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It's so exciting to see you guys finally join the battle of the bands. I am sure that a lot of our fans are just as excited as I am. Just to give everyone a brief back story, in fall of 2012 Jack of all Trades entered the music category of SIFF with a remarkable video for the song Forsaken. To this day I am still not sure how they didn't win. I mean, they had this remarkable production with an obvious budget and we, Toxic Dream, preformed in a grungy alley. Obviously, their music label likes them more. Anyway...welcome to the Battle of the Bands! Vincent: It’s a pleasure to be here Newt. And thanks. Duel: I am nervous… Haru: We’re actually getting interviewed! Chibi: *waving at camera* Hi fans!!! Kiara: *twiddling her thumb* So, why did it take you so long to actually join the Battle of the Bands and why did you choose now? Why didn't you do this the first time around? Vincent: Patience is virtue. Kiara: He was just too lazy to do all the advertisements and promotions. Haruaki: Yeah, all he does is troll around with the other actors. Duel: Why did we not join…? Chibi: Because he was busy being awesome! *giggles* Vincent: I so love my friends… Next quest please. Despite having not participated in the Battle of the Bands until now, you guys are always hanging around SIFF. What is it about the event that attracts you? Vincent: SIFF holds a special place in our undying hearts. It’s where I could say, “The birth place” of our existence… for the public media of course. It is what we can call our second home and the best place to pledge our loyalty. Duel: The people are so nice. Chibi: And PARTIES!!! Duel: Oh yes. It feels like Christmas whenever we are there. And… the people are so nice. Vincent: Nice and beautiful… especially the founder. *winks at the camera* Kiara: VINCENT STOP SUCKING UP TO MIN! Haruaki: *facepalm* Vincent really just wants to be in front of the camera and to party. That pretty much sums it all. Vincent: Who doesn’t love the camera and parties? Next question please… What can we expect from you during the Battle of the Bands? Or is that a secret? Vincent: It’s a secret. But don’t expect too much. It really all depends on the mood. We are trying to produce another video. I’m just the type of person who doesn’t let out any information for whatever is coming next. Duel: maybe we should stop playing video games. Kiara: *shrugs*Whatever he says~ Why do you call your manager "the weasel girl"? That doesn't seem very nice. Vincent: Weasels are fascinating creatures. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s actually a compliment. Its features mostly describe our beloved manager:

Short legs, short height with an agitated personality, and not to mention that dopey innocent look which a lot of people find cute. But despite of all that cuteness lies a dangerous fearsome creature. You should hear her nagging‌. Kiara: Hey I can hear that! Vincent: Of course you can you cute little thing‌ Everyone: *laughs*

Can you give everyone some history on Jack of all Trades? What made you go into music, how did you get started? That sort of thing. Chibi: Oh! I remember that day! Duel: Ah Newt, allow me to tell the story… It started on the 3rd week after I opened my nightclub. It was the usual jazz night but we aren’t really getting many customers. I think there were about two to three people in The room and my performers had just decided to leave the stage out of boredom… I guess… Well, my courage kicked in and I went up to the stage by myself. I don’t usually do that but I really love playing the guitar…. So I tried my luck and made some music. I really love music. I remember when I was child I… Kiara: Ahm… Duel? Duel: Oh… right. Then out of a sudden Vincent just took the mic and started singing. I had no idea he had such amazing vocals. I originally had him there for other entertainment purposes but his voice saved the night. Haru: Well I was there too and I can’t deny. He really had an amazing voice. I could not help but to follow the beat and found myself playing the drums again after so many years. Duel: Yeah, Haru and Chibi were there because I asked for their assistance. We never really knew that we could all play some instruments. Chibi: Vinny-sama is really cool! His voice was so hypnotizing with such an orgasmic sensation! It made me come up to the stage and jam with them! After we finished our song the room was filled with people! Kiara: Really? That happened? Vincent did you use vampire magic on them? Duel: Vampire magic or not I think it was fated. Vincent: We were all born with the same passion. That’s all there is. Duel: Next day we decided to form a band, but we only performed on few underground venues… It was mostly for the undead and supernatural creature’s kind of club, not really for the humans. Our first music video was “Forsaken” and let’s just say that it grabbed a lot of attention for us to have a label for the public. Vincent: Well I chose the song for a purpose. Kiara: To sing it for my master? :D Vincent: I did not do it for your master… although it does give a little hint to our little untold “history”… Chibi: Dra-cu-la~ *giggles* Duel: That video makes me cry all the time... *sniff sniff* Kiara: But you and master were amazing! Vincent: Alright next question please….

How would you describe the bands sound? Who or what are your influences? Haru: Most of our early inspirations we’re Japanese bands like Versailles and Maximum the Hormones… Chibi: And sometimes goth music! Vincent: Well technically Versailles was just inspired from The Vampire Lestat. Metal, Alternative metal, Symphonic… Actually we can do any kind of genre. Duel: Even disco music? Vincent: Even disco music. Kiara: And kids music? Vincent: And kids music…. We just want to be labeled as metal for our publicity.

Kiara: Please sing me Disney songs! Vincent: Next question… Your creative it just one or two people in the band who come up with songs and decide what you are going to perform or is it a group effort? Haru: It’s supposed to be a group thing but every time we spend hours planning on our next project Vincent always comes out to say he has a new plan. Vincent: Aww Haru boy, don’t tell me you’re still mad about that? Haru: I’m not mad, I was just telling truth. Vincent: But you love me too much to agree on my plans. Haru: Shut up Duel: Haru, you do make some good plans too. Vincent’s plans just are just better. Chibi: *giggles* I love you Haru! Duel: We love you Haru. Vincent: Haru you’re so cute when you’re all annoyed. Haru: Err... Fine. You win. You’re the leader anyway. Kiara: *giggles*

How did you come up with the name Jack of all Trades? Vincent: Funny you should ask. It’s actually just a product of our whimsical mood. We were watching this anime called Gintama and sort of got the name from there. But we figured it would be the perfect name since we’re all masters of none… Meaning that we excel on almost everything but we don’t focus on one profession. Chibi: We can do a lot of other jobs! Just check our Facebook! Haru: We don’t have to say our other jobs here do we? Duel and Vincent: Nope.

Are you going to be entering another vidvideo into SIFF? Vincent: As I’ve said it depends. A true artist doesn’t sell paintings if they’re not really satisfied with what they’ve created. To me, everything is perfection. I will only release videos that would be worth watching. Something that people would really like. It takes a lot of time and hard work, but I promise you it would be nothing like you’ve ever seen. Kiara: Like that video of you dancing in the bathroom in towel and topless? Vincent: That’s a different case… Next question please.

Any future plans for the band?

Vincent: Well Newt, to tell you the truth we have one simple goal. “World Domination” “room is quite for a moment”

I have some totally random questions from our fans for you. Boxers or briefs? Vincent: Briefs. Although I don’t believe people had seen us in one, remind me to make a picture of it next time. Haru: Are you kidding me?! Vincent: You can wear boxers if you like. Haru: Absolutely not! Chibi: But Haru I don’t want you naked in public! You only need to do that with me! Haru: I’m not going to naked in public nor wear any boxers or brief in public! W-Why would people ask that question anyway?

Would you want to be immortalized in a video game and if so, which one? Vincent: I think we could be in any game. But one thing I love most is pure hard core violence. Either on a first person war shooter or a hack and slash DMC style, since I love slaying demons and other vampires. Anyway, some fans have already mistaken some of our videos for a videogame. I think we really should make one. Duel: I should be a demon in our videogame. Vincent: But baby you already are~ Duel: Oh, right. Haru can be the damsel in distress and Chibi will the seductress. Kiara: Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Vincent: Weasel girl can be my sidekick. Kiara: I’d rather be in my own action videogame. What would your pro-wrestler name be? Vincent: I must admit whenever I hear the word pro wrestler, “Hard Gay” always comes up my mind. Have you ever heard of his pro-wrestling career? Although now he switched his career to being a comedian. Kiara: Vincent loves Hard gay. I like him too! Vincent: But I’d probably name myself Manmeat… or Deadmeat Duel: Aren’t those your Secret Agent name? Vincent: I guess they’re not so secret anymore. Haru: I don’t know, I’ve never liked wrestling. Chibi: Me too…

Favorite Pokemon? Haru: JigglyPuff Chibi: Snorlax! Duel: Blastoise Kiara: Mew! Vincent: Mew 2…

One last question. Can you guys tell me three differences between N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys? Neither of them are punk rock so I don't get it.

Vincent: N’Sync - Ham, Backstreet Boys – Corned beef Kiara: Vincent don’t label them as food! Duel: I have to admit that’s what comes to my mind too. Haru: I’m not so sure either, aren’t they the same? Chibi: Backstreet Boys has a longer name! Kiara: I kinda listened to Backstreet boys when I was little. I think they had nice songs hahaha… ha... Ha… *Everyone looks at Kiara* Kiara: Okay I’ll shut up.


Rising Stars - Jack of all Trades  

Rising Stars Battle of the Bands Edition Issue 2 Spring 2014

Rising Stars - Jack of all Trades  

Rising Stars Battle of the Bands Edition Issue 2 Spring 2014