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Newsletter June 2013 Dear students, Dear teachers, Dear employees, Dear friends of the International University College, This is the IUC newsletter for the last couple of months. It aims to synthesize information about the most important and interesting events, occurred in the last month. Enjoy Your Reading!

Chinese student and teacher presented golf destination Cape Kaliakra to tour operators and media from China

experience with the guests from China about her activities at the championship as "Marshal" and assistant of television teams Skysports, Golfing World, IMG and the European Tour. Chinese tour operators and media were familiar with the golf courses in the Dobrudja coast "Lighthouse", "Blacksearama" and "Thracian Cliffs", forming the golf destination Cape Kaliakra. They learned about the specifics of golf terrains, their designers - Gary Player and Ian Woosnam and ongoing international tournaments. Guests were involved in info tour, followed by Bulgarian-Chinese business forum for investment and tourism, held in Plovdiv. They had the chance to have a look at the golf course "Lighthouse" and the eponymous hotel. In the presence of tour operators and media from China student Linda Wang was awarded a certificate for volunteering at the world golf championship VOLVO. DABS welcomed participants from 5 countries for international youth project

Chinese student and a lecturer from International University College presented Cape Kaliakra golf destination to tour operators and journalists from China in the 5-star golf hotel "Lighthouse" near Balchik. The Student Linda Wang was the only Chinese involved as a volunteer in the world golf championship VOLVO 4 weeks ago in Bulgaria. Linda shared her

From 27.05. until 30.05, in Dobrich was held 4 days international youth exchange project entitled "Transmission of environmental responsibility in a multicultural environment: Communication techniques to mobilize youth activities against climate change." The project is funded by the European Commission and the event is the second of its kind in the project, the first was held in February this year in Nairobi, Kenya. 2

Apart from the host of the project Dobrudja Agricultural and Business School - the organization of a simulation game on "International negotiations on climate change" was joined by NGOs from five partner countries - Italy, Poland, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal. The game was held on 28th of May, as it was attended by young people from local schools and organizations. The end of the game was marked with the preparation of posters that were included in an exhibition shown on 29th of May. The exhibition was attended by high school students in the town of Dobrich, Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and the children from kindergarten "Sunshine". The children sang songs, recited poems and showed good knowledge on the topic about saving the environment form the climate change.

The participants from Tanzania performed for all visitors a traditional for their country dance, dressed in typical clothes Project participants, as well as young people from the country who participated in the event had the opportunity to hear and discuss presentations on climate change to participate in a workshop on how to prepare lunch without leaving waste after eating, watch a number of educational video materials related to global warming.

The ultimate goal of the event was to establish contacts between young people from different countries to show that unification in a common cause as possible, and that the fight against climate change is only possible through joint efforts. In this sense, the organizers hope to achieve lasting partnerships between project participants that could be useful to them in the long run and help them to spread the good practice. IUC sent Graduates'13 On the brightest Bulgarian holiday - the Day of Bulgarian literature and culture, May 24th - IUC graduates' long awaited dream come true. After years of effort and student merriment, they sent their student years, closing an incredible page of their life and set the start of a new one, in which they will face new responsibilities and challenges. 3

The Rector of International University College prof. Todor Radev gave a speech to all the graduates and presented certificates to the most distinguished students. Graduates Monica Vassileva student in the programme taught in Bulgarian- Marketing and Management and Dimitar Yordanov from British programme Hospitality Management also congratulated his colleagues as they wished them recent professional realization. The ceremony was finalized with a cocktail that gave a chance to those who wish to communicate informally, to exchange last thanks and hugs, and to seal the moment with a photo before taking on one of the many worldwide destinations where they will start a career. This year, about 20% of graduating students are graduates of foreign language programmes of International University College in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK). Many of the graduates already have job offers and will soon start their professional career.

graduated in entrepreneurship and tourism profile. Special guest was Bojan Tsonchev, the grandson of the patron of the school Rayko Tsonchev - who funded the construction of the school back in 1909. "I am extremely impressed by the atmosphere at the school and the students that I met. Many talented and interesting young people. This is my first visit to the school, I live abroad and so far I have not had the opportunity to come. I believe that we will continue our cooperation in various endeavors. "- said Boyan Tsonchev.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Svetla Ivanova - the high school principal and educational staff served congratulations to the graduates and their parents, and seniors themselves with excitement thanks to their teachers. President of the School and Rector of the International University College, Assoc. prof. Todor Radev also congratulated students, parents and teachers.

English High School "Rayko Tsonchev" sent Class'13 Ceremony for the graduates of Class 2013 of High school "Rayko Tsonchev" was held today at the Mirror Hall "Nelly Bozhkova" in Dobrich. The English school sent its third class of graduates who have 4

Under the leadership of "Rayko Tsonchev" some of the shool leavers are already accepted to universities in the UK, Germany and Bulgaria. Others will continue their education in British programmes of International University College, which provides scholarships and very attractive conditions for education.

a level that will allow them to work in a dynamic industry such as tourism. The programme is specifically designed for working people - the lectures are held in the evening on weekdays and during the day on weekends. IUC is the only higher education institution in Bulgaria which issues a journal called European Journal of Tourism Research, which aims to create a platform for discussion of theoretical and empirical problems in the field of tourism. Students from 17 nationalities read works of Dora Gabe

International University College opens a new Master Programme From this academic year International University College opens a new MSc degree in Tourism Management (Subject to approval) in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. The education will take place in Sofia and Varna, entirely taught in English with the duration of 3 semesters. Upon successful graduation the students will be awarded a British diploma from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Well-developed links of IUC with universities in Europe with a long tradition, and contacts with the tourism industry in the country and abroad, allow the acquisition of knowledge and experience needed by every professional in the rapidly developing global tourism business. This programme is designed to meet the needs of managers in the hospitality industry. Students will have the opportunity to develop management and research skills to

On April 23, in the lobby of the IUC another reading marathon was launched. This year it was dedicated to World Book and Copyright Day and the 125th birth anniversary of Dora Gabe, a famous Bulgarian author. The title of the marathon was "Dora Gabe". The event is organized in partnership with the Regional History Museum, the Community Center, "Jordan Jovkov-1870," Regional Library "Dora Gabe", "Dora Gabe-1940"-Dabovik and Art Gallery Dobrich. Students, faculty and staff of International University College, students and teachers from the English high school "Rayko Tsonchev" and many citizens had the opportunity to participate in the marathon throughout the day. The participants could choose works of Dora Gabe, published in editions in Bulgarian, French, Russian, German, 5

Czech, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, English and Greek language provided by the collections of cultural institutions. Foreign students from 17 nationalities made wall with Dora Gabe’s poems translated by them in their native languages. The Marathon started with a multimedia presentation "The world of Dora Gabe" prepared by the staff of the Regional Library "Dora Gabe". Reading was opened with the poem "Love" recited by the youngest participant Aleyna. Then the students, faculty, and students from Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, China, Turkmenistan, Peru, Nepal, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, India, Greece and Lithuania read excerpts from the works of Dora Gabe. International Easter egg with a profile on Facebook Bulgarian and foreign students created a huge Easter Egg from paper and glue and paint it together in the English class at the International University College (IUC).

The initial task of the students given by their English teacher Neda Dimitrova was each student to make a presentation in English about something that others do not know about the Easter holiday. The student Margarita Gavrilina from Ukraine decided to present the history of the Easter holiday to her fellow students from Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Vietnam, Nigeria, Lithuania, Kuwait, China, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, but in order to present it in a more attractive way she decided to create an Easter egg which students painted during the presentation.

After this interesting presentation, a student from the group created a fun Facebook profile of the painted egg - IUC's EasterEgg. The students consider to maintain the profile of the egg of IUC at least until next Easter. The fate of the egg done by the student Ukrainian will be the same as of the other eggs - it will be broken and eaten, because it is filled with candies that Margarita put in the core. This is the final of the newsletter, but do not forget to visit our website at:


International University College (Bulgaria)-Newsletter June 2013  

This is the IUC newsletter for the last couple of months. It aims to synthesize information about the most important and interesting events,...

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