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CONGRATULATIONS for winning the fan vote for this season’s official poster It was not an easy choice this season - whoa! The talents of this community are awe inspiring, so to celebrate the talents of all contestants we have made all posters available as CC objects for your game. See inside for details.

Patrons of SIFF Lyramia Lyramia has been participating in SIFF for many years, and bears the distinction of being in the Masters of Machinima category. You will know her best for her beautiful fantasy-themed machinimas. SIFF makes machinima makers and simmers of all ages come together and enjoy the products of creativity that are created throughout the whole community. It doesn't matter where you stand, everybody is welcome and appreciated. It brings the machinima community experience to a whole new level. I really like that. Patrons of SIFF are anyone who has a love of SIFF, showing support and contribution over the years. Don’t miss the 10th Season Special Commemorative Issue of SIFF Buzz to meet more of these Patrons. Click the cover  If you consider yourself a Patron of SIFF and you want to show your support and share a few words about your SIFF experience, email us at , provide a full body photo of your sim on a white background and a few words that you would like to share.

Important dates Deadline for film submissions - September 1st Film Release Dates - September 15 - 20th Viewer’s Choice polls for Film Trailers and Posters September 1st - 15th Viewer’s Choice polls for Machinima Categories September 21st - 30th Viewer’s Choice polls for Battle of the Bands September 8th - 15th

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Filmore Noir and Shantel Potins I am so excited and honored to be part of the 10th season of SIFF which promises to be fantastic. What I've seen so far already gave me chills. Horror seems to be on everyone's mind. However, I have to admit that in terms of costumes, I'm not displeased. Now, are the directors and actors as dark as their films? That's what I'll find out for you. We'll meet them outside of their studios, know a little more about the rising stars we've never seen or heard of and find some gossip about our most favorite stars. Want information about your stars? Shantel will bring them to you on a silver plate, my darlings.

Shantel To be a part of the 10th season of SIFF is a great honor and I’m very happy to be lending my hand in finding out all the information you’re going to want to know to see your favorite films this season. The playbill right now looks outstanding with all the entries already in place on it and I’m sure we’ll get many more before the premiere rolls around. It’s great to see the variety of entries that are lined up - the returning masters and those who are new to the scene. I’ve noticed horror and sci-fi are a big appearance this season which is great to see. I’m ready to find out all the ins and outs the directors and the stars are ready to share about their behind the scenes experience. Be prepared to learn the mysteries.

Presented to you by Demeter, Nanami and CatKetty

Watch for Rising Stars issues to be released throughout the SIFF season to get your film reviews and celebrity dirt.

newt Davies

n o i t i d E s d Ban

Each week we will feature a few of the Battle of the Bands hopefuls in mini interviews with one of our talented reporters. Get to know the bands, follow their trip to stardom, and vote for your faves in the Viewer’s Choice polls opening September 9th.



Presented to you by Jorgha Haq

Thanks for having me here New t! It’s a pleasure to be part of Battle of the Bands.

I was just 16, and to be honest it was the best decision I have ever take. Thanks to that I’m living my dream of being a performer.

I know this is my goal in life. I’m here to stay. If for some reason it doesn’t for me... well, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I started to listen at rap music when I was 13. It was love at first sight. I decided to become a professional singer when I dropped school. I knew it was my goal in life. I have so many influences! But if I had to pick one of them it will be Nicki Minaj. She’s a combination of pop and rap, and that’s what I want for my music style.

Yes I am! Actually is almost finished, I’m really excited for the world to hear it. Also, I can tell you something about it. The lead single it’s called “Change Your Life” and it’s coming really soon and we are working on a video for it! For the release date of the album I can’t tell details yet.

I think it’s a perfect and exciting way to put your name and music out there. You get to know so much people that have the same dream as you, become a music star.

Karma Sisters

Steph Kline

All: *laugh*. we get that a lot. well you could say they are clones of me, I am the oldest. Oh yeah true. Haha no we are not clones though it would be cool. There is a few small things that are different about each of us and I think our personalities really effect how we will even thought we all have basically the same face.

Hey New t man what are you trying to say here Bro? You saying I suck! Haha I’m kidding no no my full time job is with Breaking Blue and this is a side projects for our recording agencies Studio54. I honestly thought Miki was mad trying to get us all to work together. It’s kind of funny to see what Miki goes through, Studio54 put us through countless hours or work and then more just to make sure we were anywhere near a good stranded to I don’t think we need to worry about sucking New t ;)

punk rock! Mate you have no idea what Breaking Blue and I have got up our sleeves haha!

I think for us it’s more a chance for me to show my sisters the life that I live and for them to have their rock star time but go back to a normal life after Battle of the Bands. At the end of the day Miki is the only one here who lives for her music we love it don’t get me w rong it’s just we wanted to see what it was like and get more of a understanding. I’m the nerd of the family I finished Collage when I was 8 being 17 now I always thought my sisters head was in the cloud thinking she could sing and when this band thing came up I was thinking honestly Miki you need a real job but now seeing what she does it’s crazy! Late nights, early morning, posing for photos do not even get me started on how hard that is and how long it takes and what works and what doesn’t! This is not just some fun thing for her and I can see that now and I’m thankful to the Battle of the Bands for giving me the chance to see how hard my older sister works.

oh yeah I did! Hunter my boyfriend well now fiancé asked me to marry him and I said yes! It wont change anything for me Hunter knows that Breaking Blue and singing is my life and he is part of that life for a good time now and he was the one who asked so he knows how it all works and if anything it’s nice to have him around you know when I fall asleep is wired places he puts me in bed, it kinda sounds wired but he takes good care of me. no joke one night we didn’t get home till around 7am and she fell asleep in a chair sitting up straight and Hunter picked her up and carried her to the hotel room.

Kenzie Howell

Click HERE for the trailer

We have a lot of newcomers and unsung heros showing at SIFF this season, all bravely coming out of their shells to showcase their talents! It is my pleasure, as a fellow SIFF newbie (yes, I entered a video last fall, but that’s all I’ve done as of yet!), to introduce them to you! I expect to see great things from them this SIFF and in the future!

Dog X Bunny Kanonlullabies The Sims 3 - series : United States I’m loving the anime music and vibe from this video! The Sims 3 voice-over trailer depicts a new girl coming to school, and it makes me wonder, what will happen? There is something mysterious about her, and it makes me yearn to discover what it is!

: Brace yourself! It’s going to be a scary one! This horror film just screams (pardon the pun) “We’re all gonna die!” And that’s just from the trailer alone. I don’t know what those people found in that cave, but if I were them, I’d get out! This is just like a real horror movie trailer: starts off with a fun plan, then the situation turns dire, and you’re left wondering what is going on. Plus you get a glimpse of the horror that everyone is about to meet face-to-face. I, for one, am eager to see what exactly that creature was and what it’s capable of. I suspect a lot of people will have trouble sleeping after they see it, too!

Watch the trailer HERE

Presented to you by TenderWolf

Intermedio : Darren Stewart The Sims 3 United States On vacation, a newlywed couple and their friends meet in a remote part of Mexico to explore a cave hidden deep in the woods. Far below the surface, horror strikes when the group gets lost and they can’t find a way out. They push on, praying for another exit, but there is something else lurking under the earth. The friends are now prey, forced to unleash their most primal instincts in an all-out war against an unspeakable horror, one that attacks without warning, again and again and again. Will they find a way out of the cave system? Find out on this September!

Cinder GrayLeeStudios The Sims 2 - series : United States Based on the Lunar Chronicles book series by Marissa Meyer, Cinder is a Sims 2 voice-over machinima that focuses on a 16-year-old cyborg who just may be the last hope for humankind. Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing, and a deadly plague ravages the population. Gifted cyborg mechanic Cinder is a secondclass citizen with a mysterious past, and she’s reviled by her stepmother. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle. The author of the original series has even noticed these videos, and has recognized and commended talented creator GrayLeeStudios for her work. We don’t see a lot of machinima with The Sims 2, but after seeing this, I think it’s time we look into it! Currently featuring four episodes, this is a riveting tale of suspense, mystery, romance, and more! I look forward to finding out what happens nex t, and I anticipate a huge success and large fanbase for GLS!

Watch the trailer HERE

The Future TD Films Watch the trailer HERE The Sims 3 United Kingdom The future...W here our lives dream of, where our hearts imagine to their content, where our technology could be amazing. But, for a young teenager who lives in the future, her life isn't so great. Young Athena Wolfe, a beautiful and talented teenager, suffers from an incurable cancer: leukemia. She's spending her last months by making her wishes true and her dreams real. After a heartbreaking death, and a terrible loss, Athena lives with her younger sibling, Ky, and her Grandma and Grandpa, Cecelia and Domonique. Ky is holding onto his older sister tightly, and Cecelia and Domonique try and find many cures to save precious Athena’s life. With countless arguments of why they can't cure Athena’s sickness with the hospital, and many debates to keep her on life support, Athena falls to the floor with the loss of hope to stay alive. First-time Sims 3 machinima creator TD Films sure knows how to tug on heart strings! This short trailer packs quite the punch of drama and emotion into its one-minute, eight-second timeframe. A wish so simple, a desire so strong, yet even in the future, it all seems hopeless despite advanced technology and undoubtedly advanced medical care. I’m really wondering if this moving story will have a happy ending! I look forward to seeing its premiere!

Playbill Update 56 submissions - 34 new to SIFF 10 Sims 2 submissions! 12 countries represented

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