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World ap-Art magazine n.9 special edition - 2015


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- Author: Silvia Cataudella

- Publisher: Ufficio legale: via Roma 73 73039 Tricase (LE) - Indication: numbering exits

- Art director: Silvia Cataudella

- Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito, Carlotta Mascherpa. - Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella. - Cover: Silvia Cataudella - ISSN 2283-7590

Š All rights reserved to Silvia Cataudella Featured artists maintain the copyright for all content and art. Reproduction of any sort without written consent is strictly prohibited. For additional information about world ap-Art visit :

ap-Art “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play..� Henri Matisse

World The


Promoter, graphyc and web designer of the group: Silvia Cataudella (Silviacat).

Copy editors:

Carlotta, Italy

Silvia, Italy

Nicola, Italy

Francesca, Italy

Daria, Russia

Beatrice, UK

Sandra, Italy

Digital artists: Charlene Murray Zatloukal (Rustic Goth) Kayan Kwok Salvatore Salafia (Supersal).

Caterina Italy

Charlene, USA

Salvo S. Italy

Salvo B. Italy

Daria Lapto Silvia Cataudella Francesca Capra (Gnam gnam).

Laura, Italy

kayan, China

Leonardo, Italy

Davide, Italy

Painters: Silvia Cataudella Ilaria Vista (Ohmydolls!) Idania Salcido (Danita art) Charlene Murray Zatloukal Illustrators: Leonardo Prencipe Sandra Lagozino Beatrice Roberts Dolls makers and design- Charlene Murray Zatloukal Davide Magliacano ers toys: Leonardo Prencipe. Salvo Bonfiglio. Idania Salcido (Danita art)

Giovanna, Italy

Ilaria, Italy

Idania, Mexico

Sculptor: Caterina Zacchetti. Francesca Capra. Photographers: Laura Ghellere Nicola Bertoglio Salvatore Salafia.

ap-Art Designer toys

Designer toys are toys and other collectibles produced in limited editions (as few as 10 or as many as 2000 pieces) and created by artists and designers. Designer toys are made of variety of materials; ABS plastic and vinyl are most common, although wood, metal, and resin are occasionally used. The term also encompasses plush, cloth and latex dolls. Creators of designer toys usually have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration or self-described low brow art; some are classically trained in art and design, while others are self-taught. Designer toys first appeared in the 1990s and are still in production today. A typical example of designer toys are the Qee series, produced in Hong Kong by Toy2R. The standard size of Qee figures is 2� high, but 8� and 16� figures are also produced. Qees vary in their design, usually with the same basic body type, but with head sculpts that may be of a bear, a cat, a dog, a monkey, or a rabbit. Another example of designer toys is the Dunny series, produced by the American company Kidrobot. Dunny figures may be considered the Western counterpart of the Chinese Qee and the Japanese Be@ rbrick. Urban vinyl is a type of designer toy, featuring action figures in particular which are usually made of vinyl. Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term designer toy, it is more accurately used as a modifier: not all designer toys can be considered urban vinyl, while urban vinyl figures are necessarily designer toys, by virtue of the way in which they are produced. Like designer toys in general, urban vinyl figures feature original designs, small production numbers, and are marketed to collectors, predominantly adults. Resin toys Some artists create their toys using synthetic resin material and resin casting. After casting the resin toy receives adjustments in its details, sometimes being superficially cast on some parts. The toy can be finished using automotive paint by aerosol and sometimes receives a varnished layer above the dry painting. Designer plush, a subcategory of designer toys, are soft, stuffed dolls created in limited quantities by artists and designers. Common designs include anthropomorphized animals or fantastic human likenesses, although designer plush dolls often feature entirely unique character designs. Designer plush dolls are usually given names and personas, with their distinctive personalities described on their tags or in booklets included in their packaging. Thanks to Wikipedia.

W e



o m e

New members of World ap-Art

Salvo Bonfiglio

Painter Contacts My world an out of focus view on everiday life, a mirror in wich everyone can find and explore own inner emotion. In my portraits everything is functional to create a pathway to a different level of reality. My challenge is to express the essence of human being going beyond the ordinary notions of space and time. My own memories drive me in an “enfolded� order in which every person can become a witness of the collective and sacred nature of life.

Daria Lapto Dolls maker. Contacts

My world a very quiet and crystal-clear forest full of light, air and subtle magic. It’s inhabited by unicorns of all kinds, shy little trolls, human-like creatures with animals heads and animals with heads of humans. Every doll I make is an attempt to create a little portal to this place. My world ap-Art is also a shelter for anyone who needs to hide somewhere from inner and outer ugliness that I believe disturbs each of us from time to time.









Davide Magliacano

Resin toys.

This is a bust of one of my favorite comics characters ever. HELLBOY! Tnx Mignola! I first modeled the original made of plastiline... then I created a mold and dropped the resin in. last thing , It has been colored with acrylics. This is how I made it. First of all... Plastiline and hand modeling.

...Then prepare a mold filling the box with silicon Rubber.

...cast the resin into the mold very slowly and wait the end of the hardening process

Last...mass production!

Sandman is a character inspired by the homonymous graphic novel series written by Neil Gaiman. the Character is also Known as Dream, one of the seven Endless. The sculpture has been made in super sculpey. tall about 32 cm

Here are some others works. Space Ork. Subject inspired by the Warhammer 40000 universe. the sculpture has been made in super sculpey. tall about 14 cm.

This is the great Cthulhu and i don’t think he needs presentations.The sculpture has been made in super sculpey. the base is a painted cube of wood.the composition is about 23 cm.









Silvia cat Blythe dolls.

“Manufactured by Kenner in 1972, the original Blythe (now known as “vintage”) was produced for only one year and then was retired because of poor sales. 30 years later, in 1999, Junko Wong, President and CEO of CWC saw Blythe snapshots at the CWC New York office opening party. She fell in love with Blythe and knew she would be an instant sensation in Japan. Then, in late 2000, she made her comeback in Japan when CWC produced a charming TV commercial for Parco department store starring Blythe. After the TV spotlight she became an overnight sensation in Japan and Asia. Neo Blythe was reborn, no longer as a child’s toy but as a fashion doll appealing to adult doll collectors. Neo Blythe ushered in the era of contemporary doll culture and collecting...” Thanks to One of our artists, SilviaCat started to collect these dolls in 2011 attracted by the opportunity to customize them in a creative and unique way. Each part of the doll can be changed: body, eyes, make up, wig etc... Blythe doll, before and after custom work.

Doll similar Blythe, before and after custom work.

Here is a tutorial how to customize these adorable dolls. Thanks to Silviacat.

Here’s everything you need if you want to customize a Blythe doll. No new wig though. Doll, a new body, new eye chips, new eyelashes and a Pull ring. First unscrew the head and remove the underwire of the internal spring that can be glimpsed through the hole next to the string.

You need to apply some force (but always be careful!) to slowly open the head and unscrew the screw that fastens the scalp. Heat the glue with the fire; press it firmly on the eye chips and, after it is well cooled, pull strong. I always prefer to wear protective masks when using materials that might be dangerous for my health.

Remove makeup and skin gloss with sandpaper. Now the doll is ready for the very difficult carving, to mark the outlines and give expression to the face. Since you have repainted the make-up, it is essential to have it sealed with Msc Super Clear. Now insert the new eye-chips and add a new thread and link it to make sure that the eyes remain closed.

Now, if you want to switch the original body to a Pure Neemo one, the neck must be shortened a little, because otherwise it does not fit into the head-slot. Reinstall everything and the custom is ready. Here is the result. The outfit is not my creation, it is by Ninabella9, there are a lot of great stylists for Blythe, I buy very often from “Inika outfit for dolls�. Sometime I sew a new outfit by myself, if you wanna try this will be a really funny experience!

Photo by Giovanni Gogliettino.

Silvia cat Urban vinyl. MUNNYWORLD - MiNI RAFFY AND MINI MUNNY They are Sadoman and Sadofido, customization of Kidrobot toys. I thought to do something of freaky.

Silvia cat Wooden toys. The cute doll is made of wood, hand painted with beautiful details. It can sit on your favorite shelf and make it more funny. Big doll measures 11 cm = 4.3 in tall. Medium doll measures 9 cm = 3.5 in tall. Little doll measures 7 cm = 2.8 in tall. Mini doll measures 4,5 cm = 1.8 in tall. They have a basic color and has been sealed with a slightly glossy sealant for extra protection.

Danita Art

This cute vampire is ready to go out trick -or-treating this Halloween Night, and in the meantime, it can sit on your favorite shelf, waiting for the day to come :)

Daria Lapto Designer plush.

The Wolf is made of faux fur and clay and painted with acrylics. Covered with matte finish. Stuffed with hollofayber and granulate. The horn is a quartz crystal point. 16 cm tall. The legs can be moved and bent.

Silvia cat

These funny monsters plushies are made entirely by hand using only cotton socks , needle, thread and batting . Each doll is unique , OOAK , and is related to an identity card in which is told its story .

Danita Art

I decided to try new things and techniques and these new dolls are the results of my experiments.The mixed media art doll ,in the image in the opposite page, measures 6” Tall (15 cm) She has a beautiful, hand painted face with a sculpted nose, giving depth and expression to her face. Her clothes are made of fabric scraps lying around on my studio, and she has a beautiful fabric scarf adorning her neck. And did you see the cute flower in her hair? That’s hand made too! She lives in a display box ( 7.5” x 4.5” x 2.5” ) that is decoupaged with pages from Mexican books from the early 20th century, and cut and placed to give it a vintage look, and the props in the box are the perfect compliment to thus cute doll. There’s a little book for her to read, and she sits on an old school chair like the ones I used to sit in when I was a kid. You can take her out of the box and pose her arms if you want, she can stand light play (I ALWAYS Play with my dolls!), or you can let her do her school work while she reads and sits in her decorated chair.

I am always looking for new ways to create dolls, experimenting with materials and ideas until I am satisfied with whatever is itching my mind at the time. This time, I took a big set of Kelly Dolls I found on a thrifty shop and placed spun cotton heads on top of them, then I dressed them with fabric scraps from previous projects and added embellishments to make them unique characters, each one with their own personality. The result is an eerie, slightly disturbing doll with life embedded on her. Each character can be posed in many different ways, so they look even more alive than just standing alone with those beautiful, life like big eyes of theirs. Each bunny rabbit girl arrives inside a handmade paper box, made by me and then covered with pages from Early 20th century Mexican books. The boxes have that imperfect look that makes them look like a child made them, just perfect for the look and feel that these dolls have.




Miss Panni handpainted chalk doll.







Toys design made by Miscia Art-Toys IPannolini.


Silvia cat

Silvia cat

Gnam Gnam


“Altalena” made of refractory clay and slipware, walnut base and plexiglass. cm 30x25x53h.

Caterina Zacchetti

Nicola Bertoglio Sentirsi umano / Feeling human iphoneografia, quadrittico.

Salvo Bonfiglio “U sceccu” 60x60 oil on canvas.

n et GI u

e s




e w

Special guest.

Natascia Raffio

Introduce yourself. My name is Natascia Raffio , but everyone calls me Nat Drawing; I paint and sculpt (actually I mold). Do you work as an artist full time? Yes, I do. Did you start drawing and painting in your childhood or later? I’ve always drawn; I can’t remember being ever interested in doing anything else. Have you got an academic training? Not exactly. I studied History of Art while at the University and attended the International School of Comics in Rome. How would you define your art? I’m not good with definitions, since everything seems always changing and evolving to me: i could tell you something now and think that it’s wrong tomorrow; but for sure the things I do speak about me 100%! Which are your favorite subjects, and why? I definetely prefer the human figure, with childish traits at the moment, because I’m analyzing many fixationd that come from childhood. I have a passion for the circus and this often returns in my artworks. Tell us about the artistic process you follow. Notebooks are essential to me. I draw lots of sketches, really countless! Some ideas survive and go ahead, and, at that point, I decide to take inspiration from them to make a painting or a sculpture. Some others wander in my mind for years.

How important is playing in your life? I do nothing but play! What is your dream project? An enormous sculpture... A graphic novel... and many others! My biggest dream is to meet my expectations!

N e w s

Nicola Bertoglio This eBook is a collection of impromptu performance of iphoneografia Nicola Bertoglio part of the project @RTWORK the same artist that gives the title to this volume. During these performances Nicola Bertoglio was filmed and photographed with an iPad by his friend and colleague Lorenzo D’Errico during some trips, sometimes aimlessly, in the act of catching with his iPhone all that inspired him to create his works and compositional , some of which are reported in the conclusions at the end of the book. Each chapter is named after the place where you took the photo became the cover and is divided into sections bearing the location, date and time of the event represented. Nicola Bertoglio wearing a yellow bib to mean that at that moment and at that place is being the work of an artist, who as an expressive uses not a professional, but a common object as is the phone . This action becomes a statement of intent and the manifesto to his photography. Download it free on iTunes: @RTWORK_1

World ap-Art magazine Special edition - 2015