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elcome back to SL Magazine - a unique and innovative magazine produced especially for young people in Solihull and the surrounding area.

What’s innovative about SL Magazine? How does it differ from other publications? Well, what’s cool about SL is that it’s produced entirely by it’s readers. SL is about giving young people the opportunity to express themselves positively in the community. From arts to entertainment, fashion to politics, SL will keep you up to speed with whatever young people are talking about. But SL isn’t just about the day-to-day. SL is also about change. Perhaps not changing the world (not yet anyway) but changing and challenging the small worlds we live in. We hope SL will be one small, positive contribution to a nicer kind of society. We want to promote the good things that young people do, show pride in diversity and create links to local charities and community groups. So why just be a reader? We are always on the lookout for new contributors with something to say. Whether it’s through writing, photography or illustrating get involved and pick up some experience along the way. Email Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that we are entirely not-forprofit. SL Magazine is set-up as a social enterprise. That’s not to say we don’t need to make money. As with all magazines we have to cover our printing costs, that’s why there’s a whole host of local businesses that are advertising in the magazine. They recognise what we’re doing and are keen to support us and young people in the area. Anyway, now you know a us and what we’re about, all that’s left is to say is: enjoy the magazine! SJB and BK

front cover image explained

The image is a manipulation of a photograph of Tariq Jahan, whose son Haroon died in Winson Green in August. His story is explained on p19 in a special ‘Local Hero’. We felt he had become an iconic figure and so replicated the iconic Barack Obama ‘Hope’ style poster. We tried to make the cover as plain as possible to show our respect to this extraordinary man and his message of calm that no doubt saved many lives.

credits Simeon Bright Benedict Kent


Advert Design: Back cover image:

Tim Stock

Barnaby Kent

Contributors: Words: Stuart Lethbridge, Samia Amir, Miriam Hussain, Nat Kent, Mariam Khan, Dominique Grace, Claire Hargreaves, Jonathan Lowe, Charlie Alcock, John Hodges, Fauzia Khan, Jessica Millward Robert Leftwich, Daunish Negargar, Danielle Carrington, Carl Sealeaf, Safrina Ahmed, Daniel Williams, Dr Issam Ghannam

Images: Nat Kent, Dominique Grace, Deena Chauhan, Amber Winter-Moore, Barnaby Kent Special thanks to: Bev Bishop & Tim Stock

SL Magazine is an independent, not-for-profit magazine. We have no political or religious affiliation. We strive for honest, accurate reporting. If you feel we may have fallen short of this then contact us by emailing the editor at

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