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this photo by Minraed - Rockabilly Theme Party cover photo by TenderWolf

Editor Minraed Arzhel Assistant Editors / Staff

Jorgha Haq Peacemaker IC Gus Rockman TenderWolf Contributors / Interns

Lunxi Titus Linde Moni Bee King Leo CatKetty Demeter Moon Nanami GrayLeeStudios

official host of SIFF

From The Editor With the 10th anniversary of SIFF coming up in September 2014 and the release of The Sims 4 in the Fall also, we are barely able to sit still in the SIFF office with all of the excitement. We have so many things in store for the exciting year ahead so stay tuned and follow us for updates. For this issue we are trying hard to focus on some general inspiration for machinima makers and simtographers. We chose a Rockabilly theme this season so you will find many topics inside that relate to this, but you will find much more. Flip through and find a showcase of many of the various talents that the Sims community has to offer. Happy Simming Everyone!

Minraed Arzhel

watch it on Youtube HERE

Last SIFF we started something new - we invited you to join us in a theme party that would allow us to showcase your interpretation of the theme. We chose Rockabilly because it was something that many of us were fond of. We saw that there was a little sub-culture of Rockabilly going on around the Sims communities, and EA was creating quite a number of objects, worlds, and fashion that fit into this style too. We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by our Rockabilly theme for your next machinima, photography, band or story project. And, watch for our new theme party challenge that we will present soon for our next magazine. Help us showcase the talents of our awesome Sims communities.

by Demeter Moon

Get your Curbs by Coloures Urbanos at TSR

Kenzie “TenderWolf” Howell just couldn’t decide what to wear to the Rockabilly Red Carpet party, so she and her BFF tried out every Rockabilly style they could think of. This girl knows how to Rock ‘n’ Roll!

by TenderWolf

by Minraed by Jorgha Haq

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Motorbikes

by Lunxi

by Peacemaker


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SIFF FALL 2014 is coming soon All of the information you need to join is available on our website at Film makers should view the document over there on the left side of this page. You will find all of the details and tips on submitting your film to SIFF. You do not have to qualify to participate. We accept and encourage all levels of machinima making skills from Sims 2 and Sims 3 Everyone can join SIFF, even if you don’t make films. Have fun with us by contributing art, photos, stories, characters, celebrities, bands, building, custom content and more.

100 themes is a showcase of inspired photography. There is no time limit and no closing date. You can join in anytime and just dive in, be inspired, and share your gorgeous Sims photography. Each magazine we produce will showcase a collection of the latest submissions SmokyTopaz - Run be amazed by all of our 100 themes albums in our gallery HERE

Ninisims Music

I find it fascinating to see the wide variety of styles that each person uses, and in awe that all of this comes from our humble little game. What we are missing are Sims 2 photos, and soon we will have Sims 4 photos coming so we are looking forward to how this fun little project grows. So if you are in the Sims 2 platform, don't be shy, we want your pics too!

Goldysch 19. music, 21. pets, 10. smile

ZoeyZuko 94. the visitor, 74. STOP!, 93. black and white

Titus Linde 10. smile, 17. magical, 41. the weather outside

PhantomPlan 29. hmm interesting, 81. candid camera, 69. granny’s attic

CatKetty 17. magical, 15. sorrow, 16. run

Demeter 2. first kiss, 20. fashion, 35. precious moment

ChristieL 64. sunlight, 47. new beginnings, 75. don’t stop

Jorgha 53. thought bubbles don’t lie, 29. hmm, interesting, 12. fire

Some New Joiners...

Tenderwolf 21 pets, GreenGirly100 Flowers

StephKline - 14. Opposites

SimsDiva24 - 3. Beautiful Eyes

With SIFF’s 1oth anniversary season coming this year we have a great BIG issue of The SIFF Buzz in the works. We are calling it the Commemorative Issue and it will be filled with great memories and flashbacks of some of the highlights of SIFF over the years. Watch for it August 1st, 2014 I will be working with my little team of reporters to bring weekly updates to you throughout the festival so follow us on Issue and on our social network pages so that you don’t miss a beat.

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Meanwhile at the


Pharrell William’s song “Happy” has taken the world by storm. All over the planet people are showing off their happiness by showcasing their home city in their own Happy videos. We want to bring this phenomenon alive in our Sims worlds too! Join us with your own version of #HappyInSims today! Get the details HERE or visit our YouTube playlist HERE

5 facts is Back Let’s get to know each other! Share 5 facts about yourself in a fun and short little machinima video. Anyone can join! Meet some of our members who have already joined in HERE on our YouTube playlist of 5 facts vids.

Hello fellow machinamators! My name is GrayLeeStudios and I have recently been graciously given a position on the Simatography staff. What’s the big deal? I am a Sims 2 machinamator. For many years now, Simatography has been admittedly dominated by the Sims 3. While Sims 2 creators were always still welcome to participate in SIFF and other challenges here at Simatography, there was just not enough equal representation in game play options at Simatography and SIFF. And to be honest, it kind of rubbed me wrong. I sent a letter to Minraed right away explaining how I felt about it and gave some input on how to maybe reach some sort of balance and what do you know, I ended up with a spot on the staff to help represent Sims 2 machinima makers!

Sims 2 machinima, contrary to popular belief, is still alive and well in today’s machinima world. There are countless series being created and countless of dedicated simmers from all over the world that are still true to the simplicity and original styled Sims 2 format, including me. My job is simple: to help get Sims 2 creators noticed and get their creations displayed and advertised on Simatography. So if you want to see any changes in Simatography regarding the representation of Sims 2 machinima, I’m your girl to ask! Thank you so much Simatography for this opportunity to help better and connect the Sims community! I hope we can all grow as a community with these changes and help simmers of different games reunite all over the world.

with Tabby Lloyd

Our media director and film lover Tabby Lloyd brings to light some of the most popular trends in Sims Machinima.

This might surprise you as much as it has surprised us over the past couple of years, but even with The Sims 4 fast approaching, the Sims 2 machinima community is showing no signs of dying. In fact, even today brand new Sims 2 series’ are being developed, some of which have had their world premieres at SIFF. While we have been inviting Sims 2 machinima makers into SIFF for a while now, it was really only last season that it took off, and we hope that this will set a new trend as we really do want Sims 2 machinima makers to know that we love them too! Here are some of the Sims 2 machinima makers that have shown up at SIFF so far. Be sure to check out their YouTube channels to see what they are up to now.

Creepypasta by Tenravalg We rather enjoyed this creepy submission from last season. Have a watch if you haven’t already. on YOUTUBE HERE

The Elonian Cass presents Hollow Tower

This truly exceptional piece of cinema blew us away at last season of SIFF, winning awards on several fronts. We were honoured to showcase the series' premiere, and we have news that episode 2 is soon to be released so don’t miss it! Follow The Elonian Cass on‌ YouTube HERE on Facebook HERE

Two more Sims 2 Machinima Makers to watch for... TS3M4ker brought the fresh and funny Encontra o Caminho to SIFF last year. What is he up to now? find out on YOUTUBE HERE Larna Love 2011 is going as strong as ever with the series POWER and several other awesome projects. more HERE on YouTube

Rockabilly Style Just as the genre of music has evolved over the decades, so has the style. As you would expect, style and fashion are influenced heavily by music You will find many variations of the Rockabilly style depending on which crowd you run with. In the 1940’s and 50’s the fashion may have been about the wholesome looks of poodle skirts, flats and pony tails, but as time went on the heat kicked up a notch we saw pinup girls, bright red lipstick and leather added to the mix.

Create your own Rockabilly style with some vivid colour, retro flair and a touch of rebellion and you’re on your way.

costume design by Lunxi Weis - Words by Minraed Arzhel

Find many of th the Sims3 Store, in

Fast Lane and 60’s, 70’s

hese styles at Roaring Heights or

s and 80’s STUFF packs

by Demeter

By Nanami

Click here to get to the playlist on YouTube

by Tenderwolf

by Goldysch

RicciNumbers NumbersWoman outstanding quality objects for your set designs with a special interest in helping machinima makers

Urban Loft Ikea Inspired Shabby Chic Custom Objects Requests Find her at... twitter @RicciNumbers

Exclusively at

The Sims Machinima World will evolve yet again! Are We ready for it? @TheSims #TheSims4

Simatography summer 2014 rockabilly  

We're back with a whole new season of machinima, photography and story inspiration for the Sims community.

Simatography summer 2014 rockabilly  

We're back with a whole new season of machinima, photography and story inspiration for the Sims community.