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WORDS AND ILLUSTRATION: Dominique Grace he recession. It’s haunted the whole of the UK since 2008 but has supposedly hit us students the hardest. From 2012 university tuition fees will increase to a maximum of £9,000, which will leaves us with at least £27,000 of debt once we graduate. Yet the government is still broadcasting their concerns about our generation living on the doll and warning that unemployment levels are at an all time high. Well, why might that be? Because we can’t afford to go to university and if a job is out there, we are being turned down for people with degrees and higher levels of education. It’s an unstoppable cycle that this generation of young people are stuck in, unable to get out of unless we have the privilege of going to university. And even once we’ve got a degree finding a job is by no means easy. That’s why the teenagers and young people have fought back. Protesting and shouting and letting our voices be heard, to let the government know that what they are doing is criminal

and unfair. What’s undeniably unfair is that the government’s cuts have targeted a section of society that has not been particularly educated in money management nor had the life experience to learn it. In a time of high unemployment and predicted debt we could really use a little help! However, it seems that articles such as this one are not going to change the decisions that have already been made for us. It’s tough to find a positive view in all this but we have to be strong minded and stubborn like we always have been. Despite the fear of unemployment and the anxiety over our futures, we cannot carry on with this depressive mood as we won’t feel any better nor get anywhere quickly. We’ve got to keep being proactive, keep persevering and keep on at the government to let our voices be heard. At the end of the day we have done nothing wrong and we will come out on top of this unlike the current government. Don’t let them rain on our parade.

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