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Issue 3 was inside of our last Simatography Magazine.

Bree Page is our newest correspondent on the team. Bree is a voice actress with connections in the voice acting community so she is here to help us better connect our film makers to the talented voice actors out there. Be sure to follow Voice Reels in the SIFF Buzz and in our monthly magazines for features, tips and other such goodies.

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A Word from our Editor The Red Carpet parties have stared and I haven’t been to a single one yet. I’m stuck here redecorating my office while the rest of the staff are out there having all the fun. Where is the fairness in this? Well, there is still plenty of time to get in on the party action, and there are more events than there are days so maybe I’ll just hold out for the best ones. In the meantime, we have a sneak peek at some of the celebrity action so far inside this issue. We are coming close to the deadline for film submissions, with a crazy full playbill already coming together, and surely there will be some last minute surprises to add on by nex t weekend so stay tuned.

(a figment of Minraed’s imagination)

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Important dates Deadline for film submissions - March 1st Film Release Dates - March 15 - 20th Viewer’s Choice polls for Film Trailers and Posters March1st - 15th

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Viewer’s Choice polls for Machinima Categories will starting March 28th to allow time for viewers to watch before voting. Viewer’s Choice polls for Battle of the Bands March 8th - 15th

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It is the first season that we have opened up submissions for voice actors so that they too can participate and be recognized for the contributions that they make to the success of SIFF films. Bree has been talking to each of them, so today we meet a few more of these talented voice actors.

Gimbitmen Connor in A Different Side of Me What got you started in voice acting? How did I get started? Well, I just auditioned for a series called MMV and I got the role. I was so happy, but the series never had its first episode, so I just kept auditioning and never stopped. The first series I was in was Disconnected. My microphone was not the greatest, but I was still in and that gave me hope. So yeah that’s the story.

Who is the character you play in this season’s SIFF and what do you enjoy about this character? In the series A Different Side of Me, I voice the character Connor. His personality is quirky and friendly and he is a bit of flirt. Because he is a flirt he ended up breaking off a relationship with his old friend. All though in season 2 Connor's personality is going to be a bit different compared to season 1 I'm super pumped for it. Do you have any advice for voice actors/actresses? Don’t care what other people think. Remember, your voice is louder than words.

Arshia Ryan in Something Happens If you visit Arshia’s YouTube page - click the logo below to get there - you will see that he is a master of voices and impressions, with a wide variety of character styles. If you are a fan of the machinima series Life’s a Beach, you may recognize his voice as that of the character Jake. He’ll be back at SIFF again this season. How did you start getting into voice acting. I got started voice acting because I always could make funny voices and I took some acting classes and started making YouTube videos and eventually people asked me to be in their projects. A voice actor that has always inspired me has been Jess Harnell, the voice of Roger Rabbit in the Movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and Wakko Warner in Animaniacs. He just has such range and Such good acting ability that it is always fun listening to his performances, and he's part of my one of my favorite bands rock Sugar. A particular video I watched was a Video called "Top 10 Voice Actors" and I vowed to one day be on a list like that. Who is the character you play in this season’s SIFF and what do you enjoy about this character? I am going to be playing Ryan in Something Happens by Tayzar for the Spring 2015 SIFF Do you have any advice for voice actors/actresses? Take acting classes. Just because you have a good voice doesn’t mean that you are a voice actor. Also, get a decent mic.

We are in the process of building a better connection between voice actors and Sims machinima makers. Throughout our websties and social media you can find more ways to connect - see the list of links below. If you are a voice actor for Sims Machinima and you want your name to be on our directory or if you have ideas on other things that we could be doing, then email us at

Voice Actor Demo Reels Playlist - click HERE

Casting calls playlist - click hERE Share your casting calls and voice reels with us and we will add you to the list

Forums - Voice Actor directory HERE Drop by our forums and add yourself to the directory.

SIFF STUFF is now available for download Click HERE to find it all in our forums. Red Carpet backdrop walls, T-shirts and posters - Sims 3 and 4 with some Sims 2 now available too


Mercedes Vaughan and Newt Davies

Playbill Update 57 Machinima Submissions + 10 Voice Actors 9 Masters, 18 films, 10 music videos, 16 series, 3 MEP, 1 Miscellaneous 14 countries New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain, U.S.A., Australia, Canada, England/U.K., Germany, Zambia, Malaysia, Burma, France, Portugal and Indonesia, Wow! You still have until March 1st to submit your entry, and until March 15 - 20th to finish your film.

Important Notice to Viewers and Voters Due to the growing number of submissions each season, and because it will take some time to watch them, we will be presenting the polls after 8-10 days from the time that the films are released. We want to make sure that you have plenty of time to watch what you would like before voting. More details will come.

Venturing to the Red Carpet, we have some breath-taking fashions making an appearance, not to mention some breathtaking celebrities.

Gemsims’ after party looks like a lot of fun! Piggy-back rides and booze? Let me in there! I totally have VIP access!

Let’s not forget TwistTVShow’s Li, sporting some fine looking new hair! Throw in their handsome brother, Wang, and you’ve got quite the smorgasbord of tasty sexinessI better get my fan out, because I’m literally turning into a “fan” girl! Get it? :D

A simple colored gown has never looked so lovely before than on Mercedes, introduced to us by Jorgha Haq. OMG it’s so pretty! I so need that in my closet! And at this point, I better shield my fan girl-ism lest I scare Newt Davies away!

The very handsome Titus Linde has appeared, and for the first time in The Sims 2! Yum!

I had better now move off off the Red Carpet, but I’ll be back for more soon.

I spy a new trailer! “Overlooked” by alittlemid caught my eye right away, and the plot sounds awesome! It’s, like, exactly what I love to watch! Ah, the memories of high school, with the cliques and rumors, and, in this case, one person with a different opinion thrown into the fray to ascertain if her assumptions are true or not. Plus, it’s made in The Sims 2, and it never ceases to amaze me how good people can make that game look! Can’t wait to see this series debut! Watch it HERE

Still on the subject of series, a new one has sparked my interest! No, literally! The series is called “Sparks,” and it’s making its debut this SIFF season! Pixiedust Productions is bringing us an enthralling Sims 3 series full of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and even some romance from the looks of it! It seems that a girl makes a life-altering choice to protect her younger sister, which reminds me of “The Hunger Games.” And there’s nothing wrong with that, as I love that series too! I look forward to seeing the premiere of this series!

I don’t know what it is, but something about the concept of killer dolls has always been creepy yet appealing to me! Pretty scary considering my mom collects dolls and they’re everywhere! :O Anyway, I stumbled upon a preview of one of this season’s music video submissions, and it features dolls! A female doll is lying on the couch while a male hovers above her, and the rest is a mystery. 3 Libras looks very interesting, and I’m eager to see it next month!

See this trailer HERE

See this trailer HERE

What are you fangirling over this SIFF? Let us know at and we will get our Fangirl Kenzie to see what she can dig up.







Ally from Cross by Simmerbelle

It’s Red Carpet Time! Join us on the virtual Red Carpet for a full on photography showcase. Get creative, or use our prompts to inspire you. The Red Carpet VIP Gala Is open until March 20 th Visit us at for all of the details

Photo by Twist TV

To our left:

To our right

Even the coolest of the cool, Newt Davies, can be caught off guard by Thanatos. Perhaps he just wanted Newt’s autograph?

Photo by Jorgha Haq

Adored newcomer to the Battle of the Bands scene, Li, arrives full of attitude and making a statement.

Below - Titus Linde wants to make sure that Sims 2 photographers and film makers know that they too are encouraged to join us on the Red Carpet. Bring all of your characters along too!

Paparazzi p Simsapience several stars on wearing - ga outfits! You ca the question, W

photographer e has captured n the Red Carpet asp! - the same an’t help but ask Who Wore It Best?

Red Carpet Photo Prompt Antics and Bad Dates Be sure to check out the prompts that we have provided to give you ideas on how to make your Red Carpet photos stand out to our reporters. The more interesting, the more likely that our Paparazzi will spot you and your stars.

By Misty4m - crazy ex-manager boyfriend tries to steal a kiss from Beth Smith

Join us for a challenge - machinima, photography and more.

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