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The SIFF Buzz of course an we are back for our 12th season running. SIFF Buzz will continue as a weekly publication to keep you updated on all things SIFF starting August 1st or somewhere around there. In the meantime, this issue is your preview to get you started and to provide SIFF fans from the past as well as newcomers with the information you need for another awesome season. Inside you will find important dates and info on all of the fun stuff that happens during SIFF. Remember, you don’t have to be a machinima maker to join in on the fun!

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Welcome to SIFF the editor in chief for the SIFF Buzz. I will be here, along with an awesome team of reporters and staff, to bring you all of the important information you need for a successful season at SIFF.

This issue is simply for promotional purposes. We wanted to be sure that everyone knows what they can expect in the coming season, especially those who are new to SIFF. As always there will be plenty of fun for everyone, not just machinima makers so be sure to join in on the action. Battle of the Bands is already underway, and as of July 1st the film makers can start submitting their films for the playbill. Exciting times! Thank you for dropping in for a peek at our preview issue. I look forward to brining you all of the SIFF action in our weekly Buzz starting in August. (a figment of Minraed’s imagination)

We are looking for fans of SIFF to share a few words about your SIFF experience. Email us at and provide a full body photo of your sim on a white background and a few words that you would like to share. We would love to hear from you.

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Important dates SIFF Film Submission Forms OPEN NOW Deadline to submit your film to the playbill is September 1st. Battle of the Bands Submissions OPEN - Details HERE SIFF Official Poster Challenge OPEN - Deadline July 15th Details HERE SIFF Venue Building Challenge OPEN - Deadline August 15th Details HERE

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Pamper Your Sim like a SIFF Celebrity

We have some awesome submissions so far so come and join us with yours!

From top to bottom Sylent Whysper Sims Berrry Jorgha Haq

Rules Summary Ÿ SIFF machinima must be a new production never seen before September 15th release date. Ÿ We expect everyone to be sensible and respectable in terms of content - be sure to read our censorship policy clearly. ( Ÿ Your machinima must be rendered in the Sims game platform. Editing for effects is permitted, but MMD rendered machinima is NOT considered Sims machinima. Ÿ Submissions are all accepted. Everyone must submit using the proper format via email as per the rules document. Ÿ Submissions will be accepted starting July 1st and the deadline will be September 1st (this is the submission period, films are not due until September 15th) Ÿ There is plenty of fun for everyone so follow SIFF on our forums.

Get Your Copy of the ESSENTIAL and complete rules on issuu HERE


Silliness Inspired by my totally random screenshot of my Sim bartending at a new SIFF venue build in progress, I thought “we need an official SIFF Cocktail!� If you have a creative inner bartender and you can come up with a creative SIFF cocktail or mocktail (nonalcoholic beverage) then email It to us at and we will find some fun way to feature it.

We are in the process of building a better connection between voice actors and Sims machinima makers. Throughout our websites and social media you can find more ways to connect - see the list of links below. If you are a voice actor for Sims Machinima and you want your name to be on our directory or if you have ideas on other things that we could be doing, then email us at

Voice Actor Demo Reels Playlist - click HERE

Casting calls playlist - click hERE Share your casting calls and voice reels with us and we will add you to the list

Forums - Voice Actor directory HERE Drop by our forums and add yourself to the directory.

The Red Carpet, VIP film screenings, paparazzi capturing stars behind the scenes, and much much more‌ Each season we invite all SIFF fans to join in for this open challenge that can include pretty much any type of celebrity photography that your creative mind can come up with. We will provide you with prompts and inspirations, but the rest is up to you. Let’s see how you and your Sims celebrate THE one and only Sims Film Festival

Watch for the opening of the official Red Carpet photography challenge starting August 1st.



to bring you all of the current news with a variety of exciting columns from our team of celebrity reporters and paparazzi

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SIFF Buzz Fall '15 preview issue  

Welcome to SIFF season 12, Fall 2015. This issue is an early release to help you prepare for another awesome season of community creativity...

SIFF Buzz Fall '15 preview issue  

Welcome to SIFF season 12, Fall 2015. This issue is an early release to help you prepare for another awesome season of community creativity...


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