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A Word from our Editor Yup, it is time for all of the fans to start that difficul t choice of deciding on which band deserves to headline at our SIFF concert. You may have noticed that we switched things up a bit this season. Each band is now tasked with completing the full series of assignments, this way we can judge each band on even ground. Of course, there is nothing to say that a band can’t go above and beyond, and some really did. So this week, while the filmmakers are hard at work in their studios putting on final touches, we encourage you to be entertained by our performers and help us decide who will be crow ned the winner this season. (a figment of Minraed’s imagination)

We are looking for fans of SIFF to share a few words about your SIFF experience. Email us at and provide a full body photo of your sim on a white background and a few words that you would like to share. We would love to hear from you.

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Last issue we didn’t have our usual Voice Actor feature, so this issue we have a few ex tras. If you haven’t noticed already, the list of voice actors is growing. As expected, we have many more females on the list than male. Maybe we will get a few more males to join in before the submissions close, which brings us to that question


What is the deadline for voice actors to submit to SIFF and how do I enter? Voice actors can enter up until March 15th, when the films begin to be released. Any last minute changes, films that drop out or new roles that you end up voicing will be updated before the viewer’s choice polls are opened. To join, just email In the subject line w rite your name and SIFF (male/female) VA In the body of the email tell us up to three roles that you will be voicing in films that are entering SIFF this season. Don’t forget to send us a link to your voice reel, blog or YouTube page so people can learn more about you.

Happy Nisa Find her on YouTube click HERE This is a name we know well at SIFF - her voice shows up in many of our SIFF films over the past years. So let’s get to know her better.

I used to comment a lot on other people's series/videos, before I even started to make movies on my own or voice-act in them. Back in the day MzRazberri opened up auditions for her Venin Abyss series. It had me very interested, but I didn't have the guts at the time to try it out because of my lack of experience. I had pretty good contact with MzRazberri through her videos and my extensive commenting on them, but aside from the comments on her work we rarely spoke. This was completely different from Shiva88Fra, another machinima maker back in the day, with whom I did talk to a lot aside from the videos. When she mentioned wanting to start a series with voices, she asked me directly to try out. (We had conversations on skype before that) I was still a bit reluctant to try, but as I knew her very well I figured it was the best option and that if she didn’t like it she'd be gentle and I'd give up without making a huge blunder. She loved my work and actually gave me the courage to audition for someone else (Lyramiamovies, whose videos I had also commented on). After her commentary on my acting was positive too, i started to do more auditions even for complete strangers. And yeah even after 5 years I'm still enjoying myself today.

I play multiple characters this SIFF. I play Queen Rinna in Curse of Royal Blood by ameangelofsin. I play this character in two different ages, which is totally fun to do because of the challenge it provides. They have to sound similar but the one has to be more mature than the other. Talking about challenges, in the first episode this character will be in labor. Obviously that needed some research and quite some effort. I actually even got a bit dizzy in the head because of that!

Then I play Lady Katsumi in Amore Agone by MoonlightxStars who has a special way of talking. A bit dreamy, soft, gentle and light but who can be strict and snarling at the very same time. I like talking like that as it provides extra challenge to still give the character emotion and a lively sort of feel. Then last I play Ashley in From Dark to Light by khcrazygirls who is a maid. I haven't had much to record for her yet, but here is the challenge again to give her a personality in just a few words, while she needs to stay completly proper infront of her employer. I have been cast into more projects this SIFF, but I haven't actually recorded anything specific for those roles, so there is little to tell about them

. Advice? There is tons of advice to give to (new) voice-actors in all kinds of aspects. I guess I'll give one that's general about being a character.

Watch a lot of voice-over (sims) shows then think about what you like or dislike about certain performances, how they sound, how they behave, how the VA portrays their personality. Try to mimic that in your own way as it wont ever be exactly the same. (you should be at peace with that) Like for example, when I read that someone has a lower, more serious or melancholic/mature voice I think of the performances of Midnightgirl95 as I think she totally nails those kind of characters. The same for any other personality or voicetype I always have an "image" in mind for types of characters. (obviously not every character is the same though so every character varies here and there) You can also learn from non-(voice)actors. You can even look closer to yourself. How would you describe your natural self? Do you have an hyperactive little sister? Great! Try to copy! Do you have a very loner older brother? How does he portray his emotions? How does your mom or teacher sound? Etc. Keep in mind that even the smallest sigh, grunt or pause give dimension to a character. Don't be afraid to try things out and keep practicing! (It wasn’t until last year that I could do actual horror screams!)

My reasons for starting to voice act is a lot different then others. I didn't start doing weird voices, or impersonations like so many others (this seems to be the MAIN reason people think they can get into voice acting). I started voice acting for 2 reasons. The first is because my school didn't have Check out her a theatre program, and I couldn't find any in my area. My family also never been to keen on the impressive resume fact that most theatres (for children) want the HERE parents to be heavily involved, and that just isn't my parents. I knew it would be difficult for me to do anything that involved relying on them (even if just for a ride). So when I started looking stuff up I came across all the websites for voice acting and decided it would be a better option. I could do it on my own time, and I didn't have to rely on my family. The second reason is as a stress relief, the main reason why I wanted to get involved in theatre. I always been very animated, however for the past few years I have had a lot of depression issues. I didn't like school, and I was/am still very disappointed in where I am in life. However when I voice act I can be someone else, enjoy their life and put all the emotions that I have into it. It's away to escape reality. I also must admit that I love very emotion and screaming roles, because they help me the most when I have had a bad day or week.


I play several characters in SIFF, but the three I had chosen are Camina in Remembering Innocence, Princess Lavender in Curse of Royal Blood and Elle from Amor Agone. Camina in Remembering Innocence. Camina is a very broken character, who has given up on all happiness and keeps doing things that she knows are bad for her. I find myself yelling at this character for the wrongful choices she decides to take despite having better options slap her in the face. Camina is a character soli made to guide people who are watching the series in seeing that there is darkness in life, but trying to explain how much is truly made by you and your actions.

Princess Lavender from Curse of Royal Blood has a rather deep personality. She was raised in shelter from her over protective mother and father due to her weak heart. She grow up wanting nothing more then to be useful to those around her and see the world outside the castle walls. As she grows older she becomes more cold and self-centered, however she still cares a lot about her people and their well being. Since a child she had an arrange married with Prince Balint or Vencrulis who appears to only be after her kingdom. She has no true love for the prince and actually has a secret relationship with a guard within the castle walls. This causes even more tension between her and her father. Elle from Amor Agone is a rather interesting character. What I enjoy about her is the fact that she is a higher voiced role (which I oddly haven't had a lot recently). She is very innocent and child like, and it's fun to go back into that naive mind set, and it sets up for some great character development as the character slowly learns the hardships that are really in the world. I don't know too much about Elle, other then the fact that she is one of the main characters in Amor Agone, a young sister who was specially gifted by Lady Katsumi and because of this the prince Perseus wants her to himself. However Elle just wishes to continue her life with her older sister Lucy. I have a lot of advice I could give people who want to become a voice actor/actress, but I think I will keep this simple. Make your own style, impressions will only get you so far. Focus on your emotion and character development. Don't worry to much about “voices” After all they mean nothing if you don't have the emotion behind them. Once you have a good emotion trying new voices will be a lot easier. Also audition for anything and everyone. Don't just audition for the character you feel you fit the best, because you never know. When I audition I try to audition for every character from 0-90 years old. Some of my voices and tries fail hard, but think of it all as practice. Other then that just be approachable, no one wants to work with someone who seems to far out of their league or makes it obvious that they don't want to work with curtain “levels” of work. You may find this hard to believe, but it happens a lot, if you are a person seems kind of shallow no matter how good you are people may not want to work with you. After all first impressions are everything. Also being reliable. Directors are more likely to pick someone who seem to be very reliable in turning in their lines. This fact alone as gotten me several roles and it is pretty common for me to be asked to take over roles or do lines quickly because a director finds themselves in a hard stop.

MoonlightXStars Listen to her voice auditions on YouTube HERE

I got started as a voice actress about 1 year ago. I was really interested into bringing a character to life, and I felt that voice acting was a great outlet to help me forget about the world outside my bedroom door. Also, it helped me unwind from a stressful day at school because I could be a different person. All in all, it's been a great hobby, and I wouldn't mind if I decided to be a voice actress professionally because it seriously is the most rewarding things I have ever done. I also get to meet a lot of other voice actors/actresses and it seriously is a blast! The people I have met over the year of my voice acting are some of my best friends, and it really is great meeting new people interested into starting!

One of the characters I play in this year at SIFF is Hayleen. She is probably one of my favorites to voice act for because her personality is a lot like mine. She's really sassy and also very bubbly which is probably why I love her so much. She's just a really enjoyable character to voice act for. You never know what Hayleen is going to say next!

My advice for other voice actors/actresses is to never give up! I'm pretty sure a lot of people have said this already, but there are plenty of reasons why it has been. We all start from somewhere, and not all of us are going to be able to get the main or even a character our first try. There will be a lot of disappointment along the way as a voice actor/actress, but if you keep your head up and keep trying, you never know what you're going to accomplish! It really is a great rule to live by. Keep on being persistent, and keep going! I'm rooting for all of you!

Don’t miss next week when we meet Sims Berrry, Sushi Cat and Britt Means.

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Time has been flying by. We thought that the films would never come, and now it is almost time. The films will begin showing next weekend! The office here at SIFF is all abuzz with anticipation. In this issue we meet a couple more of our film makers. If your favourite film or filmmaker hasn’t been featured yet, don’t worry because anyone missed during SIFF will be featured in our magazines after SIFF if they have decided to participate in the interviews. This is one of the highlights of our festival, as we get a chance to get to know the hard working, creative masterminds behind the films that we all enjoy! If you haven’t already caught the message, film trailers and posters are awaiting your votes so be sure to drop by our website and show your support by voting today.

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Playbill Update 57 Machinima Submissions + 20 Voice Actors 10 Masters, 22 films, 12music videos, 19 series, 3 MEP, 2 Miscellaneous

15 countries New Zealand, Netherlands/Holland, Spain, U.S.A., Australia, Canada, England/U.K., Germany, Zambia, Malaysia, Burma, France, Portugal and Indonesia, Ireland Wow! Submissions are now CLOSED - fims begin March 15-20th

Important Notice to Viewers and Voters There was an error in last week’s issue about voting polls. We apologize for any confusion. Viewer’s Choice polls for films will open on the 21st, after the deadline for films to be shared. We will leave the polls open for 3 weeks to give you time to watch and vote. Please vote fairly and enjoy as many machinimas as possible before voting


This season, and going forward, all bands wi finalist fan

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Click HERE to go to the forum thre Get to know

ill need to complete the full set of assignments in order to qualify for the n voting. Here are this season’s finalists.

e directory - including links to each band’s gallery

ead - you will find social media, websites and more for each band. the bands now, voting will begin March 8th.

Kenzie is rockin’ it out this week as we take a look at some of Fangirl’s fave Battle of the Bands finalists.

It’s getting closer to the big day, and the competition keeps getting more and more intense! The polls for film posters and trailers are now open, so get your booty over to Simatography and vote! You must vote for five posters and three trailers. ;) In the meantime, allow me to go crazy on some more of our entries!

Zoey Zuko is back once again, and I’m always eager to see her creations! And that goes for her styles as well as her videos! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s always sporting some studly man candy on her arm. Mmmm! This season, she’s bringing us Budge’s Yellow Brick Road, which speaks to me instantly since I’m from Kansas, and, hello, The Wizard of Oz! The trailer is adorable! Seeing the adventures of an animal is a unique take on this contest, and considering I’m an animal lover, I’m even giddier! I just want to pick Budge up and take him home with me!

The Circuit is a Sims 2 film by Symphonicx, and what makes it more intriguing is that it’s inspired by the creator’s true story (with a spin off, of course)! Sounds just like my thing! When someone throws a personal twist into something they’re creating, especially for a contest, it makes it even more powerful to me. I’m so excited to see this movie!

Nav yCISFan is also back, and this is her fourth season in a row with SIFF! Two straight years of participating! My hat’s off to her! It’s always exciting to meet fellow fans who enjoy the festival so much! Eee! This season, she’s submitting a Sims 3 series AND a band! It’s great to see her back! And her series, The Evil Inside Of Me, is an updated version of her very first series, which was recorded in German, and now in English. So we’ll get to see how this legend all began! Plus, it’s a detective murdermystery, just my kind of story! Epic!

And wow, the trailer for Curse of Royal Blood is amazing! All those effects, and the opening song is literally w ritten and performed by the creator, AmeAngelofSin! So catchy and fitting! Just wow! I’m always blow n away by everyone’s talents at SIFF, and now even more than filmmaking is being added to the mix for some creators. Incredible!

Have I mentioned that I like anime? No? Well, I like anime! Which is why I’m stoked to see Fadhil Yudhawanto’s second SIFF film this season, Shinohana, make its debut! And it’s in The Sims 4, which is perfect for his style! The plot sounds intriguing as well, focusing on the Grim Reaper and a changed destiny. Ooo!!!

Things are really heating up as we get closer to the March 15 premieres! More parties, more fashion, more entertainment! I am so there! See you on the Red Carpet! I must start planning my outfit! What are you fangirling over this SIFF? Let us know at and we will get our Fangirl Kenzie to see what she can dig up.


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It’s Red Carpet Time! Everyone is welcome on the Red Carpet. We will have more for you next issue and a whole gallery in our final BIG Buzz so get your starts dressed up and bring them to the Red Carpet! The Red Carpet VIP Gala Is open until March 20 th Visit us at for all of the details

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The male cast of Foresaken Souls are making a bold fashion statement this season.

Red Carpet Photo Prompt Paparazzi - Behind the Scenes Scandals and embarassing moments - our paparazzi will catch it all for you, behind the scenes at those Red Carpet Galas.

Ladies from the band Punch help out lead singer Beth when she got a little too tipsy while celebrating at a SIFF party

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