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Issue 3- SPRING 2014

with Tabby Lloyd

Important Dates March 1st Deadline for film submissions to be emailed - not the film, just the submission. Voting begins for film trailers, film posters and band posters.

March 15th Films begin to premiere - aim to get your film in as soon as possible. Voting ends for posters and trailers. Voting begins for Battle of the Bands - open 1 week until March 22nd

March 20th

In This Issue

Film polls open. You have 2 weeks from this point to watch them all and cast your votes.

Battle of the Bands let the bands entertain you while we await the film premieres

April 3rd Viewer’s choice polls close for all films.

Red Carpet Showcase the stars have come to town and the Red Carpet is heating up

Red Carpet Glam with Lunxi Weis and Tabby Lloyd Two different ladies with two different styles. What will your Red Carpet style be this season? It is no secret that Lunxi is a wild child. Married to a celebrity vampire and having a killer background, one cannot be surprised to see that she will be showing up on the Red Carpet in this daring ensemble. On the other hand, Tabby had a tendency towards the refined, sophisticated appeal of classic Simmywood Glam. Expect to see her in a simply flattering black or red. We want to see YOUR Red Carpet Glam - share with us in our photo showcase HERE

Cinema Watch what’s in store at

Number 9, the first of the SIFF Bands to show up on the scene. Korsims

Cimmerian Gods Dreamer, Director and Doom are catching the ladies’ eyes.

Power couple Chase and Grace DeLuca steal the spotlight.

Jorgha Haq

The Red Carpet is overrun with Mimes .


Sylent Whysper

The celebrities and stars are starting to shine on the Red Carpet. Be sure to share your Red Carpet moments with us HERE

Full Red Carpet Gallery HERE

Check out the posters in full size glory


fans will be able to vote for their faves soon

SIFF band search, now known as Battle of the Bands, has taken on a life of it’s own this past year. This season is shaping up to be the loudest, wildest and most creative yet. Be sure to get to know each of the bands so that you can cast your vote and help us choose the official SIFF bands for the Spring 2014 season.

Read this SIFF Buzz special edition featuring past SIFF Band winners Newt Davies and Grace DeLuca as they introduce you to each of this season’s band competitors. click the pic to read it on ISSUU

IMPORTANT DATES March 1st - March 15 Fans vote for Band Posters

March 15th Voting begins for Battle of the Bands - open 1 week until March 22nd

are coming out in droves to catch a glimpse of their favourite bands on the Red Carpet. Join in by sharing your Band Fan photos in our Red Carpet Gallery HERE

Click the PICS to read it now on ISSUU MORE TO COME SOON!

Kpop and Vamp rock fans by Lunxi

hair band and punk fans by Minraed

Band Fans


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SIFF Buzz Issue 3 Spring 2014  

Important dates, Red Carpet Glam, and Battle of the Bands updates.

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