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with Tabby Lloyd ISSUE 7 - SPRING 2014

The Final Week of

Well SIFF fans, we are here in the last week of Red Carpet Festivities before we close down the theatres, and the votes are tabulated. The celebrities and stars are still in town, so let’s take a peek at this past week’s Gala Events and SIFF gossip before we prepare to wrap up another great season.

with Tabby Lloyd

a few quick reviews of some of the fab SIFF entries I’ve caught so far

War Against Love by AnonYmous A woman’s struggle with the ghosts of her past. Drama and suspense that has us anticipating part 3.

Life’s a Beach - The Movie by Twist TV Show This witty film is a collaboration of a variety of simmers that has all of the elements of a real-life movie.

Blackheart by HDS Creations Director ChristieL brings us another dark and intense drama. This might even be her best production to date.

Decomposing Emily by Apocalyptic Dog Films A chilling and touching tale of life after death as seen from the eyes of Emily.

Prom Night The first part of a classic horror style film based on true happenings. We have to wait until part 2 is released to discover the fate of these group of young graduates.

Already Over SIFF Band Outbreak Legion brought to you by PhantomPlan Classic music-video style by these newcomers to the music scene. A band to watch for.

Circles by OMG That Girl is Psycho A gripping drama that will have you on the edge of your seat until the chilling conclusion.

Series Edition

I have a warm place in my heart for all of the SIFF film makers. It is this time of the season, when we are soon coming to a close, that I feel a little sadness that it will soon be over, but also much excitement and anticipation for what is to come. While not all machimima will win awards, it is our hope that new machinima makers will learn from the masters and be inspired by those that do win awards so that we can all learn and improve our art together. It was a joy to watch each and every one of your machinimas. Congratulations to all!

Power a SIMS 2 series by LarnaLove Yes, Sims 2 is still rockin’ it and director Larna knows how to bring out the best features of this long-loved game platform.

Hollow Tower a SIMS 2 Series by the Elonian Cass Watch this thrilling first episode of yet another new Sims 2 series. Sims 2 is alive and well and showing no signs of dying off as this series opener will prove.

Unlucky a SIMS 3 series by Incandescent The anticipated return, and season finale of the series leaves us with cliffhangers that have us holding on for Season 2

Musical Prodigyz a SIMS 3 series by MerfreakSimmer A new series that follows a group of girlfriends through music school and the trials of life.

Meanwhile at the headquarters...

Aside from all of the SIFF Buzz going on, the 100 themes photography challenge is still going strong! There is no deadline - simply join in and showcase your inspired photography collection. Here are a few of our most recent additions, but to see them all or to join in just click on the banner above.

Ninisims makes a return this week with #48 - Adventure - telling a story


MineCraft girl is back now that the film Circles has been released. This one is from the movie. #96 Playing God

Titus Linde the theme #75 - Don’t stop elicits some risquÊ imagery. Things are definitely hot around the 100 themes thread this week. See them all HERE

We were wondering when Vincent Weis and manager/director Kiara would make their fist appearance. Apparently Vincent likes to build up the anticipation first to really drive his fans wild.

Titus Linde, long s of SIFF, has shock big life change this new lover and sou the record is equa hims

Left - Gold and Alana from THE MERMAN made a splash on screen and on the red carpet. Right - Otherworld stars Aaron Connor and Nora Spencer make their first SIFF appearance in style. special thanks to The Elonian Cass for bringing Sims 2 onto the Red Carpet

CLICK HERE for all of the

standing patron and supporter ked the machinima world with a s past year. He arrives with his ulmate Raffaele Rossi, who for ally as easy on the eyes as Titus self. Sorry ladies.

e Red Carpet Photos

SIFF film directors and sisters Tali Morgan and Dice Smith never miss a good party and Tali just loves to shock us at every opportunity.

Circles stars and brothers Brooker and Tate Philips love their fans.

This is our last of the weekly SIFF Buzz tabloids for the season. Watch for the FINAL BUZZ next weekend. You won’t want to miss it! This will be where you will find all of the announcements of the winners from the Viewer’s Choice Polls as well as staff picks for Special Recognition Awards. Also, in the Final Buzz, we have some surprises in store for you including some new machinima challenges and announcements about our next season, SIFF’s 10th anniversary. We hope you will all be there to celebrate this milestone with us.


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