major change does not happen in a few key areas.


CaseyRain A reversal of tory arts cuts, a considerable police effort to stop racial profiling, and more money put into apprenticeships.

SL_Magazine And finally, what are your plans for the future?

CaseyRain My band swami have a new album coming out soon called #upgrade - it’ll blow your mind!

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