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Sílvia Ribes Jovell 3rd of ESO

PLUM- CAKE INGREDIENTS - 4 eggs - 200 g of sugar - 200 g of flour - One packet of yeast - 200 g of butter - A dash of vanilla - 150 g of cocoa - A dash of milk - Icing sugar

DIRECTIONS - Put the 4 eggs and the 200 g of sugar in a bowl and beat it. Meanwhile, mix the 200 g of flour with one envelope of yeast. - In the egg mixture, add 200 g of butter and a dash of vanilla and beat it. - Mix the Cocoa and the milk on a plate. - Place 2 or 3 tablespoons of dough to the cocoa and mix it. - Prepare a mould with paper and oil. First put some dough, then the chocolate and finally the rest of the dough. - Put the mould in the oven at 180ºC and leave the cake there for 45 minutes/1 hour. - Remove it from the oven, and also the cake from the mould and put the icing sugar over the cake. And that’s it, hope you like it!

BRIOCHE INGREDIENTS - 1 kg of flour - 150 g of sugar - 150 g of butter - 30 g of yeast - 5 eggs - 20 g of salt - 1 lemon - 2 g of cinnamon - 2g of anise - 2g of vanilla - 2g of nutmeg

DIRECTIONS - Mix the 150 g of sugar the 5 eggs, the 30 g of yeast the 1 kg of flour, the 150 g of butter, the 2 g of cinnamon, the 2 g of anise, the 2 g of vanilla, the 20 g of salt, and the 2 g of nutmeg in a bowl. - Knead it and put it on the furnace. - Take out the brioche and put it inside the mould you want. Hope you like it!

COULANT OF CHOCOLATE INGREDIENTS -6 eggs - 400 g of milk - 600 cl of liquid cream - 130 g of sugar - 250 g of butter - 30 g of flour

DIRECTIONS - Put the 6 eggs, the 130 g of sugar in a bowl and mix it. - Put the chocolate, the 250 g of butter and cook it in bain-marie. - Mix the two masses with the electric mixer. - Add the 30 g of flour, the 400 g of milk and the 600 cl of liquid cream and mix it again. - Put the mix in individual moulds and put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours. - Put them on the oven at 230ยบC for 7 minutes. We hope you like them!

CUPCAKES INGREDIENTS - 500 g of butter - 1 cup of sugar - 4 eggs - 1 crash stick of cinnamon vanilla -2 cups of flour - Grated lemon or orange - 1 teaspoon of baking powder FROSTING INGREDIENTS - 200 g of icing sugar - 500 ml of whipping cream - Granulated chocolate

DIRECTIONS - Put the 4 eggs, the cup of sugar, the grated lemon/orange and the 500 g of butter in a bowl and mix it. - Incorporate the 2 cups of flour and mix it until you get an homogeneous mass. - Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and the crash stick of vanilla and mix it. - Put the mass into the moulds. - Bake them in the oven at 250ยบC for 30 minutes. - And now, time for the frosting ingredients! - Beat the 500 ml of whipping cream with the 200 g of icing sugar. - Put the 500 ml of whipping cream and the granulated chocolate to decorate the cupcakes. We hope you like them!

FRANร‡OISE BISCUITS INGREDIENTS - 800 g of flour - 450 g of butter - 400 g of sugar - 2 eggs - A piece of salt - 100 g of coconut

DIRECTIONS - Put the 800 g of flour, the 450 g of butter and the 400 g of sugar in a bowl and mix it. - Add the 2 eggs and mix it. - Mix the mass with the 100 g of coconut. - When everything is mixed, roll it out (with flour behind) - When the mass is flat, do the forms of the biscuits. - And now put it to the oven for 10- 15 min at 210 ยบC. We hope you like them!


Hope you like it!