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World ap-Art magazine n.10 - 2015

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Author: Silvia Cataudella.

Publisher: Ufficio legale: via Roma 73 73039 Tricase (LE). Indication: numbering exits.

Art director: Silvia Cataudella.

Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito, Carlotta Mascherpa. Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella. Cover artist: Daria Lapto. ISSN 2283-7590


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Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

Rene Magritte


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The Group

Copy editors: Giovanna Esposito Carlotta Mascherpa.

Promoter, graphyc and web designer of the group: Silvia Cataudella (Silviacat).

Silvia, Italy

Giovanna, Italy

Francesca, Italy

Nicola, Italy

Beatrice, UK

Daria, Russia

Digital artists: Charlene Murray Zatloukal (Rustic Goth) Kayan Kwok Salvatore Salafia (Supersal). Dolls makers and Designers toys: Idania Salcido (Danita art)


Caterina, Italy

Sandra, Italy

Salvo S. Italy

Charlene, USA

Daria Lapto Silvia Cataudella.

Laura, Italy

Salvo B. Italy

Leonardo, Italy

Kayan, China

Illustrators: Sandra Lagozino Charlene Murray Zatloukal Leonardo Prencipe.

Ilaria Vista (Ohmydolls!) Idania Salcido (Danita art) Charlene Murray Zatloukal Leonardo Prencipe Beatrice Roberts Davide Magliacano Salvo Bonfiglio.

Painters: Silvia Cataudella

Sculptors: Caterina Zacchetti

Carlotta, Italy

Ilaria, Italy

Davide, Italy

Idania, Mexico

Francesca Capra (Gnam Gnam).

Photographers: Laura Ghellere Nicola Bertoglio Salvatore Salafia Silvia Cataudella.








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FriendsWithYou (FWY) is an art collaborative based in Los Angeles, California, founded in Miami, Florida, by Samuel Albert Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, which seeks to redesign spirituality, rituals, and religious acts for modern day usage and connectivity. FriendsWithYou’s mission coincides with their motto “Magic, Luck, and Friendship”. The collaborative began by creating soft sculptures as a means to spread more accessible art like plush and wood toys, as well as immersive art installations, fine art works including sculpture and painting, and are best known for their public art spectacles such as large-scale art installations, playgrounds, and performance pieces. They have described the creation of their art as a healing process intended to increase relatability and connection to each other and the world around them.To date, they have become internationally recognized with public exhibits and artworks in Europe, Asia, Australia, and The Americas. FriendsWithYou Fine Art has been exhibited and/or included in the permanent collections of Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Haus der Kulturen der Welt Museum Berlin, and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin among others. In October 2006, the German art press Die Gestalten Verlag published a FriendsWithYou monograph titled Friends With You Have Powers! Cloud City opened in 2005 at the MOCA warehouse during the annual Art Basel in Miami. It was set up as an interactive playground composed of geometric shapes such inflatable spheres, padded 10 foot cones on casters, and pillowed cylinders. The oversized geometric forms and colors invited participation on the part of the viewers in Cloud City, “an adventurous dream world playground designed to reinvigorate audiences with childlike energy and optimism”. Thanks to Wikipedia.


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Francesca Capra





My world ap-Art...

a small shelter that welcomes me since I were a child where I can know in person the creatures that live in my mind. Melancholic creatures, tiny and dreamy life companions. I’ve always loved small things and miniatures full of details that you can find only getting closer. My creations in fact rarely exceed 5-6 cm in size. Each has its own name, and (I like to think), its personality. Colorful indeed, 6 but with a melancholic soul, almost sad... just like me!

Facebook : Gnam gnam










Women ap-Art

Daria Lapto


Laura Ghellere



Silvia Cat “Veil”

Marker on paper A4, 2014




Beatrice Roberts “Sam”

watercolour / acrylic / pen


Salvo Bonfiglio “IThe return” Oil on canvas



“My mother and the sofa” Oil on canvas



Sandra Lagozino “Flying”

Illustrations for the book trailer of the novel “Tutte noi abbiamo un Mister Big” by Oriana De Iulio, 0111Editions. Watercolor and mixed media on paper, 2011



Illustrations for the book trailer of the novel “Tutte noi abbiamo un Mister Big” by Oriana De Iulio, 0111Editions. Watercolor and mixed media on paper, 2011


SuperSal “Love Missile F1-11“ Videoclip




Leonardo Prencipe “The man doesn’t exist”

watercolor on canvas, 100 x 80 cm


Nicola Bertoglio “Reclusion”

Iphoneografia, triptyque




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Daria Lapto Introduction

My name is Daria and I’m 22. I live with my husband and our cat in Ulyanovsk, Russia. I make little weird toys which can be found on the web as “Claymate Creatures”.

Do you work as an artist full time? Where do you work? Describe your studio or space where you work. Yes, I do. I work in my room - it’s tiny but cozy. I’ve done my best to create a convenient space for working here, but it’s still an awful mess. My working table is always covered with all kinds of paints, fabrics, brushes, parts of future creatures and a large part of it is often taken by my cat Pumpkin who comes to sleep by my side. I usually watch something while working - anime or soap operas. Well, not really watch but listen It’s one of the many things I love about my job.

Did you have a specific education or are you an autodidact? I have no specific education - all I can do now is the result of many awkward attempts. It’s always been easier for me to learn by myself even if it takes much more time. When I started making toys (around 2,5 years ago) I found out that I still could use some skills I had acquired in childhood and had not been using for more than a decade. So since then I’ve been just slowly improving the simplest ways of doll-making. But I’m also thinking about taking some painting or sewing courses in near future - it would be nice to make the creatures more detailed and elaborated. 28



How would you define your art? As for the official definition, I suppose I make artdolls in mixed media technique. But I mostly just use the word “creatures” all the time as I’ve got used to it from the very beginning and put it in my brand’s name, they are all different and difficult to define.

Are there some artists whose works have inspired you so far? I was initially inspired by works of a Russian artist so polar ( By then I had failed at both drawing and painting and was sure that nothing creative could come out of me, but I saw her works and it was just what I had needed all the time. As for other Russian artists, I love porcelain dolls by Dollechka ( And the most inspiring is my dear friend Stanislava Korobkova (, her jewelry and illustrations are always so beautiful and sincere, she helps me to move forward.







What themes do you pursue? I guess it’s the search for beauty in the first place. We face inner and outer ugliness all the time, things that are scary and disgusting and inevitable. Some people cope with it worse than others. I started making toys because by creating something material and pretty out of my head made me feel more safe. “My creatures are mostly imaginary, they are different but it doesn’t make them ugly”. They carry the features I find beautiful - softness, tenderness, proximity to nature. I hope people who adopt them can feel a bit better too.







The pet, is the absolute protagonist of your artworks. Can you tell us why? Yes, if you look close enough you can see Pumpkin’s little muzzle in many of my animal toys. I work at home so he is the creature I see most of the time - and I find him really adorable. He’s more like a friend and a part of a family, I believe he understands a lot and his expressions are changing frequently so it’s always amusing to look at him.





What does mean the third eye that you insert in some of your dolls ? Has it a mystical or religious value ? Eyes have always been something weird to me. My eyesight is rather bad and I can see nothing without glasses or contact lenses. I’m also confused by my eyes’ color - they are so black they seem matte. I often feel unprotected looking at things, that’s why I think I close my dolls’ two eyes and give them another open one which is wise and strong.

Why World ap-Art? what are you looking for in this group? World ap-Art is a project where artists of every genre can express themselves even if they are from different countries and have different views on art. I like the feeling of belonging somehow to this group of gifted people and I like the freedom we’re enjoying here. I can get to know about amazing artists and their sincere thoughts about the world around them and this is incredibly inspiring.

What is the title of your work in cover? could you say something about it? This is “Aries Girl”. The image of a horned woman is rather wide-spread in the mythlogies of the world - sometimes horns are a symbol of evil and quite often of fertility. I wanted to create a doll which is light, tender and mysterious at the same time, a humble creature secretly posessing great powers the nature of which can be either originally creative or destructive. I put an opal as her third eye because opals are so beautiful and changing, I love their iridescent colours. This is one of my favourite dolls ever, she lives in the USA now and I’m sure she’s in good hands.





TUTORIAL “How I work”







World ap-Art magazine n.10 - 2015