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A rough history 1916

Piggly Wiggly, the first selfservice grocery store, opens in Memphis, Tennessee


King Kullen opens - “America’s first supermarket”

Artists’w impressions of ASDA in Shirley, Sainsbury’s in Dorridge and Waitrose in Knowle


Sainsbury’s opens its first supermarket in Croyden


Tesco (UK) opens in Malden


Morrisons opens in Bradford

1973 the village butchers, or the familyowned bakery. Another commonly held view is that local, independent stores are a traditional part of British culture and should be preserved at all costs. As well as their personalised service, independent retailers also provide the variety and market for local customers and businesses that is simply not provided by the supermarkets.

However, whilst the freshest and most organic food may be available there, does our exponentially declining economy prevent us from shopping at these more luxurious stores? This leaves us with the much discussed and debated question. Where should we shop if, put off as we are by the faceless, behemoth corporations, are unable to afford to support independent, local stores?

Lidl opens as a discount supermarket in Germany


German discount supermarket Aldi, opens store in UK


Sainsbury’s opens in Dorridge?

SL Magazine Issue 3  

As the dust begins to settle from the August riots, issue 3 of SL Magazine brings together the reactions of young people in Birmingham, and...