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World ap-Art magazine n.2 - 2014

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World ap-Art


- Author: Silvia Cataudella

- Publisher: Ufficio legale: via Roma 73 73039 Tricase (LE) - Indication: numbering exits

- Art director: Silvia Cataudella

- Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito

- Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella, Salvatore Salafia - Cover: Melanie Ashton - ISSN 2283-7590

Š All rights reserved to Silvia Cataudella Featured artists maintain the copyright for all content and art. Reproduction of any sort without written consent is strictly prohibited. For additional information about world ap-Art visit :

ap-Art “Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.” ”Gli artisti possono colorare il cielo di rosso perchè sanno che è blu. Quelli di noi che non sono artisti devono colorare le cose come realmente sono, o la gente penserebbe che sono stupidi ” Jules Feiffer

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The team is currently composed of: Promoter: Silvia Cataudella (Silviacat)

Silvia, Italy

Ilaria, Italy

Melanie, UK

Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito

Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella, Salvatore Salafia

Sandra, Italy

Domenico, Italy

Despoena, Greece

Designers toys: Silvia Cataudella, Darren Clegg.

Digital artist: Charlene Murray Zatloukal (Rustic Goth)

Idania, Mexico

Darren, UK

Mariangela, Italy

Dolls makers: Idania Salcido (Danita art), Melanie Ashton (Anthropomorphica) Sculptors: Domenico Scalisi (Nobu Happy Spooky) , Melanie Ashton

Salvo, Italy

Giovanna, Italy

Charlene, USA

Illustrators: Domenico Scalisi, Sandra Lagozino, Mariangela Licciardello, Charlene Murray Zatloukal Painters: Silvia Cataudella, Ilaria Vista and Rosanna Vista (Ohmydolls!) , Despoena Leonis, Idania Salcido (Danita art), Charlene Murray Zatloukal

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It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where young creatives meet, to discuss and share their fantasies... It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where the only rule is believing in the value of our own inspiration, while remaining open to discussion and contamination. It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where unlimited passion blends with professional skills and with a pinch of madness! It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where the priority is to create, and finding together new ways to do it better. In conclusion, it is definitely a world ap-Art where we want to invite you: an adventure made of painting, sculpture, videos, design, graphic, with no boundaries to our fancy; an opportunity to meet, and to give strenght together to our ideas! Our “Wonderland” is a space for art exhibitions, an ideas-sharing lab, a virtual place to publish, comment and sell our works; to share thoughts and useful news about the amazing world of arts (contests, exhibitions etc); to post tutorials to show our know-how and much more...

E’ sicuramente un Mondo a pArte quello in cui giovani creativi si incontrano, discutono e condividono le loro visioni e fantasie... E’ sicuramente un Mondo a pArte quello in cui l’unica regola imprescindibile è credere nel valore e nel senso della propria irripetibile ispirazione, restando però aperti al confronto ed alla contaminazione... E’ sicuramente un Mondo a pArte quello in cui la passione senza limiti si salda alla professionalità e quest’ultima ad un pizzico di follia... E’ sicuramente un Mondo a pArte quello in cui la priorità assoluta è Creare, e scoprire insieme nuove modalità per farlo al meglio... Insomma, è sicuramente un Mondo a pArte quello in cui vogliamo invitarti: un’avventura fatta di pittura, grafica, scultura, video, design, da soli oppure insieme, senza limiti predeterminati; un’occasione per conoscerci, per non sentirci isolati, per dare forza insieme alle nostre idee! La nostra Wonderland, è una vetrina e fucina di idee, spazio espositivo virtuale dove le opere vengono pubblicate e commentate, messe in vendita o all’asta; dove si condividono pensieri e notizie utili relative al mondo dell’Arte (concorsi, mostre ecc...); dove si organizzano esposizioni tematiche e libere; dove si mette a disposizione il proprio know-how attraverso tutorial... Giovanna Esposito - Silviacat

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New member of World ap-Art

World Charlene Zatloukal

My world ap-Art...My dark and dreamy art is, at times sad and surreal in nature, at other times somewhat whimsical and weird. I love the world of fairytales and fantasy which takes me to a place where my heart is light and free, if only for a moment or two.

Charlene Murray Zatloukal AKA Rustic Goth Contact-

‘Whichever Way the Wind Blows’ 11” x 14” Canvas Painting Acrylic paints 2010

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What do you think about

ap-Art contemporary art in galleries today? Darren:

All art when it was first made was contemporary. The general public did not like Monet or Picaso when the first started to create art. Art needs time to become part of culture. more recently Banksy has become an acclaimed artist but when he first started he was classed as a criminal. Education is a big part of this, young people need to know its ok to express yourself and explore ideas rather than being told art is drawing a bowl of fruit!


Darren Cleg I think that contemporary art, as it’s shown in galleries, is too far from the ordinary people’s feelings. The meaning of the artwork and its communicative aim are often subordinate to spectacular effects and to the desire to amaze and impress; otherwise the concepts expressed are too elitist and hermetic. I also believe, however, that ordinary people have an idea of art focused on the search for a realistic representation linked to reality and concreteness. So, which might be the solution? In my opinion, a better artistic education in schools - especially here in Italy where unfortunately it has been increasingly mortified and reduced - and a more stringent selection of artists and artworks by gallery owners, who should think more about the culture than about the money. But I think both goals are difficult to achieve.


I haven’t actually been to a gallery to see contemporary art in many years partly because I have been living rurally and partly because I became disillusioned with the the art displayed in the larger galleries and the business of art. So perhaps I am not the best qualified to speak on this subject. The reason for my disillusionment was that it appeared to me that art was becoming too cerebral, intellectual justification seemed almost more important than the work itself, the art becoming merely an illustration of a clever concept. I’m glad to say, that my opinions are now slowly changing thanks to the artists I have encountered in the past couple of years. I have found more artists working instinctively and soulfully and the art I see speaks not to my intellect but to my spirit. So I would urge people to frequent the smaller, independent galleries and to look online if you want to see fresh and inspiring contemporary art.


Honestly, I don’t have any expertise in this regard, though I agree with the idea of a lacking artistic culture. My artistic education follows a path, which actually has little to do with art galleries: I can only talk about illustrations for children, an artistic genre with a great attention to contents, since I’m a daycare educator who writes and draws following a few rules, especially for what concerns the emotional content. I feel more free when I create graphics, a field where I can do what I like, but with the ever-vigilant educator’s eye.


Information technologies and Art:

does the use of computer inhibit or enhance creativity?

World Charlene

For me, the use for a computer enhances my creativity for, unlike a canvas, if I don’t like the background...I can simply ‘wipe it clean’ and start over.


it’s another tool to use, or another medium through which to express yourself.

Charlene- “Goth wedding on purple background” Digital art

MelanieClawed Foot & Mask


I think that creativity is either heightened or hampered by the use of the web, depending on how much the individual artist is able to limit himself in using this resource. The internet provides unlimited free entertainment for anyone searching for it. No one has infinite time to learn everything that is shared online for free. If the artist is able to set time aside for creative activities, then the internet becomes a great source for new ideas, networking opportunities and countless other possibilities.

ap-Art Mariangela Licciardello“Sirena” A3 2010 Acrylic and Colored pencils on paper.


The computer is just a tool, like a brush, a pencil or a pen. I think creativity is in our mind and I find useful any tool that helps us to express it. I don’t use often the computer in my creative process, but sometimes it helps me to realize some new ideas. I use the computer to search for pictures on the net with figures posing like the ones I have in my mind. I have no live models so it helps me a lot to catch the right poses. And of course I use it to process my artworks photos: I don’t like filters, so I always try to keep the colors similar to the original ones.

Silviacat“To Leave” Oil on canvas 90x60 cm 2008




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The term “watercolours” refers to artwork in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The watercolours can be applied with a brush or pen. The traditional and most common support for watercolour paintings is paper. Watercolours are usually transparent, and appear luminous because the pigments are laid down in a relatively pure form with few fillers obscuring the pigment colours. Watercolour can also be made opaque by adding Chinese white. Although watercolour painting is extremely old, dating perhaps to the cave paintings of Palaeolithic Europe, and has been used for manuscript illumination since at least Egyptian times but especially in the European Middle Ages, its continuous history as an art medium begins in the Renaissance. Among the many 20th-century artists who produced important works in watercolour, mention must be made of Wassily Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, Egon Schiele. Modern watercolour paints are now as durable and colourful as oil or acrylic paints, watercolour on both the amateur and professional levels continues to become more and more popular. Modern commercial watercolour paints are available in two forms: tubes or pans. The majority of paints sold are in collapsible metal tubes, and are formulated to a consistency similar to toothpaste. Pans are historically older but commonly perceived as less convenient; they are most often used in portable metal paint boxes. Thanks to modern industrial organic chemistry, the variety, saturation (brilliance) and permanence of artists’ colours available today is greater than ever before. Commercial watercolour paints come in three grades: “Artist” (or “Professional”), “Student”, and “Scholastic”. Artist Watercolours contain a full pigment load, suspended in a binder, generally natural gum Arabic. Artist quality paints are usually formulated with fewer fillers (kaolin or chalk) which results in richer colour and vibrant mixes. Student Watercolours have working characteristics similar to professional watercolours, but with lower concentrations of pigment, less expensive formulas, and a smaller range of colours. More expensive pigments are generally replicated by hues. Colours are designed to be mixed, although colour strength is lower. Hues may not have the same mixing characteristics as regular full-strength colours. Scholastic watercolours come in pans rather than tubes, and contain inexpensive pigments and dyes suspended in a synthetic binder. Washable formulations feature colours that are chosen to be non-staining, easily washable, suitable for use even by young children with proper supervision. They are an excellent choice for teaching beginning artists the properties of colour and the techniques of painting.

Thanks to Wikipedia


Sandra Lagozino

“Lago e Luna � Watercolor on paper, 1998








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Melanie Ashton


Who are you and what do you do? My name is Melanie Ashton, I am a selftaught doll maker, a dreamer, a collector of bones and I delight in telling unfortunate tales. What’s your background? I was born on the outskirts of an old Yorkshire mill town, high up on the edge of the Pennines in Northern England. I spent a lot of time when I was growing up reading, drawing, daydreaming and wandering the hills. What themes do you pursue? Death, loss, longing and folly.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist? My path has been a varied one with many twists and turns I have pulled pints, waitressed, cleaned, massaged, dog walked, taught small children, stitched clothes, been a fashion stylist and a felt maker. How did you choose your Alias? When I very first began doll making, I knew that I wanted to create dolls that had both human and animal qualities and so I picked Anthropomorphica derived from Anthropomorphism, the tendency to give human qualities to the non human.


What’s your favourite artwork and why? I’m not sure if there is any one piece of artwork that I can choose as it changes dependent on what is resonating with me at a particular time. I do love the paintings of Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Cendrine Rovini and Fuyuko Matsui. Name three artists you’d like to be compared to. None, I don’t really like comparisons.

Name some books, movies, songs that inspire your art. More than books, movies and songs my biggest inspiration is from the natural world and the “Unseen”. Having said that, I would say that the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Tove Jansson, Beatrix Potter, Kenneth Grahame and Dickens along with fairytales and folktales have had a big influence on me from my childhood and onwards... There are also poems that I particularly love too, W.B. Yeats - The Stolen Child, John Keats - Ode To a Nightingale and Pablo Neruda - Lost In The Forest, among others. For songs to create to I love Bjork, especially her Medulla album, CocoRosie, Wardruna and Classical music. Films I often turn to are Blood Tea and Red String, Pan’s Labyrinth, Lord Of The Rings and the films of Jan Swankmajer.

Tell us about your creative process. I usually begin with only a vague notion and allow it to grow and change until the very end. I tend not to sketch unless inspiration strikes in the middle of the night and only then because I worry that I might sleep and forget all about it in the morning, which happens all too often...Instead of sketch, I might collect words of poetry or materials such as antique fabrics, moths wings, feathers, moss, twigs or bones and have them all about my workspace as I need to have these items of ritual and inspiration around me when I come out of my doll making, musing wonderland. I see it as akin to waking up out of a dream when I stop work and I don’t like to be rudely awakened, so it’s important to my process that my workspace resembles my inner world in some way.

Name something you love and why. Mist, I love the layers it creates in the landscape, the mystery it imparts to the familiar and how it stimulates my imagination with what it hides. What is your dream project? To create an automaton. How has your style changed over the years? I first began doll making about 5 years ago, the materials I use now are the same but I think my style has evolved and become more sensitive or perhaps more fragile and less playful than it was in the beginning. What memorable response have you had to your work? To me the most memorable is the sense of connection that someone tells me they have to a particular doll, the resonance felt. That always moves me. Are the dolls you create in someway linked to experiences or memories of your childhood? I would say that in one way or another my dolls are like tiny fragments of my soul and so yes, my childhood experiences have help shaped who I am and how I perceive the world.


Why World ap-Art? what are you looking for in this group? I didn’t have many expectations but it looked like an interesting group of artists and as I always work in isolation I thought it would be a good experience to be part of an online community and I do relish being taken out of my comfort zone from time to time. What is the name of you art feature on the magazine cover? “The Girl With The Bear Paw” Can you describe it and tell us what was your inspiration for this work? She bent down to examine, more closely, the earthworm trodden flat into the dirt. The girl with the bear paw recoiled, ever so slightly, when once she would have extended a claw and scraped it up to sniff. Distracted by the strange sight of the newly soft and pale flesh of her left hand, she furrowed her brow and tried to remember. When and how had she lost that soft, dark fur and those useful claws? As she straightened up, tiny clumps of fur from her remaining paw, started to fall as silently and softly as an early winter’s snow.








A Christmas ap-Art

A Christmas ap-Art for people only. A Christmas ap-Art without hugs. A Christmas ap-Art for those we missed. A Christmas ap-Art for those who are lost. A Christmas ap-Art for those who need help.

Giovanna Esposito

Charlene Zatloukal

‘Winter Wonderland’ finds Alice and the Mad Hatter in a serene snowy landscape. It isn’t clear why they are there or where they may be going. Will they spend Christmas with the Queen of Hearts or perhaps, some of their other Wonderland friends?

Charlene Zatloukal

“Winter Wonderland” 2013 8” x 10”, Digital Photoshop

SilviaCat Christmas is a very difficult subject to deal with for an artist, without being banal or stereotypical. My aim was to tell a story, trying to illustrate an often neglected aspect of this holiday. Christmas is a joyful holiday when you stay with your family, but at the same time is a very sad period for those who are lonely, without their loved ones close. So I decided to represent a different Christmas, a sad Christmas that unfortunately is a reality for many people today, not only the elderly but also young people who migrate for work purposes and who are away from their homes, and for those who are without a partner to build their own family. This woman is clearly lonely, she has a few gifts near to her, maybe gifts by her friends, distant relatives, or that she donated to herself. She stays resigned in front of the window; outside you can see a world very different from her, made by families that joyfully eat dinner together. You can imagine the silence of her house as opposed to the sound of laughters coming from the facing building. Artificial light focuses the viewer’s attention on the figure, making it the undisputed protagonist and increasing the emotional involvement.

Il Natale è un tema difficile da affrontare per una artista, infatti è molto facile cadere nelllo stereotipo o nel banale. Il mio approccio è stato quello di voler raccontare una storia, cercando di studiare un aspetto di questa festività che spesso è trascurato. E’ una festa gioiosa, in cui si sta in famiglia, ma è anche un momento di grande tristezza per chi non ha I propri cari vicini o per chi è solo. Ho voluto quindi raccontare un Natale diverso, un Natale triste che purtroppo è una realtà per molte persone oggi, non solo anziani, ma anche giovani che per motivi di lavoro emigrano e sono lontani dalle proprie case o comunque esperienza di molte persone che senza un compagno o una compagna non hanno potuto crearsi una famiglia. Questa donna è chiaramente sola, ha pochi doni vicino a lei, forse regali di pochi amici, parenti lontani o che lei stessa si è voluta donare. Lei, con aria rassegnata, resta seduta davanti la finestra e fuori un mondo molto diverso dal suo, famiglie che gioiosamente consumano la cena insieme. Si intuisce il silenzio della sua casa contrapposto al rumore delle risate che vengono dall’edificio di fronte. La luce artificiale concentra l’attenzione dello spettatore sulla figura, rendendola protagonista indiscussa ed aumentando il coinvolgimento emotivo.


“Alla finestra”2013 A4, Mix media on paper

Melanie Ashton Hungry Tom As a babe in arms, his voracious appetite sucked his mother dry ‘til she was desiccated, bloodied and exhausted. As Hungry Tom grew, his hunger did too, sadly, he scoffed all she had on her meager pie stall one too many times. Something had to be done, she decided, before they all end up destitute with not even a mouldy pie crust to their name. Heartbroken yet resolute, Molly turned him out to forage the dirty streets of old London town. Blessed with his mother’s resourcefulness and culinary talents, he quickly put the available produce to good use, fat, juicy, black slugs pickled, in gin syphoned from Maisie’s bottle, when half-cut she took a snooze against a gas lamp. A delicacy amongst the inebriates of Pig Swill lane, I’ll have you know! On a lucky day, he might chance upon a wormy apple left behind from Grocer Hardacre’s cart, catch a delicious wiff of roasting chestnuts on a draft of stale city air, then slip into a slumber filled with blazing hearth fires, caramelised chestnuts and buttered turnip. Poor soul, he always woke up hungry! This time of year’s particularly hard on the lad, what with this new Christmastime celebration being all the rage. Gaily coloured gifts under the tree and a big fat goose in the ovens of them that can afford it. His pickled slugs and wormy apples seem not so delicious to him now, leaving Hungry Tom with the taste of pavement dirt in his mouth. Sobbing as the gin takes hold, he trudges through the grimy streets.





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Dal 6 al 10 Novembre si è svolata la grande esposizione del PIX Paratissima 9 a Torino, dove ha partecipato anche una nostra artista, Silviacat.


Raccontaci qualcosa su questa esperienza.

Silviacat: I took part in this great event for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the exhibition halls: it was a truly impressive event. About 550 artists have exhibited with an average of 3-4 artworks each, and there were many events and competitions, thanks to a really good organization. Unfortunately I was there only during the weekend, but I have seen that a large crowd attended the exhibition. The only sore point ... at least for those artists who wish to sell their artworks, I had the impression that very few works have been sold, unfortunately. The sold artworks were marked with a green sticker, and, sadly, I saw very little green! People seemed pretty interested about the show, but not about the shopping; however, the experience was really pleasant and I definitely want to repeat it.

Photos of Davide Bellucca


Silviacat: Per la prima volta ho partecipato a questo evento e sono rimasta piacevolmente stupita dalla grandezza degli spazi espositivi, è stato un evento veramente imponente. Hanno esposto circa 550 artisti con in media 3/4 opere ciascuno, molti eventi e concorsi, alcune mostre personali, una buona organizzazione. Purtroppo ho potuto vedere l’esposizione solo durante il fine settimana, ma ho constatato che l’affluenza di gente è stata davvero numerosa, oltre ogni mia aspettativa. L’unica nota dolente, almeno per gli artisti che speravano di poter piazzare le proprie opere, mi sembra che le opere vendute siano state davvero poche purtroppo. C’era un sistema che prevedeva degli adesivi verdi posizionati sotto le opere vendute e adesivi rossi sotto quelle ancora disponibili, da quello che ho potuto vedere quelli di colore verde erano davvero pochi. La gente sembrava molto incuriosita ed interessata alle opere in mostra e dagli eventi in programma, l’esperienza è stata positiva e piacevole, sicuramente la ripeterò.

N e w s

Mariangela Licciardello


I have the pleasure to introduce you officially “Smells like wolf” my third book for children, published by The Brumaie publisher which completes the series dedicated to four different types of wolves. You can purchase it directly from the publisher, or ask at your local library if available, or will be available from December onwards on all circuitry on-line, along with the other “I am the wolf,” “The White Wolf” and “Wolf Friend”

Ho il piacere di presentarvi ufficialmente “Puzza di lupo” il mio terzo libro per bambini, edito da Le Brumaie editore che completerà la serie dedicata a quattro tipologie di lupi diversi. Potete acquistarlo direttamente dalla casa editrice, o chiederlo alla vostra libreria se disponibile, o da dicembre in poi sarà disponibile su tutti i circuiti on line, insieme agli altri “Io sono il lupo”, “Il lupo Bianco” e “Amico Lupo”

“And finally I have the pleasure to officially introduce you to “Friendly Wolf,” my fourth children’s book! Published by: The Brumaie publisher: This is the fourth and final book for the wolf themed series. You can purchase them directly from the publisher, or ask if they are available at your local library. They should be available publicly from December onwards along with the other three: “I am the wolf,” “The White Wolf,” and “Smells like Wolf.”


E finalmente ho il piacere di presentarvi ufficialmente “Amico lupo” il mio quarto libro per bambini, edito da Le Brumaie editore che chiuderà la serie dedicata a quattro tipologie di lupi diversi. Potete acquistarlo direttamente dalla casa editrice, o chiederlo alla vostra libreria se disponibile, o da dicembre in poi sarà disponibile su tutti i circuiti on line, insieme agli altri “Io sono il lupo”, “Il lupo Bianco” e “Puzza di lupo””

Silvia Cat “Magic nature illustrated Notebook”

World Magica Natura Silviacat

“Magic nature illustrated Notebook” is a collection of paintings and drawings, dedicated to nature, made by the artist Silvia Cataudella, aka ‘ Silviacat ‘ It contains the following works: Among the clouds, Siren, waves, Mother earth, Flower, Eva, Breeze, Yellow Moon, Mountains, Water, Beach Girls, Magical nature, Perfume. The images are accompanied by cute rhymes, whose aim is educating to the respect for the environment. Several pages were left blank to allow the owner to customize his book by noting in it thoughts, secrets, poetry and emotions, thus making each copy unique. The book is a suitable and pleasant reading for both adults and children. It is available only in Italian at this moment. Published by Youcanprint publishing house. You can buy it directly from or from Amazon and Ibs.

“Quaderno illustrato Magica natura”

“Quaderno illustrato Magica natura” è una raccolta di dipinti e illustrazioni, dedicati alla natura, realizzati dall’artista Silvia Cataudella, in arte ‘Silviacat’. Contiene le seguenti opere: Tra le nuvole, Sirena, Onde, Madre terra, Fiore, Eva, Brezza marina, Luna gialla, Montagne, Acqua, Ragazze al mare, Magica natura, Profumo. Le immagini sono accompagnate da simpatiche filastrocche, che educano al rispetto dell’ambiente. Alcune pagine sono state lasciate vuote per permettere al lettore di personalizzare il suo libretto inserendo: pensieri, segreti, poesie ed emozioni rendendo così la propria copia unica. Il quaderno si presta piacevolmente alla lettura di grandi e piccini. Distribuito dalla casa editrice Youcanprint potete acquistarlo direttamente presso o da Amazon o Ibs.


ap-Art Sotto l’albero te ne stai,

a pensare come mai i tuoi figli non sanno, che la natura non deve aver danno. Chi le nuoce, non deve aver voce, chi la ama, avrĂ vita sana.

World ap-Art magazine n.2- 2014

World ap-Art n.2  

This magazine is online thanks to the contribution of a group newly formed by international artists, whose aim is to spread a common vision...