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Gus Rockman Cloudwalker Primary Contributors and Staff

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I am so excited to be working with a talented new group of Simatography members along with some familiar faces from previous issues. Keeping SIFF running has become a huge undertaking so we are in the process of recruiting some fresh creativity to help us breathe some new life into things. This magazine is a trial run for the team to help us prepare for the next round of SIFF so it can be bigger and better than ever. As you will quickly see, our theme this magazine is seasons. Of course our inspiration comes from the much anticipated expansion pack, but creative machinima makers, story-tellers and simtographers have found ways to include seasonal themes in their art right from the start. The new additions just make it that much easier. I hope you will find some inspiration among the pages.

Minraed Arzhel

Cloudwalker - Assistant Editor

This year’s team is headed up by SIFF’s new Media Director, Tabby Lloyd and her superhero team of editors and journalists.

Forbidden Rose - Intern

Gus Rockman - Assistant Editor

Jorgha Haq - Media Relations

Running a successful festival like SIFF requires hours of dedication from many people. I will add some On top of SIFF page itself, the words to this media team puts together the magazine and keeps the SIFF buzz going strong.

SmokyTopaz - Photo Journalist

Titus Linde - Celebrity Reporter Demeter - Style Consultant

We were very sad to see Fall 2012 SIFF come to and end. There were many talented people who participated in the different aspects of SIFF, a festival designed to showcase the varying creative talents in the Sims community. We have high hopes for Spring 2013 SIFF. Some exciting things are currently on the planning block that will make Spring SIFF even more exciting than ever. Despite a record number of people voting this year, there is a very large number of people in the Sims community who don’t even know what SIFF is so we are here to take some time to explain. SIFF stands for Sims International Film Festival and is the brain child of Simatography founder Minraed Arzhel. The idea behind SIFF came from her love of real-life film festivals. She took this concept and applied it to The Sims and machinima. SIFF is held twice a year in Spring and Fall and is open to every member of the Sims community, including those with talents other than machinima. Just because it is a film festival doesn’t mean that SIFF is only for machinima makers. There are challenges designed specifically for photographers and those with photoshop and editing skills. The most important of these is the contest to design the official SIFF festival poster that is used throughout the season to promote SIFF. Fall 2012 also introduced a very popular SIFF Band Search to give members a new way to show off

their creativity by creating sims, building a band, staging photo ops and, for those with ability to make custom content, design band merchandise. Then there is the machinima. It would not be a film festival without films. SIFF features some of the most talented machinima makers the Sims community has to offer but also encourages and supports those new to machinima. No matter what your level of experience or how much time you have to devote to a project, there is the potential for everyone with an interest to participate. You don’t have to create a full length movie complete with elaborate script and voice actors; you can create a music video or even a short commercial spot for SIFF or another product. With any festival, once it is time for the awards ceremony you never know who will win. You think you know, but there are always surprises. There are surprises on the Red Carpet too - another photography challenge open to everyone. The best part of SIFF is that the winners are chosen by the Sims community and not a panel of elite judges. SIFF and Simatography has always been about promoting and encouraging new talent as well as established talent while helping everyone refine their skills. We hope to see you at SIFF this year! by Jorgha Haq

We asked our members to share their seasonally inspired photos with us. Have a peek at this compilation of creative simtography.

Photo by Smoky Topaz


Titus Linde

Gus Rockman


Our Simtographers LOVE the snow and the winter antics that go with it.


Sylent Whysper









Zoey Zuko Steph Kline


CHBlossom Production


Green Girly

Rain Rain go away

Sylent Whysper

Titus Linde

Green Girly


Green Girly


Deviously Vivid

Titus Linde


Green Girly




Seasons by Anches



A huge thank you to everyone who submitted photos to inspire our seasonal photos, stories and machinima. To see more of this collection of photos visit the photo galleries at ... click here to see them all

Download Builder’s Island HERE from Mod the Sims

Technical Info Mapsize - Small Layers - 2, world layer and junk Terrainpaints Used - 7 Plants Used - 2 types Objects Used - 1 type Load time should be 2 - 10 seconds from “choose map” to play (depending on your system stats) Building areas are perfectly flat. You can place combinations of 30x30 lots to 64x64 on the larger side.





When you want to take a photo and you have a strong idea in your head it can seem to take forever to open a full world, sort out a suitable area to demolish or place a new lot on, and then get on with your project. So, when I discovered Builder’s Island I was delighted! Easy to install and it loaded on my computer in less than 10 seconds, which I loved! In Edit Town you can place the lot size you want - it even has room for the largest lot size. If you have Seasons it works with that too. There are no spawners, but horses and some others insist on turning up from time to time. This is easily solved with “testing cheats enabled true” and “move objects on” just grab and delete, unless you want them there of course! I do have the tiny CAS world that I use for sim making, but I needed a bit more room for set building and this is perfect for that. When building sets I often find that I have forgotten something I really meant to download for the picture. With this world it is easy to find the objects, install them and reopen the game. It’s so fast that it’s no longer a hassle!

Building sets is fun - you just have to make the bit that you want for the photo. It does not have to be a finished build. Arrange objects the way you need to create the illusion you want. Once you have everything you need for your set gathered together try building it here in this fast-loading world Builder’s Island.

ad photo by SmokyTopaz


Photos and costume design by Demeter Moon - layout by Cloudwalker

Female - Summer bathing suit - Anubis earrings - S-Club glasses - base game bracelet - Fast Lane

Female - Spring dress - Anubis shoes - base game necklace - Anubis

Female - Winter top - All About Style shoes - Altea127 tights - Lili Sims gloves - Seasons

Female - Autumn top - Simsfanbg bottom - ILikeMusic640 shoes - Elexis

Male - Summer top - ILikeMusic640 shorts, shoes and glasses - base game

Male - Autumn top - Seasons pants - Diesel shoes - Supernatural

Male - Spring top - Rusty Nail pants - Rusty Nail shoes - Late Night

Male - Winter top - Seasons pants - Supernatural shoes - Late Night gloves - Generations goggles - Seasons

Couple sweaters - NyGirl Sims jeans - Diesel shoes: hers - Anubis his - Late Night




Images provided by Eduardo Castelline

interview by Smoky Topaz

Eduardo Castlinne is a talented young Brazilian musician who’s photography and astonishing music videos peaked our interest when we discovered him on Facebook. Who is this talented young man and why did it take us so long to discover him? We had to get to know a bit more about him and hopefully we will get to see him perform at SIFF this spring. Who is Eduardo Castelline? Before being a singer I used to be a model, but there was always something related to music in my modeling work; makeup, exotic clothes, and always a theme and a message. I got to a point where I had to make videos to satisfy my creative needs so I went after it and started my career as a singer. Even though I started as a pop singer, these days I am doing more; I love a good drama and a sentimental song.

Where were you born? I'm Brazilian! I was born among mountains, rivers, ocean and all the tropical diversity that Brazil has to offer. All of these little things influence me a lot. I hope that in the future I might be able to do something in my mother tongue, Portuguese.

And for the single girls, are you available? Sorry girls, I'm gay. *laughs*

Do you plan to tour soon? Yes, we have been preparing ourselves. There is already a stage and a concept. It will be a kind of musical opera. The Paradise Tour.; a story of a broken hearted angel. The stage is a concept is being created by myself and Renan Sims. Renan Bastos will build the objects and figurines for the stage set. You can get a sneak peek at the stage progress on YouTube HERE (click to view)

You seem to be very well known in your home country, do you plan to make your name elsewhere? In fact, I think it's more the contrary of it. My work is more recognized by the international population and I just realized that after opening my account on Facebook.

Your production team makes some great videos of the performances, what’s next? Films? We're planning to present the tour on DVD next year and we have a show with exclusive clothes from two friends of mine; designers Renan Bastos and Renan Sims. The clothes included in the show will be available for download. I have a storyline scene created too. It will be my first cinematographic experience, but for now that project is suspended because as it is a medieval theme which needs many more animations to set up properly.

I noticed some interesting Lady Gaga outfits did you create those? What else do you create? I am really inspired by Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey, and Florence and the Machine. The Renans are really helping me lately creating the items I need to bring my vision to life. We're going to share some clothes after the show. You will find them if you follow the event page on Facebook.

You seem to be very well known in your home country. Do you plan to make a name for yourself elsewhere? Actually, the opposite is the case. My work is more recognized in the international community I have realized; especially since opening a Facebook page.

I want to thank the SIFF magazine team for inviting me to this interview. It is a great honour to be able to participate alongside of so many talented Sims! A toast to the Sims Artists! Kisses,

Eduardo Castelline. Follow me on‌

Translated by Luana Tavares, edited by Minraed

Simatography Magazine - Winter 2013  

Simatography Magazine - Winter 2013

Simatography Magazine - Winter 2013  

Simatography Magazine - Winter 2013