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photo by Titus LInde cover artwork poster winner by Nims

official host of SIFF

Minraed Arzhel and

Tabby Lloyd SIFF has once again come to a close. After months of Red Carpet parties, film premieres, band performances, photo shoots and more we are feeling a bit exhausted so it is time for a rest before we begin preparing for the next SIFF. We have some new ideas in mind to make the next cycle more fun than every for all participants. We have seen some amazing talent once again, so we hope that all of you have enjoyed the entertainment. In this issue of SIFF Buzz you will see a showcase of the fun that we have all been having over the past few months on the Red Carpet, and of course the winners are announced here too. Congratulations to all and we hope to see you again at SIFF in September for the Fall cycle.

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Festival Poster Challenge

Every great film festival has a great poster so for each cycle of SIFF we ask creative designers from the Sims community help us by creating their SIFF poster to be put to the vote of SIFF fans.

Every cycle these poster submissions have become more and more creative, with a noticeably higher level of creative graphic design skills. This is the challenge that sets off the BUZZ for each SIFF Cycle. Watch for this challenge again towards the end of July as we prepare for our August launch of the SIFF festivities for the Fall cycle.

congratulations to NIMS for winning the fan’s vote for this poster design


Pippa Razzi

Titus Linde


Smoky Topaz

Eduardo Castelinne


y Topaz


Gus Rockman

Titus Linde


Green Girly

Smoky Topaz

ad by Georga Haq

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photo by Minraed

Fashion, Celebrities and the Red Carpet make up the essential Triad of glamour at SIFF. Here’s a look at what’s hot on the runways and red carpets.

Brad pit is looking as hot and handsome as ever. He arrives with two of SIFF’s newest actresses on the scene, Catheline Durand and Aurelie Dumas. by CatKetty

Zoey Zuko and Marry Jane arrive at the SIFF film-maker’s gala looking as elegant as ever. by Marry Jane

Atemus and Neron have been in the spotlight since the were revealed as a couple in a recent paparazzi media scandal, but we just have eyes on their incredible fashion sense. Sorry ladies - they only have eyes for each other. by Nims

Eternity and band manager, Demeter at the SIFF Band Search cocktail party - the boys are causing quite a stir with the young fans this year, by Demeter

The lovely and talented ladies of Breaking Blue arrive to perform at the Band Search cocktail party - nevermind the long cocktail gowns, short is in if you want to dance the night away. by Steph Kline

Our cameras couldn’t get enough of director Anches when she arrived in this super cute, eye-catching orange dress, even though she seemed a bit shy of the cameras. We love this look!

The cast of Lyramiamovies are all about the glamourous side of SIFF. They arrive with their own entourage of professional photographers to every premiere. by Lyramia

photo by Minraed

Film Noir stars Rita Baker and Robert Bogart are all class while celebrity photographer Adam Lebovitz cruises onto the carpet in all of his rebel glory.

by Green Girly

Members of Eternity, one of the hottest new boy bands around have to run for their lives to get past crazed, screaming fans. As are the consequences of fame.

by Demeter Several stars from the feature film Psycho Killer arrive in a stunning red vintage limo.

by Cloudwalker

TL Films is making a name for themselves on the Red Carpet The Lovesong team arrives in a silver stretch limo and are seen wearing coordinated outfits. - SIFF outfits so of course they caught our attention.

by Titus Linde

Smoky Topaz arrives with this hot hunk of a Manly Man Model, Jacob, to one of the hottest cocktail parties on the SIFF circuit. Meanwhile, earlier that morning Minnie Dobbs arrives a bit too early. The invite was for 5PM Minnie, not 5am.

by Titus Linde

photo by Minraed

You know you’re in trouble when both of your dates accidentally show up to the same party, and even more trouble when they are wearing the same dress. Better get another drink Rick.

by Green Girly At the other end of town two co-stars from the highly anticipated film Psycho Thriller by award winning film maker, Cloudwalker, arrive in the same outfit. A bit embarrassed Alfred? photo by Cloudwalker

Celebrity Photographer Adam Lebovitz can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Women start fighting over him as soon as he arrives. Don’t worry ladies, there’s enough to go around.

by Green Girly

Vincent and Lunxi - one of the hottest celeb couples on the Red Carpet. Even so, the ladies still can’t seem to stop fighting for Vincent’s attention. Apparently Vincent promised to be Ree’s escort, but Vincent’s just there for a chance to get on camera.

Lunxi knows where she stands and doesn’t seem phased in the slightest by Ree’s distress but she proves slightly less patient when he starts breaking out the bromance with best friend Titus Linde.

by Ausagi

Some of the actors from Lovesong can’t seem to be peeled apart at their photoshoot. by Veritas

The always lovely Demeter and her charming boyfriend Dion - by Demeter Below Left - CatKetty and Poseidon Moon looking charmed - by CatKetty Below Right - Aldonis and Stephany make an appearance - by Sylent Whysper

photo by Minraed

Director Christie L and the stars of Savin’ Me hamming it up for the camera or maybe just a bit too much punch?

Even when we expect Olaf to do something to catch us off guard, he still catches us off guard. His ventriloquism skills were outstanding, but we still can’t figure out how he got the gnome to move about so convincingly. The gnome was apparently offended that we didn’t believe him to be real. Director Zoey Zuko was all giggles when she got a surprise serenade right on the red carpet on her birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Zoey!

Never a dull mo the young sta

by Lyra

Film Maker Ronson_14 and the cast of In the Shadows

Kiara just couldn’t resist photo-bombing Leus’s red carpet moment. by Ausagi

One crazed fan a bit upset th

by Clou

oment when arlets arrive.


hat she didn’t get a VIP ticket.


The fans are positively giddy. by Green Girly

It looks like our hot Nicolo star can’t decide which date to keep his eyes on. by Anches

The Red Carpet was hot hot hot this season, but it is about to get even hotter. Be sure to look for a special performance in the pages following the winners announcements. Titus Linde and Vincent have something special for the ladies, or maybe some men too for that matter. Don’t miss it!

to see the complete gallery of posters on Simatography click HERE

page layout by Green Girly

runner up

runner up

A huge thank you to Toxic Dream for hosting this round of Band Search for SIFF. It was a HUGE success with bands from all over the world participating. Another great big thanks to the bands themselves. We hope that everyone had a great time along the way and that each of the talented bands and performers gained a new following of fans. We tried out a few new ideas this round which we think made for a better challenge, but we have more ideas for next time too so be sure that your band is ready for the next cycle. We will have new mini challenges for each band to participate in if they choose, and we have more ideas for promotion so stay tuned for info sometime in late July as we get ready for the next round of SIFF. Have a peek inside to see who the fans choose to perform at this season’s SIFF Closing Gala!

Congratulations to the winners Thank you to all for the ongoing entertainment

the Closing Gala is just role-playing . pretend along with us :)

with special guests...

LIKE them on Facebook for more details

Film trailers are an important part of the SIFF Buzz. They get us excited for the films to come, and give us a sneak peek into what the producers are up to. All film makers are encouraged to release a trailer to help them promote their films - and here are the top three as voted in the viewer’s choice polls:

Other Stuff is an oddball category that features a variety of unique uses for Sims machinima. Ads and public service messages, SIFF promos, home tours, tutorials or just about anything you can think of that does not really fall into film or music video category. Each SIFF we look around the community for videos to showcase in this category.

Castelinne Promo

The Masters of Machinima are Sims film makers who have proven their talents in past SIFF events. These talented artists are the ones that we look up to for inspiration and who teach us that there are no limitations.

When SIFF Artistic Director, Georga Haq decides to go out with a bang she approaches Titus and Vincent with a crazy idea. Vincent is all for it - “You and me baby”, Vincent says to Titus without a moment’s hesitation. Titus tries to warn him, but I don’t see him trying too hard to get out of it. Queue the James Bond theme song music and let the show begin...

Note to self - when Georga gets an idea, let’s go with it! When Vincent and Titus said that they would help close off SIFF with a BANG, they really meant it. Phew! It’s hot in here all of a sudden. photos by Titus Linde

It’s time to dra

SIFF will return once again in the Fall, or Sept

The SIFF Buzz will begin about 2 months b announcements for the SIFF Official someti

SIFF is about all types of talent, about a crea good time, and most of all its about havi showcased at the next SIFF so if you a photographer, fashionista, graphic designe related talents to showcase,

We look forward to seeing yo

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tember to those of you not in this hemisphere.

before the films premiere, so expect to see Poster challenge to kick off the season ime in July.

ative community coming together and having a ing FUN! We hope to see many more talents are a builder, content creator, story teller, er, machinima maker or if you have other Sims , then this is the festival for you.

ou all again at the next season of

Spring 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 7  

Spring 2013 SIFF Buzz - Issue 7 - And the Winners Are...

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