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What is in store this coming season?

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We have a special edition of the BUZZ inside so you won’t be seeing a separate weekly issue this week, but we will be back to our regular programming next week. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Come and share the love with us!

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Letter from the editor We are celebrating Love in a variety of ways this month, because we don’t think that Valentine’s Day is just about couples. Love is everywhere, and everyone deserves a little love sometime, even if you don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. So we called this issue Love Dammit, because dammit we LOVE our Sims and we LOVE our creative community, and all of you that are here with us. I cannot send a message about love without saying something about tolerance and acceptance. Love comes in many forms, and in many magical and unexpected guises we choose not to judge. Everyone deserves to find a hand to hold, and a heart to share their passions with. I wish for this for each of you. And last but not least, there is non-romantic love love of our pets, our children, our friends, our sims, our art, and do not forget - we need to love ourselves.

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So I got a bit more mushy and sentimental than usual, but LOVE is in the air afterall. XO

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This is our special issue filled with plenty of LOVE because you guys are what keeps us going. We know that not everyone likes Valentine’s day for it’s focus on the love of couples, but we feel that there is plenty of LOVE to go around in many other forms, so since we all LOVE our Sims, there is something for everyone in this issue.

Wacky Holidays Our next issue is going to be a fun one with a theme that can really take us anywhere. We have no idea where this will go yet, but there are so many weird and wacky holidays out there that we have never even heard of, and then there are the holidays that our Sims celebrate, so we are going to just run with it and see what we come up with. We hope you will join us. DETAILS ARE HERE

Love Firew Left -

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e is works! Lunxi







Watch The Ultimate Love Story - a story of love an acceptance presented by Drowninginthesim Watch it HERE

Love comes in many forms, with many challenges. Love is tolerance and acceptance. Love is something everyone deserves. Here at Simatography we are openly tolerant, accepting and LGBT friendly. While we don’t try to force our belief’s on others, we do hope that our community is on the same page as we are. Many people in our community struggle with their sexuality and feelings, so we believe that this should be a safe place to explore these things.

We send our LOVE and a Happy Valentine’s Day message to our diverse member and fan base on this special holiday.

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Ellie by Ausagi

Extras from Simarvelous By Sylent Whysper See the full story HERE

Jorgha Haq

Above ad by Misty4m Right by Tenderwolf

He loves his music - Ninisims

Summer Love Ali W

By Simsapience

Yui and Joghwha

Above - cupid spreads the love to the darkest of places - Ali W Below - Chocolate wins her love - Misty4m

Even Death needs a little love - Jorgha

By TwistTV

Da Bears

Nittens LOVES the Outdoors Watch this gorgeous machinma HERE

The beauty of Granite Falls

A touching love story by Apocalyptic Watch it HERE

c Dog

Dark Parts

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With Gus Rockman and Jorgha Haq Machinima Masters is a new monthly feature looking at the masters of machinima. What defines a master? These are those machinima makers that take their films to the next level. Those that we look up to for their creativity and attention to detail. These are the people that make us say, “I wish I could do that” and inspire us to keep improving.

Films for the 2015 Spring SIFF Season premiere March 15 and this season we are looking forward to Fadhil Yudhawanto’s return to SIFF with his unique style of machinima that takes its inspiration directly from anime. Fadhil, from Jakarta, Indonesia, originally joined SIFF for the Fall 2010 season with a horror film called Tonight With. It may have only won Best Poster and Best Trailer, but it did earn him a place among the Masters. Fall 2013 seen Fadhil return to SIFF with Baku Rabu, an anime style film that won 3rd place for Best Poster and 2nd place forFilm Trailer. Baku Rabu earned him the title “Master of Humor”. Fadhil’s film always stand out and this season he gives us Shura, A Japanese action film inspired by Kamen Rider. We are excited To have him back and we are very much looking forward to seeing what he does with this film. Youtube channel:

When did you get started in machinima? What was your original inspiration? At first I did not know anything about film or machinima. I played The Sims 3 for the first time in 2009. And since that, I was looking for a Sims 3 video just for fun. And I found one video and it was awesome. Rémi Marocelli, he’s the first person who inspired me to make Sims 3 machinima. (Sims 3 Machinima Broken Heart by Rémi Marocelli) Since then, I started my career making The Sims Machinima. First I made a music video sung by Indonesian Singer. In 2010 I watched a music video Kokoro by Faalq. He’s the one who inspired me to make Sims machinima in Anime or Japanese style. (The original video has been deleted by the creator, but still can be found on YouTube : Kokoro Sims 3 Machinima) Later I released an action music video from Japan sung by Gackt - Journey Through the Decade. On that time, my video got a comment from Simatography and invited me to join SIFF. And that's when I knew Sims International Film Festival.

You've attempted to create anime in the Sims, something not many have done. Why did you choose to use an anime style to your machinima? Anime, is a term used to describe Japanese animated film or cartoon. The word is derived from the pronunciation of the word animation which in Japanese became animeshon. Although basically the anime is not intended specifically for Japanese animation, but many people use the word to distinguish between animated film made in Japan and non-Japanese. I've liked the anime films since I was 7. The reason why I like anime is because of its own visual characteristics, like the eyes, it’s different from the other cartoon. The character designs are so appealing for the youngster, ehm no, for everyone I think. The stories are mostly fantasy, but still the moral messages can be accepted in reality. Most of anime films have teenagers as the main characters that still pure and full of dreams instead of the grown-up people, because grown-ups are already corrupted with a lot of things. I like teenagers and I’m also a teenager, ehm, young adult in Sims. LOL. For Those who also like anime and works with Sims

3/4 machinima in anime style, you can share and discuss it with me on my facebook page!

Baku Rabu

Where do you get your ideas? I have many anime films. From the old to the new ones. From romantic, horror, school stories, Mecha (Big Robot like Gundam), to comedy. Recently I prefer the comedy. If there is a spare time then I watch anime films. I also can watch anime series up to 20 episodes or more in a day without feeling tired, and that became a habit to me. From there I got the idea to put into my Sims machinima.

How hard is it to give TS3 an anime feel? The most difficult part are the eyes. No matter how you try in CAS, sim’s eyes can’t be a round-shaped that looks exactly like the characters in anime. The rest can be adjusted, like the asian skin, eye lens, make-up, clothes, can be downloaded from the internet. Thanks to the all custom contents makers for that.

Do you find TS4 works better for making anime machinima than TS3? I must say that now I love Sims 4 style more than Sims 3. It’s because of the cartoon looks. It’s a lot easier for me to work in Sims 4 rather than Sims 3. I also had an experiment in video editing. I added an effect called Cartoon look or Cartoonr plugin for Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro by Boris FX. It will make the video looks more like cartoon and worked perfectly in Sims 4 video! Hopefully Sims 4 soon will have a lot of cc’s including pose / animation player.

Overall, what is the hardest thing about creating anime with The Sims? What about machinima in general? So far, there is no problem on designing a sim, recording or editing video. But there’s a problem: · First, setting up the location, because I am not very good at decorating. · Second, the sims’ poses or animations. Because I have to make my own animations using the software Blender. · Third, about the Japanese language. Anime film without Japanese, is like there’s something missing (a food without A salt, tasteless). So I need a person who can speak

Japanese. Because I can’t speak fluenlty, just learning Japanese a bit, and it’s because of anime. Well not bad to use Simlish but there’s a limit when using it, like when there’s a LOL scene. Even though I had to use voice actors speaking Japanese, it is difficult to find. So, I have to hire native speaker from Japan. But I don’t have such money to hire them. It would be great if somebody could colaborate with me for the voice acting using Japanese. Despite of all that, I will continue making Sims Machinima because my objective is to entertain the audience.

How long does it usually take you to put together a machinima? Talking about that, I have to tell something. There was a time when I got desperate. It happened in fall 2014. I really wanted o make Sims machinima at that time. Well here’s the problem. When I already had the idea, I didn’t have a time to make machinima because of the lecture. I’m a College Student. When I had a lot of time, the idea, and the mood, were gone. The same problem repeated in January 2015. But this time, with my determination and maximum effort, I will fulfill it. Starting from brainstorming, designing sims, setting up the location, making a custom animations, recording and editing videos, it takes about a week for a music video. And one thing, I never write a script before making a machinima. LOL. How about Movie like Baka Rabu, 36 minutes Sims 3 Machinima? It took 3 months non-stop of work, even when I’m having flu. My working hour starts from 9 am to 11 pm. Thanks to my 6 years old PC, my family, my friends, and everyone who always support me until now, so I can finally release a Sims Machinima.

What can you tell us about Shura, your entry into SIFF this season?

Shura (  ) ) means fighting in Japanese. A short action Sims 3 machinima. This machinima was inspired by a famous Tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider. I’m a big fan of Kamen Rider and Ultraman. Tokusatsu is a Japanese term that applies for any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects. You can say this is a Kamen Rider wanna be. Starring Rei from Baka Rabu Sims 3 Machinima. He tried to took back the important thing that stolen by an unknown organization. Rei (the main character) also appeared in my previous Sims 3 machinima, Baka Rabu. I used fighting bvh motion capture, and then I converted into sims 3 game. I’ll do all my best.

What is the one piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting to make machinima? These are my advices for you to make a good Machinima: OIM (Observe, Imitate, Modify.) Learn from the experienced people. Watch films to find inspirations. Do an experiment. Make something different in your video. Ask people for the feedback about your machinima. And soon you will be a professional machinima maker. Do not afraid of losing in the competitions, because winning is not everything. And one thing you must remember, when an idea popped out from your mind, quickly note it on a paper before it became a dust tomorrow.

Bree is our newest community partner. A voice actress who is joining us as we aim to grow our connections with the voice actors that bring our characters to life. Each issue we will have some type of feature for voice actors - this issue we have the pleasure of getting to know Echo Devereaux of Twist TV. Also for voice actors‌ SIFF now accepts voice actor roles for fan voting. Info is in our guide HERE We are trying to build a voice actor directory so feel free to add yourself HERE

Spotlight on Echo Devereaux of TwistTV fame You are known for great voice acting, and as part of that, for being able to take on different character voice styles. Do you have any formal training in acting or voice acting? Absolutely not, actually! I've always just casually made weird voices of mimicked cartoon characters, so voice acting just seemed like something I would enjoy! When you are preparing to audition for a voice acting role, what do you do to prepare? What thought goes in before starting, example, about the character you will be voicing for? Well before I audition for a character I try to see if it's a role that I can relate to. Maybe not LITERALLY, but VOCAL wise. What I mean by this is matching the character to my vocal range: I can voice really young boys and girls to elderly females, but not makes older than their teenage years. So, I change my voice to the vocal pitch that I think suits the character, and then go for it! Oh, and I also consider emotion, too: When saying this line in this situation, how would I react? That's what you have to think about to really make a character sound convincing. Otherwise it's just like playing pretend!

Hear Echo’s Voice Reel on YouTube

We believe that the best voice actors "get into character" and therefore the voices are convincing because they fit the character we see on screen. What tips or thoughts can you offer about this idea of getting into character? Do you think it is important too? Oh it's definitely important. I sorrrrrttt of touched on this in question 2, but I'll elaborate! When you get into character, you have to not exactly "fit" the role,but "CREATE" the role. You are told what the character says, what type of reaction sounds they make, and sometimes (but not always!) what's going on in the scene. Those are your hints. The director isn't telling you SPECIFICALLY what to do, they're telling you HOW they want it to be DONE. So you have an artistic liberty that you really have to use all by yourself. Read the lines that other characters are saying around your lines, get a feel for the situation or how you would respond. And, in the way your character would say it, respond how you would naturally!

Check out Echo Devereaux in some of her favourite roles

Harper in Afterlife

Myra in Nephilim

Emily in Decomposing Emily

We are well aquatinted with Cleverbox, so when we caught wind of him moving his popular series Alone from The Sims 3 to 4 we had to see what he has to say about the experience. Find him on YouTube HERE

Thank you for being such a supporter of SIFF all of these years. We've had our eye on you over the years, and have followed the progress of Alone. What made you decide to move this story into the next generation - into The Sims 4? No, I should thank you for showing such support for my work, it's encouragement like this that keeps me going. As for the decision to end Alone, it wasn't one I took lightly. It's not as if I saw The Sims 4 and thought to myself "people would rather see The Sims 4 machinima rather than the outdated Sims 3".

I am a big fan of the game itself, and the reveal of the next game was exciting to me on a gamer's level, not a filmmaking one. My first impressions of the game in terms of machinima were "no way, you can't make movies from this, it's too cartoony and the artstyle wouldn't lend itself to any form of realistic storytelling" but after a while I began to look past that, I started to realise how the game could look after it's had some custom content slapped on it, after I've thrown all my filters and editing techniques over it. I made a few tests, I wasn't happy with the first few, but after a while it began to take shape. You would have to note that I didn't have Alone in mind at this point, I was still firmly intent on continuing and finishing The Sims 3 series first. Then, as curiosity got the better of me, I made the cast of Alone in the Create-a-Sim demo we got last summer and wow, was I blown away, this was even without any custom content, and that's saying something. But still, I didn't make the decision to move the series over to Sims 4 yet. I then continued to create the next episode of Alone (Season 3, Episode 8) in The Sims 3, but I soon found myself struggling with the sluggishness of The Sims 3's game engine, the load times were themselves a huge drawback. I then took a break from the series for the rest of the year because I couldn't bare trying to fight the game to get the rest of the footage I needed (at this point I felt like I was fighting the game because of how much it would resist my attempts to use it). I spoke to friends and fans about the possibility of transferring the series over to The Sims 4. I showed them the rough copies of the cast I had made, and at first they were wary as, quite obviously, The Sims 3 series is so well established now. However, the audience I once had for Alone back when it started was no longer there, people were fed up with the big wait times between episodes, and quite rightly so. Sure, some were against the idea, why fix it if it isn't broken, but that's the thing, it was broken. Not only was I struggling to keep the story going (not through writing, but through transferring it to screen due to the nature of The Sims 3) I was becoming agitated by the lack of inspiration I was getting just through the effort it took to tame the game. So long story short, after 3 seasons I became creatively crippled due to all of these things, and the subsequent episodes were never able to recapture the quality storytelling or viewing audiences of the first. The series is now coming back, not continuing on from where it left off as the jump from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4 in one episode would be jarring, so instead it's starting from the beginning. But you won't see everything you saw before but filmed with The Sims 4, you will see a bigger, more fleshed out version of the same story you love.

Many comments about machinima in The sims 4 have been focused on the things that we are missing, or the things that are challenging. Can we get your thoughts on the most positive aspects of film creation in The Sims 4? I completely agree with these comments, however, if you delve deep into the game itself, you will find it much more forgiving than The Sims 3. The most positive improvement over The Sims 3 is the loading times, or rather, lack of. I understand that we now have loading screens between lots whereas The Sims 3 had an open world, but as we all know, the open world in The Sims 3 was broken, it was slow and unresponsive. The Sims 4 however, despite it's open world, is lightening fast when it comes to moving between lots, loading from CAS to the game, loading from the world back to the lot etc. But that is just one aspect that is better, when it comes to creating machinima, I can understand where people are coming from when they say it's restricting. There are not that many mods available yet, very little custom content, no pose/animation player etc. However, if you really take it seriously, you can get just as much from it than you can The Sims 3. I am creating custom animations already for the game, it's not the most clear cut way of doing it, but it works and the results (in my opinion) are great. Yes, I could do with some more mods, but right now the workflow I have in place is running fine.

Machinima makers, including ourselves, look up to you (in awe I might add). Can you spare a tip or two? Oh my. I'm blushing. I honestly don't know why, from my point of view I'm no better than anyone else, because at the end of the day it's all about expressing something, telling the story you want to tell. But the story is just one aspect, bringing it to life is the biggest challenge. Machinima isn't the easiest artform to work with, but then again nor is anything else. Live action movies are expensive, 3D animation is time consuming and laborious. You can create a machinima film in a matter of weeks as opposed to a 3D animated short film of 3 minutes that can take you over a year to complete. I understand I'm getting off topic here, I apologise, I think the compliment included in the question embarrassed me. What advice would I give a new machinima maker? Well, the first thing is, don't give up at the first hurdle. Machinima isn't something you can learn over night, I get a lot of messages with people asking me to teach them, and although I am very flattered that people think I'm good enough to pass my knowledge on (if I have any in the first place) I explain to them that it isn't something I can just show them or link them to hand them a "how-to" guide. It's all about personal preference. Sure, there are certain rules when it comes to making machinima with The Sims, removing the plumbob, speech/thought bubbles to name a few, but once you are past those basic steps, it's down to you how you want your story to play out. If you really wanted to take it seriously and have the time to dedicate yourself to a project (I use the word "time" lightly as it's something you need quite a bit of if you want to make machinima) then research filmmaking techniques, cinematography, camera framing, camera movements, staging, lighting, etc. Of course, as I've said already, the film is just one part of machinima, it also needs a good story to keep people interested, because if the story isn't there, just a bunch of pretty characters on a beautifully decorated set, people won't feel the connection you're trying to make. I want to see more machinima, especially with The Sims 4, so please take my advice and remember what I said, don't give up on the first hurdle, it might take you a few months, a few years, but you will do it in the end. I started in 2008 and if I look back to even 2012 I cringe at my work, maybe others don't, but for me personally, I just look at all the aspects I can improve on. Never let anyone say you can't do it, because if I can, anyone can.

Enjoy this special issue, magazine. We hope you SIFF so don’t miss out

, tucked inside this month’s awesome monthly u are enjoying all the LOVE, but my true love is on this week’s updates, right here on the next few pages.


Dressed Red carpe

d to Kill et fashion

Brace yourself! SIFF has been invaded…by bears! Yep, a new band has entered the Battle of the Bands this season, and the musicians are none other than four cuddly, adorable bears! I’m a huge animal lover, so I’m just squealing (not like a pig, FYI) with excitement! Seriously, what’s not to love about four bears singing children’s songs? Plus, they earned my respect when they referenced a certain purple dinosaur that also sang kid’s songs, and they didn’t seem too fond of him, much like me, so…yeah, extra epic! What all is happening at SIFF? Well, “Something’s Happening,” that’s for sure! No, really, that’s the name of the film by Tayzar26! Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy between two opposite gender best friends? I am psyched to see what happens in this film! Do the two besties get together or does the guy keep chasing after the new girl? Eee, I have to know! I must know how that ends!!!

Mark Stone, the brains behind Sims World TV, is back for another SIFF season, and the teaser trailer for his film “Run” doesn’t disappoint! It’s got 49 seconds of action, suspense, and drama, along with me wanting more! I see money, guns, some awesome special effects…whew, I need to fan myself off! And fanning myself off is going to take a while, so before I pass out, I’ll save some excitement for our next issue!

If you are fangirling over anything you see at SIFF, let us know and we will have FanGirl look into it for you. Email us at

They write their

Bringing you the latest news, interviews, and insider reports on the up and coming stars, films and directors that SIFF has to offer.

Welcome back SIFF fans and film makers. I hope everyone has been enjoying the pre-season entertainment and the early Red Carpet gala events. We will have more from the Red Carpet for you nex t week with a special showcase for celebrity stargazers and fan-girls. Speaking of celebrities, we managed to pin dow n Mark Stone this week, which is no small feat given his busy work schedule and family life. On top of all of this he is producing his first film for SIFF, which is sure to be action packed. We also have Machinima Will, who many of you will know from past SIFF seasons. This French film maker speaks the common and well understood language of Machinima as well as anyone so we need not worry about language barriers. His images are loud and clear and surely this season’s entry will be as spectacular as the last.


When people think of love, they often think of a happy couple or a romantic happily ever after. While this is true, all love comes from one place - the heart. And that is where passion lies, be it passion for another person or a passtime. Here, we showcase some Sims doing what they love, because, afterall, true love inspires true passion!

Character Traits featuring Da Bears We are playing around with a new feature idea that was inspired by our last issue featuring characters. Creating characters for roleplay, our avatars, our models, actors and stories is a HUGE part of what The Sims is to all of us, so from here on we will include a variety of character bios, features and interviews. BEAR with us (hahaha) while we use something that we came across that tickled our fancy, and in future issues we will be looking to you, the members and fans, to showcase your characters.

QUIET ON THE SET DNL Films Set design is one of THE most important features in a great machinima so we are on the search for great set designers who are willing to share some tips.

Tell us a bit about your machinima projects? I really love to do complex sets for my machinima, and it all started with my previous projects in The Sims 2 since 2008. Things started to get more serious with The Otherworld project in 2013. I decided to create an entire tropical island in Create-a-World tool just for this specific series. At this moment, I'm creating another tropical world for the reboot of the same series which hopefully will come out later this year. I can say that I'm a very ambitious person even with my own hobbies, but just enough to feel proud of my own work and also to make people enjoy what they're watching as much as I do.

Do you have any special training or career goals that tie into your film making hobby? I’m a self-taught, Portuguese filmmaker with a particular interest in visual effects and motion graphics. I also love to work with audio editing and mixing to make things sound better into my own videos. In addition to my filmmaking interests, one of my other passions are wildlife and natural history, which also play a huge role in my current machinima projects as well as for the many fictional elements. I'm still very young and I'm not sure what kind of career I want to pursue in the future, but I always make use of my own knowledge to create many different sets like jungles and savannas, which is certainly a very time-consuming work in Create-a-World tool and also within The Sims 3.

What are your thoughts on the importance of set design in a machinima production? In a good machinima production set design is always crucial and it can make as much impact as the characters themselves since we're talking about the ambience around them, whether it is a dangerous location like the top of a volcano or a romantic scene in a fine restaurant. Set design also depends on the type of production we're talking about, it can very simple like on the amateur short films, or very complex and detailed like on the Hollywood movies and TV shows. It is important to make sets as realistic as we can along with sound and visual effects, creating an entire good atmosphere for the final result. We can also create very abstract sceneries for very abstract themes or stories in the videos, like music videos for example, which is very common to see.

Set design can be a very time consuming process, which is why I think some people skip this step, but we hope to encourage more film makers to spend time on this part of their productions. Do you have any advice or perhaps a secret tip to share? Personally, I like to make things big in The Sims 3 like creating an entire world, but if you are only beginning in set design, I would recommend to keep things simple and small, building and decorating only what is necessary for each scene. In this case, you don't need to make it big and outstanding unless you really want to do so. Just focus on the theme of your machinima, and picture everything in your mind about what is really happening within the action and specific dialogues in that specific moment of your actual story. Good machinima makers know that they don't need to create entire locations just to film one single clip or video in one single part of the same bigger location. If you want to make a jungle environment for example, you can start by filling the lot with tropical plants, grass, palm trees, bushes, etc. then, in the World Editor of The Sims 3, you can cover the lot with bigger trees or bushes around (without the roads at the corner of course!) to give the impression that they are actually in a bigger set than what it really is. In The Sims 2 for example, you can "erase" the road with "moveobjects on" cheat and then, you can start adding your own set elements. Of course, if you want to create a world for your machinima production, it can take a very long time and requires great motivation, persistence and patience, but these things are certainly very important for any kind of set design. Custom content is also recommended to give the sets more realism and detail, you can also use OMSP's to move objects and even Sims with more freedom. Chroma keying is also another visual technique for set design. It is specially used for 3D set extensions in movies and series, adding characters, objects, animals or anything else. I usually use After Effects to work with chroma keying and add more extra elements to the scene. Sometimes, it can take some time and patience since some sceneries require camera tracking which allows me to position and sync all the set elements while the camera is moving. But usually, if you want to create a simple set for your story and characters, I believe that the video game itself is enough. It is also important, while you're creating sets, to not be afraid of small details. Because sometimes from this point, you can take even more interesting ideas from the ones you already had in the first place.

Love and Romance Click HERE to read it

and lots and lots of babies

Available on ISSUU


# 35 Precious Moment #42 My avatar By TenderWolf

TenderWolf - photo crazy this month TenderWolf was the photographer we saw most of this past month, so she gets a bit of the spotlight all to herself for a few pages. We are starting to see more Sims 4 photos being added to the mix these days too. Whatever your preferred Sims game platform, we invite you to join, or to come back and add more to your gallery. Let’s see who makes it to the completion of 100 first.

Click HERE to join in

# 88 Triangle - The Vampire Diaries #4 Dance - The Vampire Diaries By TenderWolf

# 2 First Kiss #19 Music #36 Game

By TenderWolf

Clockwise #44 My plumbob and I #48 Adventure #74 Stop #96 Playing God

By TenderWolf

#60 Shadow #82 Ouch

By Titus Linde

#37 Dangerous by Sylent Whysper

Simatography monthly february 2015  

Happy Valentines Day from the SIFF and Simatography team. If there is any confusion, this is a second upload as the first one seemed to have...

Simatography monthly february 2015  

Happy Valentines Day from the SIFF and Simatography team. If there is any confusion, this is a second upload as the first one seemed to have...