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Issue 6 - Spring 2013

with Tabby Lloyd

VOTE NOW! Viewer’s Choice Polls are open for BEST FILM TRAILER - vote HERE

SIFF FILM TRAILERS! Film trailers are a HUGE part of SIFF and the build up to the film premieres. Film makers are encouraged to create these trailers to get you excited about their films and to show you what is to come. Fans are encouraged to watch the trailers and show your support by voting for your faves in our viewer’s choice polls. VOTE HERE NOW Who Wore it Best? join this week’s Red Carpet photo assignment by sharing what happens when sims how up at Red Carpet Gala’s in the same outfit!

SIFF Film Trailers on Simatography

CLICK HERE for details

You can see all of the film trailers as they are released before March 15th to get a sneak peek at the films.

by Tabby Lloyd

Our film makers are not only temping us with film trailers that you can vote on, but we have been seeing many photos and posters too that are giving us a sneak peek at what is to come.

NICOLO by Anches Nicolo and Lydia this is looking like one HAWT film from one of our well known machinima masters

A Fine Line - by Lyramiamovies

Lyramia is well known at SIFF and this time she is presenting a new series that looks very intriguing.

See all of the amazing poster art in the film poster gallery. The viewer’s choice polls will open soon so that you can vote foryour favourite film posters.

See them HERE

t c e j b O of my desire This week my objects are the new issue of Rising Stars produced by one of SIFF’s newest reporters, ChristieL of HDS Creations. Check out interviews with up and coming SIFF star actors. Check out these and other Simatography and SIFF publications at

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Spring 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 6  

Spring 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 6