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My plan was to do as I usually do and create this magazine under the guise of Minraed

and Tabby Lloyd, my main media characters, but I thought I might take this opportunity to introduce myself - my real self. So ya - Hello my name is Crystal. In real life I am a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator with a special interest in mental heal th. I love my job because I love helping people, especially helping people learn to love themselves more and to feel confident in taking care of their heal th. Another thing about me is that I have a history of being a coach for a marathon walking team (Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society if anyone is familiar with them), a public speaker and in many ways a teacher.

For me personally, creativity is my life’s breath. I am told that this is in some ways an underlying facet of ADHD. I think I would die without a creative outlet. I’ve played drums and guitar, made jewelry, hand painted t-shirts and clothing, made wedding cakes and chocolate truffles in little cute packages for special occasions, I’ve hosted theme dinner parties, I’ve painted and draw n and doodled, I’ve w ritten stories and immersed myself into role-playing MUDS and MMORPGs, and I’ve crocheted and more. Creativity is like an addiction for me. My personal philosophy for life is that people deserve to feel good about themselves and their personal creative expressions. I truly believe that all forms of creativity should be celebrated and appreciated, even if they are not as good as someone else’s. Many of the worlds most celebrated artists will say that a real artist creates for themselves and not to appease the masses. I agree wholeheartedly. So, it is with this experience and philosophy that I came to create Simatography and in turn, SIFF. My wish is that everyone who participates or who joins our community feels safe to share, express their creativity and learn from one another. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by so many simmers who feel the same, this is what makes our community so wonderful and keeps me going and going even when I feel like I’m ready to throw in the towel. So, this special commemorative issue is my personal thank you to each and every one of you who has been a part of SIFF for the past 10 seasons. I am so sorry if I miss anyone, please forgive me and know that even if I may miss you in these pages, I promise that I have not forgotten you or your contribution to all of this. You guys mean the world to me. Xo p.s. - this is my simself in a gow n, you would never see me in gow n in real life, just sayin’

I am sure that all of you already know Minraed Arzhel and Tabby Lloyd well. Minraed is our SIFF executive director - in character she is the founder of Simatography and SIFF. Tabby Lloyd came along only a few seasons ago as our Media Director in charge of SIFF Buzz weekly tabloids during the SIFF season and otherwise overseeing our reporters and other media personalities.

“ It has been an honour to be a part of this great festival for 5 years and 10 seasons now. The most important message I have to say here is my expression of absolute gratitude and thanks to each and every person who has played a role as staff, intern or moderator. I often feel that I get more of the credit than I deserve where it should be know n that without the support of great staff none of this would have ever be happening. Thank you all! xo ”

Minraed “ Having spent only a few seasons with SIFF so far I can truly say that this has been the best job of my career. Each season I have the pleasure of watching new machinima makers take daring chances and grow over the years. I have seen masters of machinima who leave me breathless, and have been star struck by the presence of some of the Sims greatest directors and celebrities. SIFF is a celebration like no other and I hope that we will carry on this tradition for many seasons to come. Thank you all for your contributions to this great creative ex travaganza! ”

Tabby Lloyd

This talented trio have been at the helm for a few seasons, working together to make magic happen. This is the team responsible for much of the website redesign, reworking the logos and creating the newest ones for SIFF Buzz and our 10 th season and so much more. Jorgha is also the hostess behind the Battle of the Bands. Thank you for everything you do to keep me in check and for helping me keep it all together when it seems so impossibly overwhelming.


“A warm welcome to all as we kick off the 10 th season of SIFF. We have come a long way in 9 seasons, striving to make the festival better and more diverse each time. SIFF has grow n from a small gathering of like-minded creators sharing their love of machinima to something bigger than any of us could have ever expected and it continues to grow. It's been a remarkable journey that is nowhere near from over as we usher in the nex t incarnation of The Sims. So we hope you all have fun and enjoy what the sims machinima community has to offer for Fall 2014.

The SIFF Senior Staff

“Since joining Simatography I have learned so much. I started out not knowing much at all about machinima or Sims photography, but now I understand so much and it is all thanks to everyone here and everyone who takes part in SIFF.. I'v e made life time friends and enjoy seeing people grow in what they love like I did. This is really a amazing time for SIFF! “ Lunxi Weis Lunxi has been seen among the who’s who of SIFF since our very first season. Last season she joined me, contributing to the SIFF Buzz. You can expect to see much more of her this coming season. Thank you Lunxi for lending us your talents. I look forward to many seasons of celebrity glamour and SIFF parties together.

Tabby Lloyd

“SIFF is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and meet new, awesome people. And though it's a competition, it's not about winning; it's about having fun and doing what you enjoy, meeting new and awesome people, and maybe even pushing yourself a little bit to broaden your creative horizons and experience the game in whole new ways. . That's what SIFF is all about." TenderWolf

TenderWolf came on board last season as an intern. Since she passed the test of bringing us coffee and danishes, she has now earned a desk of her ow n in our offices, which is great because we can really use a grammar enforcer in our mix. It is a pleasure to have you on the team. We look forward to many exciting and creative seasons together.


It is so exciting to have a new team of Interns on board this season, in particular this trio of mul ti-cul tural beauty. Nanami, CatKetty and Demeter have a history with SIFF going back to the very earliest seasons. Between them they have contributed both machinima and Red Carpet glamour every season along the way. Now they have teamed up to bring their talents behind the scenes. I’m personally very excited to see what magic we can weave together. I’m looking forward to celebrating this 10 th season with three of our most dedicated SIFF fans and contributors. Minraed

“ If it wasn't for SIFF I would never have given myself a shot at trying machinima or even taking photographs for that matter. So much support and help for all of us who were just starting off and needed a guiding hand knowing where to go nex t. I'll never forget what SIFF did for me and what it has done for me the last 10 seasons.”

Demeter Moon In 2011 I met Simatography. I loved the fact that people there actually wathced and gave feedback on people’s art. I hold SIFF to the highest standards, and very close to my heart, because it was the first time in my LIFE someone gave me a chance to expose my ideas. I'v e never wanted to part since then.

Past Battle of the Bands winners punk-rockin’ New t Davies of Toxic Dream and the silken-voiced and oh-so-refined Grace DeLuca, have paired up to make the most unlikely team in music history. Well, who am I to question the magic that they create together. New t and Grace are the host and hostess of our ever-growing band challenge, a relatively new, but already loved addition to the SIFF program. Thank you both for making beautiful music together for all of us Sims band fans.

Tabby Lloyd

My world got just a little bit brighter the day these two walked into my office offering up their services to the editorial team. I have no clue what they are capable of, but we will find out this season. Filmore Noir is a self-proclaimed machinima geek, and the classy Shantell Potins claims that there is no star or celebrity that can escape her loaded pen. Together they will keep us updated on the important celebrity news at SIFF this season, and hopefully many more to come. It is great to have you on the team! I look forward to taking the tabloids to new heights.

Tabby Lloyd Watch for our newest reporters as they bring you breaking celebrity news during SIFF

Season one was created through trial and error but it came together thanks to a small but dedicated group of contributors and staff. This is where the magic began - we didn’t really know what to expect, but it was quite successful for a first season we thought. Bring Me To Life by RenderMeNow My Immortal by DesignGirl Hero by Molly Best Featured Film - The Lonely One by Sylent Whysper Unforgiveable by Faalq aka Phantomhive Nexus by SS Productions

SuperPogimon was one of the first people I approached. I just loved his creative style and though I didn’t know him well, he agreed. This was the start of a beautiful and creative friendship. I have to thank Pogi for the creation of our original logos and awards, the incredible Red Carpet photos, and for the inspiration and support through the early years. Real life stole Pogi away from the Sims, but I will never forget all that he has done for SIFF and rumour has it that he may return with Sims 4 Minraed

Photographer, Builder, Designer or Director - The beauty of the Sims is that there is something for everyone. I am proud to say I was here at the beginning of Simatography and SIFF and have loved watching it grow and blossom into a truly unique and international event. At SIFF anybody can have a go, you do not need to be an expert you just need to make sure you’re having fun. I still would not class myself as an expert, but you can guarantee with everything I’ve made I have had a giggle along the way. Watching SIFF grow over the years and watching the amazing creations our members only excites me more, as I sit in anticipation as to what will be created by the nex t anniversary. XxMolly360

Thank you to… Ida No Really Mmyoko C.M.Pye Molly360 SuperPogimon I will always hold a special place in my heart for the original team. They took a brave leap into unknow n territory in our first year of SIFF and helped build the foundation that has grow n into what we now have today.

Patrons of SIFF Since season 1 “SIFF has always been a home for us. It’s where we’ve all started and made our names Well, it’s where Vincent made his because he has more fans than I do,. but I’m totally cool with that because I love him. So here we are on the Red Carpet to welcome the upcoming grand festival. As a director it is really a great honour to be part of it, and now we are just excited to be celebrating the 10 th season! It’s truly something to look forward to for someone like me who’s been around ever since the first season. I remember the joy of being able to produce my first film in this event, and there was much more than getting recognition. Seeing other people’s works and getting to meet such good friends are all part of the good experiences I’ve had in SIFF. . We have so many fun memories and we hope to continue to make more in the future. I’m pretty sure the 10 th season will be a blast, and again we are excited for it. As my Cool Vampire Rocker-Action Star keeps saying, “it will be FABULOUS season!” Ausagi

I’m not even sure I expected that there would be more than one round of SIFF, but here we were having our second season and setting up the fall cycle for what would become this ongoing, twice a year showcase. In this second cycle we saw our first SIFF souvenirs - custom content for our games, and our first issues of Rising Stars, our celebrity magazines that come out during SIFF. Best Feature Film - Irreversible by Bzanna 1st place film - Eminence Rising by Sylent Whysper 2nd place film Need you Now by Vampsessed 3rd place film Dissonance by SSMusicProductions Bzanna, Eggzie, Bahariawans Studio (Fadhil) Best Overall Film - Welcome Home by JinjaNinja Best New Director - Vampsessed for Need You Now unfortunately Vampsessed no longer has a YouTube page

ChristieL arrived on the SIFF scene for the first time in season 2 and blew us away with her machinima magic. Over the years she went on to become a valued staff member and regular contributor and supporter. She remains active behind the scenes and continues to make incredible machinima with her ow n trademark style. Be sure to watch her first SIFF entry, Geisha HERE Thank you for many years of support.


Thank you to the season 2 staff‌ Mmyoko, SSProductions, SuperPogimon, Midnight, IdaNoReally, SylentWhysper, Jmelo

Every SIFF is different with new and returning talents always bringing unique elements to the festival. Each season is an inspiration as I watch the films, follow the bands, read up on the Buzz, laugh at the paparazzi antics, show off on the Red Carpet, and support the most creative community I have ever know n. Happy tenth season anniversary. I hope to see ten more!!! Sylent Whysper

Sylent Whysper has possibly been the most prolific of all SIFF contributors over the years, with an uncountable number of machinima submissions, promo videos, posters, and even a season of Rising Stars publications. Even after leaving the staff officially, Sylent was there lending her talents and helping out. I wanted to take this time to say a special thank you to Sylent for everything she has done over the years, and for her never ending support.


See her Machinima HERE

In the early years Pogimon was our staff photographer. This walk of fame spread is one of my favourite memories. Pogimon invited SimGuru Hydra and Poptart the party this season. I would like to ex tend my thanks to The Sims 3 team for their ongoing support of SIFF over the years.

Everyone who remembers Norbert knows how crazy he was, always keeping us laughing and always the life of the party. Actually, he was ALWAYS throwing a party, like this one. No staff was safe from Norbert’s nuttiness. He kept us on our toes to be sure. Thanks Norbert, for all of the laughs and the ongoing support over the years.


“SIFF is probably the baseline of my career in marketing and project w riting. It's community based, ambitious and ex tremely creative; just like the events I organize in my city. So SIFF is not yet another Sims experience, if you're doing it right, if you're passionate about it, it could be a professional experience.” Norbert Szucs

Season 3 and still going strong. We made a few more tweaks this time around, as we have every season since. As we grow and learn we keep trying to make necessary adjustments to the system to make sure that things are fair and fun for everyone. This year we opened up a separate Music Video category. Magic and Dark Hearts by LilMSims We’ll Meet Again by SimRomanov Lost by MissGordana (no longer available to view) Jeannie by Cupcake Just a Dream by xXAngelicEvilXx What Hurts the Most by FriendlieLlama JinjaNinja - JN Productions Berry Pie of Berry Sweet Sims

Best Overall Film Hegira by AAshleySEG Best New Director - LilMSims

Thank you to the season 3 staff and interns … SSProductions, SuperPogimon, Midnight CMPye, Mmyoko, SylentWhysper, Bzanna, IdaNoReally

This was Jorgha’s first season at SIFF. Later she returned to enter the winning band - Toxic Dream - in our first SIFF band search. From there, she and New t (the band’s thermin player) took on the role of Battle of the Bands Hosts (eventually recruiting Peacemaker and his Sim personality, Grace DeLuca) and well, as they say, the rest is history. Jorgha brings a balance of stern professional standards along with some of the most incredibly creative ideas I have ever seen in The Sims. She is always an inspiration to me and keeps me in line. Than you Jorgha for all of your time and everything you do.


Season 4 brought many new machinima makers who are still with us today. Things really started to come together this season and at this point I think we knew we had a good thing going. Best Feature Film - Nero’s Transformation by Anches All I Need by Titus Linde Tea:Instant by Strange Victoria Leave the Past Behind by LitleTiger96 Someone Like You by Thea Pure Imagination by Hikari Creations Back to December by Stars to Shame Moment by Nittens Nero’s Transformation by Anches My Secret Friend by Veritas

Best Overall Film - Generations by Charismatic789 Best New Director - Hikari Creations

created by AAshleySEG

Before my time, the first reporter we saw on the SIFF Red Carpet was the one and only Pippa Razzi. She was a true paparazzi queen and one of my all time heroes and the one who inspired my career. Thankfully she left behind a vacancy which meant that I was able to fill the position, but still, it would have been a honour to work by her side.

Tabby Lloyd Long standing friends of SIFF This season brought many machinima makers to the mix who are still with us today, showing their support and participating in SIFF. I would like to ex tend a very special thank you to NITTENS for his support of SIFF and the machinima community with his how to make machinima tutorials that have helped so many of us become SIFF worthy machinima makers. Other long standing patrons of SIFF who we first saw this season include Veritas, Titus Linde, CatKetty, MJSimKat, Anches, Nanami as Animevidnnt, Demeter and Gus as FA Productions Thank you all for your longstanding support and contributions.

Thank you to the season 4 staff and interns Sylent Whysper, Aashleyseg, Bzanna, IdaNoReally Nebunedzar, SuperPogimon, Midnight, SSProductions And Kazee

Machinima and More (and yes, HE is actually a SHE :)

Behind the sly and loveable playboy that we know as Titus, is a wonderfully creative woman and one of SIFF’s biggest fans. There is much more to her than this hunk of gorgeousness though. Titus is a master machinima maker in both Sims 2 and 3, as well as a great story teller, photographer and dancer. Titus has performed now for 3 SIFF seasons, each with a unique theme. We hope this tradition won’t end soon. Thank you Titus. .


Machinima Master and Friend of SIFF

Bring your creations to life and let them tell a story, full of fascination, passion and romance. That’s my inspiration for the Sims International Film Festival. Congratulations on the 10 th SIFF season!

The lovely Anches, director of the long-standing Don Lotorio Sims series, came onto the scene in the 4th season and has been around every season since. Her machinimas are know n to garner 10, 000 plus views! Aside from Machinima Anches never misses a Red Carpet party and has been a honoured supporter season after season. She is definitely one of the who’s who of the Red Carpet, so we will definitely be keeping an eye out for her. Thank you Anches for many seasons of machinima magic.

Tabby Lloyd

Graphic Designs and Machinima

Gus joined us in the 4th season for the first time and over time became one of our most valued staff. He has taken over where SuperPogimon left off and has revamped and created new logos and branding. He even made the spiffy new SIFF Buzz logo that I will be using this season. He has given many hours of his time revamping the website layout too, and many other things that would not get done if Minraed were left with it all. Thank you Gus - you rock!

Tabby Lloyd

With Season 5 we introduced two new personalities, The Exposer and Felicity Eclair. - carrying on a new tradition. This season we introduced Machinima Masters to replace Featured Machinima.

Best Machinima Master Film - Tie NEON by FA Productions (aka Gus Rockman) Should I Forgive - Winndy 1st place film - The Final Act by ChristieL of HDS Productions 2nd place film - Black Love by KDK21 Productions (aka CatKetty) 3rd place film - Alone in the Dark by SimRomanov Best short film - tie Conan O-Simian by Kazee Unicorn Sanctuary by CreatEveWorks The Art of Dreaming by Milo Bean Who’s That Chick by Paco1200 Iv y Lies - Highway by The Dark Panda Best Overall Film - The Final Act by Christie L Best New Director - Milo Bean

Thank you to the season 5 staff and interns SSProductions, Bzanna, Kazee, JN, Aashleyseg, SylentWhysper

Brought to us by Jack Cannon One day the Exposer myseriously arrived and then just as mysteriously dissapeared again. Well, he brought us some laughs while it lasted, and in his wake other paparazzi were inspired. Soon after his arrival we saw the first of Felicity Eclair, fashionista and diva, who took the Red Carpet by storm, gracing us with her glamourous insights into the who’s who of the SIFF Red Carpet.

“SIFF is more than just a film festival, it is a creative outlet that allows you to grow, improve and share your hard work with others who are just as passionate about machinima making as you are. My favorite part is connecting with people each season, those both new to machinima and those who are seasoned, feeling supported and revelling in the strong sense of family it creates.”

“Participating in SIFF has been and continues to be such a blast. I love being apart and observing all the creativity that SIFF has to offer.” ‘

These two famous sisters arrived in season 5 Broken Dreams & Paper Wings, and OMG What the Hey Hey. You know them now as Apocalyptic Dog and OMG That Girl is Psycho. Sisters yes, but these two couldn’t be more different when it comes to their machinima style. These two have been long-standing supporters and contributors so I wanted to add my thanks for all of the love. If you want to see their earliest machinima’s then click here because these are not on their current channels. Taint by Tali Beauty in the Reconing by Dice :Plight of Man’s Best Friend by Dice


In Season 6 we had many firsts - We saw our first Sims 2 machinima submission this season and we took the time to recognize the talented voice actors for the first time. We had some changes to staff and took some new directions. It was a truly exciting season. 1st place Masters - The Pavillion by Anches 2nd place Masters - First by Titus 3rd place Masters - Daughter of the Sea by Lyramia Movies 1st - Cirque by Cloudwalker 2nd - Martyr for Love by SimTVOfficial 3rd tie - Budge’s Adventure by ZoeyZuko 3rd tie - Cloudburst by SeeMyU Separate Ways by Jorgha Haq with Toxic Dream Forsaken by Ausaugi with Jack of All Trades Drumming Song by Paco1200 Mascaping with Duct Tape by Jorgha Haq Best Overall Film - Wild by Pumpkins at the Disco Best new Director - Cloudwalker for Cirque

Cloudwalker, Demeter, SSPRoductions, SylentWhysper, Nanami, MysteryJack, Gus Rockman

Thank you to the season 6 staff and interns

“SIFF has given me the opportunity to not only share, learn, and explore the wonderful art of machinima, but it has fostered a new and exciting career. “ Thank you SIFF and Happy 10 th Anniversary. Cloudwalker blew me away the first time she arrived on the scene with her machinima Cirque. Clearly she had a unique skill in film production on many levels, and was immediately cast into the Masters category for it. This season she also submitted the winning SIFF poster and jumped on board as a Simatography forums moderator, offering her help to many members. Cloud is always willing to provide advice, share her expertise and even create ex tras like poses, objects and animations to share. Aside from the help in our forums, Cloud contributed to the production of several issues of our magazines which was always greatly appreciated. Cloud sets a great example of our vision of SIFF and Simatography as a place where we can share and learn from one another. Thank you so much for everything CloudWalker. I hope we will be honoured with another of your machinima one day when your real life isn’t as busy.

Logan arrived for the first time in this, the 6th season of SIFF and continues to be a supporter today. Thank you Logan for your ongoing support and participation. "My SIFF experience was fantastic. I had found this new community all while beginning to learn the ropes of Machinima. The community was great, especially the administrators and moderators. Everyone is so positive and the community has a lot of creativity, and the community is what caused me to want to be in it back in 2012." LoganWorm

Zoey flew onto the SIFF scene with Budge’s Adventure - a heartwarming tale starring voiced animal actors that came after the Pets EP. We had never seen anything like this before so it really caught our attention. Since that Season Zoey has appeared as Titus Linde’s dancing partner for the special SIFF performances, and has proven to be one of our greatest fans and supporters. WE do hope to see her back in the machinima spotlight again someday. Thank you Zoey.

Minraed “Ten seasons of amazing creations have happened here and WOW'd me every time with the projects that were entered and shared with us all. I'm so honored to be a part of this event. I'm looking forward to enjoy more years to come with everything that will be created!

Zoey Zuko

Fall 2012 brought with it a new element to SIFF - For the first time there would be Bands added to the mix as a way for more non-machinima makers to show their creativity. The idea was inspired by the band NOISE created and role-played by Mirus Dark. Minraed was so draw n to the video of Somebody New that she thought adding bands would be a great new addition. Now Battle of the Bands is growing stronger each season and has clearly become one of the favourite and popular aspects of SIFF.

The Band Search, as we called it then, started off small with only 5 bands. Little did we know that it would take off with force over the following seasons.

One band that took the challenge by storm was One Erection, a well played out parody band that came complete with with fans, swag and one sexual innuendo after another.

“Goodbye Clean, Good, Wholesome, Family-friendly image of Simatography! Hellooo One Erection! ~ MysteryJack

Compiled by Jorgha Haq

Last but not least this brings us to the surprise winner Of the Battle of the Bands, Toxic Dream. Punk isn’t Everyone’s cup of tea but not only did they manage to Win, but Newt Davies would go on to become a Band Camp Councillor and host the event in the future.

We have come a long way since that first Battle of the Bands and each season I look forward to seeing the creativity that goes into creating a band and giving it life. That is what The Sims International Film Festival is about. Creativity. It’s not about who wins and who looses. It’s about having an outlet for your creativity and being able to share It with rest of the community. It doesn’t matter if you are a machinima maker or a picture taker. SIFF is and always has been about showcasing these endeavours in an unique way. I have met and got to know so many creative people through SIFF that I Probably wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. Some of these people have gone on to be good friends. It is because of these Things that I am proud to be a part of SIFF. ~ Jorgha Haq

Click HERE to go to YouTube for the tutorials

In the 6th season we finally realized that we should be showing our appreciation for the talents of the growing number of voice actors contributing to SIFF.. Recently Charley, a voice actor from some previous SIFF films, approached us to offer his expertise as a representative of the Voice Acting community. I have voiced in the award-winning Sims 3 Voice-Over movie, Life’s a Beach: THE MOVIE, where I played Conner. I am an active member of the Sims VA community, as well as the animation community and Halo community of YouTube. I try to keep a diverse mind to the different styles of machinimation. Very much so! I have been playing Sims for over ten years; I remember playing The Sims back when I was about eight years old, and I was hooked immediately. I own all three of The Sims series and plan on getting Sims 4 when it comes out! Sims was one of the reasons. Another reason was that I loved to look at the bonus features section of animated movies and I always thought the voice acting was a really cool process. One day after school, I watched an old favorite Sims 2 machinima of mine by Jaydee and I saw a casting call in the suggested videos. From there, I got Voice Recorder up on my laptop and made an audition! I’ve been hooked ever since!

I’m inspired by everyone I see make an audition and go for roles, and honestly, everyone in this community is talented, whether it is raw talent or potential. I also get a lot of encouragement from my fellow VAs in the community. That is what I admire about the voice actors of YouTube. I honestly wish I had a Samsung Meteor or a BlueYeti Snowball mic, but sadly I am a broke college kid. I use a Logitech Conference Microphone, which is basically a square hunk of plastic with a black pole that goes up and arches outward. It isn’t the best, but it’s all I have and I make it work! Just go for it! Don’t be afraid of judgment or messing up; nobody is perfect. If you have an interest in it, you need to dive straight into it and experience it! If you think you don’t have proper equipment that is perfectly fine. While directors prefer better quality, you have to start somewhere. Use a lower-production mic until you can save up for something upgraded. Everyone starts at different places!

In Season 7 we switched up the format a little and introduced Tabby Lloyd as our new resident tabloid reporter and Media Manager. This was the season that SIFF Buzz was introduced, and from here on became the official news source for SIFF fans. 1st place Masters - Nicolo by Anches 2nd place Masters - Time Machine by SSProductions 3rd place Masters - Psycho Thriller by Cloudwalker 1st - Luminescence by Nims 2nd - Enlight by SIMul8rReviews 3rd - Ice Cream by Housho FX 1st - Lovesong MEP with Veritas Tie 2nd - Born This Way by Eduardo Castelinne Tie 2nd - 4 Leaf Clover (Nanami) - Alone 3rd - Just Give Me a Reason by NeonFlick

The SIFF Buzz began in season 7. Inspired by past reporter characters, we fel t that we needed a permanent addition to the staff in this role. Thanks to MysteryJack (now know n as Jack Cannon) who created the sim for Minraed.

Tabby is the figurehead behind the BUZZ The BUZZ itself is a weekly, or sort of weekly, publication that is created during the SIFF season. You can follow along during SIFF so that you won’t miss anything important. Just follow us on ISSUU here

Thank you to the season 7 staff and interns Jorgha Haq, Gus Rockman, Cloudwalker, Titus Linde, ChristieL, Green Girly and SS Productions.

Titus Linde The beginning of a Tradition

The second season of the Battle of the Bands saw the number of bands double from five to ten. This season produced one of the most remarkable talents to come out of the Battle of the Bands to date. Eduardo Castelinne, was not only a very talented machinima maker, producing a number of high quality full length videos, but he reinforced the “international” part of the Sims International Film Festival. From Portugal, Eduardo didn’t speak English And used Google Translate to communicate with us. Performing as 2nd place, backup band was Aim High -Shoot Low, an band with talent and promise, though sadly we have not seen more of them since.

Honourable mentions go to Eternity by Demeter Moon, 4 Leaf Clover by Nanami and Breaking Blue by Lunxi Weis

These bands have become a mainstay in the SIFF lineup. These bands each bring something new to the table and we always look forward to seeing what they have to offer. There is a load of talent here, growing by the season. It is no surprise that the talent behind these bands are now also members of the Simatograhpy and SIFF staff.

Compiled by Jorgha Haq

Season 8 was a big year for us at SIFF. Many aspects of what we do began to take a more professional and polished turn. With Peacemaker’s tied-winning poster we became inspired to change our look using this graphic as our primary inspiration. It was this year that, with the help of Peacemaker, Gus and Georga, that we began a facelift of all of our social media pages and our website. It was a huge undertaking, but we think it looks better than ever now. Thank you to the season 7 staff and interns Jorgha Haq, Gus Rockman, Peacemaker Cloudwalker, Titus Linde, ChristieL, SmokyTopaz, Cloudwalker, Zoey and Titus

Other changes that we began in Season 8 have set the foundation for where we are heading nex t. We started to build a foundation for more accessible rules and expansion of the awards system to better acknowledge people’s talents. Someone Like Her by Cloudwalker 1st - Chroma by StephyDee 2nd Avalonia by MJSimKat 3rd - Sleeping Beauty by Vanity1992 3rd - Nightmares and Lullabies by OMG That Girl is Psycho Productions I Hope You Will Be Missing Me - MEP - with Veritas Just Go with B.A.D.A. Bing by Demeter Excessive Solution - CatKetty Grace DeLuca - Peacemaker Nemesis - TenderWolf

October Tale by Jorgha Haq

While there might have been a tie for second place, Excessive Solution, created by long-standing SIFF contributor and now staff, CatKetty, was the clear winner of Battle of the Bands this season.

Compiled by Jorgha Haq

The funny thing, at least behind the scenes, about season 8 was how these two performers tied in the polls. Peacemaker and Jorgha Haq’s SIFF official posters tied this season, then proceeded to follow that up with tying for second place in Battle of the Bands. Stranger still is that these two acts couldn’t be any more different from each other had they tried. This proves that the acts are as varied as the fans and you don’t have to present a specific type of band or style to place in the winning lineup. Also of note are some long-standing participants of SIFF who also showcased their bands, Demeter, TenderWolf, Lunxi Weis and Sylent Whysper. Thank you for your ever present contributions.

Graphic Designs, Awards and SIFF exclusive CC

Thanks to Peacemaker and his poster that tied for the win this season, we started a new era with a new logo and branding based on this design. Peacemaker has been a huge contributor behind the scenes, especially noted for a variety of custom content, but also for the variety of CC awards that we present to award winners as souvenirs for your game. His talents are varied, and include behind the scenes input into policy and some of the major (and sometimes difficul t) decisions that we have to make as a team, as well as revamping all of our social media sites. Thank you Peacemaker for you generous donation of time and effort. Minraed

We had dabbled in special recognition awards for a few seasons, but this was the first season that we really debated as a team and came up with some guidelines. While not yet perfected, we are working towards a fair and well organized structure in order to better recognize the varied talents in this community. We fel t that many films that were not winning in the polls did in fact have many redeeming and praise-worthy qualities that just needed to be recognized. This is the goal of these Special Recognition Awards. The awards recognize such elements as special effects, voice and sound editing, story-telling, costume and set design and cinematography. Each season brings new talent to the table so we are always revisiting our criteria for these awards.

As soon as Season 9 hit us we were already zooming ahead into Season 10 celebration mode. This season was so exciting for us.

1st - Surprises by Anches 2nd - Decomposing Emily by Apocalyptic Dog Films 3rd - The Otherworld by DNL Films 1st - Life’s a Beach by TwistTV 2nd - THE MERMAN by WhiteBlueCherry 3rd - Lost in a Dream by Lyramia Films

1st - Say Something by RomerJon 2nd - Everything Has Changed by RomerJon 3rd - Everybody Wants to Rule the World by JN 1st - Hollow Tower by Elonian Cass 2nd - Creepypasta Lesson #1 by Tenravalg 3rd - Find the Way by Ts3M4ker

Sims 2 Machinima has not historically been a part of SIFF for several reasons, but primarily it was that we started as a Sims 3 fansite and were not really aware of the Sims 2 community, To our surprise the Sims 2 machinima makers are still going strong. While we have been open to Sims 2 for a couple of seasons, it as recently that we were approached by Meridian of Gray Lee Studios with some much needed feedback. We would now like to shout it from the rooftops that we are not only open to Sims 2 machinima, but we have made a nice little nest on our website forums for Sims 2 machinima makers too so please drop by and feel free to contribute since we have very little Sims 2 content there currently. Minraed

Hollow Tower - The Elonian Cass - Sims 2 Machinima Master

GrayLeeStudios and Sims 2 Machinima Maker

Spring 2014 brought with it some of the most unusual bands ever to participate in Battle of the Bands. There were vampires, mimes and an incredible amount of Kpop. Enter Nightcrawlers, a band of four vampires who ended up taking the Battle of the Bands by storm. They won by a landslide thanks in part to their lives playing out across twitter in what can be called a social media soap opera, gathering a devoted following along the way.

Dollychix brought another unique type of performance to the stage burlesque dancer, model and costume designer inspired by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, who took a break to explore a music career. The SIFF Battle of the Bands was her first stop where she took a very close second place.

Compiled by Jorgha Haq

Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do. No one quite knew what to make of Cacophony, Prior to the Battle of the Bands their biggest claim to fame was Frantic the Spider, The only mime to ever get stuck in an invisible box. Then there was The fact that they didn’t really play music, they mimed it. Performance art at it’s best, or or worst, depending on what side of the fence you were on. We love how each season brings out something new, new faces and names and new friends. We also love to see people coming back year after year and enjoying SIFF again and again. Thank you for your ongoing patronage. It means a lot to us that people enjoy SIFF enough to keep on returning. We hope to see more of our past contestans rejoining and building their fan base over time. Tanisha Talley

Jack of All Trades


4 Leaf Clover

By CatKetty

By Ausagi

By Demeter

By Nanami

And here is just a small sampling of the incredible graphic arts talent that our film makers also showcase during SIFF


Archives click HERE

Season Two - Midnight

Season One - Berry PIe

There is no possible way to showcase all of the incredible talent of our SIFF photographers over the years. All I could do is select a random photo from each season to give an example of the many years of great SIFF celebrities. We hope to see the biggest and best RED CARPET this season for our 10 th celebration so get yourself cleaned up everyone, we have parties to attend!

Season Four - Eziopeep

Season Three KittyCatty Tea Legacy

Season Five MysteryJack

Season Six Lyramia Movies

Season Seven Ronson14

Season Eight SmokyTopaz

Season Nine - The Elonian Cass- Sims 2 on the Red Carpet for the 1st time

And last but not least, a few of the photographers that went above and beyond over the years as official photographers of SIFF or as photo journalists telling stories with their photos. MysteryJack and Felicity Eclair - Red Carpet Fiasco

Umi and the famous Mr. Gnome in a weeklong Red Carpet Ordeal

Byrony Rae Red Carpet Celebrity Reporter

Jmelo Official staff Red Carpet Photographer

WickedKnight Official photographer for TSS

CMPye Photo story teller, several seasons of SIFF

Anches Reports from the Red Carpet for several seasons of SIFF

Sylent Whysper - official Staff photographer and major contributor

Another way to allow people of all talents to get involved at SIFF is to have an open challenge for builders. Over the seasons we have accumulated a number of venues available for dow nload that you can use to host your VIP Red Carpet Events. While we don’t always actively announce this challenge, we always welcome Venues as part of the SIFF festivities.

Click on the photo for more information and for dow nload links

Click on the photo for more information and for dow nload links

Click on the photo for more information and for dow nload links One venue is missing photos, but still available on the exchange Gerard Butler Arts Center by CMPye

Machinima masters Will take a slightly more structured form from the 10 th season on with a goal of fairness, set standards and criteria. The process of selecting masters has changed a few times over the years, and what we now have is a list of Masters who have been named as such and will carry the title for all future seasons. Here is our list of current masters as we head into our big 10 th season. Charismatic789

OMG that girl is psycho


1992 Vanity





Pumpkins at the Disco

Lyramia Movies



Gus Rockman - Brainstrip

The Elonian Cass

Titus Linde

White Blue Cherry

HDS Creations

Twist TV

Apocalyptic Dog Films


DNL Films

Sylent Whysper

SS Music Productions




Fadhil - Bahariawans


Berry Pie

We ex tend a special thank you to All About Sims represented by King Leo and Moni B, for helping to make SIFF more accessible to the German machinima community, and also to Titus Linde for being our German language liason.

Mark has an exciting new project well underway that is sure to benefit machinima makers in a variety of new and exciting ways. Be sure to check out Sims World TV to see how you can have your creative project showcased. SIFF supports Sims World TV and will hopefully find fun new ways to help promote the art of machinima together.

Thank you to ‌ Ballantyne for the many times she stepped up as moderator to assist in the forums

Smoky has been around in the SIFF circle for a number of seasons, sometimes helping behind the scenes as well. We don’t see as much of her anymore, but her ongoing support and friendship will always be remembered. Thank you Smoky

Alex was one of the original members and one who contributed a significan t amount of time and expertise. We miss him now that he is gone, but he will always be remembered for everything he has done.

Thank you to our supporters on Twitter @TheSims4Info @KentarosCinema @Nittens @NephetsYUI @TheSimsCommunity @TheSims @Larnalynnpro @DNLFilms @TS3M4ker and more

This was a huge undertaking to put together. I had no idea what I was getting in to. My biggest fear now that it is complete is that I have missed someone. Actually, I know I have because I didn’t name every single person who ever contributed to SIFF, all of whom deserve a thank you. Please do not feel left out if you were not mentioned in these pages. Know that all of you are special to me and to SIFF and I hope that you will all continue to enjoy the celebration of creativity that we have laid out here at SIFF. We look forward to many many more years!

Season 10 is about to begin. We had an insanely huge collection of incredible posters to choose from so I know it was difficul t for all of us to vote, but here we have the fan poll resul ts and the 10 th season poster winner with a tie for 2nd place. All of the season’s posters will soon be available as dow nloadable game content. Thank you to everyone for your talented contributions and welcome everyone to

2nd place By Gus Rockman

2nd place By Peacemaker

On the back cover - flip the page

SIFF commemorative 10th thank you  
SIFF commemorative 10th thank you  

As we approach our 10th season Minraed and everyone behind the success of SIFF would like to share this Thank You issue.